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Chapter 759: Rosy Cloud City

After returning to the airship, it continued on its journey.

The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor commented, “If I didn’t guess wrongly, that person is probably the strongest assassination great emperor of the Clan of Darkness, the Night Emperor. It is said that the Night Emperor once assassinated the Sword Sovereign. Even though it didn’t succeed, he was still able to retreat unscathed.”

The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor was extremely impressed by Li Fuchen. The current Li Fuchen was superior to the Sword Sovereign from dozens of years ago. Li Fuchen was already standing at the pinnacle of those below saints. Serving Li Fuchen was much better than to sell his life for the Wu Clan.

Li Fuchen nodded. The Night Emperor was indeed worthy of the title of the strongest assassination great emperor. His frontal attack strength was already not inferior to the Devil Sovereign.

A few tens of thousands of miles away, a wounded figure appeared.

“That person is already at the top 5 of the Great Emperor Rankings or even higher. Damn it.” The Night Emperor’s eyes were filled with anguish, fear, and unwillingness to accept the outcome.

With the darkness shift, and the support of the night time, the Night Emperor was confident he could escape even if he encountered the Heaven Emperor who was 1st ranked on the Great Emperor Rankings. However, when facing Li Fuchen, he nearly failed to escape.

This caused a trauma to form in his heart.

As the strongest assassination great emperor of the Clan of Darkness, it wasn’t good to have a trauma in his heart.

“This person has to die. Let the Gao Clan’s saint deal with him!”

The Night Emperor was planning to tell the Gao Clan about Li Fuchen’s actual strength. He believed that the Gao Clan wouldn’t leave Li Fuchen alive.

Of course, the Clan of Darkness also had a saint. But the price to hire the Clan of Darkness’ saint was immense. Even if the Gao Clan could afford the price, they wouldn’t do so. They would rather make use of their own saint.

The speed of the peak-grade airship was too slow for Li Fuchen. Now that Li Fuchen’s body refinement and sword dao were at the bottlenecks, he couldn’t make any progress. Since there was nothing else to do, Li Fuchen would take turns to use either his sword energy or qi power to increase the speed of the airship. The journey would originally take half a year to reach the nearest high-class city, but now, in less than two months, they were getting close.

Rosy Cloud City was one of the high-class cities on the Saint Spirit Continent.

This city stretched nearly 10,000 miles from north to south, while it was around 7,000 miles from east to west. It was tens of times more prosperous than the Autumn Leaf City and the Golden Sand City. Someone counted there were hundreds of thousands of Law Phase Realm emperors residing in Rosy Cloud City. There were also thousands of great emperors here. In fact, it was rumored that there was a saint in seclusion here, but no one knew if it was true.

It could be said that the Rosy Cloud City was the same as the combination of ten Golden Sand Cities, or even dozens of Golden Sand Cities.

Regular Law Phase Realm emperors were already considered a famous figure in low-class and mid-class cities. But in Rosy Cloud City, only great emperors were considered famous figures.

When Li Fuchen’s peak-grade airship reached Rosy Cloud City, it didn’t attract much attention. After all, there were too many airships flying around and there were plenty of peak-grade airships too.

“So this is Rosy Cloud City?” Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo held their breaths.

The two of them were people that saw grand events, after all, the Wu Clan was once a saint clan. The two of them were the clan head’s biological grandchildren and had experienced plenty of grand event.s

But after seeing Rosy Cloud City, the duo finally understood that the Wu Clan was considered nothing as compared to Rosy Cloud City.

The grand Rosy Cloud City had walls that were dozens of miles in height. The city gate was as tall as a hundred miles. The city wall perimeter was surrounded with white clouds. The skies above the city had gigantic rosy clouds and above those clouds there were palaces and pavilions.

If a description must be given, the Rosy Cloud City was a combination of grand and celestial. This place was just like another world.

“It is indeed worthy to be a high-class city.” Li Fuchen involuntarily nodded with approval.

He didn’t get distracted like Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo, nor did he get flabbergasted like the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor and the others.

Strength decided a person’s limits. His experiences were far beyond regular people.

Let alone a high-class city, even if he was in front of a main city, his mind wouldn’t be swayed.

Once a person’s strength reached a certain level, these scenery and sights were just decorations.

Li Fuchen’s goal was already in the universe and this plane was just the starting point.

“Come, let’s enter.” Li Fuchen said.

After withdrawing the airship, the group landed on the ground and walked towards the city gate.

As a high-class city, the Rosy Cloud City’s array was a class 9 mid-tier array. In the entire Saint Spirit Continent, there was only one class 9 mid-tier Array Saint.

Of course, the Rosy Cloud City’s array was established a very long time ago and it wasn’t done by the current class 9 mid-tier Array Saint.

Once inside the Rosy Cloud City, the first thing that came into the eyes was a white jade street that was a few hundred meters in width. There was plenty of human traffic and it was very lively. However, the street was wide enough, therefore, it didn’t look congested.

Li Fuchen took a glance and noticed there were a hundred emperors and several great emperors. There were several similar streets like this inside Rosy Cloud City.

As for Primary Sea Realm monarchs, the street was filled with them.

On the Saint Spirit Continent, becoming a Primary Sea Realm monarch was too easy. As long as one’s bone frame was 5-star, there was hope to reach the Primary Sea Realm. Due to the Saint Spirit Continent’s environment, children that were born would mostly possess 4-star or 5-star bone frames. It was actually very rare to have bone frames below 4-star.

“Does the environment determine everything?” Li Fuchen went into a deep thought.

“This is seemingly too abnormal.” Li Fuchen frowned.

“Perhaps there are reincarnators.” Li Fuchen recalled about Yan Qingwu.

Since Yan Qingwu used a reincarnation secret technique to reincarnate to the East Unicorn Continent, then it was possible that people would reincarnate to other continents after dying on the Deep Blue Plane. However, during the reincarnation process, all memories would be wiped out.

When looking at the sky, Li Fuchen could subtly feel the plane willpower.

Since the continent had willpower, then the plane should also have willpower.

However, be it the continent willpower or the plane willpower, they didn’t have any consciousness. They were like the heaven dao that would just circulate in a methodical manner. Only then the safety of the continent or the plane was threatened, the willpower would burst out, focusing the continent or the plane’s power to destroy the ‘enemy’.

A high-class continent willpower was enough for saints to be apprehensive. If it was the plane willpower, not even a god that descended could deal with it.

Li Fuchen involuntarily thought of the golden talisman.

He had a premonition that the golden talisman didn’t belong to this universe. Because this universe’s highest martial dao realm was the Soul Merge Realm.

The so-called heaven lords and half-gods were just at the pinnacle of the Soul Merge Realm.

Furthermore, the golden talisman could transform his spirit soul into the purple spirit soul and it couldn’t be achieved by the half-gods. It was probable that the half-god’s spirit soul was only blue at best, as the saints’ spirit souls were green.

“In legends, the realm above the Soul Merge Realm is the god’s realm.” Li Fuchen’s eyes had traces of ascension.

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