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Chapter 760: Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor

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Now that they were in Rosy Cloud City, Li Fuchen purchased a manor.

As a high-class city, the property here was of extremely expensive prices. Regular people would normally be residing in commoner houses, or small courtyards. A Law Phase Realm emperor would be considered wealthy if they purchased a big courtyard. Those who would purchase mansions would be at least high-level emperors. Those who could purchase manors would be at least great emperors.

The manor that Li Fuchen purchased was rare even in the entire Rosy Cloud City. The previous owner was a great emperor that was highly ranked in the Rosy Cloud City. As the previous owner was shifting out of the city, therefore, it was put up for sale. As such, Li Fuchen spent 8 million high-grade spirit stones to purchase it.

Of course, 8 million high-grade spirit stones were just a small pinch of his wealth and there wasn’t even the need to feel the heartache.

“It is too beautiful.” Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo were touring the manor.

The manor took up a space of dozens of hectares and was several times bigger than their manor in Autumn Leaf City. There was a fountain array and all sorts of rare plants inside. There was even a small lake which had a pavilion on it. Half of the lake was covered by water lilies.

To possess a huge manor in the flourishing Rosy Cloud City was a symbol of one’s status.

Li Fuchen didn’t really bother about such superficial things, however, it was always good to have a larger place. Otherwise, he would be restricted when practicing the sword.

“The arrays here are truly abundant.” Li Fuchen laughed as there were over a few dozen arrays in this manor.

Like that fountain array which was a small array that had the effects to circulate and pressurize water flow. The bottom of the lake was also placed with a purification array and energy gathering array. As for the training ground, there were arrays to toughen and also repel power.

Just the arrays alone would require plenty of high-grade spirit stones.

After helping Wu Xi, Wu Zhuo and the others to settle down, Li Fuchen visited the Swordsmen Guild.

The Rosy Cloud City’s Swordsmen Guild was a grade 2 branch and was one of the top factions in Rosy Cloud City. They had exceptional status and not even a saint would willingly offend the Swordsmen Guild. Otherwise, it might make the Swordsmen Guild send out their sword dao saint and chase them to death.

In the mission hall, Li Fuchen arrived at the high-grade mission area.

Grade 7 swordsmen were rare in any high-class city, therefore, many of these high-grade missions could be taken by grade 6 swordsmen.

“Kill the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor and bring back his head as proof. Reward of 100,000 guild points.”

The Swordsmen Guild was considered the most righteous faction on the Saint Spirit Continent and would regularly issue some kill missions, and the kill targets were all evil-doers. This Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor was extremely formidable. He might not be inside the Great Emperor Rankings, but his strength was at least top 2000.

After tearing off the mission slip, Li Fuchen redeemed a jade scroll that contained the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor’s image and qi presence.

Li Fuchen exited Rosy Cloud City and headed straight for the town where the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor recently appeared.

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor was very shrewd and would never visit cities. He would siphon the essence blood of Law Phase Realm emperors and people with special physique in all sorts of towns.

With the size of the Saint Spirit Continent, it was already difficult to find the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor, let alone killing him.

With Li Fuchen’s strength, if he travelled at full speed, he would be ten times faster than the peak-grade airship. In just a few days, he arrived at the destination.

Of course, the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor wouldn’t be here as he never stayed in a place for too long.

However, as long as he stayed here for a moment, Li Fuchen would be able to track his qi presence. This was Li Fuchen’s advantage.

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness quickly locked on to the remaining qi presence from the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor. Li Fuchen found the accurate direction and chased after the qi presence.

Half a month later...

“The qi presence is getting clearer. This should have been left behind just a few days ago.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

On this day, Li Fuchen sensed an energy wave from far away.

“This qi presence... it’s the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor?”

The energy wave was mixed with traces of qi presences and they were separated into two kinds. One of the qi presences belonged to the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor.

A few tens of thousands of miles away, there were two figures in combat.

One of them was a middle-aged man who had crafty eyes and had a white face that was smeared with powder. The other was a graceful woman with a grand and pure qi presence.

“Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor, let’s see where you can run this time!” The graceful woman wielded a thin sword and enveloped the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor with countless sword shadows.

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor giggled as his body was like an illusion that shuttled between the sword shadows. “I didn’t think that Sacred Heart Park is also pursuing me. Didn’t I just sucked the blood of a few disciples from the Sacred Heart Park? Why the commotion?”

The graceful woman was enraged in response as her sword art became more ruthless.

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor didn’t just sucked blood, he even extracted the junior disciples’ yin energy, giving them a painful death.

But the graceful woman quickly realized that her sword art couldn’t deal with the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor. According to the information, the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor’s strength was roughly top 2000 of the Great Emperor Rankings. Right now, it wasn’t just top 2000, it was probably top 1000.

“It seems like you noticed. That’s right, my strength has increased again.”

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor laughed heartily and said, “Just a month ago, my Blood-Siphon Devil Technique is now at completion rank. Even a person that is in the top few hundred of the Great Emperor Rankings wouldn’t be able to deal with me, let alone you.”

While speaking, the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor’s body shivered and countless clones lunged at the graceful woman.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff...

The graceful woman’s sword penetrated several Blood-Siphon Devil Emperors, but they were all illusions.

“Tell me, how am I supposed to deal with you?”

An ice-cold hand suddenly grabbed the graceful woman’s neck from behind. Just a light squeeze was enough for the graceful woman’s body to turn stiff. It felt like her qi blood had been frozen and she was immobilized.

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor licked his lips and said, “Such a beauty. It will be a pity to suck your blood directly. I can play with you for at least a month first.”

The graceful woman was appalled when hearing the statement. She immediately wanted to forcefully circulate her qi to burst her heart and veins.

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor grinned as he injected the blood-siphon devil qi into the graceful woman’s body. “You wish to die? Not so easy.”

Sensing that her qi was sealed up, the graceful woman was in despair while also having regret. If she knew this would happen, she would move out together with her Senior Qingyan. Right now, she couldn’t even die if she wanted to.

Just as the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor was preparing to leave, Li Fuchen arrived.

“Are you the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor?” Li Fuchen glanced at the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor and the graceful woman in his hands.

“Who are you?” The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor’s eyes flashed with a strange look.

“Don’t use such measly moves on me.”

With a slight release of qi presence, the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor that emerged behind Li Fuchen was immediately turned into dust.

“Don’t move or I will kill her.” The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor threatened Li Fuchen.

“You are unable to do it.”

A voice echoed from behind the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor. An iron-like palm clenched the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor’s neck, causing the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor to release his grip. The graceful woman immediately escaped from the restriction.

“Who exactly are you?”

The Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor was horrified as he frenziedly circulated his blood-siphon devil qi. However, he realized he was just like the graceful woman earlier and couldn’t circulate any qi. He couldn’t even blink his eyes.

‘Done for’ was the final thought in the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor’s mind.

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