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The news of Li Fuchen inflicting a serious injury to Qing Shaoyu in one punch, spread like a wildfire on the plains. It was broadcasted throughout the sect with no restraints.

Gasps were heard all over as the news travelled.

It was originally thought that prodigies had a faster progress and Li Fuchen had used up all his talent.

But no one ever thought that Li Fuchen's progress would have been even faster.

To be able to defeat Qing Shaoyu in one punch; his overall ability would have to at least be able to attain top 10 in the Tower of Tribulations.


All those gossips and rumors weren't a bother to Li Fuchen. Whenever he had free time, he would go fishing at Cang Lan Lake.

In the past few months, since he redeemed 60 dragon tiger pills, his contribution points balance left, was 29,500.

During the process of cultivating the Interception Form Dao, he would visit Cang Lan Lake occasionally. As such, his contribution points had once again reached 90,000.

But after redeeming his second batch of 60 dragon tiger pills, Li Fuchen's contribution points were wiped clean.

Thus, for the next two months, Li Fuchen intended to spend time at Cang Lan Lake.

Cultivating and fishing all at the same time.

8500 kg… 9000… 9500… 10,000 kg

With just a week before the outer sect tournament, Li Fuchen finally attained completion of second rank in the Interception Form Dao.

His physical strength had now reached the 10,000 kg class.

In fact, 60 dragon tiger pills weren't enough to bring the Interception Form Dao to the completion of the second rank.

And Li Fuchen didn't have anymore contribution points to redeem more dragon tiger pills.

But Cang Lan Lake had nothing but an abundance of treasure fishes.

For the past few days, Li Fuchen would consume several first tier and second tier treasure fishes.

A first tier treasure fish cost 100 points per kilo and ten kilos would be 1000 points. Eating a first tier treasure fish was not much different than consuming one dragon tiger pill.

Second tier fishes were 1000 points per kilo and eating one was equivalent to several dragon tiger pills.

As his physical strength reached 10,000 kg, Li Fuchen's body weight drastically shot up to 80 kg. Every inch of his body was unimaginably durable and tough.

Standing at 1.75 meters, Li Fuchen didn't seem all that muscular and remained lean looking. Even if anyone were to stare closely, he looked 65 kg at most and looked to be slightly stronger than before.

'A body refinement technique isn't something anyone can cultivate. The amount of resources spent to achieve this body of strength, should probably be around 600,000 gold coins.'

Li Fuchen felt moved.

The journey from a few hundred kilos of physical strength to 10,000 kg now, Li Fuchen had consumed a total of 500 body tempering pills, 120 dragon tiger pills, and an unknown amount of treasure fishes. In terms of contribution points, it would be around 300,000 and converting that into gold coins, that would be around 600,000.

Actually, 600,000 gold coins was already the best price. In the outside world, rare pills like body tempering pills were always marked up and sold at inflated prices.

As such, it wouldn't be exaggerating to say that a clan would have to go bankrupt in order to nurture a 10,000 kg martial artist. Even a major clan like the Li Clan would need to think of all possible methods just to be able to do so.

This was just 10,000 kg of physical strength. Had it been 20, 50, or 100 thousand, who knows how much more resources would be required.

But the most important point was that, as one's physical strength increases, regular resources weren't of any use anymore.

What Li Fuchen can only use now, is the high-tier, yellow class, dragon tiger pills. But once his Interception Form Dao reached the full completion stage, he would need peak-tier, yellow class body tempering pills.

Peak-tier, yellow class body tempering pills cost 10,000 points per pill, which meant that it was 20,000 gold coins.

Li Fuchen would get a headache everytime he thought about it.

'I wonder what is the highest grade pill within the sect.'

Even though the way of body refinement technique is an extremely difficult path… and with every 10,000 individuals only 1 would reach the end stages…

Nevertheless, Li Fuchen would never abandon this path.

He believed in his own ability of acquiring enough resources, and with enough resources, the way of body refinement techniques can be continued.


Due to consuming too many first tier and second tier treasure fishes, tLi Fuchen's harvest for the past two months wasn't huge. After submitting them to the task hall, he only got a total of 4000 contribution points.

This was the first time that the task elder saw Li Fuchen receiving so little points. He felt relief and thought: 'So this kid still screws up sometimes.'

On the way back to his courtyard, Li Fuchen saw a scene which shocked him.

The Wu Qingmei who got close with Shang Guan Hong, was actually walking together with a youth who had a tough and stocky build.

If he guessed it right, this youth should be the top of the 10 Prodigies, first ranked in the Tower of Tribulations - Yu Wen Tian.

The outer sect's only 5 star bone frame.

Li Fuchen thought: 'This Wu Qingmei sure isn't simple!'

He couldn't be bothered with other people's affairs. Retracing his sight, he wanted to leave.

Nobody expected for Yu Wen Tian to sight Li Fuchen too, he then stopped him, "Li Fuchen. Hold on."

Li Fuchen asked: "What's the matter?"

Yu Wen Tian replied: "I am Yu Wen Tian. You should know my name. Would you be interested in becoming one of my subordinates? Don't worry, I will not ask for anything from you, it is purely my way of appreciating you."

(TL note: I only realised at this point that Yu Wen Tian's family name is Yu Wen. Just like Shen Tu and Shang Guan)

Li Fuchen rebutted, "I am just a normal bone frame, I do not have any value to you."

Yu Wen Tian laughed, "Potential may be important, but the results of the current juncture is important too. Putting hopes on one's potential is just a coward's behaviour. You who are able to display the power of a prodigy, shows you aren't just any ordinary person."

Li Fuchen shook his head, "I am indeed very happy that you have such high praises for me. But I will not be a subordinate of anyone."

Wu Qingmei who stood beside Yu Wen Tian tried to convince him, "Li Fuchen, you best reconsider. Yu Wen shige has 5 star bone frame. The things he redeem within the sect are all sold at a flat 30% price. If you were to become his subordinate, you would definitely have a better time in the future."

In the Cang Lan Sect, grades were treated with utmost importance. Outer sect disciples are graded into: 3rd grade, 2nd grade, and 1st grade. Beyond the 1st grade are the prodigies.

Even though prodigies are also 1st grade outer sect disciples, they could redeem items in the sect for 50% of the price.

Yu Wen Tian who is at the top of the prodigies and is also the only 5 star bone frame disciple, is only required to redeem items at 30% of the price.

Li Fuchen was obviously envious, but he would never agree to become a subordinate of anyone and thus, he rejected Yu Wen Tian.

Looking at the back of Li Fuchen, Wu Qingmei said, "He sure is ignorant."

Yu Wen Tian didn't mind: "Doesn't matter, I am just curious about him and want to know him better."

As the 'king' of the outer sect disciples, he didn't put anyone in his sight and naturally wouldn't get angry over this.

From a far distance, a figure was rushing towards Wu Qingmei.

"Wu shimei, if you change your heart now, I can still forgive you."

The one who rushed here was Shang Guan Hong, he had on an mournful expression.

Wu Qingmei indifferently replied, "Shang Guan shixiong, I have never like you before. So what is this change of heart you are talking about?"

"Wu shimei, don't lie to me. If you didn't like me, why were you so close with me in the beginning?" Shang Guan Hong shook his head, it was obvious he felt heart broken.

Wu Qingmei said, "I only treated you like a friend, please don't overthink it."

"Wu shimei, you are so heartless. The reason why you abandoned me, isn't it because he is stronger and better than me?" Shang Guan Hong pointed at Yu Wen Tian.

Yu Wen Tian remained calm: "Shang Guan Hong, pestering is a foolish behaviour. Since Wu shimei says she doesn't like you, you better give up."

"Yu Wen Tian, wait and see. One day, I will defeat you."

Shang Guan Hong glared at Yu Wen Tian and Wu Qingmei, then left in anger.

"This world has too many bothersome people." Yu Wen Tian shook his head.

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