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Chapter 714: Cursed Warrior

Emperor Sky Continent, in an underground cavern…


A light descended and Li Fuchen’s figure appeared.

The teleportation array connected from the Seven Color Continent to the Emperor Sky was a mid-sized teleportation array. Each teleportation could contain 20 individuals, however, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was too high. He alone could stand in for 20 individuals. It was fortunate that he was only at the 3rd level of Law Phase Realm. If he was a high level emperor, he might not be able to teleport.

“This is the Emperor Sky Continent indeed.”

Li Fuchen felt the void imprint that he left behind.

For the next few days, there were batches of people arriving from the Seven Color Continent.

Li Fuchen arranged for these people to stay in the Floating Sky Mountain.

“Such concentrated heaven and earth energy.” Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were shocked.

The heaven and earth energy on the Seven Color Continent was already concentrated enough and it was several times more than the East Unicorn Continent. They didn’t expect for the Emperor Sky Continent’s heaven and earth energy to be actually ten times more concentrated than the Seven Color Continent. It was truly infuriating to compare with others. Any ordinary human living in the Emperor Sky Continent would probably reach the Origin Return Realm or Earth Shatter Realm easily.

“If I can cultivate in this place, there shouldn’t be any problem breaking through to the Battle Spirit Realm.” Zhao Wuji had an excited expression.

He was already rather old, but with Li Fuchen’s help, he broke through to the Reincarnation Realm, allowing his lifespan to double. As such, he looked much more spirited than before and didn’t age over the years.

Zhao Mingyue was also by the side. She was among the few youth generations that didn’t teleport away from the East Unicorn Continent.

In fact, only a few individuals left the Li Clan and Azure Water Sect, and it was because of Li Fuchen.

If there wasn’t Li Fuchen, they might have already ventured out of the East Unicorn Continent.

The Floating Sky Mountain was massive, let along a few hundred individuals, there would be more than enough space for a few thousand. Due to Li Fuchen, the Floating Sky Mountain didn’t arrange a secluded place for these people to stay, instead, they were arranged to stay in a superior cultivation peak.

After the arrangement was made for everyone, Li Fuchen planned to cultivate seriously. He might be formidable now and no one was able to deal with him, but if he headed for a high-class continent, he would be nothing.

“First, I have to create the 40th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique.”

The limits of a heaven class mid-tier technique was the 39th rank. The 40th rank would definitely be at the heaven class high-tier.

For Law Phase Realm emperors to break through to the Soul Merge Realm, heaven class high-tier cultivation techniques were the benchmark.

This was also the reason why there were no half-saints in the Emperor Sky Continent or the Heaven Pillar Continent. Because no one had any heaven class high-tier cultivation technique.

If Li Fuchen was just an ordinary Law Phase Realm emperor, it would be a fantasy for him to create a heaven class high-tier cultivation technique. But Li Fuchen’s perception was already beyond an emperor when he was at the Primary Sea Realm. Right now, his perception might not be beyond regular saints, but it was definitely at the level of a saint. If he was willing, creating the 40th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique wasn’t difficult, it would just take a bit of time.

Just as Li Fuchen expected, it took just half a year for Li Fuchen to create the 40th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique.

This rank of sword energy was able to make heaven and earth law back away. If Li Fuchen was to face the Griffin and Void Swallow Octopus again, he was confident he could defeat them without the use of his Spirit Soul Chain and Void Heaven Sword World.

With the 40th rank done, the 41st rank was naturally not far off. One year later, Li Fuchen’s Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique broke through to the 41st rank.

Two years had already passed, but there were still no signs of Soul Emperor and his men. Even the Clan of Darkness and the Blood Sift Union had also vanished without a trace.

Li Fuchen frowned. Until the day he could eliminate these people, he didn’t think that the Emperor Sky Continent was safe. He rushed into the sky and entered the thunderbolt layer.

Crack Bang!

Numerous bolts of heaven thunder blasted on Li Fuchen’s body and burst out with sparks.

Li Fuchen didn’t have a breakthrough in cultivation, but his sword energy wasn’t just twice as powerful. With the support of the sword energy, the Sky Ring Sword Armor was twice as tough and could easily block the heaven thunders.

Middle section of the thunderbolt layer, upper section of the thunderbolt layer…


A black thunder struck down and didn’t just shatter the Sky Ring Sword Armor, it had also shattered the law field. Without a choice Li Fuchen could only retreat and didn’t dare to barge through.

“It seems like there will only be chances if the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique breaks through to the 42nd rank and my body refinement breaks through to the sub-completion level of Law Phase Realm.”

Li Fuchen’s body refinement was already progressing very quickly, but without the peak-grade spirit stone or heaven class high-tier body refinement herbs, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to reach the sub-completion level of Law Phase Realm in a few years.

There were quite a number of heaven class high-tier herbs in the Emperor Sky Continent and Heaven Pillar Continent, but heaven class high-tier body refinement herbs were unavailable.

“I can go to the Latent Shadow Abyss to take a look.”

The Latent Shadow Abyss was underground, while the spirit stones were produced by the continent. Therefore, the further down it was, the higher the chances of finding a peak-grade spirit stone.

Li Fuchen’s previous peak-grade spirit stone was found in the Latent Shadow Abyss.

With Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, he was easily able to find the bottom few layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss.

The Latent Shadow Abyss was created by combat, unlike the Saint Garden or the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain which were intentionally created. It wasn’t difficult for Li Fuchen to find a way in.

At the bottom layer of the Latent Shadow Abyss, the shadow corpses and the berserk corpses were extremely powerful. They were obviously at the Law Phase Realm.

Most of them might only be at the lower levels of Law Phase Realm, but when inside the Latent Shadow Abyss, it was hard for great emperors to destroy them.

Li Fuchen didn’t even need to fight. With the void dao heart, he could travel through the Latent Shadow Abyss as he desired.

One week, two weeks…

Li Fuchen didn’t rest or sleep and searched through the Latent Shadow Abyss for over a month.

“No wonder the Vacant Mountain Emperor and the others don’t have any peak-grade spirit stones. I might have obtained one before, but that is probably just luck.”

After over a month, Li Fuchen was still unable to find any peak-grade spirit stones, however, he did find a few hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones.

Li Fuchen reckoned that there were plenty of peak-grade spirit stones on the Emperor Sky Continent, but the continent was too massive and these peak-grade spirit stones were all embedded and concealed deep in the ground.

Without any earthquakes or the Latent Shadow Abyss, one could only rely on fate to find any peak-grade spirit stones.

The Latent Shadow Abyss had plenty of layers, even though Li Fuchen couldn’t find any at the bottom layer, he wasn’t discouraged. He started to search upwards from the bottom.

Just as he was approaching the surface, Li Fuchen’s face flashed with surprise.

It seemed like the search for peak-grade spirit stones was really up to luck. The bottom layer of the Latent Shadow Abyss didn’t have any, but there was actually a peak-grade spirit stone near the surface.

After obtaining the peak-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen immediately sat with crossed legs and started to circulate his Hand of Force.

Three days later, Li Fuchen’s body refinement finally reached sub-completion level of Law Phase Realm. At this moment, there were still around 30% of spirit qi left in the peak-grade spirit stone.

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed on his arm.


Before the Joint-Heaven Sword could contact his arm, it was repelled.

Now that his body refinement was at sub-completion level of Law Phase Realm, Li Fuchen’s law field was stronger.

Li Fuchen believed that if he slashed at full strength, he could break the law field, but he still had sword intent protecting his body. Furthermore, his physical defense was now terrifyingly tough and was comparable to the law field. With three layers of defense, Li Fuchen felt that his slash at full strength wouldn’t be enough to hurt himself.

Flashing out of the Latent Shadow Abyss, Li Fuchen rushed into the sky again. This time, he didn’t believe he couldn’t enter the upper section of the thunderbolt layer.

Crackle Bang!

At the upper section of the thunderbolt layer, the black thunder struck again. This time, it was only able to shatter the sword intent and wasn’t able to shatter the law field.

“As expected.” Li Fuchen revealed a smile and continued climbing.

The black thunders were increasing in number and Li Fuchen’s law field was shattered too. But Li Fuchen still continued to climb.


With the law field shattered, Li Fuchen’s body appeared with a charred mark. Right at this moment, Li Fuchen finally arrived at the section between the upper section of the thunderbolt layer and the heat layer.

There was nothing apart from void and hollow.

After reaching the heat layer, Li Fuchen was able to see the starry sky.

The current starry sky was extremely realistic. The closest star to him felt as though it was right above his head. It was unimaginably huge and grand. Li Fuchen’s heart palpitated a little.

Within the starry sky, there were countless star lights flickering.

If Li Fuchen only possessed the green spirit soul, he might have some comprehension after seeing this scene. However, Li Fuchen possessed the purple spirit soul and it was two grades superior.

Therefore, Li Fuchen instantly comprehended the stars law.

The stars law wasn’t a pure law, it was a combined law and contained the law of five elements.

In fact, without the stars bone frame, even a saint would have a hard time comprehend the profound stars law.

A bone frame was extremely important. The attribute of the bone frame would mean what kind of compatibility a person had with the great dao of heaven and earth. It was hard for anyone to comprehend from the slight senses. Only an anomaly like Li Fuchen would be able to forcefully comprehend the stars law.

“Such heat.”

After comprehending for a period of time, Li Fuchen felt his skin getting hot.

The heat layer above his head was only releasing residual heat and it was able to ignore the sword intent and law field, directly acting on his body.

This meany that the heat layer contained the great dao law that was far superior to heaven class high-tier.

After comprehending for a longer period of time, Li Fuchen couldn’t withstand it anymore and descended.

“If I comprehend a few more times, I should be able to comprehend the Hand of Star.” Li Fuchen said to himself.

Before returning to the Floating Sky Mountain, Li Fuchen’s communication token suddenly shook.

This was a high-grade communication token and could transmit voices.

After pouring in sword energy, the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s voice echoed, “Elder Li, a cursed warrior barged out from the Curse Temple. Numerous people have been cursed and we aren’t capable enough to kill him.”

(TL note: cursed martial artists changed to cursed warriors)

“Cursed warrior?”

Li Fuchen kept the communication token and rushed towards where the Vacant Mountain Emperor was.

Half a day later, Li Fuchen saw the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

Even the Safflower Empress, Mystic Dark Emperor, Celestial Eye Emperor, and Qu Qingyan were here too.

The five of them were surrounding a strange human figurr with pale skin and pitch black eyes.

An extremely horrifying and baleful qi presence was emitted from the strange figure.

If the five of them weren’t great emperors and had intent protecting themselves, they would have been cursed.

One glance was enough for Li Fuchen to know the terror of the cursed warrior. No matter how severe the injury was, the cursed warrior would be able to recover in the next moment, not leaving any marks on the body.

“Elder Li is here.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor was overjoyed to see Li Fuchen. Right now, he reckoned that only Li Fuchen could deal with the cursed warrior. They were only able to contest with it but couldn’t kill it.


Li Fuchen brandished his sword and cleaved the cursed warrior apart with a sword light.

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