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Chapter 721: The Intent Statue’s Prowess

“Leaving now is the same as courting death.” The Dark Night Emperor sneered in his heart.

He knew very clearly about the dangers in the Curse Temple. In the Saint Spirit Continent, there was also a Curse Temple and even saints weren’t willing to enter.

Now that they were in the depths of the Curse Temple, it was basically impossible to leave. They could only go as far as they could.

In between the towering temple complex, there were perimeter walls and there were plenty of human carvings by those walls. All of a sudden, everyone felt a chill, it seemed like those carvings looked very familiar.

“This is the Heaven Fire Doyen, and the Iron Sword Great Emperor, why am I here too?” The one speaking didn’t know that he was already part of the carvings on the wall.

Li Fuchen took a glance and realized that apart from him and Qu Qingyan, everyone was carved on the wall. Some of the people were still struggling while others were already immobilized and had lost all vitality.

Seeing that Yan Qingwu was struggling, Li Fuchen didn’t hesitate as he went over.

“No!” Qu Qingyan wanted to stop Li Fuchen.

The perimeter wall was more dangerous as one got closer. Li Fuchen wasn’t in any danger, but if he made contact with the wall, it was hard to say.

However, it was already too late.

Li Fuchen touched Yan Qingwu and had fused into the wall.


Qu Qingyan shook her head.

Originally, if she worked together with Li Fuchen, there were great chances for success for them to travel to the Saint Spirit Continent. But now that Li Fuchen had also fused into the wall and she was alone, the chances were less than 50%.

After fusing into the wall, Li Fuchen saw Yan Qingwu while Yan Qingwu saw Li Fuchen too.

There was an invisible force pulling Yan Qingwu deeper inwards.

Circulating the Hand of Star, Li Fuchen grabbed Yan Qingwu’s hand with lightning speed and pulled her.

“Hurry up and leave.” Yan Qingwu shook her head.

The wall’s power was overwhelming. As a great emperor in the past, Yan Qingwu could already feel her consciousness fading. She didn’t wish to implicate Li Fuchen.

“Don’t worry.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with radiance as he pulled Yan Qingwu over forcefully. The absolute strength caused the surrounding curse power to scatter.


A horrific gravity force was emitted from Li Fuchen and the perimeter wall started to crack.

“Mmm?!” Qu Qingyan looked at Li Fuchen who was carved on the wall and was shocked.


The perimeter wall exploded and shards of rocks flew randomly. Li Fuchen’s left hand was holding Yan Qingwu. His qi presence was unparalleled, it felt as though even if the sky collapsed, it wouldn’t matter to Li Fuchen. It felt as though even if the universe was destroyed, Li Fuchen wouldn’t fall.

At this moment, Qu Qingyan felt as though she saw a saint.

“How can he be so powerful?”

Qu Qingyan had never seen an emperor as powerful as Li Fuchen. He had already exceeded the standard of emperors.

It was reckoned that only the top ten great emperors in the Saint Spirit Continent could contest with Li Fuchen.

Because of Li Fuchen, all those great emperors that had yet to lose consciousness were able to escape from the wall.

“I am still alive?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor was extremely excited.

He didn’t know that when Li Fuchen expelled the Soul Poison for him, it had purified his spirit soul to a certain degree. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to last until now.

“I knew that my life isn’t supposed to be that short.” The Thunder Beast was like a little puppy that was jumping around in joy.

Only a few remained alive. From the Emperor Sky Continent, only Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, the Thunder Beast, the Vacant Mountain Emperor, Qu Qingyan, the Celestial Eye Emperor, and the Dark Night Emperor were still alive.

The Heaven Pillar Continent had great losses. Apart from the Heaven Pillar Great Emperor, the Iron Sword Great Emperor, and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor, the rest had fallen, including the two demonic beast great rulers.

It was normal for the Celestial Eye Emperor to be alive, after all, he was someone that was on equal strength with the Soul Emperor.

Li Fuchen was rather surprised to see the Dark Night Emperor still surviving. It seemed like this Dark Night Emperor wasn’t inferior to the Blood Sift Great Emperor.

“Many thanks.” Yan Qingwu looked at Li Fuchen with an expression that was slightly different from before.

It was a change that she felt personally too.

Li Fuchen smiled and didn’t say anything.

Seeing the duo’s expressions, Qu Qingyan was rather envious of Yan Qingwu.

Li Fuchen was definitely a person with the most stunning talent. In the future, it was almost certain that he would become a saint. To have such a dao partner was truly the dream of any female cultivator.

When Li Fuchen and the others were venturing in the Curse Temple, the Soul Emperor returned.

This time, he wasn’t accompanied by the two demonic beast half-overlords, but the Sky Horn Great Ruler did follow along.

“They should be inside the Curse Temple now.” The Soul Emperor said to the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler snorted. “Soul Emperor, you are truly despicable. But even with us around, it isn’t possible to break the Floating Sky Mountain’s array.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler wasn’t happy with the Soul Emperor, but if he could destroy the Floating Sky Mountain before entering the Curse Temple, it would be truly delightful. Therefore, when the Soul Emperor invited him, he immediately agreed.

The Soul Emperor said, “It is also around.”

From the void, Griffin’s head was revealed.

After using a forbidden art to allow the Void Swallow Octopus to come on shore, the Void Swallow Octopus was now harder to control. Therefore, the Soul Emperor only brought the Griffin this time.

“Alright, with the Griffin, it is possible to break the Floating Sky Mountain’s array.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler let out a sinister smile. When Li Fuchen snatched his female attendant, the Sky Horn Great Ruler felt he was greatly humiliated. The time for revenge was here.

A short moment later, they arrived outside the Floating Sky Mountain.


The Floating Sky Mountain’s array started to shiver violently.

The Cloud Emperor looked outside and was shocked. He yelled out sternly, “Soul Emperor, Sky Horn Great Ruler, aren’t you not ashamed? You actually assault the Floating Sky Mountain when the Mountain Emperor and Elder Li aren’t around?”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler laughed sinisterly, “The history is always written by victors. As long as we destroy the Floating Sky Mountain, who will know what we have done?”

“Despicable!” The Cloud Emperor was extremely anxious.

The Cloud Emperor knew that Li Fuchen had left some defenses behind, like the Intent Statue. But no one knew if it was able to stop the Soul Emperor. After all, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to do anything to the Soul Emperor back then. Would an Intent Statue be able to repel the Soul Emperor? No one would believe so.

“Blast the array open.” The Soul Emperor had a cold expression as he commanded the Griffin to attack.


The Griffin let out a call and enlarged in size. A horrific qi prowess burst out.

“Soul Emperor, you have really disappointed me. I thought that you wouldn’t come, but still came after all.”

Right at this moment, the Intent Statue at the middle of the Floating Sky Mountain looked alive and flew out of the array.

“Sword Emperor?” The Soul Emperor had a change in expression.

How could the Soul Emperor not see that Li Fuchen had left a soul clone within the metallic statue.

However, the Soul Emperor guessed it wrongly this time. Li Fuchen didn’t know how to make a soul clone, instead, Li Fuchen left behind a spirit soul power within the metallic statue. However, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was too superior, even a spirit soul power was comparable with the soul clone.

“Do you think a soul clone is able to scare us away? Who do you think you are?” The Sky Horn Great Ruler let out a smile of disdain and blasted with his fist.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, I didn’t kill you last time, but you delivered yourself here, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” The Intent Statue produced a metallic sword and slashed at the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

There was a flash of sword light and the Sky Horn Great Ruler was frozen in place.

After a breath later, the Sky Horn Great Ruler was turned into ashes.

In the face of the Void Heaven Sword World, no matter how tough the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s defense was, he wouldn’t be able to block an instant of a thousand slashes.

One could say that if Li Fuchen didn’t have the Void Heaven Sword World, Li Fuchen’s sword dao strength would be entirely different.


The Soul Emperor’s expression changed. It was obvious that the Intent Statue’s sword couldn’t be blocked by human strength. Even the Griffin would die under this move.

“Do you think you can run?”

The metallic sword fused into the statue. The Intent Statue looked at the Soul Emperor with an indifferent smile, before a horrific gravity force suddenly burst out.

“Not good!” The Soul Emperor circulated his shifting technique and was about to escape.

However, he realized that it was impossible to escape with the horrific gravity force. Even the void was getting distorted.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The horrific gravity force pulled the Griffin, Soul Emperor, Red Moon Emperor, and Blue Sun Emperor towards the Intent Statue. Immediately after, a powerful force burst out and turned the three men and one beast into blood mist.

“The Soul Emperor is dead?” The Cloud Emperor didn’t dare to believe his eyes.

Using an Intent Statue to kill a powerful foe like the Soul Emperor? How powerful must Li Fuchen be?

The Cloud Emperor couldn’t imagine, neither did the people of the Floating Sky Mountain.

After keeping the storage bag, the Intent Statue turned to the Floating Sky Mountain and reverted into a statue. There was no longer any trace of spirit soul wave.

However, no one was silly enough to treat the Intent Statue as something inanimate. The Sword Emperor might have left, but the things he left behind was still able to shock the Emperor Sky Continent. The Soul Emperor was a living example.

Curse Temple…

Li Fuchen scoffed. He didn’t think that the Soul Emperor would really return to the Emperor Sky Continent.

It seemed like he had overestimated the Soul Emperor. Even if the Soul Emperor didn’t die, Li Fuchen had nothing to worry about.

“The curse qi presence here seems to be dissipating?” Yan Qingwu suddenly said.

Qu Qingyan thought of something and quickly said, “Follow the direction where it is dissipating. That place should be the Curse Void Hole.”

The Curse Void Hole meant that it was a spatial tunnel corroded by the curse law.

Soon enough, they arrived in front of a giant black hole.

The black hole was constantly collapsing inwards and a horrific gravity force was siphoning away the nearby curse qi presence.

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