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Chapter 758: Night Emperor

After a month, Li Fuchen was finally completed with the exploration of the savage hidden domain. The total exploration area was five million miles in perimeter.

Swordsmen Guild branch…

After obtaining 250,000 guild points, Li Fuchen was now able to take the grade 6 swordsman test.

Once he passed it, he would be a grade 6 swordsman in the Swordsmen Guild.

Similar to the grade 5 swordsman test, Li Fuchen took just one sword to send the grade 6 swordsman puppet flying.

The Golden Sand City’s Swordsmen Guild branch had records that Li Fuchen was a grade 6 swordsman who seemed to have a grade 7 swordsman strength.

In order to send the grade 6 swordsman puppet in a single sword, one’s strength would need to be at the pinnacle of the grade 6 swordsman. Therefore, it was appropriate to say that Li Fuchen seemed to have the strength of a grade 7 swordsman.

For the next few days, Li Fuchen started using the peak-grade spirit stone to increase his cultivation level.

Five peak-grade spirit stones were considered priceless to any Law Phase Realm emperors. As long as one’s dantain could endure and if the mental state could follow up, a 1st level emperor would be able to become a high-level emperor within a short period of time. It would save centuries of hard work. The reason why some prodigies in major factions could increase their cultivation so quickly was due to their exceptional perception, and also strong resources. Especially factions which had saints, as they definitely had plenty of peak-grade spirit stones in their vault.

8th level of Law Phase Realm…

9th level of Law Phase Realm.

After depleting five peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had successfully reached the 9th level of Law Phase Realm.

As for Li Fuchen’s dantian limit, it had already reached the 9th level of Law Phase Realm a long time ago.

With two levels of increase in cultivation, Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength was now several times stronger. After all, his Primary Extreme Sword Technique was already close to extremity. With stronger primary extreme sword energy, he could now utilize the power of the Joint-Heaven Sword even more.

“It is time to return to the Autumn Leaf City and move places.”

Be it the Golden Sand City or the Autumn LeafCity, the Swordsmen Guild branches were just grade 3 branches. Li Fuchen wanted to go to cities with grade 2 or even grade 1 branches. After all, he could only be promoted to a grade 7 swordsman in those places.

Li Fuchen wasn’t so dedicated to increasing his swordsman grade for himself, it was for the others around him. If his grade in the Swordsmen Guild was higher, his status would also be higher, therefore, the people around him would definitely be safer too.

In just a few days, Li Fuchen returned to Autumn Leaf City.

The next morning, a peak-grade silver airship rose into the sky and started moving deeper into the Saint Spirit Continent.

On the silver airship, Wu Xi had a vision into the future as she said, “I have yet to visit a high-class city. I heard that those places are the most flourishing cities on the Saint Spirit Continent.”

The cities on the Saint Spirit Continent were separated into low-class, mid-class, and high-class cities.

Cities like the Azure River City and the Half Mountain City were low-class cities. The Autumn Leaf City and Golden Sand City were mid-class cities.

However, the most flourishing cities were certainly not the high-class cities, but the main cities.

In the entire Saint Spirit Continent, there were only nine main cities.

It could be said that the main cities were the ones with the authority to make decisions. Other than saint factions, none other factions had the authority to speak in the main cities.

The Saint Spirit Continent was too big. Even the closest high-class city to Autumn Leaf City was 500 million miles away.

The peak-grade airship would need half a year to reach that place.

Let alone Law Phase Realm emperors, even saints would only be active in a certain region of the Saint Spirit Continent. After all, the Saint Spirit Continent was also huge for them. If they had to fly across, even a low-level saint would need several days to reach a remote place.

Li Fuchen’s speed was almost ten times faster than the peak-grade airship. If he traveled at full speed, he would be able to reach it in about a month.

However, he wasn’t alone, and he wasn’t in a hurry either. He was already very used to the time passing by in a flash.

“Saints should be able to use shifting techniques right?” Li Fuchen said to himself as he looked outside the window and saw the scenery flashing by.

When executing shifting techniques, one would need powerful qi to support it. If Li Fuchen’s primary extreme sword energy was as powerful as the Hand of Moon’s qi power, he might barely be able to execute the sword shift. But now, his sword energy was still inferior to the qi power and it wasn’t enough to execute the sword shift.

As night descended, the demonic beasts and demons’ roars started to echo.

The peak-grade airship’s flying altitude was high enough and generally wouldn’t be obstructed by demonic beasts and demons.

Even if a demonic beast great ruler or a demon ruler came to obstruct, Li Fuchen could just emit his sword intent casually to turn them into blood mist.

However, there were times when the true enemies weren’t from the other races, but one’s own kind.

The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor didn’t know if he was having illusions as he felt that the night was getting denser. It felt as though he was sinking into a bottomless pool of ink. Even the speed of the airship felt much slower.

“Something isn’t right.” The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor frowned.

“It isn’t right. This is a field.” Li Fuchen rarely exited the cultivation room, but he was now at the bow of the airship.


The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor was shocked. Whose field could be so powerful? Could it be a saint?

By the time the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor came back to senses, Li Fuchen had already flown out of the airship.

Li Fuchen used his spiritual awareness and could sense a figure at the front.

It was a mysterious person wearing black robes and black mask.

“Who are you?” Li Fuchen’s voice passed through the field and was transmitted to the mysterious person.

“The Gao Clan has underestimated you. If you can detect me in advance, it means that your strength is already among the top rankers of the Great Emperor Rankings.” The black masked man’s voice sounded illusory and cold.

“Are you sent by the Long Rainbow Merchant Guild and the Gao Clan?” Li Fuchen asked.

The Long Rainbow Merchant Guild’s backer was the Gao Clan and the Gao Clan had the backing of a saint.

After being plundered of 1.5 billion high-grade spirit stones, it was enough for the Long Rainbow Merchant Guild to feel the pinch. Therefore, it was normal for them to send out a top-notch great emperor.

“Send me? The Gao Clan isn’t qualified to do so. But my arrival is indeed related to the Gao Clan.” The black masked man didn’t try to hide.

“Since you are acting mysteriously, then you are probably from a certain dark organization!”

Li Fuchen immediately thought of the Emperor Sky Continent’s Clan of Darkness. It just so happened that the Saint Spirit Continent also had a Clan of Darkness.

If he didn’t guess wrongly, the Dark Night Emperor probably came from the Saint Spirit Continent’s Clan of Darkness.

“Remember, the person who killed you is the Night Emperor. You don’t have to know anything else.”

The Night Emperor made his move. There was a black dragon that was formed in the dense night and it charged at Li Fuchen. As compared to the camouflaged black dragon, the peak-grade airship was like an insect, while Li Fuchen was like a speck of dust.

“Darkness law huh?” Li Fuchen let out a faint smile and it seemed like he couldn’t see the black dragon and was allowing it to charge at him.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

The black dragon was massive and powerful. But just as it was ten feet away from Li Fuchen, it was stopped by a layer of sword light.

“Use your full strength. This little move isn’t enough to deal with me.”

When facing an unfamiliar and powerful foe, Li Fuchen acted like he was the host. In terms of aura, he was suppressing the Night Emperor.

“Mm?” The Night Emperor’s eyes burst out with cold light.

He realized that it wasn’t the Gao Clan that underestimated Li Fuchen, he had also underestimated Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s strength was obviously top 10 in the Great Emperor Rankings, otherwise, he couldn’t have blocked the attack.

“Night Hundred Dragon Kill!” The Night Emperor formed a seal with both hands before smashing towards Li Fuchen.


Countless roars of dragons burst out. All of the roars from the demonic beasts and demons had been overwhelmed. As the dragons roared out, the ground below had turned into silence. Not only the humans were afraid, even the demonic beasts and demons were afraid as they didn’t even dare to make a louder sound.

Countless invisible black dragons surged towards Li Fuchen. The peak-grade airship constantly retreated to avoid getting engulfed.

When facing the Night Emperor who made an attack with full strength, Li Fuchen drew his sword.

As the sword was brandished, there was a resplendent sword light that was like the clear sun. All darkness had been wiped out without a trace. All those black dragons were also erased.

It wasn’t the light that got rid of the darkness, it was pure sword dao law that got rid of the darkness law.

“What?” The Night Emperor was appalled.

He had once assassinated the Sword Sovereign, but not even the Sword Sovereign could neutralize his Night Hundred Dragon Kill so easily.

Although that was already dozens of years ago.

Withdrawing the appalled expression, the Night Emperor’s hands flashed with black light as he wore a set of black gloves.

The black gloves were emitting powerful darkness law.

Heaven class high-tier cardinal artifact, Darkness Gloves.

“Let’s see how you block it this time.”

The same Night Hundred Dragon Kill was executed, however, it was several times stronger with the Darkness Gloves. The night sky within a hundred miles felt as though there was a displacement. It seemed like the entire night sky was formed by countless black dragons

Crackle Crackle!

The peak-grade airship emitted awful sounds.

It was very obvious that the Night Emperor’s attack had already affected the peak-grade airship. If nothing was done, the airship would be destroyed.

Right now, the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor couldn’t do anything to make the airship retreat. There was an invisible force binding the airship.

“Night Emperor, you are very unlucky to meet me now. If you met me earlier, you might have been able to contest with me.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes radiated sword light.

“Sword Sea Horizon.”

The sword slash caused a horrifying sword field to spread throughout the sky.

The Night Emperor was controlling this spatial zone earlier, but now, Li Fuchen was the dictator of this spatial zone.

When Li Fuchen executed his move, this place became a sword dao zone. Li Fuchen was the god of the sword that controlled the sword dao zone. All lives were under his sword.

The night sky shattered while the Night Emperor’s body was bursting with fresh blood. Before he could react, his body was already penetrated with countless sword lights. He looked just like a glowing hedgehog now.

“How can he be so powerful?” The Night Emperor was horrified.

Li Fuchen’s strength was actually stronger than the Sword Sovereign from over a few dozen years ago. Li Fuchen was actually far superior.

When facing Li Fuchen, the Night Emperor felt he was facing the Sword Emperor.

Ten years ago, the Night Emperor once saw the Sword Emperor from afar. A single glance was enough to make the Night Emperor retreat.


The Night Emperor frantically escaped as he dragged his damaged body, using the night sky and the darkness law to cover himself.

“Can you escape?”

After bursting out the power of the Bright Saint Ring, Li Fuchen brandished his sword.

Countless swords qi sliced the heaven and earth, sliced the yin and yang, sliced the night sky, and ruthlessly sliced the Night Emperor.


The Night Emperor turned into a mist that scattered and blended into the darkness law.

“No wonder he attacked during the night.”

Li Fuchen had a feeling that he didn’t manage to kill the Night Emperor.

Even if Li Fuchen used his body refinement strength, he still wouldn’t be able to kill the Night Emperor in a single fist.

The Night Emperor’s final escape method was apparently the darkness shift. However, he probably couldn’t use it during daytime. Therefore, he chose to attack during the night.

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