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Chapter 813: Meeting Shangguan Yu Again

“In order to progress into a half-saint, I still need at least five peak-grade spirit stones. To progress into a saint, it is unknown how many peak-grade spirit stones I need. If I rely on myself to cultivate, it isn’t possible to progress into a saint without a few dozen years.”

Since the previous incident, it has been over a month. Li Fuchen let out a sigh and walked out from seclusion.

Even after using up the five peak-grade spirit stones obtained from the Li Clan, it didn’t allow Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation to step into half-saint.

“Unless…” Li Fuchen’s eyes were very bright.

Unless his Primary Extreme Sword Technique could reach the apex state and become an apex cultivation technique. If that was the case, he might be able to become a half-saint within a short period of time.

“I have already created the third move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art. At the same time, the primary extreme sword dao had also increased significantly. I am rather confident that I can make the Primary Extreme Sword Technique reach the apex state, but the prerequisite is to read more sword dao manuals.”

For a cultivation technique to reach apex, the difficulty was ten times or a few dozen times harder than for a sword art to reach apex. After all, cultivation technique involved the human body and was particular in fusing man and heaven.

“I still have 8 million guild points. Let me go take a look at the library pavilion.”

At the library pavilion, Li Fuchen chose to read the Yin Yang Clear Breeze Sword Art’s manual.

It cost 500 thousand guild points to read this manual once. Borrowing it for one year would cost 250 million guild points.

“Yin Yang Clear Breeze Sword Art’s first move, Twin Sleeves Clear Wind.”

“Yin Yang Clear Breeze Sword Art’s second move, Wind Sight Helm Steer.”

“Yin Yang Clear Breeze Sword Art’s third move, Wind Light Charm.”

“Yin Yang Clear Breeze Sword Art’s fourth move, Wind Cloud Border Meet.”

The Yin Yang Clear Breeze Sword Art was a wind dao sword art., but it also contained a little of the taichi sword dao. Therefore, it was much stronger than a pure wind dao sword art.

After reading through once, Li Fuchen’s mind had plenty of sword dao comprehension.

Of course, the sword dao comprehension couldn’t be compared to the time he spent in the Skyline Sword Valley.

Inside the Skyline Sword Valley, he only read through the Skyline Sword Art 100 times and learned six moves.

If the Skyline Sword Art was only a manual, Li Fuchen could have read it 1000 times and probably wouldn’t have the same result.

After all, the Skyline Sword Art was a top rate sword art.

Once, twice…

After reading the Yin Yang Clear Wind Sword Art for 16 times, Li Fuchen used up all of his guild points.

“I wonder if I can push the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to apex.”

Li Fuchen left the library pavilion and immediately went into seclusion.

Half a month later, Li Fuchen let out a bitter smile. He was still lacking a little and would need another 12 million guild points.

However, where was he going to earn 12 million guild points?

“With your talent, if you went into seclusion at the Swordsmen Guild for 100 years, there is still a chance for you to progress into a saint. Why take the risk to venture outside?” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint couldn’t understand Li Fuchen’s desire to earn guild points.

In his opinion, Li Fuchen might only be at the Law Phase Realm, but his lifespan was definitely more than 2000 years. A mere 100 years was equivalent to a few years of a regular person’s life. It wasn’t considered anything.

Li Fuchen shook his head, “My sword dao doesn’t allow me to do so.”

He could stay in the Swordsmen Guild until he broke through his cultivation realm, but if he did so, it would affect his sword dao progress in the future.

“Since you are determined, I shall not persuade you anymore.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint thought for a moment and carried on saying, “The main elders’ missions are abnormally dangerous. There is a mission here, take a look.”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint handed a jade scroll to Li Fuchen.

After receiving the jade scroll, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness explored inside.

The contents of the jade scroll started to head for the western Black Sea to search for the Black Whirlpool Island. He would then need to investigate if a sword dao saint of the Swordsmen Guild was still alive or dead.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint said, “Black Whirlpool Island is an island that is rumored to be in the Deep Blue Plane. The island has Blackc Whirlpool Trees growing on it. The Black Whirlpool Tree will only blossom with flowers every 5000 years and bear fruits every 5000 years. A single fruit allowed a person’s perception to increase by ten times and would last for three days. If you can find any clues on the Black Whirlpool Island, the reward will be 10 million guild points. If you find the Black Whirlpool Island, the reward is 100 million guild points. If you can find out the status of that Swordsmen Guild’s sword dao saint, you will be rewarded with another 20 million guild points.”

It could be said that this mission’s reward was truly attractive and would give tens of millions of guild points easily.

But in comparison, the Black Whirlpool Island and the Black Whirlpool Fruits were definitely more alluring.

Increasing the perception by ten times wasn’t simply increasing the efficiency by ten times.

If a person’s perception could be doubled, one could clear out the doubts that one had in the past. If the perception was increased by ten times, it might not mean that one could think through everything, but it was almost there.

Take for example if Li Fuchen’s perception was increased by ten times, then he would only need a blink of the eye to push the Primary Extreme Sword Technique to apex. Creating the fourth move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art would also be easy.

If he was to cultivate routinely, even if he was to spend 100 times or 1000 times the time, he might not be able to achieve the same thing.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen took on the Black Whirlpool Island’s mission.

There might be many eyes looking at Li Fuchen, but for Li Fuchen who could perfectly conceal his qi presence, even if a saint looked at him directly, it would be hard to lock onto him.

As time passed by, Li Fuchen arrived at the nearby sea region of the Saint Spirit Continent.

At the front, there was an invisible barrier. Anyone who tried to break the barrier would suffer a law backlash.

In order to travel to the Black Whirlpool Island, one would need to leave the Saint Spirit Continent.

For anyone below the saints, the Saint Spirit Continent was a cultivation paradise. But it was also a prison cage. Without becoming a Soul Merge Realm saint, it wasn’t possible to leave.

It was fortunate Li Fuchen wasn’t a regular Law Phase Realm emperor. He used a single sword to slash the barrier open and forcefully leave the Saint Spirit Continent.

On the vast ocean, Li Fuchen’s speed reached the extreme limits.

After leaving the Saint Spirit Continent, Li Fuchen’s speed was increased by several times.

When traveling on the Saint Spirit Continent, it was the same as to move against current, but when traveling outside of the Saint Spirit Continent, it felt like the same to fly in the wind. The suppression of heaven and earth law was nearly negligible.

In just a few days, Li Fuchen arrived at the western Black Sea.

The Deep Blue Plane was split into four regions, the east, west, south, and north. The Saint Spirit Continent and the Black Sea were located at the western region of the Deep Blue Plane.

Above the Black Sea, the roaring sea was filled with indescribable solitude.

“The Black Sea is massive. It isn’t that easy to find an island. I can only rely on my luck.”

Li Fuchen was hoping he could find the Black Whirlpool Island. His objective was to find clues of the Black Whirlpool Island and earn 10 million guild points. If he could find out if the sword dao saint was dead or alive, it would be the best scenario.

“Mm? There is a continent ahead, it seems to be a mid-class continent.”

Right now, Li Fuchen’s traveling speed wasn’t inferior to a saint. In just a few days, he found a continent deep in the Black Sea.

After entering the continent, Li Fuchen extended his spiritual awareness. Voices of many people entered his ears.

“So this continent is called Black Water Continent.”

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen had gathered plenty of information on the Black Water Continent.

The Black Water Continent was a large unified continent. All of the factions were governed by the Black Water Saint Nation.

The so-called Black Water Saint Nation was merely having the title of a saint nation, but it didn’t have any saints. However, the Black Water Saint Nation’s first ruler was a saint, furthermore, he was an extremely powerful saint. Black Water Saint Nation was only able to govern the Black Water Continent for countless years because of the foundation built by the saint. Otherwise, it would have been overthrown long ago.

Apart from the Black Water Saint Nation, the Black Water Continent still had four major clans and four major sects. Half of these eight major factions had once produced a saint. Among the clans, the Shangguan Clan was actually one of the clans.

“It couldn’t be the clan that Shangguan Yu is from right?”

Shangguan Yu once mentioned that her ancestor was a saint and was called the Black Saint.

When the Black Saint was alive, the Shangguan Clan governed over many continents and was one of the top ranked clans in this massive world.

However, during a terrifying saint war, the Black Saint went missing and the Shangguan Clan gradually declined and broke up.

The so-called Black Emperor Guild was just a branch of the Shangguan Clan.

“Let me go and take a look.”

With a single shift, Li Fuchen arrived at the vicinity of the Shangguan Clan.

“Clan Head, I will not marry to the Saint Palace.” In the Shangguan Clan’s main hall, Shangguan Yu was protesting strongly.

“Presumptuous! How can you make decisions for marriage? Do you know how many young ladies in this world wish to marry into the Saint Palace?” A Shangguan Clan’s elder chided.

“It is their wish, not mine.”

Shangguan Yu hated that she possessed the saint’s bloodline. If she didn’t have the saint’s bloodline, she wouldn’t need to marry into the Saint Palace.

The Shangguan Clan Head was an old man that was unmoved like a mountain. He said slowly, “This matter is already decided and there is nothing more to say. Yu’er, remember, your every word and action will represent the Shangguan Clan. Do not do anything that will disappoint me.”

The alliance marriage with the Black Water Saint Nation had to be done. All eight major factions were doing it and the Shangguan Clan must not fall behind.

“Father…” Shangguan Yu looked at the silent Black Emperor.

The Black Emperor let out a bitter smile and shook his head.

Since they left the Emperor Sky Continent, the Black Emperor Guild only existed in name. He didn’t have any authority to speak in the Shangguan Clan, therefore, Shangguan Yu was going to marry the crown prince. As a no.1 successor to the Black Water Saint Nation’s ruler, the crown prince’s authority must not be provoked. Of course, the crown prince also possessed the saint’s bloodline and was very formidable. In the entire Black Water Continent, he was ranked among the top.

“Shangguan Yu, long time no see.” A clear voice suddenly descended. Immediately after, a figure landed in the middle of the Shangguan Clan’s main hall.

“Who are you?”

The Shangguan Clan Head and the elders surrounded Li Fuchen as though they were facing a great foe.

“How did you enter? Speak!” An elder pointed at Li Fuchen and yelled with anger.

“Be quiet.”

Li Fuchen extended his qi prowess and froze the main hall’s void. Only Li Fuchen, the Black Emperor, and Shangguan Yu were able to move.

“It’s you.” The Black Emperor knew of Li Fuchen’s existence and was particularly shocked.

Li Fuchen said, “As a father, you aren’t fulfilling your responsibilities.”

Li Fuchen saw everything that happened at the main hall earlier.

“Li Fuchen…” Shangguan Yu was pleasantly surprised and there was also a surge of emotions.

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