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"Such a big crowd."

Entering the fighting arena, Li Fuchen could feel the pressure coming from the audience that packed the seats in all directions.

Yunwu City's arena could only hold thousands of people, whereas the Cang Lan outer sect's arena could easily hold tens of thousands of people. There was a saying that mentioned, once the headcount reached tens of thousands, they would appear to be like the front of a mountain with a magnificent and grand view.

"You will first draw your lots." Xiao Changfeng instructed the 20 participants.


Li Fuchen and the group went up the stage and reached into the draw box and each took a lot.

Li Fuchen got lot number 3.

Even though the outer sect disciple tournament was highly regarded, it didn't have any complicated processes nor did it have any hosts. Seated at the rostrum were the inner sect elders and higher ups, they gave nods to Xiao Changfeng which meant to start the tournament.

With the rankings tournament started, the pair who drew lot number 1 came up to the stage.

They were Guan Xue and Wu Qingmei.


As the two came up the stage, the spectators were roused. Especially those male inner sect disciples, who began to whistle and cheer.

"Guan Xue shimei, I do not plan to give you a handicap." Wu Qingmei drew her sword, giving a chuckle.

Guan Xue remained indifferent, "There is no need for you to do that."

"Careful now."

Lifting her wooden sword, Wu Qingmei swayed her body and multiple sword shadows descended towards Guan Xue, with each shadow faster than the next.

Peak-tier, yellow class sword art - Squall Quick Sword.
With a stretch and shake of Guan Xue's arm, layers of swords the likes of Plum Blossoms countered Wu Qingmei's Squall Quick Sword.

Peak-tier, yellow class sword art - Blossom Sword Style.

Clang, cling, clang…

Both of them floated gracefully like butterflies in a garden. But each of their strikes were without mercy, hidden with the intent to kill, sharp and heartless.

"Wu Qingmei's cultivation and technique is slightly better, but Guan Xue's body refinement neutralized that advantage."

Below the stage, Li Fuchen was observing their match.

He could tell that Wu Qingmei's physical strength was weaker than Guan Xue's and it was taking a toll on her.

But on the other side, Wu Qingmei entered the sect earlier than Guan Xue, which allowed her more time to cultivate, causing a disadvantage for Guan Xue.

After exchanging almost a hundred moves, Wu Qingmei took the initiative to execute her signature move.

"Squall Variation!"

Wu Qingmei's Squall Quick Sword had already attained completion stage, and with the signature move executed, it was as though hundreds of arrows were released all at once. Anyone who was slightly inferior in terms of sword arts would have all their weak points exploited by this move.

"Thousand Blossoms."

A pity that Guan Xue's sword arts talent seemed to be better than Wu Qingmei's. The display of her sword move was as though sword like flowers blossoming, spreading out extravagantly to neutralize Wu Qingmei's signature move.

"Solo Branch."

Not waiting for Wu Qingmei to switch moves, Guan Xue changed her sword stance and linked her signature move to the first move of the Blossom Sword Style. With the blossomed flowers retracting, Guan Xue stuck her sword at Wu Qingmei's throat in a flash.

"It's your lost." Guan Xue spoke in a calm demeanor.

Wu Qingmei was disappointed, "Great sword moves, Guan Xue shimei."

There was unwillingness in her heart. Had it not been for her weaker physical condition and also her not being as nimble as Guan Xue, she perhaps wouldn't have lost. But she had to admit that Guan Xue's sword arts talent was greater than hers and Guan Xue's understanding of the way of the sword was deeper than hers too.

"A great display of the Blossom Sword Style."

On the spectators seats, an inner sect female disciple who had skin white as snow, raised her brows.

She was the titled Blossom Sword, Chen Fanghua.

And the reason why she was titled Blossom Sword was because the sword style she practiced was related to Blossoms.

During her outer sect period, she practiced the Blossom Sword Style.

Now that she was in the inner sect, she now practiced the Myriad Blossom Sword Style.

Thus she paid extra attention to Guan Xue who practiced the Blossom Sword Style too.

"The Squall Quick Sword was actually not bad, but lacked the ability to adapt." Cloud Sword, Liu Qianhe also gave commentary on Wu Qingmei's sword arts.

With the match between Guan Xue and Wu Qingmei having ended, the ones who drew lot number 2, went up on stage.

They were Hong Feng and Shang Guan Hong.

Shang Guan Hong was victorious.

"Lot number 3, enter the stage." The referee instructed in a loud voice.

"It's my turn."

With a flash, Li Fuchen leapt onto the stage.

On the opposite side, a figure suddenly appeared too.

With his eyes focused, it was one of the 10 Prodigies, Sun Jun.

Sun Jun who heard of Li Fuchen's menacing name, was complaining of his bad luck in his heart.

Out of the 19, he only didn't wanted to meet 4 of them, but Li Fuchen had to be one of the 4.

Seriously injuring Qing Shaoyu with a single punch was something Sun Jun thought he cannot achieve.

But for him to concede was an impossible task. He was rather confident in his own sword arts skill.

"Li Fuchen, take this!"

With Sun Jun taking the initiative, the sword flashed like a venomous snake's tuned tongue and the speed of the blade was extremely quick.

Peak-tier, yellow class sword art - Snake Eye Sword Style.

"Clear Breeze Flow."

With the trance stage Clear Breeze Sword Style in the hands of Li Fuchen, it was as though a trash sword style was brought back to the peak.

It was only one swing of the blade, but Sun Jun felt as though Li Fuchen executed dozens of blades. Every blade could be real and thus every blade could become a fatal blow.

Clink, clank, clunk…

Although Sun Jun was the first to attack but he was the first to start backing off too.

He had no other choice but retreat. Had he not done so, he would have lost there and then.

'I got to win against my opponent using only my sword skills.'

Li Fuchen didn't rely on one bit of his physical strength advantage.

In order to appear outstanding and showcase his dazzling talents, he had to first display his sword skills.

A dozen moves later, Li Fuchen thwarted the Snake Eye Sword Style of Sun Jun.

"You are strong, I willingly admit defeat."

Sun Jun had a bitter smile on his face. He thought his sword skills were good but Li Fuchen's sword skills were totally on the next level. Every move and stance was executed flawlessly, like a Pegasus maneuvering in the sky. He was totally unable to match up to Li Fuchen's rhythm.

"You are too kind." Li Fuchen cupped his fist to show respect.

Yu Wen Tian who drew the lot number 4, used only 1 sword move to settle his opponent.

With the display of his overwhelming ability, came about loud roars and cheers.

Everyone was determined that he would be this year's outer sect disciples tournament's best and no one would be able to stop him.

In the fifth round, it was Zhao Mingyue against Fang Liehai.

Fang Liehai was strong but Zhao Mingyue was much stronger. When his Raging Waves Sword Style met against the Bright Moon Sword Style, it was as though meeting  its nemesis, totally unable to demonstrate an ounce of ability.

With the signature move 'Bright Moon Rising' revealed, it resulted in Fang Liehai spitting blood and falling off the stage.

"Mingyue shimei sure lives up to the name as the granddaughter of the grand elder. Such terrifying talent."

"Within the outer sect, other than Yu Wen Tian, it seems only Shang Guan Hong can match up against Mingyue shimei."

"Shang Guan Hong is the grandson of Shang Guan elder and has the same amount of talent."

Next was Gao Changtian against Qing Shaoyu, with Gao Changtian winning.

Very quickly, after the first rounds of matches, the top 10 emerged.

Achieving top 10 in the tournament meant the award of vast amount of contribution points.

First place: 100,000 points

Second and third place: 80,000 points

Fourth and fifth place: 60,000 points

Sixth to tenth place: 30,000 points

It can be said that within the Cang Lan Sect, only the disciples were treated the with the best.

Even highly respected outer sect elders wouldn't get so many contribution points like disciples could. That was mainly due to the many awards disciples could strive for.

Rewards were given when one quickly attained ranks in cultivation techniques or even when attaining high places during tournaments.

Once you were an inner sect disciples, there would be plenty of opportunities for more contribution points. If you were to display an outstanding talent, you would basically be rewarded with an endless supply of points.

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