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"Outer sect top disciple, congratulations."

The fact that Li Fuchen obtained the outer sect top disciple title, made everyone flabbergasted, that included Zhu Hongxiu.

They knew Li Fuchen was competent, but not to the extent where even Yu Wen Tian couldn't do anything.

This wasn't a dark horse example anymore, but a hidden dragon.

When the hidden dragon emerges, it sets out to amaze.

The next day after the ranking matches, Zhu Hongxiu specially came over to Li Fuchen's courtyard to congratulate him.

Looking at the exquisite facial features on Zhu Hongxiu's face, Li Fuchen laughed and said, "It is only the title of outer sect top disciple. It's not as if it is the inner sect top disciple."

"What? You still want to obtain the inner sect top disciple title?" Zhu Hongxiu was shocked.

Li Fuchen replied, "Why not?"

Zhu Hongxiu spoke in a serious tone, "Had it been any other normal bone frame who said it, I would have taken it as a bluff. But you are different, I believe you."

"Many thanks, you should go rest. I am going to attempt the Tower of Tribulations." Li Fuchen was getting ready to set out.

"Good. It seems the rank 1 of the Tower of Tribulations is yours for the taking." Zhu Hongxiu was indeed exhausted. She bidded Li Fuchen farewell before returning to her own courtyard.


Once again in front if the Tower of Tribulations, Li Fuchen had a whole different mindset this time.

Previously, his goal was just to try and see. But this time, it was to get rank 1.

Cang Lan Sect rules, before being promoted to an inner sect disciple. If one had the rank of the top 10 in the Tower of Tribulations, they would be awarded with contribution points.

Rank 1: 50,000 points

Rank 2 & 3: 30,000 points

Rank 4 to 10: 20,000 points

Even though the reward wasn't as luxurious as the outer sect disciple tournament, it was quite a significant amount and Li Fuchen wouldn't let go of this opportunity.

"It's Senior Li, everyone give way."

The current Li Fuchen was celebrity among the celebrities. If anyone said they did not know who Li Fuchen was, they would have been despised.

No matter what bone frame Li Fuchen had. At this current juncture, Li Fuchen was the outer sect no. 1 disciple. Like the sun in the sky with no one who could match him.

As for the future situation in the inner sect, it was something everyone didn't bother with.

"Is this what they call fame?"

Li Fuchen inner heart didn't dislike this feeling. He walked all the way to the front of the crowd.

Without the need to sound the tribulation bell, the deacon in charge allowed Li Fuchen to enter the tower.

Who are you kidding? Wasn't it obvious an outer sect top disciple could sound the bell easily?

Entering the first floor of the tower, Li Fuchen instantly slayed the energy demonic beast.

The second floor, was the reenactment of the first floor.

Reaching the third floor, Li Fuchen had only use a slight amount of his stamina.

Energy demonic beasts and demonic beasts were different, they do not possess a body of flesh and if one isn't able to successively strike at the weak spots of the energy beasts, they would never be able to kill it.

Of course, with Li Fuchen's currently ability, two consecutive strikes at its weak spots would destroy the opponent.

With the formation pattern lighting up and being extinguished, a crowd roared on the outside.

"9 ticks, surpassing Yu Wen Tian."

"Worthy of being the outer sect top disciple. Everytime he reveals his hand, it gets even better."

"Yu Wen Tian must be depressed. First he lost the outer sect top disciple place and now the rank 1 title of the Tower of Tribulations. He lost 50,000 contribution points just like that."

"Yu Wen Tian wouldn't let it rest like this right?"

Walking out of the Tower of Tribulations, Li Fuchen got to know his result of 9 ticks. He believed that this result was considered quite good.

Just like this, the plaque with Li Fuchen's name was hung at the rank 1 position and Yu Wen Tian's got demoted to the rank 2 position.


In just half a day, the news of Li Fuchen obtaining rank 1 at the Tower of Tribulations spreaded throughout the outer sect.

=Yu Wen Tian's Courtyard=

Yu Wen Tian's expression was clear of any expression and the mood within the courtyard was heavy and depressing.

Moments later, Yu Wen Tian muttered to himself, "I will get back what originally belongs to me. No one can snatch it away from me."


'I am now at the ninth level of the Qi Realm and would need at least one year before breaking through to the Origin Realm.'

Sitting on the monolith, Li Fuchen slowly opened his eyes after taking a rest from the cultivativing.

The breakthrough from the ninth level of the Qi Realm to first level of the Origin Realm wasn't any minor obstacle.

Many have gotten through this obstacle, but the time required to do so varied like the distance between heaven and earth.

Generally, normal bone frames would require at least 5 years before breaking through. But if one had an inferior perception, then getting stuck here forever was a possibility.

1 star bone frames would need around 3 years.

2 star bone frames at least 1 year.

Only those above the 3 star bone frame grade can breakthrough within a year.

But there is a prerequisite. One must first reach the peak of the ninth level, as from the ninth level entry stage to the peak stage required quite a substantial amount of time.

Li Fuchen was confident because he knew that he could attain the ninth rank of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. Afterwards, he would have a great boost in cultivation speed.

With his current physique, he could withstand the domineering power of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

With 100,000 points, Li Fuchen didn't feel as cash-strapped as before. He redeemed 60 dragon tiger pills all in one go.

He hoped to attain the third rank, completion stage of the Interception Form Dao before being promoted to an inner sect disciple.

It's either he be the best or be nothing. Strong enough to oppress the current no. 2.

At this juncture, the difference in ability between him and Yu Wen Tian was minute. Yu Wen Tian could surpass him at anytime and that was something Li Fuchen would never allow.

The third rank of Interception Form Dao was much harder to cultivate than Li Fuchen thought. Not only did you need resources, but you also must be able to perceive the essence of the Interception Form Dao.

But Li Fuchen has no other talent except for his terrifying perceptive sense.

10,500 kg… 11,000 kg… 11,500 kg… 12,000 kg.

With all 60 dragon tiger pills consumed, Li Fuchen's physical strength reached 12,000 kg.

Except for the Interception Form Dao, Li Fuchen's sword skills had some progression too.

He didn't redeemed any low-tier, mystic class sword arts, he spent 4000 points to redeem 3 peak-tier, yellow class sword arts instead.

They were: Tri-part Sword Style, Dripping Sword Style, and Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

Li Fuchen didn't want to suddenly skip ranks and cultivate a higher classed sword art. He wanted to lay a strong and firm foundation first.

Sword art cultivation relied on having a concrete foundation.

Without the concrete foundation, it would be like building a house without any base and it could collapse at any moment.

Tri-part Sword Style: To transform one sword into three. At the highest stage of the sword style, one sword move would be enough to stab three fatal wounds at the enemy.

Dripping Sword Style: Emphasized on thrusts with concentrated bursts of energy. Specialized in breaking body refinement techniques.

Soaring Dragon Sword Style: The most dominating sword style, but exhausted a vast amount of qi. The stronger the qi, the stronger the Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

Each of the sword arts had their own speciality. Li Fuchen began his cultivation without any other thoughts.


2 months have past since the outer sect disciples tournament.

=Tower of Tribulations=

"Yu Wen Tian's result went up again. 9 ticks just like Li Fuchen. Now both of them hold the rank 1 position."

"There aren't any sharing of positions in the rankings of the Tower of Tribulations. Who got to the position first would remain the first."

Walking out of the Tower of Tribulations and seeing his results, Yu Wen Tian clenched his fist tightly.

Just a bit more, just a little faster and he would attain the result of 8 ticks.

Just because of the rank 1 position of the Tower of Tribulations, he suppressed himself from breaking through.

One week ago, he could have already broke through to the first level of the Origin Realm.

"Rank 1, I must get rank 1!"

Yu Wen Tian wasn't bothered about the 20,000 contribution points. With his ability, he could easily earn it back later. But now, he just wanted to reclaim what originally belonged to him.

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