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Chapter 811: He Isn’t a Sain

“Too much sword energy is being exhausted, I need to leave.”

After swinging the sword twice, Li Fuchen was only left with 80% of his sword energy.

It also meant that each swing would consume 10% of his sword energy.


Before leaving, Li Fuchen let out a full moon sword qi which sent the Sky Quake Overlord flying.

“Thinking of leaving?”

The Sky Quake Overlord immediately knew that Li Fuchen wanted to escape. He forcefully stopped his body from flying and pursued with haste.

With Li Fuchen’s strength, even with a supreme rate artifact sword, it would take at least 100 swords to kill the Sky Quake Overlord. The Sky Quake Overlord didn’t believe that Li Fuchen was able to slash 100 times.


When the Sky Quake Overlord caught up, Li Fuchen turned around to slash.

70%… 60%…


Soon enough, Li Fuchen was only left with 30% of his sword energy.

Li Fuchen was already constantly absorbing the spirit qi within the peak-grade spirit stone, otherwise, his sword energy would have been emptied a long time ago.

However, time was needed to absorb the spirit qi from the peak-grade spirit stone. Furthermore, since he was escaping at the same time, the absorption efficiency was greatly reduced.

20%… 10%…

When the sword energy was only left with 10%, Li Fuchen felt his dantian and meridians were empty. He felt unprecedentedly weak. It was even strenous for him to hold up his sword, let alone swinging it.

“I wonder if qi power can work.”

Li Fuchen poured the Hand of Moon’s qi power into the Joint-Heaven Sword.

Li Fuchen was surprised by the next moment.

After pouring in the Hand of Moon’s qi power, the Joint-Heaven Sword didn’t have a decrease in power. Instead, it was much lighter and he had a much easier time wielding it.

Li Fuchen turned around and his arm flashed with afterimages. He had executed three sword slashes at once. The three sword qi storms stacked together and blasted on the Sky Quake Overlord.

The Sky Quake Overlord vomited blood and was sent back. He felt that his bones were about to fracture.

“What is going on?” The Sky Quake Overlord was bewildered.

He obviously saw Li Fuchen weakening, but Li Fuchen suddenly got stronger again. He was suspecting if it was Li Fuchen’s scheme.

“It seems like once an artifact sword is at supreme rate, it doesn’t matter if the energy source is qi or qi power.”

The reason why the Joint-Heaven Sword was lighter was due to the stars law. The Hand of Moon contained the stars law, while the stars law contained the gravity law. Therefore, it was natural for the Joint-Heaven Sword to become easier to control.

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen qi power was only left with 10%. Right at this moment, his sword energy had recovered back to 30%.

On the contrary, the Sky Quake Overlord was exhausted and his aura was weakening.

He might be a mid-tier tyrant beast and had terrifying vitality, but after consecutive attacks from a supreme rate artifact sword, he still suffered damage to his source.

The damage to the source couldn’t be replenished with vitality. To be more accurate, it couldn’t be replenished in such a short period of time.

“I don’t believe that you can persist for so long.”

The Sky Quake Overlord wasn’t going to give up earlier, let alone now.

Right now, he wished he could peel Li Fuchen’s skin.

When Li Fuchen’s sword energy was left with 10%, his Hand of Moon’s qi power had recovered back to 20%.

When the Hand of Moon’s qi power was left with 10%, the sword energy recovered back to 15%.

Li Fuchen’s circumstances were getting bleak again.

After 10 minutes, Li Fuchen’s sword energy haf depleted and he only had enough qi power for one more attack.

Seeing that things were almost coming to an end, Li Fuchen suddenly let out a breath of relief.

“Sky Quake Overlord, who gave you the courage to kill my Swordsmen Guild’s main elder?!”

There was a clear and cold voice that echoed from the void. All of a sudden, a translucent sword light froze the void and also the Sky Quake Overlord’s body.

“Mystic Deep Sword Saint.”

The Sky Quake Overlord’s expression changed greatly. His body shook and broke the frozen void.

At his prime, the Sky Quake Overlord might not be a match for the Mystic Deep Sword Saint, let alone now.

“Since you are here, don’t think of leaving.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint emerged from the void and brandished his sword.

The Sky Quake Overlord’s body froze again and he vomited blood. After shattering the void, he roared, “Mystic Deep Sword Saint! You humans broke the rule first. Do you wish to start a war?!”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint grunted, “Broke what rule?”

The Sky Quake Overlord pointed at Li Fuchen, “As a saint, he must not interfere with the battles of the lower echelons of the two races. Is that not the rule?”

“That is the rule.”

“Since that is the rule, why are you still protecting him?!”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint sneered, “Who told you he is a saint?”

“Do you think I am a 3-year-old? If he isn’t a saint, how can he severely multiple low-tier beast overlords and a mid-tier beast overlord?”

Previously, Li Fuchen was already able to severely injure four beast overlords without relying on the supreme rate artifact sword. It meant that his original strength was already close to a mid-level saint. If someone said that Li Fuchen wasn’t a saint, the Sky Quake Overlord would never believe it.

“Then it just means that you demonic beasts are weaker. He is indeed not a saint.”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint was also surprised at Li Fuchen’s strength. But he was certain that Li Fuchen wasn’t a saint.

“Mystic Deep Sword Saint, you are obviously trying to cover for him. I am speechless, but I hope you can bear the consequences.” The Sky Quake Overlord made a threat.

“You better consider for yourself first! Mystic Deep Kill Intent!”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint blasted a sword move of the Mystic Deep Sword Art at the Sky Quake Overlord.

“Bastard, damn you!”

The Sky Quake Overlord couldn’t run even if he wanted to. The surrounding void was constantly frozen. Translucent sword wounds were engraved on his body.

“Mystic Deep Sword Saint, you broke the rule.”

Right at this moment, a massive black dragon claw attacked. It ripped the void and destroyed the Mystic Deep Sword Saint’s sword prowess.

“Darkness Dragon Overlord!” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint’s expression turned grave.

The Darkness Dragon Overlord had the bloodline of a mid-tier tyrant beast, the Black Dragon. Most importantly, the Darkness Dragon Overlord was superior to the Sky Quake Overlord. It was as powerful as a high-tier beast overlord.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint would never be a match. Only a pinnacle saint could fight with it.

“Leave an arm and you may leave.”

The void had turned pitch-black unknowingly. A massive black dragon head had appeared out of a black whirlpool.

“Darkness Dragon Overlord, you are bullying my Swordsmen Guild.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint stated.

“So what if I am bullying? Those who broke the rule have to pay the price.”

“What if I say he isn’t a saint?”

“If I say he is a saint, he is! Any more nonsense and you shall lay your life here!” The Darkness Dragon Overlord was annoyed.

“Such mighty prowess, the Darkness Dragon Overlord is indeed incredible. Come, come, I, the Phenomenon Sword Saint wish to know how powerful you are and if you really live up to your reputation.” A mocking voice echoed from far.

Li Fuchen looked over and saw a phenomenal image in the void. A long-bearded swordsman walked out.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint introduced, “Li Fuchen, the Phenomenon Sword Saint is our Swordsmen Guild headquarters’ Protector Elder. His cultivation is of a high-level saint.”

The Deep Blue Plane had a total of seven Swordsmen Guild headquarters. Each headquarters had a Protector Elder. Below them were high-grade elders like the Mystic Deep Sword Saint, next would be the normal elders.

“Phenomenon, you humans broke the rule first, you cannot blame me.” The Darkness Dragon Overlord squinted his eyes.

The Phenomenon Sword Saint pointed at the Darkness Dragon Overlord, “You demonic beasts sure like to tell lies with wide opened eyes. Which eye of yours is telling you that he is a saint?”

“With his strength, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to call him a saint right!?”

“If he isn’t, it means he isn’t. If he is, it means he is. Where did all those nonsensical words come from? Come, come, let us spar a little. Let’s see if the Darkness Dragon Overlord has improved over the years.”

The Phenomenon Sword Saint raised his long sword. Countless sword lights plunged into the void to attack the Darkness Dragon Overlord.

“You lunatic!” The Darkness Dragon Overlord was enraged and countered with a claw attack.

During the intense battle between the two, more beast overlords and human saints rushed over.

After all, this level of battle would cause a law commotion that spread over half the Saint Spirit Continent.

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