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Chapter 821: Middle State Half-Saint

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Half a day later, Li Fuchen finally found out why the saint died.

The array here contained extremely terrifying solitude qi. It was specialized in eroding the true spirit and it was very subtle. By the time the victim knew, the solitude qi would have rooted deep inside.

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, the saint’s true spirit must have been extinguished and the spirit soul dispersed.

It was fortunate that the true spirit came from the spirit soul. It could be said that the spirit soul was the source of the true spirit. When the true spirit received any damage, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul would emit a purple-red aura to repair the damage.

“An array that targets the true spirit. Even if a pinnacle saint entered, they would also suffer!”

Li Fuchen’s true spirit was definitely not weak, but he reckoned without the support of the spirit soul, his true spirit would only last for half a month.

Outside the small valley, a low-tier beast overlord appeared.

One day later, the low-tier beast overlord died in the array.

Next week, another mid-tier beast overlord and a low-level saint arrived.

The former lasted for five days, while the latter lasted for four days.

On this day, the Vain One Saint and Zhu Hairong arrived outside the valley too.

Similar to the people ahead of them, the duo didn’t have any suspicion and immediately entered the valley.

“Not good.”

Half a day later, the Vain One Saint was first to notice something wrong.

“What’s wrong?” Zhu Hairong got a shock.

The Vain One Saint had a terrified expression as he said, “This array contains the solitude qi. Both our true spirits have already been invaded by it.”

In response, Zhu Hairong immediately looked into his true spirit.

Soon enough, his expression turned unpleasant. The originally flawless saint spirit now had some spots, like a burn of time. Most importantly, he didn’t feel anything at all.

The duo did everything, but still couldn’t get rid of the solitude qi.

Three days later, the Vain One Saint had eyes that were much dimmer than before. In comparison, Zhu Hairong’s eyes were even dimmer and this made him feel strange.

In terms of cultivation, he was at the 4th level of Soul Merge Realm, while the Vain One Saint was at the 3rd level of Soul Merge Realm. Logically, the Vain One Saint should be first to fall. Could the Vain One Saint have some artifact that protected the true spirit?

At the brink of death, Zhu Hairong had the intention to kill.

As compared to the martial dao future, one’s life was more important.

If one couldn’t even continue living, what was the use of having a martial dao future.

Moreover, it was uncertain if the oath would affect his martial dao future, it might just be a rumor.


Catching the Vain One Saint off guard, Zhu Hairong suddenly grabbed the Fierce Sun Bead and threw it at the Vain One Saint.


A silver loop blocked the Fierce Sun Bead.

“Zhu Hairong, I just knew that you aren’t trustworthy.” The Vain One Saint was enraged.

“It seems like you are already cautious against me, but it is useless.”

Since the first attack couldn’t kill the Vain One Saint, Zhu Hairong executed the second attack with resolve. The Fire Bird Saint Talisman turned into a scorching fire bird and rushed at the Vain One Saint.

The fire bird was too fast and the Vain One Saint couldn’t possibly dodge in time. He could only withdraw the Universe Loop and wrapped himself in it.

Boom Boom Boom…

The fire bird smashed on the Universe Loop repeatedly and nearly crushed the Universe Loop with the impact. There were scorched marks on the surface.

The Universe Loop was only a 3rd rate apex cardinal artifact after all and couldn’t compare to the 2nd rate apex cardinal artifact, Fierce Sun Bead, let alone the Fire Bird Saint Talisman. If this carried on, the Universe Loop would surely be destroyed.

“Damn it!”

The Vain One Saint realized he had underestimated Zhu Hairong and didn’t think Zhu Hairong would possess two kinds of 2nd rate apex cardinal artifacts. Such a foundation would be superior to most high-level saints.

With a flip of the left hand, a white bead appeared in the Vain One Saint’s hand.

The Vain One Saint felt a little heartache as this bead was painstakingly found in the remnant of a hidden domain. It contained the smoke law and could obscure any form of detection. It was a pity that it could only be used once. He had used one previously and this was his last bead.


With a toss, the white bead flew out and exploded in midair.

A thick smoke instantly covered the range of 100 miles and it was constantly extending out.

Within the smoke it wasn’t possible to see one’s own fingers. The spiritual awareness range was also restricted to merely ten meters.


Zhu Hairong used the Fire Bird Saint Talisman and wanted to burn down the smoke.

Unfortunately, it was a waste of effort.

After a period of time, a figure dashed out of the smoke… It was the Vain One Saint.

The Vain One Saint turned back to look at Zhu Hairong and snortd, “So what if you are stronger than me and have more artifacts. Without any method to protect the true spirit, you will definitely die earlier than me.”

Before the smoke scattered, the Vain One Saint’s figure flashed and vanished.

This array felt like it was limitless. After flying for half a month, Li Fuchen still couldn’t fly out of the array.

Li Fuchen knew that the higher the class of the array, the better the sealing effect. A class 9 peak-tier array could topple the universe and form a different world. As long as the array couldn’t be broken, Li Fuchen would never be able to leave.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen found another corpse and the storage bag had another peak-grade spirit stone.

According to Li Fuchen’s deduction, he would need another three peak-grade spirit stones to achieve a breakthrough in qi cultivation.

“There is another corpse!” From far away, Li Fuchen discovered the third corpse.

This corpse was unique and was actually standing there. Furthermore, the body had yet to rot and had a faint luster.

“It should be a high-level saint.”

In fact, a saint’s body would never rot if it wasn’t inside this array. Even after a saint perished, the corpse contained astonishing power which would protect the corpse of the saint.

Using a suction force, another storage bag came into Li Fuchen’s possession.

After opening to take a look, Li Fuchen’s breaths were erratic.

There were actually 20 peak-grade spirit stones inside.

“I can definitely progress into a half-saint.”

Li Fuchen gave a respectful bow to the corpse and left to search for a place to go into seclusion.

In a concealed stone terrain, Li Fuchen sat with crossed legs and his qi presence was getting overwhelming.

The peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm and half-saint might only be just one level different, but in terms of vitality, it was as big as a chasm.

To be serious, the vitality of a half-saint was already equivalent to a saint.

Without cultivating other daos, a Law Phase Realm emperor’s lifespan would be around 2000 years. But a half-saint’s lifespan was more than 10,000 years. An incredible half-saint could live up to a few times more.

The difference in vitality would produce entirely different qi. Therefore, the strength produced would also be entirely different.

As more than half of the third peak-grade spirit stone had been absorbed, Li Fuchen’s qi presence suddenly exploded. Countless sword radiance burst out in all directions.

Li Fuchen slowly opened his eyes and there was a flash of saint radiance. Li Fuchen said to himself, “This is the level of the half-saint?”

Li Fuchen could feel that his sword energy was at least ten times stronger. At the same time, the sword dao bloodline in his body was much purer and would complement the sword energy, mutually nourishing each other.

With 17 peak-grade spirit stones left, after Li Fuchen stabilized his sword dao bloodline and sword energy, he continued the seclusion.

One day later, Li Fuchen was only left with the final two peak-grade spirit stones. But now, his cultivation had already leaped from the initial state of half-saint to middle state of half saint. His sword energy was unbelievably powerful. A casual release of a sword energy strand could instantly kill those top rankers on the Great Emperor Rankings.

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