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Chapter 755: Killing Saber Ghost in a Hidden Domain

After handing over ten Demonic Heart Fruits, Li Fuchen was finally at 32,000 guild points. He just had to pass the grade 5 swordsman test to be promoted into a grade 5 swordsman.

The so-called swordsman test was to fight against a swordsman puppet. Once the puppet was defeated, the test was completed.

Without any suspense, Li Fuchen cleaved the grade 5 swordsman puppet in a single sword and shocked the test official.

If one could defeat the grade 5 swordsman puppet in a single sword, it meant that Li Fuchen already had the strength of a pinnacle grade 5 swordsman.

Of course, the test official didn’t know Li Fuchen’s true strength. If the test official knew, he wouldn’t be shocked by Li Fuchen’s performance. If Li Fuchen was willing, his stare was enough to shatter the grade 5 swordsman puppet into dust. There wasn’t a need to use his sword.

The crest of a grade 5 swordsman was two silver swords crossing each other. It looked rather imperious.

As a grade 5 swordsman, Li Fuchen could now receive more mid-grade missions. There were some mid-grade missions that required the swordsman to be a grade 6 swordsman. In fact, grade 6 swordsmen could take on some of the simpler high-grade missions.

“This mission isn’t bad.”

Inside the mission hall, Li Fuchen saw a newly issued guild mission. It was for a grade 5 swordsman to explore the newly discovered savage hidden domain. The more one explored, the higher the reward. There wasn’t a limit.

The savage hidden domain didn’t refer to a single hidden domain. Any of the savage era hidden domains would be called savage hidden domains.

Inside a savage hidden domain, it preserved the savage era’s atmosphere and also the heaven and earth law. There were countless treasures inside but savage beasts existed too. The exploration difficulty was extremely high. Some of the massive savage hidden domains, there were even savage beast overlords. The savage beast overlords might be very powerful, but they couldn’t leave the savage hidden domain. Once they left the savage hidden domain, they would immediately turn into ashes. No one understood the reason why.

After taking the mission, Li Fuchen traveled across 40 million miles without resting and arrived at the Fragment Fang Valley.

In the past, the Fragment Fang Valley was an uninhabited place, but after a savage hidden domain was found here, it became lively. In the vicinity, there were inns and restaurants that were established. Right now, it looked just like a small town.

“Take a look at the ancient weapons brought out from the savage hidden domain. Each one only costs 5000 high-grade spirit stones.”

“You can walk out but don’t miss out. Sale of savage gemstones, red gemstones, green gemstones, blue gemstones, any gemstones.”

There were hundreds of stalls outside the Fragment Fang Valley. There were stalls that no one visited, but there were stalls that were very busy.

In the cultivation of the martial dao, apart from innate talent and potential, fated encounters were the most important. There were indeed many fake items, but there were genuine items too. It wouldn’t be a loss to take an extra look anyway.

After arriving at the Fragment Fang Valley, Li Fuchen saw a giant opening. Through the opening, he could see a little of the scenery inside of the savage hidden domain.

It was also mountains and rivers, but when inside the savage hidden domain, it gave off a primitive feeling.

“The mysteries of the world and universe are truly amazing and unbelievable!”

Li Fuchen stepped inside the opening.

Once he entered the savage hidden domain, he immediately felt a heavy pressure on him. It felt the same as the time he just arrived at the Saint Spirit Continent.

This was the pressure from the heaven and earth law, not even a saint could defy it.

Li Fuchen looked around and realized that the mountains in the savage hidden domain were thicker and deeper. The waters were darker and more dangerous. The sky was bright but it gave off an indescribable oppression.

Li Fuchen closed his eyes to sense the heaven and earth law of the savage hidden domain carefully.

First, he sensed the sword dao in this place.

After a long time, Li Fuchen opened his eyes.

The heaven and earth law of this savage hidden domain was obviously incomplete but very distinct. It was even more distinct than the Saint Spirit Continent, as though a layer of clothes had been taken off.

The sword dao here was rough and simple, unlike the outside world’s complexity and profundity. However, it was directly leading to the sword dao source. Due to the incomplete heaven and earth law, the sword dao was broken into many layers. Cultivating inside here might not be faster than the outside world.

The force law here was more profound than the outside world. Had it not been incomplete, it would definitely be the cultivation paradise for body refinement martial artists.

“This is rather strange. Could the heaven and earth law transform as time passes?”

The Deep Blue Plane had been in existence for a long time and no one knew how long. However, it was definitely more than a few hundred million years. Therefore, no one knew the difference between the Deep Blue Plan from a few hundred million years ago and the present Deep Blue Plane.

After all, even Immortal Heaven Lord, the Curse Heaven Lord, and other absolute saints had only appeared in the recent era. Their age would at most be a million years old or a few million years old. As compared to the Deep Blue Plane, they weren’t even considered infants.


High-pitched dragon roars echoed as a few winged dragons discovered Li Fuchen and were flying over.

Li Fuchen gave a simple swing of his hand and turned those winged dragons into blood mists.

The winged dragons were the most common savage beasts in the savage hidden domain. Their strengths were much stronger than same classed demonic beasts from the outside world. But to Li Fuchen, both savage beasts and outside world demonic beasts were the same. They could both but killed with just a swing of the hand.

Li Fuchen took out a crystal ball and started to record the surrounding terrain and environment.

The crystal ball was called the heaven crystal ball and it contained a trace of spatial power. It could record the surrounding terrain and environment inside and integrate them together. It wasn’t simply an image capturing tool.

According to the mission, every 300,000 miles of recording would be rewarded with 1000 guild points. If one million miles of recording was done, the reward would be 10,000 guild points.

The bigger the recording of the terrain and environment, the greater the rewards.

If this savage hidden domain was big enough, Li Fuchen could use this mission to get promoted into a grade 6 swordsman.

The gravity of the savage hidden domain was immense. Li Fuchen was several times slower in traveling speed as compared to the Saint Spirit Continent. Along the way, he encountered plenty of savage beasts like the ground dragons, titanoboas, and deinosuchus. These savage beasts could also be seen in the outside world, but after many years of evolution, there was already a great difference and their appearances were no longer the same.

Apart from savage beasts, Li Fuchen encountered many other humans too. There were many individuals that were here to explore. It was fortunate that everyone had some self-restraint and didn’t kill each other.


Within a mountain range, there was a shaking roar while millstone-sized rocks would be flung everywhere.

“This is the Eight-Armed Devil Ape. Most of the great emperors wouldn’t be a match for it. It is a tyrant among the class 8 demonic beasts.”

“It is a pity that it encountered the Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu.”

On the mountain peaks, there were plenty of people standing around and in discussions.

At the center of the mountain range, there was a giant ape with eight arms that was fighting with a saber wielder.

The Eight-Armed Devil Ape had extreme lethal power. While using the eight arms, it felt like a dense storm that could kill any great emperor. However, its opponent was the Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu who was ranked 64th on the Great Emperor Rankings.

Miao Xianyu was titled as the Saber Ghost as his saber art was unpredictable like a supernatural being. After a few exchanges of moves, the Saber Ghost figured out the Eight-Armed Devil Ape’s attack pattern. With a turn of the long saber, the one of the arms of the Eight-Armed Devil Ape had been severed. After losing an arm, the Eight-Armed Ape was sluggish and in the next moment, the seven other arms had been severed too. Finally, even the head had been severed, causing a rain of blood.

“Such a terrifying saber wielder.”

“No wonder he is given the title of Saber Ghost.”

Everyone’s body was feeling the chills. Miao Xianyu’s saber art was truly despairing and no one could have the willpower to resist it.

“The saber art is very swift and is everywhere.”

Li Fuchen raised his eyebrows and felt that Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu, is much stronger than Wu Chengjue. If the duo fought, in just ten moves, Wu Chengjue would have lost.

After killing the Eight-Armed Devil Ape, Miao Xianyu looked around and when he saw Li Fuchen, his eyes couldn’t help freezing for a moment.

“Is that person the one that Miao Hailong mentioned?”

Miao Xianyu saw Li Fuchen’s portrait before, therefore, he was able to recognize Li Fuchen at one glance.

Raising the long saber, Miao Xianyu suddenly cleaved towards the mountain peak that Li Fuchen was standing on.


The saber qi cleaved across the mountain and left a deep saber mark.

“What is the meaning of this?” Li Fuchen asked indifferently.

Miao Xianyu licked his lips first and said, “Great courage. It is a pity that you shall be killed after meeting me.”

According to Miao Hailong, Li Fuchen’s strength was around the top 500 of the Great Emperor Rankings. Even if Li Fuchen reserved his strength, he would only be top 100 at best.

“You wish to kill me? Why?” Li Fuchen asked in return.

“There is no why. I just don’t like you, therefore, die!” Miao Xianyu flashed and charged at Li Fuchen.

“This person is truly unlucky. Why did he offend the Saber Ghost?”

“Didn’t you hear the Saber Ghost say that he simply doesn’t like that person?”

“It is great to have strength. He can kill whoever he doesn’t like. I can only say that that person is just having an unfortunate day.”

There were some that sighed and couldn’t bear seeing Li Fuchen get killed. Of course, there were more who were interested in the show.

“That is a rather good reason. But do you think you can kill me?”

Li Fuchen shook his head and with a flash, he charged towards the Saber Ghost too.

In the void, the duo exchanged moves in an instant.


Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu’s forehead spurted blood. After taking a closer look, Miao Xianyu’s forehead had been pierced.

“How can you be so powerful?” Miao Xianyu’s eyes were filled with shock and regret.

Li Fuchen’s strength wasn’t just top few hundred, he was at least top few dozen or even higher. Not even the Saber Demon, Miao Chengxin was a match.

If everything could be done again, Miao Xianyu would never provoke Li Fuchen. It was a pity there was no medicine for regret in this world.

“I don’t accept this fate!” Miao Xianyu yelled out and fell as he looked at the sky.


Everyone took a deep cold breath and felt a chill that started from their feet which rushed straight for their heads. Their bodies were all ice cold.

They felt that they couldn’t understand this world. Saber Ghost, Miao Xianyu looked as though he held the authority to decide his opponent’s fate. Who would have expected Li Fuchen to be the stronger one. Most importantly, they didn’t even see how Li Fuchen killed Miao Xianyu.

“This world is truly getting increasingly treacherous. There are formidable people all over the world.” One of them lamented.

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