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Chapter 754: Thousands Demonic Cave

For the next few days, Li Fuchen had been stabilizing and familiarizing himself with the Hand of Moon.

One week later, he was already in full control of the significant increase of stars law. Even if he shot out a piece of stone, the stone would become like a comet because of the stars law and would be able to pierce through enemies.

Li Fuchen arrived at the Swordsmen Guild and was preparing to pick another mid-grade mission to increase his swordsman grade to grade 5.

Li Fuchen was only lacking 2000 guild points to promote into a grade 5 swordsman, but he wasn’t planning to take a regular mid-grade mission. After all, he still had to reach grade 6 swordsman later on, therefore, missions that offered more guild points would be his priority.

This time, there weren’t any missions with 10,000 guild points. After looking through, Li Fuchen took a mission with a reward of 4000 guild points.

Outside the city, there was a radiance that skimmed past. The speed was at least ten times faster than a peak-grade silver airship.

Inside the radiance, Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

After reaching the Hand of Moon, the stars law he emitted was enough to distort the void, shrinking the distance between two points.

Originally, he speed was inferior to a peak-grade silver airship, but now, he was ten times faster. If he was willing, he could make it back to Autumn Leaf City from the Golden Sand City in less than three days.

Previously when they traveled from Autumn Leaf City to Golden Sand City, they took more than three months using a high-grade silver airship.

Soon after, Li Fuchen arrived at the Thousands Demonic Cave.

As the name suggested, the Thousands Demonic Cave was a gathering place for demonic beasts.

There was a plant here called the Demonic Heart Fruit. There wasn’t a grading for this Demonic Heart Fruit as it was basically useless for martial artists.

With a flash, Li Fuchen entered the Thousands Demonic Cave through a giant entrance.

The Thousands Demonic Cave was massive and was just like an underground world. It was borderless, dark, and deep. Unlike the outside world, even if it was during day time, this place was shrouded in dense darkness law. Any human who entered this place would have a drop in strength, it was the same for Li Fuchen too.

Li Fuchen extended his spiritual awareness to a radius of 500 miles, allowing everything to become clear.

One hour later, Li Fuchen discovered a Demonic Heart Fruit.

The Demonic Heart Fruit was a kind of vine fruit. There were actually three fruits on a single stalk. Each of them were fiery red like a glowing red gemstone.

However, it was guarded by a demonic beast great ruler, a Darkness Ruler Python.

The Darkness Ruler Python’s body contained a powerful darkness bloodline, it would have a significant increase in strength inside the Thousands Demonic Cave or during the night. Furthermore, its senses were several times more sensitive than other demonic beast rulers. Li Fuchen might have executed the Invisibility incantation, but he still couldn’t hide from the Darkness Ruler Python. Of course, Li Fuchen could hide himself if he wanted, but he didn’t feel the need to.

After all, it was only the Darkness Ruler Python, not a demonic beast overlord.

Even if it was a demonic beast overlord, it would depend on the tier. If it was a regular low-tier demonic beast overlord, Li Fuchen didn’t fear it either. With the recent possession of the Hand of Moon, he was just lacking a proper opponent.

Ss Ss Ss…

The Darkness Ruler Python’s thick and strong body lifted up. On its body, there were pitch-black scales that were as big as basins. The dense darkness demonic qi was like a black flame and like countless tentacles that reached out in all directions.

“Human, you actually dare to set foot in the Thousands Demonic Cave? Who gave you the guts?” The Darkness Ruler Python was excited and also curious.

This was the Thousands Demonic Cave and it was impossible for humans not to know. Those people who knew and entered were people that simply courted death.

“Since the Thousands Demonic Cave has Demonic Heart Fruits, I am here. If you obstruct me, I don’t mind killing you.”

Li Fuchen undo the Invisibility incantation and used his hand to produce a suction force. He then pulled the three Demonic Heart Fruits onto his hand.

The Darkness Ruler Python was startled and was immediately enraged, “Courting for death. No human dared to speak with me in this manner.”

The darkness demonic qi spread out rapidly. As a darkness demonic beast, the Darkness Ruler Python’s demonic qi had a powerful devouring effect. If any human was engulfed in the darkness demonic qi, their bone and flesh would erode and become a part of his nutrients.

However, this time the Darkness Ruler Python met a stubble. Before his darkness demonic qi could spread over, Li Fuchen’s stars law had already enveloped the Darkness Ruler Python. Immediately after, the Darkness Ruler Python was squashed into a pulp of blood. There wasn’t a complete corpse.

The commotion attracted plenty of demonic beast rulers. They noticed that a human had infiltrated the Thousands Demonic Cave and were all enraged. They were ones that would normally go out to kill humans. When did a human ever infiltrate their lair before?

Demonic qi burst out and dozens of demonic beast rulers charged over from all directions. There were also some demonic beast great rulers.

Li Fuchen shook his head and released the stars law to crush all the demonic beast rulers into piles of blood.

“I still lack seven Demonic Heart Fruits.” Li Fuchen continued to go deeper into the Thousands Demonic Cave.

In less than half a day, Li Fuchen had already killed more than 1000 demonic beast rulers. It was a massive number, as the entire Thousands Demonic Cave had around 100,000 demonic beast rulers.

“12 Demonic Heart Fruits. It is enough.”

After keeping the three Demonic Heart Fruits, Li Fuchen returned according to the route he came.

“Human, after killing so many of my great rulers, you are going to leave like this?”

There was a thunderous voice. A bundle of darkness swept over from the depths of the Thousands Demonic Cave. The horrific pressure was enough to make people panic.

“So what if I leave like this?” Li Fuchen turned around to face the darkness that was sweeping over.

The Thousands Demonic Cave had two demonic beast overlords. One was called the Dark Scale Overlord, and the other was called the Bone Fire Overlord. Both were low-tier overlords. If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, this was the Dark Scale Overlord.

Soon enough, a massive figure walked out from the darkness and it was covered in dark red scales.

The Dark Scale Overlord had the bloodline of the Darkness Qilin which was a high-tier tyrant beast. It was one of the tyrants in the universe.

The Dark Scale Overlord might not be a tyrant beast, but with the Darkness Qilin’s bloodline, its strength was much stronger than regular low-tier overlords.

“Such audacity.” The Dark Scale Overlord’s eyes were shining with ominous light. He couldn’t understand why Li Fuchen was so confident.


There was only a slight delay as the Dark Scale Overlord immediately executed an attack. He opened his mouth and shot out black flames at Li Fuchen.

“Good timing.” Li Fuchen raised his fist and blasted a punch.


The void distorted as the massive fist was like a radiant comet that charged through the universe. Everywhere it flew past would be destroyed. Even the Thousands Demonic Cave’s darkness law had to withdraw.

As the Dark Scale Overlord was shocked, the black flames scattered. The fist was unstoppable as it smashed on his chest.


The sound of bones smashing could be heard as the Dark Scale Overlord’s chest sank in. His massive figure flew backwards and only stopped after dozens of demonic beast rulers were smashed to death along the way.


After vomiting blood, the Dark Scale Overlord’s felt that his perspective of the world was toppling.

“A single fist is enough to send me flying. Is this human a saint that is reserving his cultivation? Yes, he must be a saint. If he isn’t a saint, it is impossible for him to send me flying in a single fist.”


Without any hesitation, the Dark Scale Overlord turned and escaped.

The Thousands Demonic Cave was massive and had complicated terrain. There were saints that chased after them in the past, but they escaped. Otherwise, the Dark Scale Overlord and the Bone Fire Overlord would use this place as a lair.


Li Fuchen didn’t chase over. This was their lair and he wasn’t confident in killing the Dark Scale Overlord. It was best not to waste time.

After this battle, Li Fuchen had a rough understanding of his strength.

The Dark Scale Overlord was obviously two times stronger than the Brute Force Overlord, but Li Fuchen still sent him flying in a single fist. If Li Fuchen encountered the Brute Force Overlord now, he would definitely be able to severely injure the Brute Force Overlord in a single fist.

Li Fuchen then left the Thousands Demonic Cave using the path he came from.

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