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Chapter 715: Meeting Incantation Again

The cursed warrior’s cleaved body merged back again. However, everyone realized that the recovery speed was slower this time.

It might only be slower, but it still gave hope.

Everyone frenziedly attacked the cursed warrior and attempted to make the recovery speed even slower.

However, everyone realized that their attacks weren’t useful at all.

Qu Qingyan said, “To deal with cursed warriors, the intent must be sufficiently strong. Our intents aren’t comparable with the Sword Emperor.”

Li Fuchen nodded, Qu Qingyan was right. To deal with cursed warriors, intents must be used. Curses were actually a kind of great dao law, therefore, only law and intent could eliminate it.

“Incineration Sword.”

Li Fuchen brandished his sword and launched a blazing heat wave at the cursed warrior.

One could visibly see the cursed warrior’s body getting burned into ashes.

But the ashes didn’t scatter, instead, they gathered and formed the cursed warrior again.

“I wonder about the power of this sword move.”

Li Fuchen immediately followed up with a sword move and it was actually the Void Heaven Sword World.

When the sword was brandished, sword light burst out and blinded everyone’s eyes for a moment.


A pile of ashes fell onto the ground and couldn’t gather again.

“What? A single sword move to kill the cursed warrior?” Qu Qingyan looked at Li Fuchen with shock.

Everyone else was also bewildered.

In their opinion, even Li Fuchen should need at least a few dozen sword strikes or even a hundred sword strikes to kill a cursed warrior.

How could they know that Li Fuchen’s Void Heaven Sword World caused the cursed warrior to slow down by a thousand times. For that split moment, Li Fuchen had already attacked close to a thousand times.

Once the cursed warrior perished, the baleful aura in this place had gradually vanished. Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness could sense that those surviving victims of the curse had all reverted back to normal. They were very weak though, as though their energy had been siphoned.

“How did the cursed warrior run out from the Curse Temple.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor didn’t understand. He looked at Qu Qingyan as she was the person that knew most about the Curse Temple. Even though she wasn’t born in the Emperor Sky Continent.

Qu Qingyan said, “Someone must have entered the Curse Temple and touched something there, causing an incident in the Curse Temple.”

“Who can possibly enter the Curse Temple and touch something there?” The Safflower Empress asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “I know of such a person, but I don’t know if it is him.”

The person that was chasing the Incantation Martial Emperor came from the Curse Temple. According to what the Incantation Martial Emperor said, if that person could venture out from the Curse Temple, he should have comprehended a high-class curse.

Of course, it might be others too. It might be the Soul Emperor, Dark Night Emperor as well.

Fearing that a second cursed warrior might escape from the Curse Temple, the six of them rushed to the Curse Temple.

The Curse Temple wasn’t big, looking from outside it took up a space of a few hundred miles.

However, everyone knew that it was just the surface. The interior of the Curse Temple was filled with layers of spatial zones. A careless mistake might cause one to be trapped in it forever.

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness scanned inside and realized there were too many spatial zones. Some were connected while some were solitary. His spiritual awareness felt like it was in a maze and couldn’t scout out the entire place.

Most importantly, the cursed qi presence restricted the spiritual awareness greatly. As for the core region in the Curse Temple, Li Fuchen couldn’t even sense anything. There was just void and bale.

When Li Fuchen withdrew his spiritual awareness, the cursed qi presence followed along.

But before the cursed qi presence could approach Li Fuchen, it suddenly melted like when a candle encountered the sun.

Li Fuchen knew that since his spirit soul transformed into the purple color and was mixed with traces of red, it was already extraordinary. One could say that it was immune from invasion of evil.

Of course, when it was pale purple color, it was also immune to evil. But back then, only his spirit soul was immune to evil, but his body wasn’t protected.

Right now, the qi field automatically emitted from the purple spirit soul was enough to eliminate the cursed qi presence.

Li Fuchen wasn’t pleased with this, as this was merely the cursed qi presence emitted from the Curse Temple. As compared to the cursed qi presence from the interior, it was nothing. Even the cursed qi presence from the cursed warriors were far superior to this cursed qi presence.

“Let’s enter and take a look then.” Li Fuchen was planning to get familiar with the outer regions first.


Everyone agreed. The outer region of the Curse Temple wasn’t considered too dangerous for great emperors.

Once they entered the Curse Temple, they felt as though they arrived in another world. This place was so quiet that it was hair raising. The color within the spatial zone was drastically different from the outside. While walking inside the temple, everyone could only hear each other’s footsteps and heartbeat.


When walking through a passageway surrounded by temple walls, there was the sound of pans dropping on the ground.

Everyone might be great emperors but all of them got a shock apart from Li Fuchen.

Sounds of footsteps echoed as a cursed warrior appeared in front of everyone.


Before the cursed warrior could even do anything, a sword light slashed and turned it into ashes.

The Void Heaven Sword World was too powerful, it was at least ten times stronger than the Void Heaven Sword Art’s second move, Blade of Void.

As long as the enemy didn’t have tough defenses and didn’t have aid from outside forces, the enemy would be instantly killed by the Void Heaven Sword World.

Even if a demonic beast half-overlord was here, Li Fuchen was confident he could kill it in a single sword.

Moreover, it was impossible to dodge it.

It might be due to the Curse Temple, the cursed warrior that was turned to ashes was still trying to gather back. However, after attempting for a long time, it still failed. A cold wind blew across and scattered the ashes.

Everyone might have already witnessed Li Fuchen’s Void Heaven Sword World, but they were still shocked.

This sword move was so powerful that it was bone chilling.

The most crucial thing was when they faced this sword, they didn’t even feel anything. They simply felt a sword light flashing by.

“With his strength, he will probably be among the top 100 great emperors on the Saint Spirit Continent!” Qu Qingyan said to herself.

In the Emperor Sky Continent and the Heaven Pillar Continent, there were only around ten great emperor.

But the Saint Spirit Continent had countless great emperors. There wer already 10,000 great emperors on the Great Emperor Rankings.

Those that could enter the Great Emperor Rankings were normally those great emperors that were relatively formidable.

Those in the top 1000 were extremely formidable great emperors.

Those that were in the top 100 would be heaven-defying great emperors. Each of these heaven-defying emperors could kill a huge group of great emperors in seconds. They were also known to be invincible under the saints.

The Soul Emperor might be formidable, but in Qu Qingyan’s eyes, the Soul Emperor wouldn’t even be part of the top 1000 great emperors in the Saint Spirit Continent.

There was another thing on the Saint Spirit Continent. Great emperors were no different from half-saints. As long as they didn’t progress to a saint, they were known as great emperors.

Among the top 100 great emperors, there were plenty of half-saints.

If Qu Qingyan believed that Li Fuchen could make it into the top 100 of the Great Emperor Rankings, she was already giving him a high recognition.

“Senior Incantation.”

After walking for a moment, Li Fuchen saw a familiar figure and it was actually the Incantation Martial Emperor.

The Incantation Martial Emperor was emitting a baleful aura. His expression would be vacant at times, frenzied at times, or sober at times. Right now, his palms were placed together and he was walking deeper into the Curse Temple. With every few steps he took, he would kneel down. It seemed like something was guiding him.

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