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Chapter 771: Forcing the Opponent to Break Through

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Among the next matches, Yuwen Haojie encountered the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, Liu Huo.

Yuwen Haojio’s comet sword dao might be powerful, but it wasn’t as powerful as the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s scarlet blood sword intent. In just three moves, Yuwen Haojie was defeated.

Subsequently, it was a match between Murong Youyu and Tang Xing.

This match was truly thrilling and intense.

Tang Xing’s stars sword dao was extremely dense and could be used for both offense and defense. In the hearts of everyone, only the Emotionless Sword Emperor, Heart Sword Sovereign, and Li Jianxin were able to deal with Tang Xing. Murong Youyu, Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, and Li Fuchen were assumed to be inferior.

However, after the fight, everyone found out that Murong Youyu’s strength was truly terrifying. Her water drip sword dao was at an unimaginable level. The water droplets formed by her sword qi contained astonishing power. Even Tang Xing’s stars sword dao wasn’t able to deal with Murong Youyu casually.

50 moves... 100 moves... 200 moves...

This match was the most exciting match on the Swordsmen Tournament as of now.

The second most exciting match wasn’t even 10% of this match.

“300 moves, I wonder when the outcome will be decided.”

“It is too intense, I feel my heart is going to jump out.”

“Unless it is at the crucial moment, it is truly hard to predict who is better. The two of them hid too much of their strength earlier.”

Everyone had hurried breaths and boiling blood.

Boom Boom Boom Boom...

On the martial stage, it was dark and hazy as there were multiple qi explosions.

Tang Xing was enveloped in a layer of dense stars sword intent. When looking closely, one could see that there was a stars mirage formed by Tang Xing’s sword light.

Outside of his stars sword intent, there were droplets of water that assaulted him. The water droplets looked regular, but once it smashed onto the stars sword intent, it would cause a shocking explosion. From time to time, there would also be a burst of lightning. Some of the experts on the Sword Emperor Rankings suspected that they would be turned into ashes immediately once they stepped on the stage. They weren’t even qualified to step in.

“You are formidable, but I will be the one to win.”

Tang Xing said loudly and brandished his sword. Spots of star light started to flicker on the stage and Murong Youyu felt her body getting heavier as her qi was being pressured, making it hard to circulate.

The stars sword dao was overly dominant. Regular sword daos wouldn’t be able to contest it.

Had Murong Youyu not comprehended the water drop sword dao to a very high level, it was hard for her to even fight with Tang Xing.

“Obliteration Ripple.”

Murong Youyu burst out a black ripple with her in the center. Tang Xing’s sword prowess was immediately repelled and crushed by the ripple.

The ripple spread out with extreme speed and in just a moment, it arrived in front of Tang Xing.

Tang Xing’s eyes widened as he circulated his sword energy to the limits. The stars mirage outside was getting more materialized, just like a real dense star. It was revolving slowly but with power, resisting the deadly ripple.

When the ripple was scattered, Murong Youyu attacked with an ice-cold, black, and translucent sword, thrusting at Tang Xing.

When facing the translucent sword, Tang Xing felt an intense danger.

“Stars Aurora, split!”

Tang Xing had also made his move. The stage plunged into darkness and there was a dazzling star-like sword that pierced through the darkness, clashing with the translucent sword.

The two sword wielders clashed together and were frozen in mid-air.

It might have lasted for only one breath or a longer time. As they were frozen in mid-air, there was a burst of terrifying radiance. Right now, even the eight other martial stages were enveloped by the radiance. They couldn’t see anything clearly or feel anything. It felt as though there was nothing inside.

“What is going on?” The audiences were flabbergasted.

“The clash of sword force actually produced a sword dao aura that is limitlessly close to extremity.” Li Fuchen’s face had a flash of surprise.

In normal situations, when there was a sword force clash, they would only dispel each other and wouldn’t produce an overly big shockwave. Just like how two fists would negate each other after smashing together.

It was truly rare for such situations to happen and it was almost impossible.

“Sword dao resonance!” Inside the supreme private room, the Hundred Flower Sword Saint spoke out.

Only when two individuals with extremely high level of sword dao talent, sword dao level, and sword dao willpower would have chances to produce the sword dao resonance. In this period of time, if anyone below the saints dared to step into the area where the duo were fighting, they would certainly perish.

“This is indeed the sword dao resonance. I remember only the matches between Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign, and the match between the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign were able to produce the sword dao resonance. I didn’t expect for there to be a sword dao resonance just half way through the tournament this year.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint nodded and smiled.

Enveloped in the radiance, the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign had eyes that were radiating light.

Li Jianxin quietly opened his eyes and there was a faintly visible movement.

“This year’s Swordsmen Tournament is truly beneficial.” Li Fuchen closed his eyes and felt the sword dao aura in the arena.


There was a giant explosion and even the light barrier on the martial stage had been shattered. Two figures flew out from within.


After vomiting blood, Tang Xing said with admiration, “You are the first person to force me to this state.”

“It is unfortunate that you still won.” While speaking, Murong Youyu was also bleeding everywhere and was in a worse state.

“Tang Xing still won.”

“Murong Youyu is honorable in defeat. She is truly worthy of her title of no.1 female swordsman under the saints.”

“Not bad.”

The match between the two made everyone high-spirited. Many of them closed their eyes to reminisce about that battle earlier.

However, the tournament had to continue and the match between the duo was just a small interlude. The true battle of the pinnacles was still a long way away.

Seemingly influenced by the match between Tang Xing and Murong Youyu, for the rest of the tournament, everyone’s eyes turned sharper.

Among them, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was the most dazzling. His next few matches were all formidable opponents like the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor, Nine Firmament Sword Emperor, and Mountain River Sword Emperor. They were all ranked higher than him, but he was the one to ultimately win in the end.

After consecutive victories, he felt his sword dao had signs of breakthrough.

“Martial stage 1, Liu Huo against Li Fuchen.”

Finally, another heavyweight class match was here.

The match between them might not be comparable with the match between Tang Xing and Murong Youyu, but it was definitely just slightly inferior.

At least for now.

“You are rather formidable, I hope you can let me enjoy myself to the fullest.”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor didn’t underestimate Li Fuchen, but he didn’t have too high of an expectation either.

As of now, apart from the match with the Heart Sword Sovereign, he had yet to fight at full strength.

As for the match with the Heart Sword Sovereign, his opponent was overwhelming and he couldn’t even utilize his full strength.

“Same to you.” Li Fuchen said.

“Receive this!”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor couldn’t be bothered to waste words. Right now, he needed an unrestrained battle. He had a feeling that if there was a suitable opponent, his sword dao level would be able to break through.

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor attacked Li Fuchen with an unhindered scarlet blood sword qi.

Cling Cling Cling...

Li Fuchen blocked each of the sword qi.

“Is his sword dao level about to break through?”

Li Fuchen had a feeling that the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was stronger as compared to his match with the Heart Sword Sovereign. Furthermore, the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s sword dao aura was more refined now.

“Fine then, let me help you with the breakthrough.”

Li Fuchen was curious to know what strength level could the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor reach after breaking through.

With the Meteor Sword Art executed at full strength, the sword in Li Fuchen’s hand was already missing. One could only see multiple meteor-like sword qi that were blasted out from Li Fuchen. Furthermore, the speed and frequency were increasing. Looking from afar, it looked just like a peacock spreading its tail. It was just like a meteor sword storm.

The meteor sword storm had sharp qi intent and it caused the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor’s hair to raise up while he felt tingling feelings on his skin.

Clang Clang Clang...

The violent burst of sparks caused the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor to retreat repeatedly.

“What?” The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was dumbfounded.

So were the audiences.

What was going on?

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor was actually unable to resist Li Fuchen’s attacks?

This was a little too ridiculous!

The strength that the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor displayed earlier was just slightly inferior to Murong Youyu and Tang Xing.

“Impossible, Scarlet Fire Dragon!”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor blasted out a sword qi that transformed into a blood-colored fire dragon.

However, when facing Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Art, the fire dragon didn’t even last for a breath. It was immediately pierced into a hornet’s nest.

“Such a terrifying sword art!” The Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign, Wang Qi was shivering.

Wang Qi still assumed that Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength might not be as outstanding as his body refinement strength. From the looks of it now, Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength wasn’t weak at all. If Wang Qi had to face the current Li Fuchen, he probably wouldn’t last for an instant.

“So this is his true strength?” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor let out a bitter smile.

As compared to Li Fuchen, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor’s Wind Chasing Nine Swords was totally not worth mentioning. Apart from speed, he was significantly inferior in all other aspects.

“Scarlet Fire Universe!”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor executed his strongest kill move. This move even made the Heart Sword Sovereign use his second sword move.

Tss Tss Tss!

Countless scarlet blood sword qi surged towards Li Fuchen. This was a scarlet blood sword world that belonged to the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor. Inside this world, there was nothing else apart from scarlet blood sword intent.

However, as soon as the scarlet blood sword world was formed, it was penetrated. Using the Union of Man and Sword, Li Fuchen ignored the attacks from the scarlet blood sword qi. He slashed open the scarlet blood sword world and charged at the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor.

“I must break through, I can only contest by breaking through.”

The Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor entered a fanatical state and was frenziedly blocking the attacks from Li Fuchen.

“What is he doing?” Inside the supreme private room, the Tiger Fang Sword Saint was confused.

With Li Fuchen’s strength, he should be able to defeat the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor after breaking the kill move. However, Li Fuchen actually reduced his attack strength and was slowly increasing it.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint said, “He is forcing his opponent to break through.”

“Forcing the opponent to break through?”

The Tiger Fang Sword Saint and the Hundred Flower Sword Saint suddenly understood and immediately burst out in laughter. They actually couldn’t see through such a simple thing.

Of course, they couldn’t be blamed too. Who would expect a person like Li Fuchen to appear in the Swordsmen Tournament? If it was anyone else, they wouldn’t do such a meaningless thing. After all, the breakthrough of others wasn’t related to them.

The Mystic Deep Sword Saint fixed his eyes on Li Fuchen. His intuition told him that Li Fuchen had a deeper level of meaning for doing this.

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