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As the number of spectators grew, gossips and discussions began to build up.

But a majority of the crowd sided with Qing Shaoyu.

1st grade outer sect disciples were typically at least 3 or 4 star bone frames and normally looked down on anyone that didn't have at least a 3 star bone frame.

Li Fuchen who was only a normal bone frame, would naturally be a target that they despised.

Who knew Li Fuchen had such an astounding rate of growth, that even if they despised him, they didn't dare to provoke him.

Now that they knew Li Fuchen snatched Qing Shaoyu's woman, they all acted like they were treated with injustice, as though the woman was snatched away from them.

Especially because Zhu Hongxiu was one of the Four Beauties of the outer sect. She had no lack of admirers, but if she were to get together with Qing Shaoyu, they wouldn't have so many comments.

Beauty with prodigy, it should have been this way.

What they couldn't understand was why Zhu Hongxiu picked Li Fuchen. Was it merely because of his recent valiant display?

Did she not bother about one's potential?

This scenario was like when you saw a beauty in the embrace of a ugly man on the street.

The kind of envious feeling in the heart.

"Guan Xue shimei, this fiancé of yours sure likes trouble. If he had been a 3 star bone frame, no, even a 2 star bone frame, that would have been good enough."

On a small path not far away, were three female disciples with alluring body figures, standing side by side.

The beyond attractive female disciple in middle was obviously Guan Xue, on the left was the slender and tall, phoenix eyed female disciple. Lastly, on the right was the shorter and delicate female disciple.

The phoenix eyed female disciple's name was Tong Yuemeng, she shook her head and spoke to Guan Xue.

Guan Xue wasn't happy with the joke from Tong Yuemeng, "Tong shijie, I already told you, I have no relationship with him any more, and that joke wasn't funny at all."

"Tong shijie, why are you so concerned about Li Fuchen? Could it be??" The delicate girl named Guan Xiaoyue, giggled.

(TL note: Guan Xiaoyue and Guan Xue are different 'Guan's)

Tong Yuemeng was agitated, "You little lass, you dare tease your Tong shijie."

With a sharp gaze at Qing Shaoyu, Li Fuchen walked out of the courtyard and declared, "One punch."

"What did you say?"

With the ninth rank Purple Qi Technique at the limits of its revolution, Qing Shaoyu's body emitted an extremely domineering qi presence, even his eyes were slightly purple.

Enduring for a few months, the current him had long surpassed his old self.

Which was why he didn't understand what Li Fuchen meant by 'One punch'?

Decide the result of the fight in one punch?

Or defeat him in one punch?

Either way, he still wouldn't be able to tolerate.

"Against you, one punch is all I need."

With just five steps away from Qing Shaoyu, Li Fuchen halted, clenching his right fist. A pale red qi could be seen igniting and building up into a blazing flame.


Not just Qing Shaoyu, everyone thought Li Fuchen was way over his head.

"Who does he think he is? Defeating Qing Shaoyu in one punch? Not even Fang Liehai and Gao Changtian can do it."

"Among the 10 Prodigies, I think less than 4 can actually do it."

"I finally know why he is loved by trouble. Such arrogance! Not even putting prodigies in his sight."

"Just wait! Qing Shaoyu will surely ridicule him."

The crowd was angered and couldn't wait for Qing Shaoyu to beat down Li Fuchen.

"How dare he speak with such arrogance, without any absolute strength. There is nothing else for us to see, let's go!" Guan Xue said with a frown.

Tong Yuemeng: "What's the hurry? Perhaps a miracle might happen? We aren't in a hurry anyway."

"Yea. Guan Xue shijie, we should continue to observe." Guan Xiaoyue was curious too.

"How can a miracle happen just like that? The two of you are too naive."

Even though she said so, Guan Xue still stayed.

"Unforgivable Li Fuchen. Just because you said it, I will break three of your rib bones."

With 7 acupoints gushing with qi, Qing Shaoyu's qi presence grew again, he was like a demon god.

With a flash, he figure blurred as he shot towards Li Fuchen. As he was dashing, a purple fist was launched at his target.

Ninth rank Purple Qi Technique.

Completion stage of the Seven Star Forged Body 

Peak-tier, yellow class fist art - Purple Qi Eastern Fist.

With these three attributes combined, it created the current Qing Shaoyu who was ranked 18 on the Tower of Tribulations.


Li Fuchen's hair was blown backwards like he was in the middle of a cyclone.

Just as the punch was about to hit Li Fuchen's chest.

Li Fuchen made his punch.
There was no way to describe how fast this punch was 

Wrapped in a pale red qi, his fist struck out in a simple motion.

But due to the extreme speed, it felt as though the punch went through a void.

In fact, it was a punch that created a void and looked as though it bended space.

When Qing Shaoyu's fist was just three inches away from Li Fuchen's chest, Li Fuchen's fist was executed later but struck first onto Qing Shaoyu's chest.


With fresh bloody spraying out, Qing Shaoyu fell backwards in fear. Three clear and crisp crunch sounds were heard from his chest; it was obviously three of his rib bones were broken.

Such irony.

He declared he would break three of Li Fuchen's rib bones, but ended up getting three of his rib bones broken.

There was nothing more ironic than this.

With the polar opposite in results, Qing Shaoyu almost broke down from depression.

He screamed in his heart:

Why is it like this?

Why was Li Fuchen so strong?

Why did he have to throw his face in front of Zhu Hongxiu?

Why was this the result of his efforts?

"How is this possible?"

The observers were staring with their mouth agape and couldn't believe what just transpired.

He really defeated Qing Shaoyu with one punch, with no suspense at all.

"Is this all a dream? Or a hallucination?"

"Is there any logic left? Defeating a prodigy with just one punch. Does he want to completely break the definition of prodigy?"

"Devil, he must be the devil."

The spectators were having the same thoughts as Qing Shaoyu, and were all unable to accept this fact. They felt as though their view of this world was about to collapse.

At the precise moment when Li Fuchen punched out, Guan Xue's heart shook for a bit.

She didn't think such a thing could actually happen.

Defeating Qing Shaoyu in one punch meant that she would be defeated in one punch too.

Why exactly did this happen?

Guan Xue's view of this world was about the collapse too.

(TL note: their view on this world meant the rules and logic are going haywire)

Tong Yuemeng and Guan Xiaoyue had both their rosy lips agape and were unable to speak a word.

"I think, I'm starting to like him." Half dazed, Tong Yuemeng murmured.


Overwhelming strength.

All the qualities of her ideal partner.

At this moment in her mind, Li Fuchen's figure and Yu Wentian's figure were layered one over another.

The same dominance.

The same splendid display of strength.

The only difference was a 5 star bone frame and a normal bone frame.

As for Guan Xiaoyue, she couldn't control her voice and could only mutter a soft meow like sound.

Sweeping a look at the audience, Li Fuchen reacted as though he did nothing special and returned to the courtyard, shutting the door.

Outside his courtyard, the crowd were all looking at each other, a majority of them had on either a bitter smile or an awkward look.

They knew deep in their hearts, some earth shaking events was bound to happen during the outer sect disciples tournament.

Li Fuchen, maybe perhaps become an existence just like Yu Wentian.

An existence that did not belong to this world.

As for after entering the inner sect, would Li Fuchen continue to be exceptional? That was something to be left for the future. As of this moment, Li Fuchen was an existence that is unexplainable, even prodigies felt pressure when facing off against him.

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