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Chapter 810: Joint-Heaven Sword Unsealed

“This isn’t going to end.”

Li Fuchen didn’t expect for so many beast overlords to appear in such a short period of time.

It was no wonder there were rumors that the number of beast overlords were ten times more than saints on the Saint Spirit Continent.

If it wasn’t for the superior strength that saints had over the beast overlords, the humans wouldn’t be able to suppress the demonic beasts.

However, not all beast overlords were inferior to saints. Beast overlords with a tyrant beast bloodline were able to contest with saints. Furthermore, tyrant beasts also had its own grades. A low-tier tyrant beast overlord would be able to contest with regular saints. A mid-tier tyrant beast overlord would be able to contest with prodigy saints. A high-tier tyrant beast overlord would be able to contest with heaven-defying saints. As for a peak-tier tyrant beast overlord, it would be a natural dictator of the universe and stand on the peak of all life. They were on par with the saints standing at the pinnacle of humans.

The Sky Quake Overlord was a mid-tier tyrant beast and also a mid-tier beast overlord. He was completely able to contest with mid-level prodigy saints. The Mystic Deep Sword Saint was a mid-level prodigy saint and were already considered high-level regular saints.

“Time to leave.”

Li Fuchen didn’t think he could contest with a high-level saint, therefore, he quickly withdrew.

“You think you can run?”

The palm that was blasted by the Sky Quake Overlord had covered the sky and shook the ground. As compared to the palm, Li Fuchen was like a speck of dust.

Just as the palm was closing, an unstoppable sword light burst out and escaped from between the fingers

Skyline Sword Art’s first move, Sky Earth Roam.

After reading the Skyline Sword Art for a hundred times, Li Fuchen didn’t just master the sixth move, Sky Man Desire Slash, he had a new understanding towards the first move, Sky Earth Roam.

Among the six moves of the Skyline Sword Art, the first move and sixth move were at the highest proficiency.

“Rather capable, but it is a pity that it still isn’t enough!”

The Sky Quake Overlord looked rather surprised. He was a mid-tier tyrant beast and each attack from him contained the heaven and earth great dao. The palm might look like a simple palm attack, but even a mid-level saint couldn’t block it.

Seeing that its palm attack didn’t work, the Sky Quake Overlord’s body shook and suddenly exploded with a horrific shockwave force. The shockwave force reached far away.


Towns, mountains, and rivers were all turned into dust by the shockwave force.

The Sky Quake Overlord’s bloodline was the Sky Quake Tyrant Elephant. It was innately able to use the shockwave force. Enemies who were weak would instantly shatter when affected by the shockwave.

The shockwave force reached into the void and was indescribably fast. When facing the terrifying shockwave force, Li Fuchen turned into sword light. But the sword light was instantly broken. He vomited blood while his body was filled with cracks.

“This is the strength of the Sky Quake Overlord?”

Li Fuchen believed that if he didn’t have the Star Immortal Body, he wouldn’t be able to withstand this attack. Not even with the body refinement at half-saint level and the qi cultivation at peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm.

“He didn’t die even after that attack?” The Sky Quake Overlord was even more surprised.

“Mystic Deep Sword Saint, I am in trouble. Quickly provide help.”

Without a choice, Li Fuchen sought help from the Mystic Deep Sword Saint.

In the Swordsmen Guild headquarters…

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint was in seclusion.

All of a sudden, the elder token in his storage bag shook. He took out and heard a voice, “Mystic Deep Sword Saint, I am in trouble. Quickly provide help.”

“Elder Li Fuchen.”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint’s eyes flashed with killer intent. With a flash, he suddenly vanished with the Swordsmen Guild headquarters.

In the next moment, outside the Wind Cloud City, a teleportation array activated in the teleportation plaza. The Mystic Deep Sword Saint teleported to a high-class city that was nearest to Li Fuchen’s location.

There was a flash of translucent sword light and the Mystic Deep Sword Saint shifted into the void. He then rushed towards Li Fuchen at extreme speed.

“Li Fuchen, you must hold on.”

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint was so fast. But because he was too fast, the void felt like viscous water that flowed by his body

“Li Fuchen, with your strength, you will definitely die if you withstand the attack once more. Right now, you can only survive by temporarily unsealing the Joint-Heaven Sword.”

With an intense crisis imminent, the Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit awakened.

“How do I unseal the Joint-Heaven Sword?” Li Fuchen asked.

The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit replied, “All these years, you have provided plenty of energy to me. Therefore, for this unsealing, you just have to protect yourself and not get injured by the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword intent.”

“Alright.” Li Fuchen nodded.


The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit yelled out and there was a surge of horrific sword dao energy. It came out of nowhere and was poured into the sword patterns within the Joint-Heaven Sword.


Immediately after, the sword sound could be heard. At that instant, the void was actually sliced open. It felt like an invisible edge sliced the void.

Li Fuchen gripped onto the Joint-Heaven Sword so tightly that his palm was bleeding.

To unseal the Joint-Heaven Sword normally, the sword patterns had to be comprehended.

Only then, would the wielder be able to utilize the true power of the Joint-Heaven Sword.

With this process, the price was the rejection from the Joint-Heaven Sword.

The rejection might be weak, but the unsealed Joint-Heaven Sword was a supreme rate artifact sword. A weak rejection from it would be unbearable to most people.


Inside the Joint-Heaven Sword, all the sword patterns were connected and were glowing.

The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit sounded exhausted, “These sword patterns are temporarily connected. They can only be maintained for a very short period of time. Be mindful of it.”

After speaking, the Sword Spirit went into a deep slumber.

“Die then!”

The Sky Quake Overlord executed the second shockwave force over.

But this time, a circle of sword light protected Li Fuchen.

The circle of sword light was automatically emitted by the Joint-Heaven Sword.


“This qi presence… Could it be a top rate apex artifact sword? No, it seems like a supreme rate artifact sword.”

The Sky Quake Overlord’s eyes widened and it quickly turned into voracious eyes.

If a supreme rate artifact sword was exchanged into resources, it would save him countless years of hard work.

He didn’t know where Li Fuchen obtained the supreme rate artifact sword. It was a known fact that there were only a few supreme rate weapons in the Deep Blue Plane.

But it didn’t matter. Soon enough the supreme rate artifact sword would belong to him.

With a flash, the Sky Quake Overlord executed a palm strike. The shockwave force was blasted out from the palm.

“Get lost!”

Li Fuchen lifted the Joint-Heaven Sword strenuously and cleaved with it.

Crack Smash!

The void was sliced and shattered. A sword qi storm that was formed with tiny sword qi had swallowed the Sky Quake Overlord.

There was a miserable yell as a blood shadow emerged from the sword qi storm.

The blood shadow was none other than the Sky Quake Overlord.

He looked at Li Fuchen’s sword with terror.

In the past, he only knew that supreme rate weapons were incredible, but he didn’t know the extent of it.

Today, he finally found out the might of a supreme rate weapon.

“No wonder the Skyline Sword is only a top rate artifact sword, while the Joint-Heaven Sword is a supreme rate artifact sword.”

Li Fuchen was shocked. When wielding the Skyline Sword, he was still barely able to execute his sword art.

When wielding the Joint-Heaven Sword, he could only make simple swings.

Firstly, it was too strenuous to control the Joint-Heaven Sword.

Secondly, the Joint-Heaven Sword contained extremely profound sword intent. Li Fuchen’s sword intent couldn’t be utilized at all.

Therefore, the current Li Fuchen was just one or two times stronger than when he wielded the Skyline Sword.

If it was the sword spirit controlling the Joint-Heaven Sword, it could slaughter even high-level saints.


Li Fuchen slashed at the Sky Quake Overlord again. The sword qi storm negated the distance and immediately descended on the Sky Quake Overlord.


Layers of flesh were sliced off the Sky Quake Overlord’s body.

If he wasn’t a mid-tier tyrant beast and had vitality that was a hundred times tougher than regular mid-tier beast overlords, he would be dead.

“Damn it, Blood Shadow Quake!”

The Sky Quake Overlord waved his palm and gathered all the blood in the surrounding area. They converged into a blood sphere that exploded nearby Li Fuchen.

It was a pity that with the sword light protection from the Joint-Heaven Sword, the blood sphere couldn’t hurt even the hair of Li Fuchen.

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