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Chapter 820: Horrific Array

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Not being able to injure Zhu Hairong in a single slash, Li Fuchen knew that Zhu Hairong was wearing an apex armor.

Having an apex armor was the same as having an additional defensive apex martial art. It wasn’t that easy to break the defense. With Li Fuchen’s strength, he wasn’t able to break it, let alone injure the opponent.

Li Fuchen wanted to leave, but Zhu Hairong wasn’t going to allow that.

With a swing of the hand, a red talisman flew towards Li Fuchen.

In the middle, the talisman started burning and a fire bird appeared before engulfing Li Fuchen.

Bang Boom!

The sword energy protection outside Li Fuchen’s body had exploded after getting burned. Immediately after, the law field had also exploded. The fire then ruthlessly ravaged Li Fuchen’s body.

Zhu Hairong’s face was filled with a cold intent. The Fire Bird Saint Talisman was stronger and several times faster than the Fierce Sun Bead. If the Fire Bird Talisman didn’t have a limited number of uses, Zhu Hairong would definitely use it during the battle with the Flying Cloud Saber Saint. Of course, Zhu Hairong knew that the Fire Bird Saint Talisman could only make the Flying Cloud Saber Saint suffer a little. It was basically impossible to defeat the Flying Cloud Saber Saint, therefore, Zhu Hairong endured and didn’t use it.

“He should be dead by now right?” Zhu Hairong was preparing to withdraw the Fire Bird Saint Talisman.


A sword light rushed out of the flames and arrived at the horizon in an instant.

With the sword energy protection and law field, half of the Fire Bird Saint Talisman’s power had been negated. The remaining power wasn’t enough to injure Li Fuchen.

Zhu Hairong was startled. Li Fuchen had already flown very far away and with Li Fuchen’s speed, even if Zhu Hairong gave chase, he knew he couldn’t catch up.

The Fire Bird Saint Talisman returned and Zhu Hairong had an extremely gloomy expression. The intense killer intent caused the ground to break open.

A few hundred miles away, Li Fuchen said to himself, “This cannot carry on. I will no longer have a place to be in the open. Everyone here are saint-class experts. Putting aside regular saints, those with formidable strength or those that possess many cardinal artifacts are too much of a threat to me. I have to quickly increase my sword dao cultivation to the half-saint level. Apex cardinal artifacts might be able to increase my strength, but with my capacity of sword energy, I can only use an apex cardinal artifact for a few times.”

Using an apex cardinal artifact would need much more qi than using an apex weapon. Li Fuchen reckoned that he could only use an unrated apex cardinal artifact a handful of times at most.

The Black Whirlpool Island wasn’t really big nor was it really small, but due to the excessive number of saints and beast overlords, there would be frequent battles. There were many reasons for the battles, but they were mostly for treasures.

The treasures on the Black Whirlpool Island were too precious and would have value of over 100 peak-grade spirit stones most of the time. Even a saint wouldn’t have that many peak-grade spirit stones. After all, a saint would require too many peak-grade spirit stones to increase one cultivation level. They basically had insufficient peak-grade spirit stones for cultivation. The exception was those extremely powerful saints or those that had fated opportunities, allowing them to have a huge number of peak-grade spirit stones.

If anyone knew Li Fuchen had one Shadow Fruit and one Bright Fruit, they would definitely pursue him to the end of the world.

These two treasures were top-class treasures even in the universe. Let alone regular saints, even pinnacle saints would covet it.

“Are you the Zhu Clan’s Zhu Hairong?” The green-clothed man who possessed the Universe Loop saw Zhu Hairong and transmitted a message from far away.

“You are?” Zhu Hairong didn’t know the green-clothed man.

The green-clothed man replied, “I am Vain One Saint.”

“What do you want?” Zhu Hairong could see that the green-clothed man was a 3rd level saint. Zhu Hairong was confident in defeating the green-clothed man, but he wasn’t confident he could make the green-clothed man stay.

“Have you seen this person?” The Vain One Saint used his qi to make an image of Li Fuchen.

If it wasn’t for the importance of the Bright Fruit, he would never ask Zhu Hairong. Everyone knew that the Zhu Clan were overbearing and demanding.

“Why do I have to tell you?” Zhu Hairong naturally recognized Li Fuchen but asked in return.

The Vain One Saint said, “He possesses top-class treasures. If Brother Zhu is willing to cooperate, once we obtain the treasures, we can split them 3 to 7. I will take 3 and you will take 7.”

The Vain One Saint had already gone all out. He knew that Zhu Hairong wasn’t friendly and might make a move on him after obtaining the Bright Fruit, or might just turn on his words.

However, the Vain One Saint had his own trump. Even if he couldn’t win, he was confident in escaping.

“What treasure?” Zhu Hairong’s eyes flashed with light and also with regret.

The Vain One Saint already said it was a top-class treasure and was probably not worth less than the peak-grade fire energy crystal. If Zhu Hairong knew that Li Fuchen had such a treasure, he would have made Li Fuchen stay even if he had to pay a little price.

After thinking for a moment, the Vain One Saint still replied, “The Bright Fruit.”

He wasn’t able to take down Li Fuchen alone, therefore, he had to rely on Zhu Hairong.

Hearing the response, Zhu Hairong’s breath got faster. As compared to the Bright Fruit, the peak-grade fire energy crystal was worth nothing. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that the value of the Bright Fruit was enough to make him a superior individual among the high-level saints.

“Are you not afraid I will regret?” Zhu Hairong looked at the Vain One Saint.

The Vain One Saint laughed and said, “I’m afraid, of course I’m afraid, therefore, I want you to swear an oath.”

Swearing an oath wasn’t lethal to a saint, but it would affect the saint’s dao heart. Unless the saint was an evil dao saint, otherwise, they wouldn’t swear an oath for no reason.

Zhu Hairong was rather hesitant, as he didn’t dare to make an oath recklessly. Who knew what the consequences were?

“If you wish to cooperate, show me your capability.” Zhu Hairong decided that if the Vain One Saint wasn’t capable, he wouldn’t want to cooperate.

The Vain One Saint brought out the Universe Loop and after activating it, a horrific suction force was generated. “I wonder if this is enough?”

“The counterfeit of the Universe Circle!” Zhu Hairong immediately identified the function of the Universe Loop.

With the Universe Loop, the Vain One Saint was indeed qualified to cooperate with Zhu Hairong. After all, Li Fuchen was very slippery and if they didn’t pay attention for an instant, he would escape.

Subsequently, Zhu Hairong made an oath that he wouldn’t make a move on the Vain One Saint and after obtaining the Bright Fruit, they would split it by 3 to 7. If he violated the oath, his martial dao wouldn’t achieve any more progress.

Seeing Zhu Hairong make the oath, the Vain One Saint let out a breath of relief. Of course, he wouldn’t be so naive to believe that Zhu Hairong would comply with the oath. If they really obtained the Bright Fruit, this oath would be worth a few thousand peak-grade spirit stones.

Deep in the Black Whirlpool Island, Li Fuchen didn’t know that the Vain One Saint and Zhu Hairong were collaborating.

Even if he knew, he wouldn’t care. He was going to respond to whatever that came. If it was really a battle to death, he might not lose out to the two of them.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen arrived outside a small valley.

Inside the small valley, there was a very hidden wave.

The moment Li Fuchen stepped into the valley, the spatial zone changed and an unknown world appeared in front of Li Fuchen.

“What class is this array!?” Li Fuchen was shocked.

Before entering the valley, Li Fuchen used his spirit soul power to scan it, but didn’t find any traces of the array. It was very obvious that the array was far beyond his imagination. It was at least a class 9 high-tier array, or even a class 9 peak-tier array.

This was a dilapidated world and it was emitting an aura of defeat, ashes, death, and solitude.


From far, Li Fuchen saw a corpse and from the qi presence left behind, this was a corpse of a saint.

When walking closer, Li Fuchen noticed that the corpse had already rotted, but strangely, the storage bag was still there.

Li Fuchen didn’t think there would be anything good in the storage bag, but when he opened it, he realized there were huge quantities of resources. There were actually two peak-grade spirit stones.

“Is it death by the array power?” Li Fuchen frowned.

If this saint was killed, the storage bag would certainly be stolen. Since it wasn’t stolen, it meant that the saint wasn’t killed by someone.

Li Fuchen found a place to start cultivating.

The array was bizarre in all aspects and Li Fuchen had to be cautious. For now, the only thing he could do was to increase his strength.

After using the two peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation was still stuck at the peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm. He was just lacking a little to become a half-saint. However, Li Fuchen had a feeling that if he had a few more peak-grade spirit stones, he was 100% certain he could make a breakthrough.

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