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Chapter 711: Void Dao Hear

This battle was sinking into the Soul Emperor’s palm from the beginning. Li Fuchen was just like an insect on the spider web and could only struggle in vain.

“Two demonic beast half-overlords, let’s see how you deal with them.”

The Soul Emperor didn’t join the battle. Controlling two enslaved half-overlords in battle used up plenty of energy and soul power.

The Void Swallow Octopus’ strength was obviously stronger than the Griffin. The giant tentacles had dozens of suction cups and they would produce powerful suction force. Li Fuchen couldn’t even dodge.

As the Void Swallow Octopus attacked with one of the tentacles, Li Fuchen felt the void turning into water. It was tumbling and there were strong currents. He was just like a human in the water and couldn’t control his movements. He was led by the currents and couldn’t execute the sword shift in time.

“Spirit Soul Chain.”

Two purple chains scuttled out from the void and were shot towards the Griffin and Void Swallow Octopus.

The spirit soul attack was so fast and actually took the initiative even though it was launched later. Before the Void Swallow Octopus’ tentacle could touch Li Fuchen, the Spirit Soul Chain had already been buried into the Void Swallow Octopus’ giant body first.

Subsequently, the Void Swallow Octopus’ tentacle lost strength. The residual force was merely able to make Li Fuchen’s qi blood flare up a little.

“Soul dao secret technique?”

The thing that the Soul Emperor was worried about had happened.

He had already suspected that Li Fuchen was a soul dao cultivator when the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s soul poison was removed.

Now that Li Fuchen was using a soul dao secret technique, if Li Fuchen wasn’t a soul dao cultivator then what was he?


The Soul Emperor released two Blade of Spirit Soul to slash at the Spirit Soul Chain.

Clang! Clang!

The surface of the Spirit Soul Chain burst out with sparks, but there wasn’t any mark at all.

Li Fuchen’s Spirit Soul Chain might not be high in proficiency, but it was definitely tough.

After all, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was the purple spirit soul.

“What?!” The Soul Emperor was even more astonished.

His Blade of Spirit Soul was a low-grade soul dao secret technique. It wasn’t possible for it not to even leave behind a mark.

“Could it be that Li Fuchen’s soul dao secret technique was mid-grade? No, if it is a mid-grade soul dao secret technique, Li Fuchen would have used it previously.”

Soul dao secret techniques were separated into five grades, basic-grade, low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, and peak-grade.

Basic-grade soul dao secret techniques were used to build the foundation. It was rather okay to use against people weaker than yourself. Its effect wouldn’t be as good when dealing with an evenly matched enemy. Unless the enemy’s spirit soul had a flaw or was severely damaged.

Low-grade soul dao secret technique was when it started getting powerful. Even if it was against an evenly matched enemy, the enemy would have a hard time resisting and a careless mistake might result in severe damage.

As for mid-grade soul dao secret techniques, even the Soul Emperor thirst for it.

If the Soul Emperor possessed a mid-grade soul dao secret technique, the Emperor Sky Continent wouldn’t be able to stop them. Even a half-saint might be easily seized by him.

As for high-grade soul dao secret techniques, those below the saints wouldn’t even be able to cultivate them. Only after the spirit soul turned into saint soul, one would be able to cultivate high-grade soul dao secret techniques.

Once the high-grade soul dao secret technique was cultivated, even a saint at the 1st level Soul Merge Realm would be able to stand at the top, instilling fear in the enemies.

But according to what the Soul Emperor knew, a 1st level Soul Merge Realm saint would rarely possess a high-grade soul dao secret technique.

After all, the spirit soul was considered one of the ultimate mysteries in the universe and it wasn’t going to be that easy to comprehend.

As for peak-grade soul dao secret techniques, it only existed in legends. The Emperor Sky Continent didn’t have any records of a saint cultivating a peak-grade soul dao secret technique.

Putting side mid-grade soul dao secret techniques, if a low-grade soul dao secret technique was cultivated to the extremity, it would be very incredible as it was. Most importantly, when cultivating a soul dao secret technique, one could strengthen one’s spirit soul. This was why most saints had a great desire for soul dao secret techniques. They didn’t expect to injure others with the soul dao secret technique, they only wanted to protect their own spirit souls.

Therefore, every faction would have a spiritual awareness secret technique. Learning it might not increase your strength, but if you didn’t learn it, it would be hard to resist enemy spiritual awareness attacks.

In short, everyone wanted to learn secret techniques that were related to the spirit and mind.

Excluding the fact that Li Fuchen cultivated a mid-grade soul dao secret technique, then there was only one explanation… Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was extremely powerful and much more powerful than the Soul Emperor imagined.

“Soul Poison!”

Since the Blade of Spirit Soul didn’t work, the Soul Emperor changed a different low-grade soul dao secret technique.

Back then, Li Fuchen used a kind of fire dao spiritual awareness secret technique to negate the Soul Poison. Now that Li Fuchen was already executing the soul dao secret technique, he probably couldn’t use the fire dao spiritual awareness secret technique at the same time.

But soon enough, the Soul Emperor knew he was wrong.

While executing the soul dao secret technique, Li Fuchen was still able to use the fire dao spiritual awareness secret technique.


There was the sound of chains as a purple chain entered the Soul Emperor’s mind.

Right now, the Void Swallow Octopus, Griffin, and also the Soul Emperor were chained up by Li Fuchen’s Spirit Soul Chain.

“Damn it!” The Soul Emperor didn’t think that he would get trapped too.

However, this was nothing to him. He released a dark flash and instantly got rid of the Spirit Soul Chain.


After breaking free from the Spirit Soul Chain, the Soul Emperor was certain that Li Fuchen wasn’t using a mid-grade soul dao secret technique.

Had it been a mid-grade soul dao secret technique, the Soul Emperor would need to pay a huge price to break free.

Despite the case, the Soul Emperor knew that he wouldn’t be able to deal with Li Fuchen today.

When chained by the Spirit Soul Chain, the Void Swallow Octopus and the Griffin couldn’t even utilize 20% of their strength. How was it possible to seize Li Fuchen?

There was a black flash on both the Void Swallow Octopus and Griffin’s bodies, causing the Spirit Soul Chain to drop off. Subsequently, the Soul Emperor and the two half-overlords vanished.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, you stay.”

Li Fuchen acted decisively and shot a Spirit Soul Chain into the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s mind.

“Black Saber – Set Sail!”

Yan Qingwu made use of the opportunity and cleaved the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor into two.

The Blue Sun Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor acted quickly and used their shifting techniques to escape.

But Li Fuchen felt that it was the Soul Emperor who acted quickly and ordered the duo to escape with shifting techniques. The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor wasn’t a soul slave, therefore, he reacted a little late.

“Elder Li, are you okay?”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor and the others came over.

Li Fuchen shook his head.

The Safflower Empress said, “If we are the ones that had to deal with the half-overlords, we would have been dead a long time ago. I wonder what technique the Soul Emperor used to let the half-overlords utilize the majority of their strength.”

The strength of a half-overlord was far beyond what was exhibited. The Safflower Empress once encountered a half-overlord in the sea. That half-overlord was twice as powerful as the Void Swallow Octopus and Griffin.

It was reckoned that the Soul Emperor had to pay quite the price to allow the two half-overlords to utilize so much of their full strength.

Yan Qingwu said, “Fate can be deceived, similarly, the continent willpower can also be deceived.”

The trio knew that Li Fuchen was a soul dao cultivator, they might be surprised that Li Fuchen could repel the Soul Emperor and two half-overlords, but they weren’t especially surprised.

However, it was indescribable and shocking for the spectators that were 10,000 miles away.

“It turns out that the Sword Emperor is also a soul dao cultivator.”

With the Celestial Eye, the Celestial Eye Emperor was able to see through the circumstances.

The Soul Emperor alone had brought a storm to the Emperor Sky Continent. Now with the Sword Emperor, the Celestial Eye Emperor no longer had any place in the Emperor Sky Continent.

“It seems like I need to make a good consideration if I shall go to the Curse Temple ten years later.” The Celestial Eye Emperor said silently.

Only by heading to the Saint Spirit Continent, would he have the chance to progress. Otherwise, he could only die of old age on the Emperor Sky Continent. Dying sooner or later was still dying. The Celestial Eye Emperor was inclined to taking a risk at the Curse Temple, since the worst case was just death.

“As expected.”

Seeing Li Fuchen repelling the Soul Emperor, Qu Qingyan understood that her intuition wasn’t wrong. Li Fuchen was indeed more dangerous than the Soul Emperor.

With Li Fuchen’s help, she might really be able to return to the Saint Spirit.

As for the curse in the Curse Temple, she was rather confident she could remove it. She was only worried about the cursed martial artists in the Curse Temple. These cursed martial artists were undying and would continue to exist with the Curse Temple. Alone, she wouldn’t be able to deal with the cursed martial artists. Therefore, she required the help from Li Fuchen and others.

Time elapsed and the battle at the Imperial Flower Feast allowed Li Fuchen to sit firmly on his title of no.1 expert in the Emperor Sky Continent. His title of Sword Emperor had completely surpassed the Soul Emperor and the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

As for the Soul Emperor and his men, they had completely vanished after the incident at the Imperial Flower Feast.

There were rumors that the Soul Emperor’s group had ventured out to the sea. No one knew if they were heading for other continents or just temporarily.

Void Grand Canyon…

After finding a place for the Petrified Queen, Li Fuchen visited the Void Grand Canyon alone.

In order to condense the void dao heart, he had to comprehend the void law within heaven and earth. In the Emperor Sky Continent, the Void Grand Canyon was definitely the place with the most distinct void law.

Days passed by and Li Fuchen’s comprehension of the void law was getting better. At the same time, his Void Heaven Sword Art’s proficiency was also getting better.

However, he was still lacking a little to condense the void dao heart.

Li Fuchen had a feeling that he had yet to make contact with the core of the void law.

Only by reaching the core of the void law, there would be a chance to condense the void dao heart.

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and suddenly slashed towards the end of the canyon.

This sword slash was executed with the Void Heaven Sword Art’s Blade of Void.

Pfff Tss!

The void was slashed open and through the opening, Li Fuchen could sense even clearer void law.

“As expected.” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

This Void Grand Canyon was obviously created by a saint.

It didn’t just contain the void law from the saint, it also contained the void law from Emperor Sky Continent.

If it was the former, it would be useless even if Li Fuchen comprehended it, as it was someone else’s void law.

If it was the latter, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to comprehend anything within a short period of time. He could only grind away with more time.

But when both were combined, it gave Li Fuchen the opportunity.

Li Fuchen allowed his spiritual awareness to enter the opening as he strived to comprehend.

With spiritual awareness that was at the level of a saint, Li Fuchen was an easy time to sense the void law. Along with his heaven-defying perception, the comprehending effects were more than ten times better.

In the blink of the eye, one month passed by…

The place where Li Fuchen stood at had suddenly distorted.

Immediately after, Li Fuchen’s figure vanished.

Li Fuchen then reappeared within the hidden domain of the Void Grand Canyon.

“This is the void dao heart?”

Li Fuchen felt as though he fused into the void. If the void was water, then he would be the fish in the water. He could move along with the water. If others fought with him, they would already be lacking behind at the start.

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