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Chapter 722: Flying Silver Island

“This is the Curse Void Hole. Once we get through, we should be at the Saint Spirit Continent. But it is unknown if we will teleport to the same place.”

Qu Qingyan revealed a delighted expression. She had been away from the Saint Spirit Continent for dozens of years and was now finally able to return.

“I shall make a move first!”

The Dark Night Emperor turned into a shadow and dove into the Curse Void Hole.

He was really afraid that Li Fuchen might suddenly attack.

Li Fuchen didn’t respond as his desire to kill the Dark Night Emperor wasn’t as intense. Otherwise, the Dark Night Emperor would already be dead.

“Sword Emperor, many thanks.”

The Heaven Pillar Great Emperor, Iron Sword Great Emperor, and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor cupped their fists towards Li Fuchen.

If Li Fuchen wasn’t around this time, they wouldn’t have been able to make it to this place.

Li Fuchen nodded and cupped his fist in return.

The trio were able to survive mainly because of their willpower.

The Heaven Pillar Great Emperor was the no.1 great emperor on the Heaven Pillar Continent, therefore, it was normal for him to survive until now.

The Iron Sword Great Emperor and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor were sword dao great emperors, therefore, they had extremely determined willpower. As such, they had survived too.

The Nefarious Emperor and the Heaven Fire Doyen were obviously inferior, resulting in their deaths on the perimeter wall.

“Sword Emperor, I, Celestial Eye Emperor owes you a favor.”

Once the Heaven Pillar Great Emperor and the two other great emperors left, the Celestial Eye Emperor dove back into the Curse Void Hole.

Finally, only Li Fuchen’s group and Qu Qingyan were remaining.

Qu Qingyan cleared her throat and said, “Sword Emperor, if you encounter any trouble on the Saint Spirit Continent, you can look for me at the Sacred Heart Park.”

She didn’t say where the Sacred Heart Park was before she entered the Curse Void Hole with a flash.

“Sacred Heart Park?” Li Fuchen touched his chin.

Yan Qingwu said, “The Sacred Heart Park is a famed saint-class faction in the Saint Spirit Continent. Even if you offend a saint, if the Sacred Heart Park helps to mediate, the matter would normally be neutralized.”

“Seems influential. What about you?” Li Fuchen looked at Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu replied, “I already have a change of appearance. It is still unknown if I can successfully return to the sect.”

Li Fuchen nodded and agreed. Yan Qingwu was from this lifetime and merely retained her previous life’s memory. It wasn’t going to be so easy to return to the sect.

“Elder Li, let us the four of us enter the Curse Void Hole together. We might be teleported to the same place.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor suggested.


Li Fuchen waved his hand and protected Yan Qingwu, the Vacant Mountain Emperor, and the Thunder Beast with the Void Heaven Sword intent.

Just like that, three humans and one beast entered the Curse Void Hole together.

It felt as though they were wrapped by a colorful sticky substance, making it hard for them to even move.

It was fortunate that the pressure within the Curse Void Hole wasn’t that immense. It was probably due to the corrosion from the curse law.

Li Fuchen attempted to extend his spiritual awareness, but his spiritual awareness was quickly scattered by the void currents.

It was unknown how long had passed. Li Fuchen could subtly feel the void currents getting stronger.

“Could it be a void storm?” Li Fuchen’s face turned serious.

The void storm was a very rare phenomenon, but no matter how rare it was, there was still a chance of it happening. During the teleportation, if one encountered a void storm, it would result in dismemberment or to be teleported to an unknown place.

Neither outcome was what Li Fuchen wanted to see.

Soon enough, Yan Qingwu and the Vacant Mountain Emperor could feel the waves within the Curse Void Hole.

However, the duo couldn’t speak or transmit messages. They could only be silently worried.

After a short moment, the trio saw the exit and the slight glimmer of light. At the same time, a completed qi presence surged in. It was obviously the Saint Spirit Continent’s qi presence.

“We are finally reaching.” Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

If he was alone, he was confident in surviving. After all, he had cultivated the Hand of Star and possessed the Star Immortal Body. Moreover, he had condensed the void dao heart. It wasn’t so easy for the void storm to kill him. However, he was powerless to protect Yan Qingwu, the Vacant Mountain Emperor, and the Thunder Beast.

The light was getting brighter, the group was able to see a trace of scenery through the light.

But right at this moment, there was a giant shadow that suddenly scuttled across, and the light vanished.

“We are done for!” The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s face was filled with despair.

He who cultivated void law definitely knew that the Curse Void Hole was cut off.

“Could it be that I, the great Thunder Beast, is going to die in the void?” The Thunder Beast roared out in his heart.

“Let me give you all a lift.”

A voice suddenly transmitted into the ears of Yan Qingwu, the Vacant Mountain Emperor, and the Thunder Beast.

Immediately after, a pair of thick star-like palms forcefully ripped the void open and pushed them out.


Two humans and one beast fell out from the crack. This place was a world with a completed heaven and earth law.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor felt as though a large amount of heaven and earth energy was rushing into his body with each breath.

“Li Fuchen!”

The normally calm Yan Qingwu had a face of fright.

“I will look for you.” Li Fuchen’s voice came out from the crack.

Subsequently, the crack formed back up.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor consoled Yan Qingwu, “Elder Li is the person with the best talents I have ever seen. I believe he wouldn’t die so easily.”

Would a person that could possibly rip open the void storm die so easily? The Vacant Mountain Emperor would never believe it.

Taking a deep breath, Yan Qingwu nodded slowly.

She too didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would die. Earlier on, she was just panicking.

“Li Fuchen, you must come back to look for me.” Yan Qingwu said to herself.

A few million miles away, Qu Qingyan waited for an hour and still didn’t see anyone dropping out from the void.

“As expected, time and space have too many uncertain factors. A slight difference will result in thousands of miles.”

Qu Qingyan shook her head and left.

Without the void storm, Li Fuchen would be able to rip the spatial zone and enter the Saint Spirit Continent.

However, due to the void storm, he was only in time to rip one opening and send out Yan Qingwu and others. He was still enveloped within the void storm’s deviated trajectory.

“So this is the void storm?”

With the Void Heaven Sword intent’s protection, the void storm wouldn’t be able to touch Li Fuchen’s body.

His spiritual awareness might not be able to extend out, but with the void dao heart, Li Fuchen was still able to sense the extremely violent void law inside the void storm. Such a void law was something that Li Fuchen never contacted before.


The Void Heaven Sword intent was destroyed.

As compared to the void storm, Li Fuchen’s void law was still inferior.

If it was others, they would have been torn into pieces by the void storm. However, Li Fuchen possessed the law field.

The law field was the combination of the Hand of Star intent and his vitality field. In terms of defense, it was tougher than the sword intent.

But when facing the void storm, it had the same effects.

The main reason was due to the void law contained within the Void Heaven Sword intent. To a certain extent, it had resisted most of the damage.

Soon enough, the law field was also destroyed. Li Fuchen’s body appeared with blood wounds.

Li Fuchen curled up his body and emitting sword intent to protect his storage bag.

The void storm wouldn’t be ravaging constantly. It was like the wind and would gradually calm down.

When Li Fuchen’s body was filled with wounds, the void storm finally started to withdraw.


Using both hands to rip, Li Fuchen forcefully ripped open the spatial zone and escaped.

“What a close shave.”

Even with the Star Immortal Body, Li Fuchen would still be torn into scraps by the void storm after another hour.

Landing on the ground, Li Fuchen looked around. This place was a huge ore mountain and there were countless miners excavating a kind of bright silver metallic ore.

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and had an astonished expression. The heaven and earth energy here was dozens of times more concentrated than the Emperor Sky Continent. Furthermore, the heaven and earth law here was very complete and didn’t have any defects.

Li Fuchen had a feeling that this was considered a true continent. The rest of the places were lacking the feeling of mother nature and felt as though they were man made.

The wounds on Li Fuchen’s body were healed. He took out clothing from the storage bag and wore it.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and mine, otherwise I will skin you alive.”

From a nearby place, a fierce middle-aged man walked over with a whip.

“What is this place?” Li Fuchen asked.

“You are courting death.” The fierce man thought that Li Fuchen was acting silly and immediately lashed at Li Fuchen.

The whip was fiery red and if it lashed on the body, it would definitely leave behind a scorched mark.

However, before the whip could get near to Li Fuchen, it had turned into ashes.

“Law Phase Realm emperor?” The fierce man was shocked.

He was just a 9th level Primary Sea Realm monarch.

“This is strange… Why is there a Law Phase Realm emperor at the Miao Clan’s ore mountain? Could he be part of the Miao Clan’s upper echelon? No, if he is, he should know what place this is.” The fierce man thought to himself.

The fierce man crushed a communication token silently and replied to Li Fuchen, “This is the Miao Clan’s ore mountain.”

“Where is the Miao Clan’s ore mountain located in the Saint Spirit Continent?”

Li Fuchen might have deviated from course, but he had a feeling that he should still be within the Saint Spirit Continent and wouldn’t be teleported to another continent.

The fierce man was startled as he said, “This isn’t the Saint Spirit Continent. This is the Flying Silver Island. Of course, the Flying Silver Island is also part of the Saint Spirit Continent. It is located in the west sea region of the Saint Spirit Continent.”

“Flying Silver Island, west sea region?” Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

“I have disturbed you. I shall leave now.” Li Fuchen flew up into the sky.


The fierce man sneered. The Miao Clan’s ore mountain had a top-notch class 8 array, which didn’t even allow great emperors to fly away. Earlier on, he had already informed the Miao Clan’s experts to come over and capture Li Fuchen.

“What?!” The fierce man widened his eyes.

Li Fuchen flew into the sky and ripped with his hands. The Miao Clan’s array was immediately ripped open as though paper was getting ripped.

“Top-class great emperor, he must be a top-class great emperor.” The fierce man’s back was drenched in cold sweat.

A top-class great emperor was someone that the Miao Clan wasn’t willing to offend. Even though the Miao Clan had a top-class great emperor.

When he crushed the communication token earlier, Li Fuchen must have seen it, but it was fortunate that Li Fuchen didn’t mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even know he had died.

“Third Gong, what happened?” Two emperors flew over.

(TL note: The Third here refers to his standing as the third in seniority)

Third Gong explained everything that happened earlier in detail.

“You are truly lucky. That person should be a top ranking great emperor. Our Miao Clan might have a saint in our ancestry, but not now. We must not offend such a person. Just treat it as if nothing happened.” One of the Law Phase Realm emperors spoke.

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