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Chapter 712: Back to Seven Color Continen

The void key was required in order to enter the hidden domain of the Void Grand Canyon, but Li Fuchen entered casually.

When walking within the Void Grand Canyon, Li Fuchen felt an unprecedented freedom.

Before condensing the void dao heart, Li Fuchen didn’t feel it. Now that he condensed the void dao heart, he felt like a bird that got out from the birdcage. He was now flying in the sky without any restraints.

When releasing his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen immediately discovered that his spiritual awareness was now able to fuse with void law, allowing him to scan the depths of the void.

It was truly incredible, as most of the saints couldn’t even see through the void with their spiritual awareness.

Those that could do it were mainly two types of individuals. The first type would be like Li Fuchen, who had condensed the void dao heart and was a void dao saint. The other type would be soul dao saints who cultivated soul dao investigative secret techniques.

“Void law, void dao heart!”

After exhaling a turbid breath, Li Fuchen revealed a confident smile.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen discovered a solitary space inside the hidden domain of the Void Grand Canyon.

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, the solitary space should be the saint’s garden.

With a flash, Li Fuchen shifted into the void garden.


However, Li Fuchen was immediately repelled.


The saint’s garden contained the void law that was so powerful that Li Fuchen couldn’t enter by shifting.

Without leaving the Void Grand Canyon’s hidden domain, Li Fuchen started to cultivate the Void Heaven Sword Art’s third move Void Heaven Sword World.

This move was an absolute kill move, once it was cultivated, Li Fuchen would be confident in killing any great emperors with a single move.

With the sword heart and void dao heart, Li Fuchen had a much easier time cultivating the Void Heaven Sword World. He already understood the majority of the essence of it in just one day.

One week later…

“Void Heaven Sword World.”

Li Fuchen brandished the sword and a sword light extended out. Everything within the sword light was motionless.

Instead of saying it was motionless, it was better to say that the speed was a few hundred or a thousand times slower.

“Void Heaven Sword World, a sword dao world!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes were flickering with radiant understanding.

Li Fuchen wanted to eradicate the Blood Sift Union and Clan of Darkness, however, these two dark factions seemed to have vanished without any traces.

Li Fuchen knew that these two factions were hiding from him.

The Emperor Sky Continent was massive and if they were intentionally hiding from him, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to find them no matter how capable he was.

Unless his spiritual awareness was able to cover the entire Emperor Sky Continent. It was a pity that it wasn’t possible. It was something that most of the saints wouldn’t be able to do so either.

Since the two factions were hiding from him, Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to waste his efforts to search. He was planning to return to the Seven Color Continent and the East Unicorn Continent.

“This time, I don’t think I will receive a backlash from the spatial power.”

Li Fuchen had already left a void imprint on the Emperor Sky Continent. Even if he returned to the Seven Color Continent, he would be able to return. He would only need to spend more time to return, but it shouldn’t be more than ten years.

Li Fuchen took out the teleportation board and didn’t even hesitate to activate it. The void distorted and Li Fuchen suddenly vanished.

When Li Fuchen reappeared, he was above the sea. Apart from having some shallow breaths, nothing happened to Li Fuchen.

It wasn’t a surprise actually. As compared to the previous time, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was now at Law Phase Realm and he had even condensed the void dao heart. It wasn’t possible for the spatial power to have any backlash on him.

Turning back to take a look, Li Fuchen could still feel the existence of the void imprint, however, it was obstructed by the Emperor Sky Continent’s willpower. He wasn’t able to know the actual distance away, but he knew of the accurate direction.

After regulating his breath, Li Fuchen continued to activate the teleportation board.

10 times, 20 times, 50 times…

Li Fuchen suspected if the teleportation distance would be drastically smaller as his cultivation increased. Otherwise, why wasn’t he reaching the Seven Color Continent after nearly 100 teleportations.

In order to verify his teleportation distance, Li Fuchen left a void imprint in this place and teleported.

“As expected…” Li Fuchen let out a bitter smile.

The teleportation distance was much shorter than he imagined and was less than 300,000 miles. Teleporting for 100 times would be only 30 million miles.

As compared to this massive ocean, 30 million miles wasn’t considered anything.

In fact, Li Fuchen felt that his void shift’s speed wouldn’t be slower than this teleportation speed.

After all, with each teleportation, Li Fuchen would have to regulate his breath.

Of course, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be so silly to travel using his own energy.

If he used shifting techniques to travel, the consumption of sword energy would be astounding. He reckoned that a few tens of millions of miles would be enough to exhaust his sword energy.

500 times, 1000 times.

After close to 2000 teleportations, Li Fuchen could finally feel the qi presence of the Seven Color Continent.

At this moment, Li Fuchen had already used a few hundred million low-grade spirit stones. It was equivalent to a few tens of thousands of mid-grade spirit stones. To a Primary Sea Realm monarch, it wasn’t a small sum, but it was fortunate that it was nothing to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen let out a bitter smile after seeing the teleportation board.

This teleportation board was only going to last for a few more times. After close to 2000 teleportations, it put on a heavy burden to the teleportation board, resulting in several cracks.

“This is just a low-grade teleportation board after all.”

Teleportation boards might be rare, but they were separated into four grades.

The low-grade teleportation boards were of the lowest grade and had to be replenished with low-grade spirit stones, while only providing a short teleportation distance.

Mid-grade teleportation boards could be replenished with mid-grade spirit stones and the teleportation distance would be several tens of times more.

There were also the high-grade and peak-grade teleportation boards. However, in mid-class continents and low-class continents, teleportation boards were treasures of extreme value. Even a low-grade teleportation board would be considered precious. Most importantly, no one was able to produce teleportation boards.

From far, Li Fuchen could see the Seven Color Continent.

“What is going on?”

Scanning with his spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen realized he was facing the Blue Soil Continent and there were countless demonic beasts and sea beasts ravaging the land.

The Blue Soil Continent was dictated by the Blue Pine Pavilion. The only thing they could do was to open up the array to defend against the demonic beasts and sea beasts. They didn’t have any capability to fight back.

Li Fuchen frowned and increased his speed as he headed straight for Blue Pine Pavilion.

Boom Boom Boom…

Outside of the Blue Pine Pavilion, there were hundreds of demonic beast kings constantly blasting at the array.

If this was merely the case, the Blue Pine Pavilion wouldn’t be in this passive state. Among the hundreds of demonic beast kings, there was one demonic beast king that was extremely powerful. Each time it made a move, it would cause tremors to the Blue Pine Pavilion array.

Li Fuchen took just one glance to know that this demonic beast king’s strength was already comparable with mid-class combat emperors.

Half-emperors were already extremely terrifying in a normal mid-class continent. If it was a combat emperor, it would definitely be able to dominate the continent without any resistance.

Sensing Li Fuchen’s approach, one of the demonic beast kings charged at Li Fuchen.


Before the demonic beast king could even get near to Li Fuchen, it was turned into a blood mist by Li Fuchen’s qi presence.

Immediately after, Li Fuchen waved his hand and blasted out an imposing and powerful force.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

A shocking scene happened in front of the Blue Pine Pavilion members. Hundreds of demonic beast kings, including that most powerful demonic beast king were instantly turned into blood mist. With a blow of wind, all of them vanished without a trace.

“Such power!” The Blue Pine Pavilion Master’s eyes contracted.

After vanquishing hundreds of demonic beast kings, Li Fuchen didn’t stop and flew to the other continents on the Seven Color Continent.

The Seven Color Continent’s willpower might be suppressing Li Fuchen’s strength, but Li Fuchen’s cultivation realm was too high. It didn’t matter if it was one demonic beast king or multiple demonic beast kings. They were all destroyed in one move and there wasn’t even a need for a second move.

Half a day later, Li Fuchen arrived at the vicinity of the Red Rainbow Sect in the Red Soil Continent.

As compared to the other continents, the Red Soil Continent had the worst situation. At least a thousand demonic beast kings were gathered here and there were three with strengths of combat emperors. In the Red Sea that was just beside the Red Soil Continent, Li Fuchen could even feel the presence of a demonic beast ruler.

“That Red Flood Dragon has evolved into a demonic beast ruler.”

It was obvious that the Red Flood Dragon King used less than a decade to evolve after obtaining the Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s corpse. If Li Fuchen didn’t return in time, the Seven Color Continent might be converted into a world for the demonic beasts.

After all, the corpse of a demonic beast ruler was too beneficial for the demonic beast kings. The Red Flood Dragon King probably used a small portion and the rest were used to create powerful demonic beast kings.

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