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Chapter 686
ER – Chapter 686: White Bone Devil Emperor

The Clear Wind Mountain had a few mountain peaks . On the eastern peak, the beautiful and grand hall had been razed to the ground . Yan Qingeu was seated in the center of the ruins and an imposing female law phase originated from her .

As a reincarnator, her cultivation was much easier than others, especially during the breakthroughs .

After all, she was once a great emperor in her previous life .

It was something that Li Fuchen would never match up to her .

In thi life, she had already cultivated until the 2nd rank of the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique . Breaking through to the Law Phase Realm was nothing but easy .

Withdrawing the law phase, Yan Qingwu opened her eyes . There was an absolute radiance that burst out from her eyes, giving off an empress aura .

At the western peak, Li Fuchen looked at Yan Qingwu from far away .

“She seems to be a little different again . ” Li Fuchen said silently .

He didn’t know that when Yan Qingwu progressed to the Law Phase Realm, her Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique automatically advanced to the 3rd rank . Right now, her true spirit was already comparable with great emperors .

Sensing Li Fuchen’s gaze, Yan Qingwu looked over from afar too .

The duo’s visions intersected in the void .

At this moment, Yan Qingwu realized that she was still unable to see through Li Fuchen .

She originally thought that once her true spirit reached the level of a great emperor, she should be able to see Li Fuchen’s true foundation . However, Li Fuchen was like a blackhole and she couldn’t see anything . On the contrary, she was the one that divulged her own true spirit presence .

“At the very least, he must be at the half-saint’s level!”

The true spirit contained an individual’s secret and through the true spirit presence, it was more or less possible to see the other party’s foundation . Since she couldn’t see through it, it meant that Li Fuchen’s true spirit was superior to her .

Two figures appeared above the Clear Wind Mountain . They were Yang Long and the Yang Clan Head, Yang Deng .

“Congratulations to Young Lady Yan for reaching the Law Phase Realm . The Yang Clan is honored to share the joy!”

Yang Deng cupped his fist and was very polite .

He might not know of Yan Qingwu’s exact strength, but from the looks of her law phase, Yan Qingwu was definitely stronger than him .

After some exchange of civilities, the duo left . They could see that Yan Qingwu didn’t enjoy such conversations .

In the blink of the eyes, Yan Qingwu had already broken through to the Law Phase Realm for a period of time .

On the western peak of the Clear Wind Mountain, Li Fuchen used his right sword hand to point at the void .  


A thin and translucent sword light extended out .

Without any sound and presence, a huge portion in the sea of clouds felt as though someone erased it .

“The first move is finally at the extremity . ” Li Fuchen let out a turbid breath .

Only after cultivating the first move of the Void Heaven Sword to the extremity, Li Fuchen would then be able to cultivate the second move . Similarly, the second move must be at the extremity for him to cultivate the third move . Otherwise, even if he spent ten times as much time, he might not be able to achieve anything .

Perhaps with the foundation of the first move, Li Fuchen was able to cultivate the second move, Blade of Void at a much faster pace . He reached the entry stage on the first day, sub-completion stage on the third day, and completion stage on the tenth day .


Within the sea of clouds, a transparent blade skimmed across and sliced up the sea of clouds into pieces .

The transparent blade wasn’t an ordinary sword light or sword qi . It was a spatial blade that contained sword dao law .

When sliced by the Blade of Void, even a great emperor would be crippled if not killed .

Of course, a great emperor wouldn’t use their body to receive the Blade of Void .

Twenty days later, Li Fuchen cultivated the Blade of Void to the extremity . He spent much less time than he did on the first move .

Immediately after, Li Fuchen started cultivating the third move, Void Heaven Sword World .

This move was the real kill move .

According to the description of the Void Heaven Sword Art in his mind, when this move was executed, even enemies stronger than the practitioner would be defeated . The enemy’s slight mistake might possibly mean death to the enemy .

In order to successfully cultivate this move, the practitioner had to condense the void sword heart .

Only after condensing the void sword heart, one would have complete control of void law and sword dao law . Only after having complete control of the two laws, the practitioner would then be able to form the sword world . If anything was lacking, it wouldn’t work .

Li Fuchen didn’t believe it at first, but after two weeks, he believed it .

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The third move, Void Heaven Sword World was different from the first two moves . Once this move was cultivated, it would be at the extremity . Without reaching the extremity, it was impossible to form the sword world . Therefore, there wasn’t any entry stage, sub-completion stage or completion stage .

Yang Clan’s grand hall was now in a gloomy state .

Who would have expected Yang Le to offend the White Bone Devil Emperor . The White Bone Devil Emperor was an existence that was just below great emperors . He was one the great evils in the Heaven Pillar Continent . Furthermore, the White Bone Devil Emperor was backed by the Skull Great Emperor .

It was even more of a surprise when the Yang Clan ancestor, Yang Long charged towards the White Bone Mountain single-handedly to rescue Yang Le . As a result, Yang Long was also captured by the White Bone Devil Emperor . It was unknown if he was dead or alive .

“Clan Head, we have to consider this matter at length . Our Yang Clan cannot afford to offend the White Bone Devil Emperor . ”

In the Yang Clan, an elder said in a bitter tone, “Consider at length? If we continue to consider it at length, our ancestor will probably perish . ”

Another elder yelled out, “Then what can we do? If we can rescue them, would we not? Right now, we are helpless too . ”

“Why don’t we head for the Heaven Fire Guild and seek for their help to mediate . ”

“It is probably impossible . The Heaven Fire Guild has been on great discord with the Skull Cult for the recent years . If the Heaven Fire Guild interferes, the Skull Cult will definitely interfere too . I think that the Heaven Fire Guild will not meddle in this matter . After all, it is our Yang Clan who is at fault . ”

In the grand hall, the Yang Clan elders were all in a heated discussion .

Yang Deng waved his hand for everyone to keep quiet before he said slowly, “We definitely have to rescue them, but we cannot ask for the Heaven Fire Guild for help . We can only invite our own experts . ”

To be honest, the Yang Clan didn’t know any Law Phase Realm experts . The only similar help they could get were Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu . Yang Deng could only hope that Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had such strength . He also hoped that the duo would be willing to help .

However, even if the duo were strong, were they able to deal with the White Bone Devil Emperor?

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After all, the White Bone Devil Emperor was a peak-class emperor .

With doubts, Yang Deng arrived at Clear Wind Mountain .

“White Bone Devil Emperor?” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

Yan Qingwu said, “If the White Bone Devil Emperor is a high-level emperor, I am certain that I can deal with him . If he is a peak-class emperor, I am not as confident . ”

“If I am included, it should be enough . ” 

In a solo fight, Li Fuchen wasn’t certain he could deal with the peak-class emperor .

He might be able to exchange a few moves with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler who was comparable with a top-notch great emperor .

However, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler underestimated Li Fuchen and it was only an exchange of a few moves . A peak-class emperor would be able to exchange moves with a great emperor, it might even be over a few dozen moves . Furthermore, experts had advantages and disadvantages against each other . Li Fuchen might be able to contest with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler for a few moves, but he might not even last a few moves with a human great emperor .

“The two esteemed guests are confident?” Yang Deng didn’t really believe his ears .

Originally, he didn’t have much expectations and was just trying out everything in this desperate situation . He didn’t expect the duo to still be so calm after hearing that the White Bone Devil Emperor was a peak-class emperor .

“Let’s move out . We will not take our lives as jokes . ”

They were willing to save Yang Long because they had a good impression of Yang Long and of the Yang Clan . Otherwise, Li Fuchen wouldn’t want to provoke the White Bone Devil Emperor . After all, the White Bone Devil Emperor had the backing of the Skull Great Emperor .

“Many thanks to the two esteemed guests . ” Yang Deng took a deep breath and bowed .

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