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Chapter 723: Light and Darkness

“Shifting techniques cannot be executed.”

After leaving the Miao Clan’s ore mountain, Li Fuchen started to test the difference between the Saint Spirit Continent and the Emperor Sky Continent.

He noticed that all shifting techniques were ineffective on the Saint Spirit Continent, and it felt as though there was an invisible power blocking him.

Apart from that, the Saint Spirit Continent’s heaven and earth law was unimaginably firm. This meant that everyone’s strength declined. Furthermore, the decline wasn’t just a few times or ten times. According to Li Fuchen’s deduction, the decline was at least a thousand or a few thousand times.

In the outside world, Li Fuchen could destroy a low-class continent in a single move. He also even caused a disaster on a mid-class continent. But on the Saint Spirit Continent, he could only bring up a small storm and might not even be able to destroy a mountain.

Li Fuchen reckoned that even a saint wouldn’t be able to cause a huge destruction on the Saint Spirit Continent.

Li Fuchen was able to rip the Saint Spirit Continent’s spatial zone open due to the void storm. The void storm had a violent void law that made the spatial zone unstable, allowing Li Fuchen to rip open easily.

Right now, even if Li Fuchen used all his strength, he couldn’t even move an inch of the spatial zone.


A silver light flashed over Li Fuchen’s head and when he looked up, he saw a silver flying ship.

The silver flying ship was unbelievably fast and was actually faster than Li Fuchen, even though he wasn’t travelling at top speed.

“This silver flying ship seems to be constructed with something very similar to the bright silver ore from the Miao Clan’s ore mountain.” Li Fuchen said to himself.

The Flying Sliver Island was much more chaotic than Li Fuchen thought. There were killings everywhere, but it was basically between the Primary Sea Realm monarchs. Li Fuchen leaked out a trace of qi presence and had already frightened those people.

However, Li Fuchen’s Law Phase Realm cultivation was able to frighten Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but it wasn’t enough to frighten Law Phase Realm emperors.

Along the journey, there were actually two Law Phase Realm emperors who wanted to kill Li Fuchen. The results were obvious.

“This is insane, does the Flying Silver Island not have any law?” Li Fuchen frowned.

Such a matter was truly unimaginable on the Emperor Sky Continent.

Unless there was a feud, Law Phase Realm emperors on the Emperor Sky Continent wouldn’t kill each other.

Unless… the Flying Silver Island had too many Law Phase Realm emperors.

At the Emperor Sky Continent, Law Phase Realm emperors wouldn’t kill each other, but it was still rather common for Primary Sea Realm monarchs to kill each other.

After rushing for several hours, Li Fuchen arrived at a town.

This town was flourishing and was much more lively than any city in the Emperor Sky Continent. It was only a few dozen miles in size, but it gathered thousands of monarchs and dozens of emperors.

This town actually has dozens of emperors. This is only an island.” Li Fuchen was speechless.

He found it hard to imagine how many emperors did the Flying Silver Island had, how many emperors the entire Saint Spirit Continent had?

Li Fuchen entered the town after paying 100 mid-grade spirit stones.

Inside the restaurant, Li Fuchen listened intently and finally found out some information on the Saint Spirit Continent.

Be it on the Saint Spirit Continent or the Flying Silver Island, people would dare to venture outside after cultivating to the Law Phase Realm. When Primary Sea Realm monarchs ventured outside, they might not encounter danger if they were lucky. But if they were unlucky, they might be robbed and killed at any time.

As for that silver flying ship, it was called the silver airship and it was constructed with Flying Silver Iron.

The so-called Flying Silver Iron was a kind of metal ore that naturally contained void law and wind dao law. When using it to construct the silver airship, the flying speed would be extremely fast, making it an excellent transport.

The Miao Clan’s ore mountain was a Flying Silver Iron ore mountain.

“I should get one silver airship to play with.”

Li Fuchen was confident that he wasn’t slower than the silver airship. If he flew at top speed, only high-grade silver airships could catch up to him.

However, it was too tedious to travel like this and it was rare for anyone to do so.

The Flying Silver Island was 100 million miles in size, even if a Law Phase Realm emperor traversed across, it would also need at least half a month to travel across the Flying Silver Island.

If there was a silver airship, he would be able to sit in it, having tea and admiring the scenery. Wouldn’t that be fine?

The town had a shop that specifically sold silver airships. The shop was massive and took up at least 10 hectares. There were silver airships of various sizes.

“Customer, our shop’s silver airship is very famous throughout the Flying Silver Island. All other towns have our branch shops too. The headquarters is located in the Flying Silver City.” The shop attendant had a proud face while speaking to Li Fuchen.

“Do you have any high-grade silver airships?” Li Fuchen asked.

The shop attendant responded with embarrassment. “High-grade silver airships are only sold in the Flying Silver City. However, a high-grade silver airship is extremely expensive. The cheapest one is at least one million high-grade spirit stones. Why don’t you take a look at mid-grade silver airships first?”

One million high-grade spirit stones wasn’t a small sum. Most of the emperors would have a wealth of a few hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to purchase a high-grade silver airship.

Furthermore, high-class silver airships might be fast, but it would be coveted by others. If the owner wasn’t competent enough, they wouldn’t be able to protect what they have.

After hearing the introductions of the shop attendant, Li Fuchen found out that the low-grade silver airship was priced at a few thousand to a few dozen thousands of high-grade spirit stones. A mid-grade silver airship would be priced at 100 thousand to a few hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones. As for high-grade silver airships, the prices would start from one million high-grade spirit stones.

In the end, Li Fuchen spent 200 thousand high-grade spirit stones to purchase a mid-grade silver airship.

This mid-grade silver airship’s speed was almost as fast as 10% of Li Fuchen’s full speed, but it was already very shocking.

At dusk, Li Fuchen realized there were plenty of people rushing into the town. Above the tall town walls, massive numbers of monarchs started patrolling.

Li Fuchen was no longer surprised.

On the Saint Spirit Continent and other high-class continents, there was a most drastic difference from other continents. During the day, the continent belonged to the humans, while night belonged to the demonic beasts and demons.

When it was night time, most of the demonic beasts and demons would be active. If one was still outside in the wilderness, they would certainly turn into food for the demonic beasts and demons. Even a Law Phase Realm emperor wouldn’t dare to travel in the night alone.

When darkness had completely descended, there were demonic beast roars from the outside the town.

Li Fuchen sensed carefully and realized there was a great difference between day and night.

During the day, he felt mentally comfortable. During the night, he felt his mind was getting suppressed.

“This is the light law and darkness law!” Li Fuchen immediately understood.

The Saint Spirit Continent was a high-class continent for a reason, as the heaven and earth law was truly completed.

In a low-class or mid-class continent, the laws of light and darkness wouldn’t be that obvious. Apart from differences in vision, nothing else was affected. But in the Saint Spirit Continent, the light law and darkness leaw were very concentrated. During the day, the light law was extremely powerful, during the night, the darkness law would take over as the absolute dictator.

Demonic beasts and demons were innately ferocious and naturally belonged to the darkness. During the night, all their attributes would be enhanced. The humans might be scheming and deceptive, but they belonged to the light and would be suppressed during the night.

As it got deeper into the night, the horrific roars were constantly echoing. Occasionally, Li Fuchen could even hear miserable screams. When sweeping through with his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen noticed that there were demonic beasts and demons in all directions. Li Fuchen might be affected by darkness law, and his spiritual awareness range was reduced significantly. But Li Fuchen still possessed the saint spirit, therefore, his spiritual awareness range was comparable with saints. Everything within a few hundred miles were within his senses.

“We are reaching the town soon, endure!”

A group of individuals were rushing for the town frantically. The one speaking was a blue-clothed woman who was at the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm.

However, there were too many demonic beast kings in the surrounding and there was even a demon king in the midst.

“This woman has silky skin and tender flesh, she must be tasty.” There was a gray-skinned demon king that reached out to grab for the blue-clothed woman.

“Forget it, let me help them.”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was like a sword as it shot into the minds of the demon king and the demonic beast kings.

All of a sudden, the demon king and the demonic beast kings had fallen and their qi presences had scattered.

For others, using spiritual awareness to kill a demon king and demonic beast kings while being enveloped by the darkness law was difficult. But to Li Fuchen, it wasn’t difficult at all.

With the help from Li Fuchen, the group of individuals finally entered the town after a daunting experience.

On this night, Li Fuchen rested well in the town and tried his best to get familiar with the heaven and earth law of the Saint Spirit Continent.

On the next morning, Li Fuchen departed and headed for the Flying Silver City on the silver airship.

During the night, the darkness law enveloped the lands. Countless demonic beasts and demons were summoned by the darkness law to ravage the human world.

Li Fuchen’s silver airship was very eye-catching and was just like a candle flame in the night.


A huge number of demonic beast kings and demons kings charged at Li Fuchen’s airship. There were even two demonic beast rulers among the group.

Inside the airship, Li Fuchen sneered and burst out with sword intent.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

It felt like there was a rain of blood. None of the demonic beasts were able to go close within 1000 feet of the silver airship.

Ultimately, Li Fuchen’s strength attracted the attention of a demon ruler.

The demon ruler was a class 8 demon and even the weakest demon ruler had the strength of a peak level emperor. Powerful demon rulers had the strength of great emperors or even half-saints.

“A mere demon ruler and you dare to flaunt your prowess?”

On the airship, Li Fuchen reached out and grabbed with his hand, clenching the demon ruler to death.

“This human is too powerful, hurry up and retreat!”

Li Fuchen’s prowess had stunned the demonic beasts and demons.

As compared to Li Fuchen, they felt that they were the humans while Li Fuchen was the most ferocious demon.

Li Fuchen stood on the bow of the airship with his hands behind his back.

“The so-called day and night is used to restrain normal humans. It is basically ineffective towards high-level emperors, let alone peak level emperors, great emperors, half-saints, and saints.”

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