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Chapter 713: Intercommunication

Seeing that the Red Rainbow Sect was in crisis, Li Fuchen brandished his hand and eliminated a thousand demonic beast kings.

With a few flashes, he arrived at the Red Sea.

The tyrant of the Red Sea, now the Red Flood Dragon Ruler was stunned when a human suddenly appeared in front of him.

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to waste words. He grasped with his hand and squashed the Red Flood Dragon Ruler to death.

But this time he didn’t turn the Red Flood Dragon Ruler into blood mist. He preserved the entire corpse. The corpse of a demonic beast ruler was very precious. It might not be useful to him, but it was very useful to the Red Rainbow Sect.

Carrying the Red Flood Dragon Ruler’s corpse, Li Fuchen returned to Red Rainbow Sect.

“You are?” The Red Rainbow Monarch wasn’t able to recognize Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen said, “I am Li Fuchen and I am once the Red Rainbow Sect’s disciple. When the Red Rainbow Sect retreated from the Emperor Sky Continent, I remained there.”

“You are my Red Rainbow Sect’s disciple?” The Red Rainbow Monarch suspected he had heard it wrongly.

With the high-grade spirit stone, the Red Rainbow Monarch only had the strength of a combat emperor now. If he wanted to break through to the Law Phase Realm, it wasn’t possible without a few centuries. Unless he could continue staying in the Emperor Sky Continent. But now, it was the disciple Li Fuchen that had a tremendous leap and reached the Law Phase Realm.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen found the Seven Color Continent from the Emperor Sky Continent. What strength was required to do so?

For a moment, the Red Rainbow Monarch felt as though his outlook on the world had overturned.

For the next few days, everyone from the Red Rainbow Monarch knew about Li Fuchen. After all, Li Fuchen did reside in the Red Rainbow Sect for a period of time and there were plenty of people who knew him.

“Does the Red Rainbow Sect wish to return to the Emperor Sky Continent?” Li Fuchen asked the Red Rainbow Monarch in the Red Rainbow Grand Hall.

“Of course, but the Emperor Sky Continent…” The Red Rainbow Monarch was rather hesitant. The Emperor Sky Continent wasn’t a place that one could easily survive. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to retreat back to the Seven Color Continent in such a miserable manner, and even had their teleportation array destroyed.

“I have the authority in the Emperor Sky Continent, it is fine even if the entire Red Rainbow Sect moves over.” Li Fuchen said.

“You have the authority?” The Red Rainbow Monarch and the other elders looked at each other.

If what Li Fuchen said was true, then he wasn’t just an ordinary Law Phase Realm emperor, but a great emperor.

Everyone was in a daze.

Li Fuchen continued saying, “The only troublesome matter is that you will need to head over to a low-class continent first before heading to the Emperor Sky Continent.”

The East Unicorn Continent had a teleportation array to the Emperor Sky Continent. It wouldn’t be a problem if he was alone, but there were too many people. The distance between the two continents was rather far, making it troublesome. It was still unknown if the East Unicorn Continent’s willpower would kill anyone beyond the Reincarnation Realm. Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid, but it might not be the same for others.

The Red Rainbow Monarch regained his senses and replied, “There isn’t a need to worry. My Red Rainbow Sect still has a very concealed teleportation array at the Emperor Sky Continent. As long as a spatial crystal is installed on the teleportation array here, we can teleport over directly.”

Teleportation arrays allowed both sides to teleport as they have the same teleportation array patterns. Only then, they would the teleportation arrays be able to intercommunicate, allowing for precise teleportations. It was a pity that the Red Rainbow Sect was only left with a rather big spatial crystal. Smaller spatial crystals wouldn’t be able to withstand such long distance teleportations. Therefore, the Red Rainbow Monarch didn’t activate the teleportation array yet. He was planning to increase his strength further before heading for the Emperor Sky Continent.

“That is the best option.” Li Fuchen didn’t expect for the Red Rainbow Sect to have such measures.

After staying in the Red Rainbow Sect for a few days, Li Fuchen made a trip to South Forest Martial Institution. He provided some resources for the Dean Meng Chihang to break through to the Primary Sea Realm. He then distributed resources to people he was familiar with.

Li Fuchen then activated the teleportation board and returned to the East Unicorn Continent.


As soon as Li Fuchen arrived at the East Unicorn Continent, the continent willpower reacted. It blasted a destructive wave towards Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s cultivation realm was too high and the East Unicorn Continent felt an intense threat.

“Mm?!” Li Fuchen was rather astonished.

He thought that the East Unicorn Continent wouldn’t be able to suppress him. He didn’t expect for the East Unicorn Continent to be this powerful. This level of suppression was even stronger than the Seven Color Continent.

Using the spirit soul ability, Li Fuchen’s qi presence instantly vanished.

At the same moment, the destructive wave gradually subsided.

“It seems like the East Unicorn Continent isn’t just a simple low-class continent?” Li Fuchen said to himself.

The East Unicorn Continent was almost the same as the time he left. The only difference was that most of the people left the East Unicorn Continent through the teleportation array.

Li Fuchen used his spiritual awareness to sweep across the entire East Unicorn Continent and couldn’t even see a few Reincarnation Realm experts.

It was fortunate that most of the people he paid attention in the Li Clan and Azure Water Sect were still around.

Li Fuchen didn’t immediately return to the Li Clan as he was planning to seek out the secrets of the East Unicorn Continent.

Firstly, Li Fuchen arrived in the vicinity of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

After scanning with his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen found a spatial zone.

If he didn’t guess it wrongly, the spatial zone would be the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.


Li Fuchen was surprised that he actually couldn’t enter the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

This meant that the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was a hidden domain created by a saint too. If it was a hidden domain formed naturally, he should be able to enter.

“That’s right, the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain has the Spirit of Hidden Domain. I have never heard of other hidden domains having the Spirit of Hidden Domain!”

Li Fuchen suddenly recalled something.

The Emperor Sky Continent had plenty of hidden domains and there were many that were created by saints. However none possessed the Spirit of Hidden Domain.

“I wonder where is the Star Road?”

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness pervaded the void and even started to search the nearby sea region of the East Unicorn Continent. However, he could find any traces of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

In the end, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to find out any of the East Unicorn Continent’s greatest secrets.

If he still didn’t know that the East Unicorn Continent was a little special, then he would be a fool.

Finally, Li Fuchen arrived at the teleportation array in the valley.

This teleportation array allowed everyone from the East Unicorn Continent to teleport to the Emperor Sky Continent.

However, Li Fuchen didn’t know if it would restrict cultivation realms.

The teleportation array was different from the teleportation board. The latter was much more mystical and complex. Therefore, even if the teleportation distance wasn’t enough, one would still be able to teleport, but would drop out of the void in the middle. If the spatial crystal in the teleportation array wasn’t big enough, and if the teleporter’s cultivation was too high, there might be a mistake in teleportation place or the teleportation would just fail.

After all, the difference between a Reincarnation Realm expert and Law Phase Realm emperor was too huge.

Before returning, Li Fuchen already had the plan to try the East Unicorn Continent’s teleportation array. He was confident that with the void dao heart, even if there was a mistake in the teleportation place, it shouldn’t be dangerous. If it wasn’t going to work, then he would slowly make his way back to the Emperor Sky Continent.

It was fortunate that the Seven Color Continent already had a teleportation array connected to the Emperor Sky Continent, therefore, he didn’t need to try.


After carefully checking the teleportation array, Li Fuchen suddenly realized that this wasn’t a regular teleportation array. When his spiritual awareness scanned across the teleportation array, he looked into the depths of the void, there were arrow-shaped array patterns. Furthermore, this teleportation array didn’t use any spatial crystal.

“The person that constructed this teleportation array has void law proficiency that is definitely ten times more than me.”

Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance.

To be able to construct a teleportation array without the use of spatial crystal meant that this person wasn’t just an array saint, the person was also a void dao saint, furthermore, the person was a top-notch void dao saint.

“It seems like this teleportation array can really teleport me to the Emperor Sky Continent.” Li Fuchen said to himself.

When Li Fuchen returned to the Li Clan, the Li Clan was extremely lively.

Li Fuchen had been gone for a long time and had nearly become a legend. No one expected for Li Fuchen to return suddenly.

The Li Clan had great changes. In the past, there weren’t a lot of Earth Shatter Realm martial artists in the Li Clan, but the entire clan was filled with Earth Shatter Realm martial artists now. There were also more than ten Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists. As for Reincarnation Realm experts, they were only Li Fuchen’s parents, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan.

Li Fuchen was surprised to find out that his parents actually made a younger sister for him. Her name was Li Fuxiang and was only six years old. She was shy and wanted to come over to talk, but didn’t really dare.

Li Fuchen laughed and carried her.

Perhaps it was due to the parents’ high cultivation and also qi fate, this little girl’s bone frame was far superior to Li Fuchen’s bone frame. It was actually a 5-star bone frame.

Having an innate 5-star bone frame was different from having a 5-star bone frame later on. With the same cultivation environment, an innate 5-star bone frame would be definitely superior.

Since his young sister had an innate 5-star bone frame, it meant that even if she was on the East Unicorn Continent, she would be able to cultivate to the Reincarnation Realm. After reaching the Seven Color Continent and Emperor Sky Continent, there were great chances for her to reach the Battle Spirit Realm. With the combination of superior resources, reaching Battle Spirit Realm would be easy, there was also a great chance for her to reach the Primary Sea Realm.

Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to stay in the East Unicorn Continent for a long time. On the next day, Li Fuchen spoke of his objective to the Li Clan and Azure Water Sect. If they were willing, they could head for the Seven Color Continent where the cultivation environment was better. They could even head for the Emperor Sky Continent that was even more superior.

Without any surprises, everyone agreed.

Since everyone agreed, Li Fuchen started to think of methods to head for the Seven Color Continent.

There were two methods, one was to build a large ship and cross the ocean to the Seven Color Continent.

With Li Fuchen around, there wouldn’t be any danger along the way. After all, the chances of encountering a demonic beast overlord in this place was too low and extremely close to zero.

However, this method would take a lot of time and would need at least a few years.

The second method was to construct a teleportation array. As long as the Seven Color Continent and the East Unicorn Continent was constructed with a connecting teleportation array, they would be able to teleport back and forth.

Li Fuchen immediately took action and went back to the Seven Color Continent. He asked the only array monarch in the Red Rainbow Sect to help with the construction of the teleportation array. As for the spatial crystal, Li Fuchen had a few and didn’t need to get any from the Red Rainbow Sect.

The construction of the teleportation array was rather long, but a few months later, it was still constructed.

This teleportation array was a mid-sized array and could teleport 100 individuals each time. The teleportation would require 50 million low-grade spirit stones and on average, each individual would need 500 thousand low-grade spirit stones. It had an obviously higher low-grade spirit stones consumption than the teleportation board.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen was in possession of a great quantity of spirit stones. At this level, only high-grade spirit stones were harder to find, but he could basically find as many mid-grade spirit stones and low-grade spirit stones as he wanted. After all, it was useless for him to keep them.

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