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Chapter 757: Fire God Battle Formation

The center of the Zhu Clan’s sealed area was a giant basin.

Right now, the basin was collapsing. A pair of powerful sharp claws that could rip the sky was smashing at the borders of the basin.


There was a ground shaking roar and a gigantic figure leaped out.

It was a terrifying beast with the body of a lizard and it possessed two heads. One was a lizard head and the other was a dragon head.

“Two-Headed Rage Dragon!”

A Zhu clansman recognized the identity of the horrific beast.

The Two-Headed Rage Dragon might not be a tyrant beast, but it had the bloodline of a tyrant beast, the Three-Headed Golden Dragon. Because it was born in the savage era, its strength was significantly stronger than the Dark Scale Overlord which possessed the Darkness Qilin’s bloodline. Just the qi presence was enough to tell the difference.

“Form the Fire God Battle Formation.”

The Zhu Clan brought over 1000 individuals for this trip. There were over 700 mid-level emperors, and over 300 high-level emperors. 980 of them gathered together and burst out with a horrific flaming battle formation power.

Within the flames, there was a flaming demon god with two horns. The size of the figure was even bigger than the Two-Headed Rage Dragon. The skin was dark red and there were intense flames burning on the body.

“A 1000-men battle formation!”

A thousand miles away, Li Fuchen could sense the situation in this place and had widened eyes.

A 100 or 200-men battle formation was enough to shock the world. A 1000-men battle formation was definitely able to increase the combat strength by a whole level.

It also meant to say that this battle formation was enough to contest with a savage beast overlord.

No wonder the Zhu Clan was a half-god clan as they even possessed a 1000-men battle formation. This was no longer a class 6 or class 7 battle formation, this was a class 8 battle formation.

Before this, Li Fuchen didn’t think much of the Zhu Clan and thought that apart from the Zhu Clan’s saints, they wouldn’t be able to handle him. Right now, Li Fuchen didn’t think like that anymore. If the Zhu Clan even had the class 8, 1000-men battle formation, who knew if they had any stronger offensive methods.


The Two-Headed Rage Dragon felt the threat from the flaming demon god. It lunged over with its four overpowering limbs before biting and ripped with both its heads.

“Get lost!”

The flaming demon god might only be an image of the battle formation, but it looked as though it had its own wisdom. It roared out and punched like comets which blasted on the two heads of the Two-Headed Rage Dragon.


There were explosions of qi waves as there wasn’t any light that could be seen within a few dozen miles of the place.

“It is indeed much stronger than the Dark Scale Overlord.” Li Fuchen said to himself.

Similarly low-tier demonic beast overlords, the Brute Force Overlord was obviously the weakest, the Dark Scale Overlord was stronger, but the Two-Headed Rage Dragon was stronger than both. If it was a low-tier tyrant beast, then it would have the strength of a low-level saint. If the Thunder Beast was able to grow, it would be able to contest with low-level saints, it might even be able to suppress some of the low-level saints.

However, the Thunder Beast was just a low-tier tyrant beast. When a mid-tier tyrant beast was still at low-tier, it would already be able to suppress most of the low-level saints. A high-tier tyrant beast which was at the low-tier would be able to fight with a mid-level saint, let alone low-level saints.

Of course, among the humans, there were also absolute prodigies that could fight beyond their levels. People like the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign would definitely be the elites if they were given time to progress into low-level saints.

In short, be it demonic beasts or humans, there was an extreme difference in strength even at the same strength level or tier.

Boom Boom Boom!

There was an intense battle between the Two-Headed Rage Dragon and the flaming demon god. The lizard head of the Two-Headed Rage Dragon could spit lava which contained both earth and fire dao laws, no matter where it spit at, the place would turn into a magma. The dragon head could spit golden flames and it was even more terrifying than the lava. A spark from the golden flames was enough to burn anything into ashes. Not even the flames from the flaming demon god could resist the golden flames, causing its dark red skin to burn up from time to time.

However, the flaming demon god wasn’t someone to trifle with either. The giant fists would smash on the Two-Headed Rage Dragon’s body, making it dizzy and bursting out with fresh blood.

Li Fuchen didn’t leave and had been observing the battle.

He had been trying to imagine how he would fight if he was to substitute the flaming demon god, or the Two-Headed Rage Dragon.

The final verdict was that neither the Two-Headed Rage Dragon or the flaming demon god could handle him. In fact, he could suppress both of them.

Firstly, after cultivating the Hand of Moon, Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength was stronger than both of them.

Secondly, after reaching the Hand of Moon, his Star Immortal Body was also upgraded. It meant that the Two-Headed Rage Dragon’s golden flames could only give him minor injuries, while the Two-Headed Rage Dragon’s lava and the flaming demon god’s fists couldn’t even hurt him.

“The Zhu Clan should have other trumps.” Li Fuchen had his guesses.

This battle had been going on for two hours and it still had yet to end.

The Zhu Clan finally revealed their killer move.

The flaming demon god suddenly had an additional shield and a giant flaming sword.

Li Fuchen could see that the shield and flaming sword were both heaven class high-tier equipment.

Generally speaking, heaven class high-tier equipment could only reach its greatest strength in the hands of a saint.

The flaming demon god was actually considered a weaker low-level saint, therefore, it could utilize most of the power from heaven class high-tier equipment.

“Two heaven class high-tier equipment?” Li Fuchen lamented.

Only a saint clan like the Zhu Clan could casually make use of two heaven class high-tier equipment.

They didn’t bring it out earlier because they probably wanted to test the strength of the Two-Headed Rage Dragon.

With the heaven class high-tier equipment, the flaming demon god had a great increase in strength and was suppressing the Two-Headed Rage Dragon. Once the lava and golden flames were spat out, the flaming demon god would use the shield to block. Once the lava and golden flames ended, the flaming sword would cleave and send out a flaming arc. Deep sword wounds would be opened up on the body of the Two-Headed Rage Dragon.

“Incredible.” Li Fuchen nodded silently.

Li Fuchen might also have the heaven class high-tier Joint-Heaven Sword, but he wasn’t able to utilize its full strength yet.

It was because of his cultivation which was only at 7th level of the Law Phase Realm. Even if the Primary Extreme Sword Energy was very powerful, it still wasn’t in the saint realm.

Of course, Li Fuchen’s sword dao proficiency was extremely high. Even if he couldn’t utilize the full strength of the Joint-Heaven Sword, his strength was already at the level of a low-tier demonic beast overlord.

The Two-Headed Rage Dragon roared constantly and was able to suppress the flaming demon god for a moment. However, it was only for a short burst and it didn’t last long.


The flaming demon god acted swiftly and arrived beside the Two-Headed Rage Dragon within a spark. It then smashed harshly with the shield, causing the Two-Headed Rage Dragon’s lizard head to get dizzy. There was a ‘pfff’ sound along with a flash of flaming arc. The lizard head landed on the ground.

After losing the lizard head, the Two-Headed Rage Dragon looked as though it was scared as it wanted to escape into the collapsed abyss of the basin.

“No escape.”

The flaming demon god jumped up high and cleaved down with the flaming sword, severing the other dragon head.

Just like that, a savage beast overlord was slain by the flaming demon god.

“The Zhu Clan is incredible indeed.” Li Fuchen turned and left.

Inside the head part of the flaming demon god, there were a few that noticed Li Fuchen.

The flaming demon god suddenly cleaved at Li Fuchen.


The ground was split open but Li Fuchen had already vanished without a trace.

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