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Chapter 770: Emotionless Ning Que

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“Martial stage 6, Li Fuchen against Zhu Lang.”

After winning over a dozen consecutive matches, Li Fuchen finally encountered a rather formidable opponent.

Of course, the formidable referred to the audience. After all, Zhu Lang was the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor and was ranked 9th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. He might not have been able to endure a single sword from Li Jianxin, but Li Jianxin was someone that could already rival the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign.

“Wind Chasing Nine Swords.”

On the martial stage, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor immediately executed his sword art. It felt as though he was inside the wind and was surrounding Li Fuchen.

Cling Cling Clang Clang...

There was a burst of sparks as Li Fuchen blocked the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor’s sword move.

The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor didn’t mind as this was only the first sword. The Wind Chasing Nine Swords had nine sword attacks and each was faster than the next. When it was at the ninth sword, the speed would be nearly untraceable.

It was a pity that he couldn’t use the ninth sword immediately, otherwise, he would have been able to block Li Jianxin’s attack.

Second sword, third sword...

Soon enough, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was already on his sixth sword.

The wind on the martial stage was now a gale and it wasn’t a gale that was found normally. It was the kind of gale that could only be found in places with concentrated wind dao law. Such gales were forbidden zones for most Law Phase Realm emperors as they would die if they entered.

As Li Fuchen stood in the gale, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor knew that Li Fuchen was stronger than his expectations. No matter who he attacked from different angles, Li Fuchen would be able to block it. If the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was the wind, then Li Fuchen was an iron barrel that was seamless.

Seventh sword... Eighth sword...

The gale was now a storm. At this moment, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor wasn’t sure how many attacks he had made. He only had one thought now and that was to get faster.

“Wind chasing sword dao, chasing the gale. The sword is as fast as the wind.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes were bright as lightning as he observed the wind chasing sword dao.

The wind chasing sword dao obviously contained the wind dao, but it didn’t stop Li Fuchen from absorbing the sword dao quintessence within.

What was sword dao? No one could explain it clearly. To Li Fuchen, anything that could make the sword dao stronger was beneficial to the sword dao.

Li Fuchen might wish to remove the fire attribute from his bone frame, but he didn’t reject the fire dao. If the violent and aggressive fire dao was used on the sword dao, it would definitely make the sword dao stronger.

However, he personally didn’t wish to have the fire dao fused with his sword dao.

Unless there was a day when his sword dao reached the pinnacle. By then, he would be able to attempt fusing with all daos.

When the eighth sword wasn’t able to deal with Li Fuchen, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor’s expression turned serious. He felt he had underestimated Li Fuchen, or should it be said that everyone underestimated Li Fuchen. No one was clearer than him about the power of the Wind Chasing Nine Swords. Especially the seventh and eighth swords which were at the extremity of speed. Normally, even if they couldn’t break Li Fuchen’s defense, it would cause confusion and disruption to the qi flow. However, Li Fuchen never showed any difficulties from the beginning and remained calm the entire time.

“Ninth sword!” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor roared in his heart and launched the ninth sword.

The ninth sword was a combination of the quintessence of the first eight swords. It didn’t just have a higher level of speed, the sword power had also reached a new level.

When this sword move was executed, all heaven and earth laws on the martial stage had been eliminated, leaving behind the sword dao law and wind dao law. There was a wind blast that felt as though it came from the depths of the universe and surged at Li Fuchen. The speed was unbelievably fast and it was undetectable by normal people.

“Such a fast sword. Let’s see how you block it.”

Below the stage, Yuwen Haojie was surprised but he immediately started to take joy in Li Fuchen’s misfortune.

“This sword is finally here.” Li Fuchen smiled.

Li Fuchen had been dragging the match just to wait for this sword.

As expected, this ninth sword’s sword dao quintessence was more than all first eight swords combined. A single glance was enough for Li Fuchen to have plenty of inspiration in his mind.

“But it is time to end.”

In the void there was a flash and explosion. The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was sent flying and vomited a mouthful of blood.

When fighting with Yuwen Haojie, Li Fuchen didn’t execute the Meteor Sword Art at full strength. When Meteor Sword Art was at full strength, it wasn’t slower than the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor’s ninth sword, and its power was superior.

“Using sword speed to break my ninth sword?” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was appalled.

In other words, if Li Fuchen was willing, he could have defeated the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor in a single sword, but Li Fuchen didn’t do so.


There were plenty of people in the Wind Cloud Martial Arena that took in a deep cold breath.

Li Fuchen had been concealing his strength. Everyone assumed that Li Fuchen was merely above average. Right now, he was obviously top-class, at least not inferior to Murong Youyu and the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor. The results would only be clear after a fight.

“Damn it, he concealed his strength.”

Yuwen Haojie was agitated. Li Fuchen actually concealed his strength during the match, it meant that Li Fuchen didn’t treat him as an opponent.

“Li Fuchen is truly formidable. I wonder what his rank will be in the end?” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor praised.

The Iron Blood Great Emperor said, “I reckon that he can reach top 5.”

The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor nodded. There were a total of seven candidates for the top 5, the Emotionless Sword Emperor, Heart Sword Sovereign, Li Jianxin, Tang Xing, Murong Youyu, Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, and Li Fuchen.

With Li Fuchen’s sword dao talent, he must still have other trumps. There was a great chance for him to reach the top 5.

Defeating the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor caused Li Fuchen’s popularity to surge. Unlike previously when no one paid attention to him.

For the next match, Li Fuchen met an ‘acquaintance’, Sword Rain Great Emperor, Wu Yu.

As the 283rd ranker on the Great Emperor Rankings and the 27th ranker on the Sword Emperor Rankings, Wu Yu wouldn’t possibly miss the Swordsmen Tournament. After all, this was a chance to change one’s destiny.

Of course, he was already prepared to encounter Li Fuchen in the Swordsmen Tournament.

“I concede.” On the martial stage, Wu Yu immediately conceded.

His current strength couldn’t even compare with Li Fuchen from a few years back, let alone the current Li Fuchen.

Most importantly, when facing Li Fuchen, he had a trace of trauma.

The Wu Clan was still uncertain if Sword Extinction, Wu Chengjue died under Li Fuchen’s sword, but in Wu Yu’s opinion, Wu Chengjue was definitely killed by Li Fuchen.

Everyone wasn’t very surprised when Wu Yu conceded. The Wind Cloud Martial Arena might have a healing array and could heal injuries, but it was best not to get injured. Having to fight an overmatched opponent was simply a waste for time.

Li Fuchen looked indifferent when he met Wu Yu again. He didn’t have a deep grudge with the Wu Clan, it was his disciples that had conflicts with the Wu Clan. Of course, as long as the Wu Clan didn’t provoke him.

“Martial stage 8, Ning Que against Song Shanhe.”

When the referee announced the match, the uproar from the audience was actually louder than the match between the Heart Sword Sovereign, Xiao Yuan and the Scarlet Fire Sword Emperor, Liu Huo.

Emotionless Sword Emperor, Ning Que. Ranked 3rd on the Sword Emperor Rankings. He was someone brighter than the Heart Sword Sovereign.

Mountain River Sword Emperor, Song Shanhe. Ranked 5th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. He too wasn’t a person that could be ignored.

The Heart Sword Sovereign had already put on a display of his terrifying strength earlier. Everyone was looking forward to the strength that the Emotionless Sword Emperor would burst out with. They also wished to know how many sword moves could the Mountain River Sword Emperor endure.

“Emotionless Sword Emperor, Ning Que.”

When seeing the Emotionless Sword Emperor, Li Fuchen recalled about the Azure Water Sect’s Emotionless Sword, Xue Feng. The two had very similar aura and their sword art should be very similar too.

Of course, Xue Feng was only at the Earth Shatter Realm back then. He was definitely inferior to the Emotionless Sword Emperor, not even 10,000 Xue Feng could compare.

The Emotionless Sword Emperor, Ning Que wore white robes that didn’t have a speck of dust. His eyes were cold and indifferent, as though he didn’t care about anything in the world.

This was a person that only had the sword in his heart.

When facing the Emotionless Sword Emperor, even the Mountain River Sword Emperor had great pressure.

He would rather fight with the Heart Sword Sovereign than to fight with the Emotionless Sword Emperor. This person was a monster who only had the sword in his heart. When facing him, it was the same as to face a cold and absolute artifact sword. All of the Mountain River Sword Emperor’s move would be redundant and powerless.

However, the Mountain River Sword Emperor was ranked 5th on the Sword Emperor Rankings for a reason. He eliminated all distractions in his mind and produced a massive mountain river-like sword prowess.

“Be careful now.” The Mountain River Sword Emperor drew his word and executed the sword move, Thousand Mountain Thousand Water.

Just a few dozen meters away, the Emotionless Sword Emperor stood there calmly as though he was an absolute swordsman that was alone in the world.

“Still not making a move?” The Mountain River Sword Emperor squinted his eyes.

Just as the move was approaching the Emotionless Sword Emperor, he made a move. The Emotionless Sword Emperor raised his right index and middle fingers to execute a thrust.

The Mountain River Sword Emperor’s Thousand Mountain Thousand Water was like a balloon that burst and instantly lost all power.


The Mountain River Sword Emperor was sent flying with a blood wound on his chest.

A single point of the fingers defeated the Mountain River Sword Emperor, Song Shanhe.


Countless gasps were heard.

The Emotionless Sword Emperor was much stronger than everyone’s imagination. Everyone was already amazed when Li Jianxin defeated the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor in a single move. This match was on a higher level.

“Forget it, I will just pay attention to the matches! I shall not make any more guesses.”

Everyone felt their minds were in a mess as they could no longer judge who was stronger and who was weaker.

“The Emotionless Sword Emperor is indeed formidable. 20 years ago, his strength was already very close to the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign. Right now, he is probably able to contest with them.”

“It is a pity that we will not be able to see them fight.”

“There will definitely be chances.”

Inside the supreme private room, the Tiger Fang Sword Saint said, “This child’s sword dao is truly emotionless. There are rarely any that could withdraw unscathed after a fight with him.”

The Hundred Flower Sword Saint nodded, “The emotionless sword dao is always cold and emotionless. Only by being emotionless in the heart, the practitioner would then be able to utilize the emotionless sword dao to the extremity.”

“Emotion or emotionless. A single thought is enough to produce emotions. Who is able to deny it completely? This is truly a hard path to walk on.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint said in his heart.

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