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Chapter 809: Fighting Four Beast Overlords

Once the agreement of one year was up, Li Fuchen left the Li Clan.

The members of the Li Clan still didn’t know that Li Fuchen mastered six moves of the Skyline Sword Art in just a short one year.

In Li Jianhui’s opinion, even if Li Fuchen was a heaven-defying prodigy, it was already very praiseworthy for him to master one or two moves.

If they knew that Li Fuchen mastered six moves, they would probably feel regretful.

“Sky Earth Roam.”

In the wilderness, Li Fuchen was now in the Union of Man and Sword. He turned into a sword light and was traveling at high speed.

It was also the same Union of Man and Sword, but the Sky Earth Roam was much faster than Meteor Fall and it was also much more agile. There wasn’t a choice, the Splendor Sword Art only had the potential of a top rate apex sword art, while the Skyline Sword Art was already a top rate apex sword art.

When night arrived, demonic beasts and demons were frenziedly attacking humans. It was unknown how many towns were destroyed in one night.

When encountering such situations, Li Fuchen wouldn’t hesitate to interfere.

With his current strength, any number of demonic beasts or demons would be settled in one or two sword moves.


As an endless wave of demonic beasts surged at a town, the residents of the town were already in despair. People with strength had already escaped long ago. It was a pity that only a few managed to escape. When most of them rushed out, they were already killed by the beast great rulers that were hidden within the wave.


From the sky above, Li Fuchen brandished his sword. There was a sword light that was like the sun shining down and had illuminated the night.

All demonic beasts within the range of the sword light had been turned into ashes without bones and corpses left behind.

“It is a human saint! They actually dare to break the rules. Hurry up and contact the beast overlord!”

For a single sword to have such power, it couldn’t be anyone else but a sword dao saint. Those beast great rulers that managed to survive started to contact the nearby beast overlords.

The humans and demonic beasts had an agreement. In normal situations, beast overlords and human saints must not get involved in the slaughters of the lower hierarchy. If either side violated the agreement, that side would need to pay the price.

Previously when Li Fuchen killed the Sky Trample Great Ruler, it instigated the revenge from the Sky Quake Overlord. Many towns were destroyed along with one city. Afterwards, the humans were infuriated and killed countless demonic beasts, forcing the demonic beasts to hand over the Sky Quake Overlord. If the upper echelons from both sides didn’t negotiate, things wouldn’t have ended like that.

“What? A saint interfered? Which saint?”

There were much more beast overlords than human saints. Nearby, there was a beast overlord called the Wind Smoke Overlord, but it was only a low-tier beast overlord. He didn’t dare to get involved immediately as his strength was inferior to saints, even the weakest low-level saint.

Giving a frown, the Wind Smoke Overlord immediately contacted the nearby mid-tier beast overlord and the other low-tier beast overlords.

“A human sword dao saint is causing trouble?” After receiving the news, the Sky Quake Overlord’s eyes flashed with an ominous glint.

The Sky Trample Great Ruler had the greatest potential among his descendants, but was killed by a human. He held back his anger and wanted to take revenge on the humans again. But he knew that if he took revenge without any plans, he would put himself in danger. Therefore, he was waiting for an opportunity.

The opportunity finally arrived and it was actually the humans that violated the agreement first. He was now able to take this chance to kill as he pleased.

After bursting into the sky, the Sky Quake Overlord quickly vanished.

“Human sword dao saint? Hehe, I wonder if I can progress again after consuming his qi blood essence.” The Gold Light Overlord grinned and revealed an entire mouth of golden teeth.

The Saint Spirit Continent had plenty of beast overlords. After all, if there weren’t enough beast overlords, how could they compete with human saints? With the information from the Wind Smoke Overlord, three to four of the nearby beast overlords received the information and were rushing over at full speed.

“I shall stall him first.”

After contacting the nearby beast overlords, the Wind Smoke Overlord turned into a smoke and flew towards Li Fuchen’s location.

“Which human saint are you? Do you know that you have violated the agreement between the two races? Hurry up and surrender yourself.”

From the horizon, smoke spread over and covered the land.

“Beast overlord!” Li Fuchen lifted his head and looked towards the smoke.

When Li Fuchen just arrived at the Saint Spirit Continent, he might already be considered top-class within the Law Phase Realm, but he was still far inferior to beast overlords. Right now, he already had the strength to look down on regular beast overlords.

When the Wind Smoke Overlord saw that Li Fuchen didn’t make a move, he thought that Li Fuchen was apprehensive. The Wind Smoke Overlord expanded the smoke and turned everything within a thousand miles into smoke. It wasn’t possible to even see one’s own fingers and there was a pungent smell.


Li Fuchen casually brandished his sword. A resplendent sword light sliced the smoke open.

There was a grunt as the smoke rapidly withdrew and the vision was now clear again.

“Such power!”

100 miles away, the Wind Smoke Overlord who turned into a bundle of concentrated smoke was extremely shocked.

When he evolved into a beast overlord, he awakened an innate ability called Wind Smoke Immortal Body.

With the Wind Smoke Immortal Body, his body could switch between real and illusion, therefore, no enemies could injure him. Unless the enemy was several times stronger than him, it would then be possible to injure his bloodline source.

Earlier on, Li Fuchen actually injured him.

“Turning the body into smoke?” Li Fuchen was also rather surprised that he couldn’t kill the Wind Smoke Overlord in a single attack.

It might be a casual slash, but his current strength already allowed him to kill a low-tier beast overlord in a single slash.

“You still dare to attack!” The Wind Smoke Overlord was enraged.

The Wind Smoke Overlord could already sense a mid-tier beast overlord rushing over.

“So what if I attacked? I wonder if you can block this sword move.”

Li Fuchen brandished the sword and there was a sword light that illuminated the entire place like sunlight.


The Wind Smoke Overlord let out a miserable yell and the smoke was slowly evaporating under the dazzling sword light.

“Gold Light Overlord, hurry up and save me!”

The Wind Smoke Overlord didn’t expect Li Fuchen’s sword move to be so terrifying.


A golden light broke through the sky.

“Gold Light Arrow Rain!”

Golden arrows were blasted at Li Fuchen.

Vicious qi presence were contained in the arrows and they were specialized in injuring the spirit soul.

Li Fuchen immediately recognized that the enemy was a mid-tier beast overlord. Its strength was stronger than most low-tier beast overlords.

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

With a swing of the sword, the golden arrows were stopped in their path.

“Gold Light Protection!”

Seeing that its innate ability, Gold Light Arrow Rain couldn’t injure Li Fuchen, the Gold Light Overlord shrouded itself in golden light before it rushed at Li Fuchen. From the looks of it, it wanted to bash Li Fuchen to death.

“Courting death.” Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with killing intent as he executed the Skyline Sword Art’s fourth move, Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword.

There was a flash of red thunder and Li Fuchen arrived behind the Gold Light Overlord.


The Gold Light Overlord looked down and saw his gold light forcefully sliced open and one of his arms flew uncontrollably.

“What? Even the Gold Light Overlord isn’t a match. Could the enemy be a mid-level saint that is hiding his qi presence?”

Watching from far away, the Wind Smoke Overlord was shocked.

The Gold Light Overlord was a mid-tier beast overlord and its innate ability, Gold Light Protection, couldn’t be broken by low-level saints.

“Gold Light Overlord, we are here to aid you.”

From the horizon, there was a jade light and green light that flew over.

“It is the Jade Devil Elder Beast and Green Lion Overlord.”

(TL note: The Elder Beast is also an overlord, just a name like doyen)

The Wind Smoke Overlord was now more confident.

The Jade Devil Elder Beast and the Green Lion Overlord were both low-tier beast overlords, along with the Wind Smoke Overlord and the Gold Light Overlord, there were a total of three low-tier beast overlords and one mid-tier beast overlord. Such a combination would be able to contest with a mid-level saint.

“Kill him together!”

The Gold Light Overlord activated the Gold Light Arrow Rain.


The Wind Smoke Overlord, Jade Devil Elder Beast, and the Green Lion Overlord activated their innate abilities too.

The Wind Smoke Overlord opened its mouth to blow out concentrated smoke to form a wind blade.

The Jade Devil Elder Beast executed a palm strike which blasted a jade green palm force.

The Green Lion Overlord formed a green lion head to bite down at Li Fuchen.

“Just in time.”

Li Fuchen’s body burst out with flames that were like radiance. Immediately after, countless dazzling sword radiance burst out. It was like a miniature sun that cracked open into countless dazzling light spheres.

Skyline Sword Art fifth move, Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

Apart from the Gold Light Overlord, the three other low-tier overlords were sent flying while vomiting blood. Their bodies were penetrated with hundreds of holes and they were all at their dying breath. The Gold Light Overlord was suffering too as there were a few large holes in his body.

“Damn it, he is too powerful.” The Gold Light Overlord had an unpleasant expression.

He once crossed moves with a mid-level saint, but that mid-level saint wasn’t as powerful as Li Fuchen.

“Human saint, die!”

There was a resonant voice that was like thunder. An imposing and overwhelming palm was blasted over from far away.

“Great, it is the Sky Quake Overlord.” The Green Lion Overlord was delighted.

The Sky Quake Overlord was also a mid-tier overlord, but it was far superior to the Gold Light Overlord. After all, the Sky Quake Overlord had the bloodline of a low-tier tyrant beast.

Among the demonic beasts, tyrant beasts always ruled supreme.

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