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Chapter 753: Hand of Moon

The Golden Sand City had a Swordsmen Guild branch, therefore, Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He was planning to take on a mid-grade mission and promote himself to a grade 5 swordsman. As for Wu Zhuo and Wu Xi, they were very safe within the Autumn Leaf City, so Li Fuchen didn’t have to worry about them.

At night, inside the courtyard of an inn, Li Fuchen took out the stone broken hand.

He extended his spiritual awareness inside.


A horrifying willpower prowess instantly pressured Li Fuchen’s mind. If he didn’t have the saint spirit, he would probably be injured.

In the dark and pitch-black universe, Li Fuchen could see a giant hand getting bigger. It smashed a star with a single palm. The force of the smash caused Li Fuchen’s mind to shake and had an explosion of inspiration.

“Not good.”

The spatial zone within the courtyard distorted violently. Li Fuchen flashed and rushed out of the courtyard. He flew straight out of the Golden Sand City.

The stone broken hand actually influenced Li Fuchen’s Hand of God. It made contact with the next stage, which was the Hand of Moon.

Li Fuchen traveled at extreme speed. With the effects from the fearsome stars law, even the void had distortions. It made Li Fuchen shrink down significantly, increasing his speed by more than twice. Each flash felt as though it was an instant shift.

Finally, Li Fuchen arrived outside the city. The stars law in his body finally lost control and exploded.

In the next moment, the void rippled like water. The ground cracked open and countless soil started to gather towards Li Fuchen.

Visible to the naked eye, Li Fuchen turned into a giant sphere of soil.

The soil sphere was getting bigger. 100 meters, 1000 meters, 10,000 meters…

It also gradually rose up to the sky.

When illuminated by the moonlight, the soil sphere looked like a smaller moon as the surface reflected some of the moonlight.

Inside the soil sphere, Li Fuchen sat cross-legged and was emitting stars law. The intense gravitational force bound the soil sphere, making it denser and made the surface smoother. When the moonlight shone on it, the surface radiance of the soil sphere became brighter.

“Look, why are there two moons in the sky?”

It was deep into the night, but there were people who were still awake. Some of them pointed at the sky and were astonished.

“It’s true. Is that an illusion?”

“Possible. When the void has ripples, it will produce two moons as an illusion. Someone similar happened before too.”

“But I feel that this moon seems to be very near to us and is real.”

As everyone discussed, everyone had their own opinions.

Inside the Golden Sand City Lord’s residence, the city lord, Jin Kanghua was drinking liquor and admiring the moon.


Jin Kanghua’s eyes shrunk. The others might think it was an illusion, but he didn’t think so.

This was obviously a commotion created by an extremely powerful body refinement martial artist.

With a wave of the hand, the array power gathered in the sky and turned into a mirror. The mirror had the image of a smooth metal sphere. The surface of the metal sphere was reflecting a flawless image of the moonlight. At the same time, a heavy, star-like prowess was being emitted. It caused Jin Kanghua’s heart to shake as his heart had traces of fear.

“Who exactly is that?”

If he was afraid, it meant that the opposition’s strength was countless times stronger. It was just like how an ant looked at a divine dragon. Even if the ant was fully armed, it would still be afraid.

In the sky, the soil sphere had already turned into a metal sphere. The size was also thousands of times smaller, but it was still a few hundred meters in size.

The horrifying gravitational force made the metal sphere extremely dense and ridiculously smooth. A regular martial artist wouldn’t be able to see any trace of unevenness. Even a high realm martial artist would need to gather qi in their eyes to see any flaw.

The Hand of Star, Hand of Moon, and Hand of Sun represented a moral statement. It wasn’t as simple as the names implied.

After all, the moon and sun were both stars, but to say the moon and sun were superior was rather contradictory.

The Hand of Star represented the initial comprehension of the stars law.

The Hand of Moon represented that the stars law was like the moonlight that was flawless and matured.

The Hand of Sun meant completion and it meant that the maturity was at perfection and any further would be beyond the range of stars law.

Li Fuchen didn’t think that the stone broken hand could contain such powerful force law and intent. With Li Fuchen’s abnormal perception and saint spirit which allowed him to examine with detail, all sorts of conditions allowed Li Fuchen to finally make contact with the Hand of Moon.

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s stars law was much stronger than before. The gravitational force emitted was extremely dense and could restrict and compress everything. The metal sphere’s density wouldn’t be broken even by a great emperor.

The metal sphere rose higher and reached the thunderbolt layer.

From below, no one was able to see the radiance from the metal sphere anymore.

Bang Boom!

Countless heaven thunders blasted at the metal sphere, but they weren’t even qualified to leave a mark on the metal sphere.

At the upper section of the thunderbolt layer, the heaven thunders increased and were stronger. The surface of the metal sphere started to have a layer of electric current.

Finally, the metal sphere was at the heat layer.

Black smoke rose up and immediately after, the metal sphere caught on a huge fire. It was like a fire sphere that was extremely bright.

100 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters…

In just a short moment, the metal sphere was now only ten meters in size. This density was so tough that Li Fuchen might not be able to slice it into two with his sword.

From the compression of the gravitational force and the tempering from the heat layer, the metal sphere was now indestructible and wasn’t inferior to heaven class mid-tier metal.

Inside the metal sphere, Li Fuchen felt a horrific heat pervading through the metal sphere and reaching him. With the law field still active, Li Fuchen’s clothes were burned into ashes. It was obvious that the heat law could ignore Li Fuchen’s law field.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen possessed the Star Immortal Body. His entire body was tough like steel, even his hair was particularly durable.

With the tempering from the heat and the prowess from the universe, Li Fuchen’s Hand of Moon was slowly stabilizing, unlike how it lost control like before.

After a moment, when Li Fuchen’s skin was red like a cooked prawn, he finally couldn’t endure the heat from the heat layer. As such, he descended to the thunderbolt layer.


The indestructible metal sphere cracked from within. A pair of slender hands forcefully ripped the metal sphere apart.

Li Fuchen’s naked body emerged from the ripped metal sphere.

His skin was flawless and was emitting a dense radiance. His eyes were bright like the stars and were emitting inexhaustible energy and luster.

Li Fuchen’s body was extremely fit, but it wasn’t exaggeratedly fit. The places that should be thick would be thick, the places that should be slender would be slender. His muscles were like marble, no, like gems. It gave off an extremely hard feeling.

“This is the Hand of Moon?”

Li Fuchen created a suction force in his hand and pulled over countless heaven thunders. They then turned into a small and nimble thunder sphere.

The thunder sphere was very round and didn’t have any destructive power.

“If I face the Brute Force Overlord, I think I can severely injure him in a single palm!”

When at the Hand of Star, Li Fuchen was only slightly inferior to the Brute Force Overlord.

When having the Mortal Hand, Li Fuchen was slightly superior to the Brute Force Overlord.

With the Hand of Moon, Li Fuchen would be able to completely suppress the Brute Force Overlord. He might not be able to smash the enemy to death in a single palm, but dealing severe injuries would be easy.

Li Fuchen attempted to circulate the Mortal Calamity and tried to fuse it with the Hand of Moon, but Li Fuchen realized that the Mortal Calamity power was too weak and it was hard to fuse with the Hand of Moon’s qi power. If they were forcefully fused, it would only reduce the power.

Li Fuchen shook his head. The Mortal Calamity was part of the Nine Calamity Divine Fist after all. The Nine Calamity Divine Fist would never be superior to the Hand of God. Unless Li Fuchen was able to push the Mortal Calamity to a higher level, it would never be able to fuse with the Hand of Moon.

The difficulty to push Mortal Calamity to the next level was very high. Li Fuchen’s Mortal Calamity was already superior to the original Mortal Calamity. Each step higher would be paving a new path. The crucial thing was that the calamity law was rather unfamiliar to Li Fuchen and he wouldn’t know how to comprehend it.

When a star was destroyed, it might produce calamity law, but this was the Deep Blue Plane and it wasn’t possible to view a star getting destroyed at close range.

Of course, Li Fuchen had a vague understanding that the calamity law might be found even in regular life.

When a martial artist perished, there would be calamity law too, but it would be very weak. Those who didn’t cultivate the calamity law would be able to sense it.

When anything was destroyed, there would be calamity law.

The calamity law wasn’t the destruction law. It was a more profound power that was involved with the secrets of the universe.

Without cultivating the Mortal Calamity, Li Fuchen would never have such understanding of calamity power. It could be said that the Mortal Calamity stimulated Li Fuchen’s knowledge toward calamity power.

Li Fuchen took out a set of clothings from his storage bag to wear before he descended.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen returned to the Golden Sand City.

When standing in the courtyard, Li Fuchen could feel the array power that was everywhere.

As a major city, the Golden Sand City’s class 9 low-tier array was much stronger than other cities’ class 9 low-tier arrays. But now, Li Fuchen could feel the existence of the array power. He might not be confident to fight with a low-level saint now, but he was confident he could get rid of the class 9 low-tier array’s restriction in an instant. After all, his spiritual awareness was at the saint’s level and should be stronger than low-level saints. Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was much stronger than low-level saints.

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness extended into the stone broken hand again.

This time, Li Fuchen could go deeper.

Inside the pitch-black universe, that giant hand seemed to be indestructible even through time. It simply pressed forward to smash a star into shards. It seemed like the giant hand was unstoppable.

“This intent statue couldn’t possibly be made by the Hand of God’s owner right?”

Li Fuchen didn’t sense any stars law and calamity law. He was only able to sense force law. However, the Hand of God’s owner was someone who could suppress the universe and rule supreme with the Hand of Force only.

After keeping the stone broken hand, Li Fuchen noted down this favor from Madam Jin. If she had any requests to him, even if it was to fight a saint, Li Fuchen would do his best to help.

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