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Chapter 710: Another Demonic Beast Half-Overlord

“No wonder!”

Li Fuchen finally understood why the Soul Emperor made a move. The Soul Emperor should be able to judge that even if he worked together with the Sky Horn Great Ruler, they might not be a threat to Li Fuchen. However, the Sky Horn Great Ruler was just a distraction and the real trump was the demonic beast half-overlord.

The strength of a half-overlord was enough to suppress any great emperor.

If it was a regular person, they would be like a fish on the chopping board and waiting to be slaughtered.

But it was a pity that some of Li Fuchen’s attributes were already at the level of a half-saint and might be even beyond.

The claw attack might have locked up the spatial zone and caused transformations to the spatial zone, but Li Fuchen was still able to react.


When the sharp claws and Joint-Heaven Sword clashed, Li Fuchen felt he was struck by a thunderbolt. He was blasted deep into the ground while the owner of the claw had also revealed itself.

It was a horrific avian with an eagle’s head and lion’s body. The feathers on its body were like iron swords that instilled fear.

“Griffin!” Someone couldn’t help exclaiming.

The Griffin was a top-notch, class 8 demonic beast and its body contained the bloodline of the overlord beast, Nine-Headed Lion. The Nine-Headed Lion was a top-notch overlord beast, and any beast that contained the Nine-Headed Lion’s bloodline wouldn’t be inferior to regular overlord beasts.

“It is a Griffin, this is bad.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor and the others were astonished.

“He actually enslaved a Griffin.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler looked at the Soul Emperor with a terrified expression.

The rumors mentioned that the Soul Emperor enslaved a demonic beast overlord and in the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s opinion, it was complete nonsense.

How could a demonic beast overlord be enslaved?

Even if it was enslaved before becoming an overlord, once it evolved into an overlord, the Soul Emperor’s enslavement would be broken, furthermore, the overlord would certainly take revenge.

It was true that the Soul Emperor didn’t enslave any demonic beast overlord, but he actually enslaved a demonic beast half-overlord.

But the Sky Horn Great Ruler didn’t know that the Soul Emperor didn’t just enslave one half-overlord, but two.

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had encountered the other half-overlord which was the Void Swallow Octopus.


The claw attack blasted Li Fuchen into the ground and the Griffin didn’t stop there. It opened its eagle beak and shot out golden flames.

The golden flames had nothing they couldn’t burn and instantly turned the surface of the ground into a sea of golden lava. The Vacant Mountain Emperor and the others believed that if they were the ones that had to stay in the lava, they would either suffer severe injuries or perish.

“Is the Sword Emperor going to fall?”

Everyone felt that it was rather unreal.

Who would have expected for the Soul Emperor to be this dangerous and could even enslave half-overlords.

The Sword Emperor might be formidable, but he wasn’t going to be a match for half-overlords.

Furthermore, the Soul Emperor was too scheming. He was already able to enslave half-overlords, but didn’t ask the half-overlord to attack immediately. Instead, he allowed the Sky Horn Great Ruler and the Red Moon Emperor to hold back Li Fuchen to prevent Li Fuchen from escaping.

“My intuition wouldn’t be wrong.” Qu Qingyan frowned.

Her intuition told her that Li Fuchen was the most dangerous individual. Therefore, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to die so easily.

Pfff Tss!

The sea of lava was ripped open and a figure rose up. It was none other than Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen looked at the Griffin and said, “No wonder it is a half-overlord. I was nearly injured.”

If he couldn’t react in time and got clawed by the Griffin, he would definitely suffer injuries.

Just by using the Sky Ring Sword Armor, the law field, and physical defenses, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to resist the attacks from the half-overlord.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen reacted early and was able to use an attack to weaken the Griffin’s attack.

The golden flames might be incredible, but it would only be effective if it burned directly on the body.

The Soul Emperor didn’t say anything and had a face that was even more gloomy.

Since the Griffin failed in its surprise attack, the Soul Emperor knew that it wouldn’t be that easy to kill Li Fuchen.

However, it didn’t matter, the Soul Emperor didn’t believe that Li Fuchen would be able to withstand the joint attacks from them.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor and the others could also see that Li Fuchen was in a difficult situation, therefore, they were planning to help. They might not be a match for the Griffin, but they were still able to hold back the Sky Horn Great Ruler and the Red Moon Emperor.

It was a pity that before the Vacant Mountain Emperor and the others could help, the Blue Sun Emperor and the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor stalled them.

“Get lost!’

The Safflower Empress waved her hand and caused safflowers to bloom in the air.

“Blue Sun – Nascent!” The Blue Sun Emperor blasted a fist and caused a giant blue sun to rise up from the horizon.

“Seven Emotions Great Palm!” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor rushed out from the Blue Sun Emperor’s back as he wanted to launch a surprise attack on the Safflower Empress.

“Black Saber – Twist of Fate!” Yan Qingwu helped the Safflower Empress to block the attack.

As for the Vacant Mountain Emperor, he had to deal with the Red Moon Emperor who turned back.

At this moment, within the radius of 10,000 miles, the world overturned as there was no light while the heaven and earth law were shattered.

The surrounding audience retreated again and again until they were 10,000 miles away.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

In comparison, the battle between Li Fuchen and the Griffin was the one that was at the pinnacle.

A man and a beast, both were existences beyond great emperors and great rulers. The Sky Horn Great Ruler couldn’t interfere for a moment and could only launch sneak attacks at Li Fuchen from time to time.

“It is impossible for a half-overlord to continue fighting in the Emperor Sky Continent without fear. There must be a reason that the half-overlord is able to fight at full strength.”

Li Fuchen’s mind had thoughts that flashed by like sparks.


A golden flame attacked and Li Fuchen used his sword shift to dodge.

Immediately after, a sharp claw sent Li Fuchen flying out from the void while his body had blood.

The half-overlord was too powerful and once the attack hit the target, injuries were inevitable. It was fortunate that the injuries weren’t severe and were only superficial along with some slight internal injuries.

To a body refinement emperor, it was nothing.

“Destructive Smash.” The Sky Horn Great Ruler made use of the opportunity to activate the powerful innate ability.

Without a choice, Li Fuchen clashed hard with the Sky Horn Great Ruler. However, this was definitely a vicious cycle. The Griffin then executed another claw attack to send Li Fuchen flying again.

Facing the Griffin alone was already tough, with another Sky Horn Great Ruler, Li Fuchen was at a disadvantage.

“Sect Origin Swords!”

Finally, Li Fuchen burst out with his strongest kill move.

A million swords qi appeared in the sky and they were like a boundless forest of swords. All of them were pointed at the Sky Horn Great Ruler and the Griffin.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler was extremely shocked. The Soul Emperor didn’t tell him that Li Fuchen had this kill move.

With a thought from Li Fuchen, a million swords qi attacked violently and buried the Sky Horn Great Ruler and the Griffin.

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

The swords qi were powerful, but the defenses of the Sky Horn Great Ruler and the Griffin were tougher.

Especially the Griffin as there weren’t any marks on the body after the swords qi thrust on its feathers.

It was fortunate that the Sect Origin Swords produced too many swords qi. Due to the constant thrusts, the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s body started to show blood.

“Soul Emperor, you tricked me.” The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s voice pervaded out of the swords qi.

He was in an extremely miserable state. Before the wounds on his body could recover, another wound would appear. The swords qi felt as though they were intelligent and would focus on the wounds, causing the wounds to become more severe. It was truly the same meaning of a single ant nest being able to destroy an entire palace.

It was fine if the Sky Horn Great Ruler could use shifting techniques. However, among the four demonic beast great rulers, only the Gold-Winged Great Ruler and the Black Wolf Great Ruler could use shifting techniques.

This was also why it was the humans that dominated the continent. The demonic beasts were powerful, but their overall strength was inferior.

The Soul Emperor didn’t bother. If the Sky Horn Great Ruler wasn’t blocking at the front, the Soul Emperor wouldn’t have been able to eliminate Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Swords.

He might have been able to dodge most of the swords qi previously and only suffered light injuries, but back then when the Safflower Empress attacked first, he was already executing the shifting technique. By the time Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Swords attacked, his shifting technique had been completely executed. However, the Red Moon Emperor wasn’t so lucky and had been punctured multiple times. Had it not been for the Soul Emperor’s forbidden technique, the Red Moon Emperor would still be in a half-death state.

Of course, even without the Sky Horn Great Ruler, the Soul Emperor was still able to deal with Li Fuchen’s Sect Origin Swords. However, it would be rather troublesome.

If the Sky Horn Great Ruler was only slightly capable as the top of the four demonic beast great rulers, he would have been dead many years ago.

“Destructive Trample!”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler had reverted to its original form and it was a horned beast with gray skin.

His body was emitting destructive light and expelled the swords qi before he started to trample violently.

Bang Boom!

The void was cracking from the trample and all the Sect Origin Swords qi that attacked the Sky Horn Great Ruler were all bursting apart.

“Soul Emperor, Sword Emperor, just you wait.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler didn’t plan to risk his life. The Destructive Trample could only be executed by burning the bloodline. It must not be used often. Furthermore, he could see that the Soul Emperor had ulterior motives, therefore, he wasn’t going to continue standing at the front.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler vanished without a trace after turning into a stream of light.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about the Sky Horn Great Ruler. With the Sky Horn Great Ruler gone, Li Fuchen had a much easier time and wouldn’t try to stop the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

The Griffin was a half-overlord for a reason. After getting hit by countless swords qi, it merely dropped some feathers, but there were no signs of blood.

Huff Huff Huff…

The golden flames were spurted out and dissolved the rest of the remaining Sect Origin Swords qi.

“Blade of Void.”

A transparent sharp blade appeared out of a sudden. It then thrust towards the weak spots on the Griffin’s feathers.


The Griffin’s defense was basically on its feathers. Now that there were gaps in between the feathers, the Griffin wouldn’t be able to withstand this attack.


A sharp and irritating chirp could be heard. The Griffin turned back and pecked at Li Fuchen.

It was a pity that Li Fuchen had already flown far away and wouldn’t give any chance.

The Griffin had over a dozen places with gaps in its feathers. Li Fuchen looked around and circled around the Griffin.

Before this, he wasn’t able to injure the Griffin. Firstly, it was due to the fact that the Sky Horn Great Ruler was by the side. Secondly, it was due to the feather defense of the Griffin that was too tough. Unless the enemy was able to focus on one single point of attack, it was impossible to break the defense.

Now that the Sky Horn Great Ruler had left and the Griffin’s feathers had weak spots. With Li Fuchen’s heaven class high-tier, Joint-Heaven Sword, the Griffin wouldn’t be able to resist.

Of course, the Griffin was still a half-overlord after all, as Li Fuchen would still be struck by the claws from time to time.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s defense was tough and small injuries weren’t considered anything. Even after being attacked for over a dozen times, Li Fuchen would only suffer slight internal injuries.


Li Fuchen’s heart sank. The Soul Emperor brought the other half-overlord, Void Swallow Octopus. In the sky, there were splashes of water. A giant tentacle lashed at Li Fuchen violently.

“Another half-overlord?” Everyone was flabbergasted.

One half-overlord was already enough to make things difficult for the instructor. Who was going to be able to resist against two half-overlords. Even if all the great emperors worked together, it still wouldn’t be enough.

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