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Chapter 679
ER – Chapter 679: Special-Grade Soul Herb

“What do you want?” The Four Way Martial Emperor admitted defeat .

In the face of absolute strength, he didn’t have a choice .

Li Fuchen responded, “I don’t want anything I just wish to exchange for some resources . ”

The four major first-rate factions already had quite a substantial amount of top-class resources, it was most definite that the Four Way Empire’s resources would be on a higher level .

“If that is only the case, there isn’t a need to even fight . ” The Four Way Martial Emperor frowned and said .

Li Fuchen chuckled and said, “If I said that at the start, would you even bother with us?”

The Four Way Martial Emperor fell silent . It was true, if Li Fuchen immediately offered for an exchange of resources, he might not have agreed and would still have to go through a battle .

“Follow me . ”

The Four Way Martial Emperor didn’t dare to pull any tricks . Right now, his life was in Li Fuchen’s hand .

The Four Way Empire’s treasure vault was extremely grand . Even if all of the four major first-rate factions were combined, they might also be inferior .

The top-notch resources contained within the treasure vault didn’t disappoint Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu .

“With these two stalks of Reversal Spirit Herb, I will be able to cultivate until the 1st rank of the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique . ”

It was beyond Yan Qingwu’s expectations when she found two stalks of Reversal Spirit Herb in the treasure vault .

But as compared to Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu’s rewards were inferior .

Li Fuchen found 15 stalks of high-grade soul herbs in the treasure vault .

Apart from that, there was one stalk of special-grade soul herb .

The soul herb was sorted into four grades, low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade, and special-grade .

A low-grade soul herb was an earth class low-tier herb . A mid-grade soul herb was an earth class high-tier herb . A high-grade soul herb was a heaven class low-tier herb . A special-grade soul herb was a heaven class high-tier herb .

Li Fuchen had never seen a heaven class high-tier herb .

It was said that heaven class high-tier herbs were also useful for saints .

“I have a question . Where can I find more soul herbs in the Four Way Continent?”

After keeping the soul herbs, Li Fuchen asked the Four Way Martial Emperor .

The Four Way Martial Emperor replied honestly, “The Four Way Continent has a dangerous place called the Soul Valley . Whenever a mist appears in the Soul Valley, it means a soul herb will appear . But the Soul Valley is extremely dangerous . Once anyone goes inside too deep, they might never exit that place again . ”

“Soul Valley…” Li Fuchen took note of the name .

He was planning to take a look there when there was a chance .

“I should have ventured out earlier . ”

The Thunder Beast who had turned into a demonic dog was frowning and was rather regretful .

Within the Four Way Empire’s treasure vault, there were plenty of herbs that could strengthen demonic beast’s bloodlines .

When he was staying in the Thunder Cloud Cult previously, Duanmu Tian might tribute some top-notch resources for him to consume, but the quantity and quality of those herbs couldn’t be compared with the Four Way Empire .

Yan Qingwu said, “The Four Way Empire is only a monarch-class faction . In the outside world, there are plenty of emperor-class factions or even saint-class factions . At those places, there are plenty of high-grade herbs . ”

She wasn’t just bragging when she guaranteed the Thunder Beast that he could evolve into a demonic beast ruler within ten years .

According to what she knew, there were a few resources that allowed a demonic beast to progress significantly after consumption . As long as they could find one of those resources, it would reduce the time to evolve by half .

After leaving the Four Way Empire’s capital city, the duo and the beast found a mountain range where they could cultivate in seclusion .

15%, 16%…

After consuming 15 stalks of high-grade soul herbs, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was now 18% pale red .

“The effects of the soul herbs are getting weaker . ”

Previously, Li Fuchen only used 11 stalks of high-grade soul herbs to progress from 10% to 14% .

Right now, he actually used 15 stalks of high-grade soul herbs to only progress from 14% to 18% .

“I wonder about the effects of this special-grade soul herb . ”

Li Fuchen stuffed the special-grade soul herb into his mouth .

After a long time, Li Fuchen opened his eyes and they shot out with radiance .

“No wonder it is a special-grade soul herb . The effects are nearly twice of 15 stalks of high-grade soul herbs . It is actually more than twice . ”

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was already 25% pale red .

The powerful train of thoughts caused Li Fuchen’s mind to perform incredibly . He felt that there was almost nothing in this world that he couldn’t comprehend .  

Three days later…

In the sky above the mountain range .

“Meteor Fall!”

Li Fuchen thrust his right hand’s middle and index fingers at one of the mountains .


The mountain top was first penetrated before turning into dust .

The sword move was much stronger than Li Fuchen imagined .

When he executed the sword move, everything in the vicinity of the mountain was in an almost stasis state . It only reverted to normal after the mountain was penetrated . Subsequently, the mountain top started to disintegrate and turn into dust .

However, this sword move was not completed yet . At least, it still wasn’t fast enough .

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, it would only be considered fast when it could distort time and space .

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One week later…

At Yan Qingwu’s seclusion spot .

An intent saber intent rushed into the sky .


Yan Qingwu flew to high altitudes and cleaved down .

There was no sound and presence . Everything had been split apart, even the heaven and earth law was split apart by the saber .

Seeing this scene, the Thunder Beast felt chills down his spine .

He felt that if he received this saber move, even his demonic beast spirit would be cleaved apart and there was no chance of survival .

“I am finally able to utilize the full power of Black Saber . “

Now that the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique was at the 1st rank, Yan Qingwu’s true spirit was already comparable with regular Law Phase Realm emperors . It was enough for her to execute the Black Saber at full power .

Of course, it was still lacking if she wanted to execute Black Saber’s finishing move, Seek Dao .

After all, the finishing move of the Black Saber was already at the heaven class peak-tier .

The same moment when Yan Qingwu executed the saber move, a few dozen miles away, there was a sword intent that rushed into the sky and it distorted the time and space .

“Such powerful sword intent!” Yan Qingwu raised her brows and was filled with shock .

“Yan Qingwu, let’s have a spar . ” Li Fuchen flew up and stood in the air .

After over a week of comprehension, Li Fuchen finally created the heaven class high-tier Meteor Fall . Right now, he was just lacking actual combat practice .

“Alright . ”

Yan Qingwu raised the black saber high above her head and executed the Black Saber – Set Sail at Li Fuchen .

As compared to before, Yan Qingwu used her full strength this time . In the void, qi waves were rushing at both sides .

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The qi waves weren’t just air, they were obviously manifestations of energy and heaven and earth law .

Wherever the saber edge pointed, there was nothing else but saber intent . Everything else was isolated .

Li Fuchen smiled and drew the Joint-Heaven Sword before brandishing it .

The time and space appeared with some distortion .

The distortion of time and space took out the significance of distance and time .

At the same moment, the dazzling sword light disregarded the distorted time and space . It then clashed with the opposing saber light .

The Thunder Beast was dumbfounded .

In the mountain range which stretched over 10,000 miles . Most of the mountain peaks started to float and were frozen in the sky, including the Thunder Beast .

“Thunder Armor!”

The Thunder Beast was appalled and quickly activated its innate ability to protect himself .

Tss Tss Tss!

As the blades clashed, there were black cracks that appeared . The cracks were extremely unstable and would sudden exploded moments later . After hearing a rumbling sound, the floating mountains were all turned into dust .


The Thunder Beast was sent flying after vomiting a mouthful of blood .

He could feel that Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were already intentionally avoiding him . But just the pressure from the attacks were overwhelming for him .

“What a great heaven class high-tier sword art!” Yan Qingwu praised .

“It doesn’t has as many moves like your Black Saber . ”

Li Fuchen knew clearly that if they were just comparing saber and sword arts, he wouldn’t be a match for Yan Qingwu if the fight extended .

Of course, he didn’t make use of the sword heart’s power either . Otherwise, Yan Qingwu would be able to block his sword move so easily .

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