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Chapter 812: Attacked on All Sides

“Tsk tsk, the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord and the Phenomenon Sword Saint actually started a fight.”

“It just so happens that we can observe their strengths.”

Be it the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord or the Phenomenon Sword Saint, they were both pinnacle existences. It was basically impossible to see them fight. With such a great opportunity to observe now, everyone naturally came over after knowing the news.

“Darkness Dragon Fist!”

“All-Embracing Phenomenon.”

In the void, there was a black dragon claw and a multi-colored sword light that clashed. The law of heaven and earth started to explode.

“Phenomenon, don’t be in a hurry to fight. We can fight after settling the matters between the two races.” The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord said.

“That’s right, Phenomenon, if you wish to fight, the demonic beasts might as well have an all-out war with the humans. The war might have consequences you cannot afford.” Beside the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord, a lady with jade eyes and white skin appeared.

“Green Soul, you are threatening me.” The Phenomenon Sword Saint’s eyes radiated with light.

The Green Soul mentioned was the Green Soul Beast Overlord that had similar strength as the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord. She was proficient in all sorts of soul dao innate abilities.

“So what if it is a threat? If the demonic beasts and humans go to war, how can the demons be missed out?” On the other side of the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord, a flame appeared out of nowhere. An imposing figure with bull horns walked out from the flame.

“It is the Flame Demon Overlord!”

(TL note: Due to the same titles for demonic beasts and demons, I shall be using Beast Overlord for demonic beasts and Demon Overlord for demons. Do let me know of any better suggestions.)

“It’s the Flame Demon Overlord!”

“Even the Flame Demon Overlord is here, this incident is getting out of control.”

Everyone was shocked.

The Flame Demon Overlord was a demon overlord and even the weakest demon overlord had the strength of a high-level saint.

There were also a few high-level saints among the humans, but they weren’t from the Swordsmen Guild. Therefore, they wouldn’t possibly stand out for the Phenomenon Sword Saint, they were simply watching from the side.

“The Swordsmen Guild is too eye-catching, they should be taught a lesson.”

Deep in the void, there was a middle-aged man wearing robes with a symbol of fire.

If there was a saint here, this person would surely be recognized as a powerful high-level saint of the half-god clan, the Zhu Clan.

“Things aren’t looking good.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint frowned.

“It is indeed not good.”

Li Fuchen could see that the demonic beasts and demons were on the same side and had the same enemy. But the humans weren’t as harmonious as the other factions were waiting for the Swordsmen Guild to become a joke.

“Haha, I, the Phenomenon Sword Saint, has been a saint for thousands of years. I have never been afraid of anyone. All three of you attack together!”

The Phenomenon Sword Saint had a grand aura and overflowing battle intent.

“Since you are courting death, then don’t blame us.”

The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord, the Green Soul Beast Overlord, and the Flame Demon Overlord attacked together. It felt as though they had already discussed this beforehand.

Bang Boom!

When the four battled, the entire place shook while qi burst to heaven.

“Soul Siphon Technique!”

After exchanging around ten moves, the Green Soul Beast Overlord used her innate ability, the Soul Siphon Technique.

The Phenomenon Sword Saint’s spirit soul was very firm, and wouldn’t be siphoned, but he still froze for a moment and could hardly move.

“Darkness Bind.”

The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord also used his innate ability. A dragon claw restricted the Phenomenon Sword Saint’s body.

Apocalypse Inferno!”

The Flame Demon Overlord spat out a white ball of flame at the Phenomenon Sword Saint.


After vomiting flaming blood, the Phenomenon Sword Saint was severely injured.

He wasn’t a body refinement saint and couldn’t withstand an all-out attack from the Flame Demon Overlord. If he wasn’t wearing 2nd rate apex artifact armor, even if he didn’t die from that attack earlier, he would have lost at least half his combat capability.

“Senior Phenomenon, take this sword.”

There was a blast of cold light and the Phenomenon Sword Saint consciously received the cold light.

It was a terrifying sword. Just the sword qi caused a stinging pain on the Phenomenon Sword Saint’s skin.

“Supreme rate artifact sword.” The Phenomenon Sword Saint was shocked as he looked at Li Fuchen.

“Senior Phenomenon, this supreme rate artifact sword is only unsealed temporarily. End the fight quickly.” Since this incident was caused by Li Fuchen, he wasn’t going to watch as the Phenomenon Sword Saint suffered.


The Phenomenon Sword Saint was bursting with battle intent again. With a supreme rate artifact sword, he would even dare to fight against a peak level saint.

“Phenomenon, prepare to die.” The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord assaulted with its claw.

“You are the one dying.”

A cold sword light looked as though it was going to split the entire world.

Pfff Tss!

The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord’s indestructible dragon claw was forcefully severed, and blood was spurting out.

“Impossible?” The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord retreated with haste while his eyes were wide opened.

One must be at least a peak level saint to sever his dragon claw in a single slash.

“It’s the sword!” The Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord’s eyes landed on the Joint-Heaven Sword.

After severing the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord’s dragon claw, the Phenomenon Sword Saint followed up closely and penetrated the Flame Demon Overlord’s body. Finally, he split the Green Soul Beast Overlord into two.

His sword was only a 2nd rate apex artifact sword and was three grades inferior to a supreme rate artifact sword. With the supreme rate artifact sword in his hand, his strength was increased by over ten times.

Furthermore, he wasn’t familiar with the Joint-Heaven Sword yet. If he was very proficient with it, his strength would be even stronger.

“It’s a supreme rate artifact sword, he is wielding a supreme rate artifact sword!” Someone exclaimed.

There were only a few supreme rate artifact weapons in the Deep Blue Plane and the Phenomenon Sword Saint had one. It was hard for anyone not to covet it.

Finally, everyone looked back at Li Fuchen.

The supreme rate artifact sword on the Phenomenon Sword Saint’s hand was obviously from Li Fuchen.

“I wonder if the Phenomenon Sword Saint will return the supreme rate artifact sword to that person.”

“He will definitely return it. I understand the Phenomenon Sword Saint rather well.”

Many were moved.

However, they knew that if the supreme rate artifact sword was with the Phenomenon Sword Saint, they wouldn’t stand a chance. They would only have the chance when the supreme rate artifact sword returned to Li Fuchen.

“Phenomenon, count yourself lucky this time. Let’s go.”

In the opinions of the Darkness Dragon Beast Overlord and the two others, without five individuals at their strength, it wasn’t possible to contest with the Phenomenon Sword Saint. The difference between a high-level saint and a peak level saint was significant.

The Phenomenon Sword Saint didn’t give chase. Once the beast overlords left, he tossed the Joint-Heaven Sword back. The Joint-Heaven Sword turned into a cold light and returned back to the sheathe on Li Fuchen’s waist.

Li Fuchen could sense that the sword patterns on the Joint-Heaven Sword were starting to clog up. In just a short moment, it would be sealed again.

“Li Fuchen, you need to be careful from now on. If there isn’t anything important, it is best for you to stay in the Swordsmen Guild.” The Phenomenon Sword Saint gave Li Fuchen a reminder.

A commoner wouldn’t be guilty until he was found hiding a jade. No one would target Li Fuchen at first, but after knowing that Li Fuchen had the supreme rate artifact sword, many would start to target him. Be it the demonic beasts or humans.

“I understand.”

With things at this juncture, Li Fuchen was at a loss too.

The only thing he could do now was to progress into a saint as quickly as possible.

Only by becoming a saint, he would then be qualified to stand firm on the Saint Spirit Continent.

Otherwise, he could only hide in the Swordsmen Guild. That was definitely a life he didn’t want.

“Li Fuchen, right? My Zhu Clan wants the supreme rate artifact sword, name your price!” A domineering voice was transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ear.

Li Fuchen looked up and could vaguely see a figure in the depths of the void.

“Apologies, it isn’t for sale.” Li Fuchen immediately responded.

“The things that my Zhu Clan wants will always end up in our possession. I hope you don’t regret it.”

The figure disappeared.

“Don’t worry, as long as you stay in the Swordsmen Guild headquarters, not even the Zhu Clan can do anything.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint said to Li Fuchen as he looked at the place where the Zhu Clan’s high-level saint disappeared.

Li Fuchen nodded and underneath his eyelids was a horrifying glint.

So what if it was the Zhu Clan? If they provoked him, they would also have to pay the price.

Of course, Li Fuchen knew clearly that it was on the basis that he had absolute strength. Without strength, everything would be empty talk.

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