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Chapter 709: Demonic Beast Half-Overlord

“Why should I help you?” Li Fuchen asked.

Qu Qingyan said, “Actually, you are not just helping me, you are also helping yourself. If you stay in the Emperor Sky Continent for this entire lifetime, do you think you can make it to the saint’s realm?”

“Uncertain.” Li Fuchen replied.

In fact, even if Li Fuchen had to stay in the Emperor Sky Continent, he was rather confident in reaching the saint’s realm. However, he reckoned he would need to spend more time.

Qu Qingyan shook her head. “It isn’t uncertain, it is basically impossible. It is extremely difficult to step into the saint’s realm in a high-class continent. Only the prodigies with the most astounding talents would be able to do so. In mid-class continents, even 9-star bone frames wouldn’t be able to make it to the saint’s realm. They would only perish from old age.”

Li Fuchen didn’t say anything and continued to listen.

“I wouldn’t like to hide things from the Sword Emperor, I am actually not from the Emperor Sky Continent. I am from the high-class continent, Saint Spirit Continent. Because of special reasons, a few dozen years ago, I arrived on the Emperor Sky Continent. After so many years, I have been searching for a method to return to the Saint Spirit Continent. I found out from ancient texts that the Curse Temple is connected to the Saint Spirit Continent. Therefore, I hope that the Sword Emperor can enter the Curse Temple with me.” Qu Qingyan said actively.

Li Fuchen responded, “Isn’t it said that a mid-class couldn’t be connected to a high-class continent with teleportation arrays?”

Qu Qingyan said, “With the continent willpower’s obstruction, it is indeed impossible to construct the teleportation array. However, it is different for the Curse Temple. In legends, this is the temple of the Curse Heaven Lord. When facing the Curse Heaven Lord’s qi presence, even a high-class continent willpower would temporarily withdraw.”

“It also means that if one is powerful enough, all these wouldn’t be a problem.” Li Fuchen commented.

“Yes, if you are powerful enough, all things impossible would become possible.” Qu Qingyan responded.

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to reply. “Let me consider.”

Li Fuchen was naturally going to a high-class continent, but he might not need to use the Curse Temple.

“Alright.” Qu Qingyan nodded.

Li Fuchen then told the conversation contents to Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu said, “The Curse Heaven Lord is a legend throughout the entire Deep Blue Plane. If the temple really belongs to the Curse Heaven Lord, then it is indeed possible to teleport to the Saint Spirit Continent.

Right at this moment, the Sword Spirit also said, “The Curse Heaven Lord is an incredible figure. Let alone the Deep Blue Plane, he is a lord-class existence in the entire universe. It is said that his Body of Curse allows him to live eternally. It is unknown if it is true or false.”

“Then what is the comparison with the previous owner of the Joint-Heaven Sword or the Saint Momenument’s owner?” Li Fuchen asked.

The Sword Spirit said, “They are of the same level of existence. But in terms of survivability, the Curse Heaven Lord is definitely stronger. At least, he is still living.”

Li Fuchen agreed. It was true that staying alive was more important than anything else.

The Imperial Flower Feast was closing to an end and during this period of time, Li Fuchen could feel that Qu Qingyan had communicated with plenty of people.

From the looks of it, Qu Qingyan felt that it wasn’t a guarantee with just two of them. Therefore, she was planning to invite more people to enter the Curse Temple.

However, it was unknown how many individuals would dare to enter.

After a moment, the Imperial Flower Feast ended. Qu Qingyan stood up and said some conventional words before declaring the end of the feast and for everyone to leave.

Many of the guests didn’t leave after departing from the Rainbow Garden. Instead, they were floating in the air. They didn’t believe that the Sky Horn Great Ruler would spare the Sword Emperor like this.

With the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s personality, he never left any grudge overnight.

It was obvious that the Sword Emperor wasn’t going to coexist with the Sky Horn Great Ruler too, therefore, a fight would definitely happen.

Soon enough, the Sky Horn Great Ruler and Li Fuchen departed from the Rainbow Garden.

“Sword Emperor, I already said that you can keep your life temporarily. It is time for me to harvest it now.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler let out a brutal laughter. If he was going to endure the fact that someone snatched his servant, he wouldn’t be called the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

So what if Li Fuchen had a heaven class high-tier weapon, the Sky Horn Great Ruler didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could do anything to him.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, I heard that your escape skills are nothing much. At least not as good as the Gold-Winged Great Ruler.” Li Fuchen chuckled.

‘Why did you mention me?’ The Gold-Winged Great Ruler stared with wide opened eyes.

“What do you mean?” The Sky Horn Great Ruler asked.

“If you are the Gold-Winged Great Ruler, I will not be able to kill you. But now, I still have a chance.” Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword.

“You are courting death!” The Sky Horn Great Ruler was enraged. He pulled out the horn on his head and cleaved at Li Fuchen.

Huff Huff Huff…

Destructive aura spread out.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler was able to stand on the top of the four demonic beast great rulers, because of his bloodline. It contained the destruction power, and it was definitely a supreme bloodline power. A single cleave using the horn was able to cause cracks in the void and there were signs of collapses.


Li Fuchen blocked the horn.

“The attack power is rather strong.” Li Fuchen felt that he had belittled the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s attack power was just slightly inferior to the Skull Great Emperor.

The Skull Great Emperor had the White Bone Saint Crown and he wasn’t just a regular top-class great emperor.

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

In just an instant, the duo had exchanged countless attacks.

“Get lost!”


A sword qi cleaved onto the shoulder of the Sky Horn Great Ruler and sent him flying with fresh blood spurting.

In terms of actual combat, the Sky Horn Great Ruler was far inferior to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was able to see through even the slightest movements from the Sky Horn Great Ruler. It could already be known as a precognition, allowing him to foresee the opponent’s next attack trajectory and also power.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

At the beginning, Li Fuchen could only land one attack on the Sky Horn Great Ruler out of every dozens of attacks.

As he continued to get familiarized with the opponent’s battle style, it became once every ten attacks, then it was once every five attacks, then once every three attacks.

In just ten minutes, the Sky Horn Great Ruler was covered in sword wounds and drenched with blood. Of course, these were all external wounds and it wasn’t able to cause any internal injuries to the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

“Such power!” Everyone was dumbfounded.

Li Fuchen’s strength was simply unpredictable. The Sky Horn Great Ruler was actually on the receiving end of the attacks and couldn’t resist after receiving dozens of sword attacks.

It was especially so for Qu Qingyan as she realized she still underestimated Li Fuchen.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler was definitely the most proficient in combat among the demonic beasts. It was rather common to have more attack power than the Sky Horn Great Ruler, but to attack him without resistance, it was rather exaggerating.

“Celestial Eye Emperor, are you able to resist it?” The Mystic Dark Emperor asked with a serious tone.

The Celestial Eye Emperor’s Celestial Eyes were known to be able to see through all flaws. When fighting against the Celestial Eye Emperor, there were times when a single move was enough to determine the outcome.

After taking a silent breath, the Celestial Eye Emperor said slowly, “Impossible.”

He wasn’t able to resist it. His Celestial Eyes might be able to see through all flaws, but Li Fuchen’s moves were simply unpredictable and he couldn’t see through the moves.

“Even you can’t resist it?!” The Mystic Dark Emperor was shocked as he thought he was the only one who couldn’t resist the attacks.

“Destructive Smash!”

After receiving dozens of sword attacks, the Sky Horn Great Ruler was enraged. He activated his innate ability, Destructive Smash. A massive horned beast image charged at Li Fuchen.

At that split moment, Li Fuchen felt a black hole smashing towards him and he couldn’t help leaning over.

“No wonder he stands at the top of the four demonic beast great rulers.” Li Fuchen was surprised.

Just this move alone was enough for the Sky Horn Great Ruler to stand at the top, as there were only a few who could withstand this attack.

Li Fuchen countered with Meteor Fall.


There was a collapse in the sky. One attack contained destruction power, while the other possessed extreme speed. When clashing, it caused a chain reaction, rupturing the heaven and earth law.


Li Fuchen was sent flying.

In this confrontation, Li Fuchen lost.

However, Li Fuchen immediately turned into a blinding radiance and vanished.

Tss Tss Tss Tss Tss…

The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s blood was spurting frenziedly and it was unknown how many sword strikes he received in just a split moment.

“Damn it, damn it!”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler was like a headless fly and was swinging everywhere, but couldn’t even touch the corner of Li Fuchen’s clothes.

Right now, he no longer showed his prowess as the no.1 demonic beast great ruler.

“Soul Emperor, when are you going to make a move!?” The Sky Horn Great Ruler burst out with a yell.

Li Fuchen was the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s bane and the Sky Horn Great Ruler had to admit that he wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, you disappointed me.”

The Soul Emperor was indeed disappointed, as he thought the Sky Horn Great Ruler could bring out Li Fuchen’s limits. As a result, the Sky Horn Great Ruler was in a pathetic state.

Of course, he didn’t think that he was also defeated by Li Fuchen once.

“Red Moon, do it.” The Soul Emperor commanded the Red Moon Emperor.

“Kill!” An immense murderous aura burst out as the Red Moon Emperor thrust his sword at Li Fuchen.

When exchanging sword moves with the Red Moon Emperor, Li Fuchen noticed that the Red Moon Emperor was now two times as powerful as before.

“Li Fuchen, this person cultivated a forbidden technique to consume one’s own lifespan to forcefully increase their strength. Yan Qingwu immediately saw through the Red Moon Emperor’s condition.

“So that is the case.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

To the Law Phase Realm emperor, lifespan was most important. Only with enough lifespan would an emperor be able to reach the higher realm. Otherwise, having strength was going to be useless.

It was obviously the Soul Emperor’s idea for the Red Moon Emperor to cultivate the forbidden technique. After all, the Soul Emperor didn’t bother about the Red Moon Emperor’s future.

The Red Moon Emperor might be two times stronger, but he was still not a match for Li Fuchen. After all, the Red Moon Emperor wasn’t even considered a top-class great emperor previously.


Li Fuchen sent the Red Moon Emperor flying.


Right at this moment, a horrifying bird’s call could be heard. A giant talon clawed at Li Fuchen from the void.

The Gold-Winged Great Ruler was astonished by the sharp talon.

His base body was the Gold-Winged Ruler Eagle and was a top-notch class 8 demonic beast. However, as compared to this talon attack, the Gold-Winged Great Ruler was utterly inferior.

When this claw was executed, the time and space froze. It felt as though time had frozen too. However, the void seemingly shrunk, shifted, or transformed. It was a split moment of changes and no one was able to see it clearly. They could only feel it vaguely.

“Demonic beast Half-Overlord!” Qu Qingyan and Yan Qingwu spoke at the same time.

The two of them couldn’t understand why a half-overlord would appear on the Emperor Sky Continent.

The demonic beast half-overlord might not be a half-overlord anymore, but possessed a portion of its overlord’s traits. Even the suppression from the Emperor Sky Continent was just a slight pressure.

Normally, when a demonic beast half-overlord arrived at the Emperor Sky Continent, its strength might not even be enough for a great emperor.

Otherwise, the Soul Emperor would have unified the Emperor Sky Continent and there wouldn’t be any other great emperors or empresses.

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