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Chapter 756: Half-God Clan, Zhu Clan

Killing the Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu, was just a brief interlude for Li Fuchen.

Right now, be it Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength or sword dao strength, he only required one move to kill Miao Xianyu.

It didn’t matter how unpredictable or how dense his saber art was. In the face of absolute strength, it was just a piece of tofu that would be smashed in a single attack. Furthermore, Li Fuchen’s sword art was more unpredictable than the Saber Ghost. If Li Fuchen used his finishing move, not even ten Miao Xianyu could withstand a single sword attack.

After keeping the Saber Ghost’s saber and storage bag, Li Fuchen turned and left.

Inside the heaven crystal ball, there was a land imagery which was surrounded by black areas. It meant that it wasn’t explored yet. When inside the land imagery, if there were still some black areas, it meant that the place wasn’t completely explored.

Li Fuchen changed his direction and flew towards the black areas in the land imagery.

When the black areas gradually vanished, Li Fuchen then started to explore outwards.

When using this heaven crystal ball to explore an unknown hidden domain, it was extremely tedious as every area had to be visited.

However, this was also related to the grade of the heaven crystal ball.

The higher the grade of the heaven crystal ball, the recording of the terrain and environment would be bigger in range, allowing for lesser travel.

Li Fuchen’s heaven crystal ball was a mid-grade crystal ball. As for high-grade heaven crystal balls, there weren’t any in the outside world. Only major factions possessed them.

300,000 miles… 1 million miles…

“I hope that this savage hidden domain is bigger.” Li Fuchen’s eyes contained a trace of expectation.

If the savage hidden domain was bigger, it meant he could obtain more guild points.

He wasn’t planning to spend too much time doing guild missions.

“The Zhu Clan is handling some affairs here, all unrelated people are to leave quickly, otherwise, you will be opposing our Zhu Clan.”

At the front, there was a group of individuals wearing fiery red robes. There were many passersby that were obstructed.

“It is the Zhu Clan, hurry up and leave.”

“The Zhu Clan is known as the half-god clan, we cannot afford to offend them.”

After hearing that the opposition was the Zhu Clan, everyone quickly left.

“Zhu Clan?” From far, Li Fuchen frowned.

It was unknown why Li Fuchen immediately recalled the East Unicorn Continent’s Zhu Clan and Zhu Hongxiu.

Back then when the Zhu Clan suddenly vanished, Li Fuchen had always felt strange. His instincts told him that the incident wasn’t simple.

“Friend, is the Zhu Clan a saint clan?” Li Fuchen asked one of the passersby.

He knew that the Saint Spirit Continent had over thirty saint factions, but he didn’t find out who exactly were them.

This person was a saber wielder. He said with surprise, “You are really not paying attention to the outside matters. How can you not even know the Zhu Clan? The Zhu Clan isn’t just an ordinary saint clan, they are the no.1 clan of the Saint Spirit Continent and are known as the half-god clan. Their half-god ancestor might be missing for a few million years, but his prestige remains. Apart from that, the Zhu Clan has the most saints among all the saint clans. They have a total of 7 saints.”

“Half-god?” This was the first time Li Fuchen heard this word.

Li Fuchen asked another question, “May I ask if the Zhu Clan possesses the blazing flame bone frame?”

In the East Unicorn Continent, the Zhu Clan’s bone frame foundation was the blazing flame bone frame.

“To be exact, it is the fire god bone frame. The Zhu Clan has a Fire God Pool. As long as a Zhu clansman enters and soaks in the Fire God Pool, their bone frame would be significantly upgraded. The extent of the upgrade would be dependent on the purity of the bloodline. It is why the Zhu Clan can remain dominant for millions of years even without their half-god ancestor. That’s right, my advice is not to offend the Zhu Clan, remember that.”

After speaking, the saber wielder quickly left.

“Hey, don’t you understand human language? Get lost.” Seeing that Li Fuchen was still standing in place, the Zhu Clan’s great emperor berated.

Li Fuchen glared at the opposition. The horrifying willpower caused the Zhu Clan’s great emperor to turn into ice.


Li Fuchen left.

Before finding out if Zhu Hongxiu was part of the Zhu Clan, he didn’t want to have a grudge with the Zhu Clan.

Otherwise, it didn’t matter if they were a half-god clan.

The Zhu Clan sealed up a huge area which was about a few hundred thousand miles. It was unknown what was within the area or what treasure would make the Zhu Clan mobilize like this.

Li Fuchen continued to explore other areas. Others were here to look for treasures, but he was mainly here to record the terrain and environment.

Of course, due to Li Fuchen’s overwhelming spiritual awareness, he obtained plenty of treasures along the way. He obtained heaven class herbs, heaven class ores with totally different structures, and all sorts of gemstones and crystals. All of these things were from the savage era.

He filled up one entire storage bag of such items and the value was already more than 100 million high-grade spirit stones.

“Exploring unknown land is more profitable than plundering.” Li Fuchen finally witnessed what was called unknown land exploration.

Because this savage hidden domain was recently discovered, there were plenty of treasures untouched. Those who entered early would encounter the most dangerous, but also the most opportunities. It would allow them to earn great wealth with ease.

It was even more so for Li Fuchen as his spiritual awareness was already at the saint’s level and could pervade into the ground. Wherever he went would be the same as to excavate three feet of ground. Therefore, his accumulation speed of wealth was at least 100 times faster than others.


From the right, there was a stunning energy wave.

The energy wave wasn’t produced due to battle, but due to a massive amount of energy.

“Spirit stone ore vein!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up as he flashed and rushed over.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived at the source of the energy wave.

Using his spiritual awareness, he could see a glowing dragon underground.

“It is a high-grade spirit stone ore vein.” Li Fuchen revealed a face of delight.

A high-grade spirit stone ore vein would definitely contain peak-grade spirit stone and it would normally be at the head of the dragon.

There were plenty of people here and everyone was frenziedly excavating high-grade spirit stones. Each excavation would be dozens or up to a hundred high-grade spirit stones. The number might not be much, but it lasted for a long time. There were a few who were unconcerned and were looking for something else.

Li Fuchen knew they were looking for peak-grade spirit stones.

Everyone didn’t have a lack of high-grade spirit stones, however, peak-grade spirit stones were in high demand even by saints.

With a saint’s spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was the first to find a peak-grade spirit stone and was planning to excavate the land to obtain it.

“Get lost!”

A gray-haired elder rushed over and brandished his hand to blast a mist dragon at Li Fuchen.

Inside the mist dragon, there were flashes of thunderbolt and it contained apocalyptic power.

How could Li Fuchen not see that the gray-haired elder had the strength of a half-saint. On the Great Emperor Rankings, this elder would probably be in the top few dozen.

“You are the one who should get lost.”

Li Fuchen didn’t turn back and shook his hand to explode the mist dragon. The gray-haired elder was sent flying and vomiting fresh blood violently.

“What? Even a half-saint isn’t a match for him?”

There were a few who coveted the peak-grade spirit stone too. But they stopped in their charge and didn’t dare to move.

After repelling the gray-haired elder, Li Fuchen cleaved with his left hand and caused the land to crack open. A peak-grade spirit stone was exposed to his eyes.

With a suction force, the peak-grade spirit stone landed in his hand.

“It is a peak-grade spirit stone, everyone attacks together.”

The appearance of the peak-grade spirit stone gave these people courage.

Without the peak-grade spirit stone, they would never get into a conflict with Li Fuchen as it wasn’t worth it.

But since it was a peak-grade spirit stone, they weren’t going to allow Li Fuchen to enjoy it alone.

“Grand Tyrant Under Sky!”

“War Dragon Leg!”

“Nine Firmament Sword Art!”

A terrifying fist force, a dragon-like kick force, and a heaven thunder sword qi were blasted at Li Fuchen. If it was the gray-haired elder earlier, he wouldn’t have been able to resist this unison attack. He would be severely injured and might have perished.

The people that were excavating the high-grade spirit stones had also noticed the battle over here.

They didn’t recognize the gray-haired elder, but they knew the three others.

The one using the fist art was the ranked 93rd Grand Tyrant Great Emperor. The one using the leg art was the ranked 79th War Dragon Great Emperor. The one using the sword art was the ranked 61st Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign. Each of them would strike fears in others, let alone working together.

“Get lost!”

Li Fuchen let out a sneer and blasted with his fist. The fist covered the entire place. As compared to this fist, the Grand Tyrant Great Emperor’s fist force, the War Dragon Great Emperor’s kick force, and the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign’s sword qi were like ants encountering an elephant. They were all instantly shattered.

Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The trio were sent flying while vomiting blood like the gray-haired elder.

“Who is this person?”

After seeing the scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

A person who could defeat these people in a single fist would be ranked at least top 20 of the Great Emperor Rankings.

Li Fuchen didn’t plan on killing these people. With his current strength, even if he faced a low-level saint, he might be able to contest. However, he didn’t have to create enemies everywhere and find trouble for himself.

With overwhelming spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was able to find peak-grade spirit stone easily. In just a short moment, he found five peak-grade spirit stones and it caused everyone to envy him.

After keeping the peak-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen started to excavate high-grade spirit stones.

A single high-grade spirit stone ore vein contained hundreds of millions of high-grade spirit stones. Li Fuchen’s wealth might be over two billion high-grade spirit stones or even three billion, but who would dislike having more high-grade spirit stones.

The more the merrier.

10 million… 100 million… 200 million… 300 million…

Li Fuchen’s excavation speed of high-grade spirit stones was more than 100 times faster than others. A single dig would allow him to dig up a piece of land that was the size of a small hill. After a light shake, all the excess dirt would fall off, leaving behind the glistening high-grade spirit stones.

There were too many people excavating the high-grade spirit stones. After half a day, the entire high-grade spirit stone ore vein had been dug clean. There were still some high-grade spirit stones left, but they were deep inside the ground and Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to dig for them.

“It should be enough.”

After letting out a breath, Li Fuchen left with satisfaction.

A few days later, Li Fuchen finally arrived at the border of the savage hidden domain.

The border might still look extensive, but it was already at the end. There was an invisible spatial barrier blocking the way. If one didn’t notice, one would easily walk into the wall. Li Fuchen changed his direction and continued to explore other places.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen arrived at the vicinity of the Zhu Clan’s sealed area.


Li Fuchen could detect a fearsome qi presence awakening.

“It’s a demonic beast overlord!” Li Fuchen’s eyebrows raised up.

The Zhu Clan were actually planning to subdue a savage beast overlord. It was truly strange.

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