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Chapter 669
ER – Chapter 669: Demonic Beast Race’s Second Generation Ancestor

The Ancient Star City was split into three major districts, the outer district, the inner district, and the core district .

Li Fuchen noticed that the outer district was more active with demonic beast and demon kings . Most of the demonic beast and demon emperors would be in the inner district .

After asking around, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu found out there was a requirement to enter the inner district . One had to be at the Law Phase Realm or accumulated a transaction amount of 100 million mid-grade spirit stones in the Ancient Star City and the Ancient Star Merchant Guild .

100 million mid-grade spirit stones wasn’t a small sum and most of the Primary Sea Realm monarchs didn’t have such wealth . Only half-emperors and combat emperors would have such wealth .

“Let’s take a look around the outer district first . ”

Li Fuchen wanted to look around to see if the outer district had any precious artifacts that could recover their qi blood source .

The outer district had a trade hall and many of the demonic beast kings had set up their stalls here .

There might not be a lot of human monarchs in the Ancient Star City, but that was only in comparison with the demonic beast race . There were still around a few thousand human monarchs and they were all the customers of the demonic beast kings .

“10,000-year Deep Sea Pearl, 1 million mid-grade spirit stones for each pearl . I have a total of three . ” There was a long-faced middle-aged demonic beast king with aquatic grass-like hair that was hawking out near the duo .

“2 million mid-grade spirit stones for three . Deal or not?” Yan Qingwu asked .

Women always had a preference towards pearl-like things, it was the same for great empresses .

“2 million is too little, at least 2 . 8 million . ” The grass-haired demonic beast king shook its head .

“If you aren’t going to sell for 2 million, then there is no deal . ” Yan Qingwu turned and left .

“2 . 5 million… 2 . 3 million… At least 2 . 1 million… You humans are too ruthless! Deal at 2 million then!” The grass-haired demonic beast king had no choice but to make the deal after seeing that Yan Qingwu was unmoved .

Once Yan Qingwu handed over the 2 million mid-grade spirit stones, the demonic beast king’s eyes still revealed a trace of happiness .

2 million mid-grade spirit stones might be below his expectations, but it was still better than to sell to the Ancient Star City . The city was only accepting 10,000-year Deep Sea Pearls for 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones each .

The additional 500,000 mid-grade spirit stones was enough for the demonic beast king to cultivate for a period of time .

“Fire Jade Coral, one for 5 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

“Cold Water True Extract, one drop for 3 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

“Sky Desolate Rock, 8 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

There was constant hawking in the trade hall . After the demonic beast kings transformed into humans, they didn’t have as much ferocity and were more like profiteers . It was truly a rare sight .

“How much are you still this Dragon Blood Treasure Pearl for?” Li Fuchen pointed at a blood red pearl in the stall that was owned by a bald middle-aged man who was closing his eyes .

Inside the blood red pearl, there was a dark red strand swimming around and it looked like a small dragon .

The Dragon Blood Treasure Pearl was an artifact that could replenish the qi blood source by a little . It might not be as effective as the Thunder Calamity Herb, but it would still be worth at least 1000 high-grade spirit stones on the Emperor Sky Continent . It would be equivalent to 10 million mid-grade spirit stones .

“100 million mid-grade spirit stones . ” The bald middle-aged man didn’t even blink his eyes .

“100 million mid-grade spirit stones? Too expensive…” Li Fuchen frowned .

The Dragon Blood Treasure Pearl didn’t really contain dragon blood, moreover, if it really contained dragon blood, one would need to see what kind of dragon blood was contained . The price difference between flood dragon blood and true dragon blood would be poles apart .

“Why? You don’t wish to buy it?” The bald middle-aged man opened his eyes . It was a pair of blood red eyes and it was filled with unending ruthlessness and bloodiness .

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“Too expensive, I can’t afford it . ” Li Fuchen walked away .

“Don’t you know that if you look at my things and ask me for the price, you have to buy it . ” The bald middle-aged man threatened .

“This is the Ancient Star City, do you wish to make a move here?” Li Fuchen asked .

“Of course, I cannot make a move in the Ancient Star City, unless you stay here for your entire life . ”

“You don’t need to fret over it . ” Li Fuchen left .

“That kid is certainly dead . The Blood Demonic King’s father is the Blood Demonic Great Ruler . The Blood Demonic Great Ruler is the strongest demonic beast ruler within hundreds of millions of miles . Even the Ancient Stary City would need to show respect to him . ”

“I reckoned that he doesn’t know who is the Blood Demonic King!”

“Previously, two human monarchs offended the Blood Demonic King . After they left the Ancient Star City, they were killed . If the kid is smart enough, he should just stay in the Ancient Star City for his entire lifetime . He will definitely die if he ventures out . ”

The demonic beast kings were in a heated discussion .

“I really don’t know if you have great luck or you are great at inviting trouble? You have just arrived but you already provoked a great ruler of the demonic beast race . ” Yan Qingwu shook her head .

Li Fuchen laughed bitterly, “Who would have known that I will offend a second generation ancestor . ”

The humans had second generation ancestors, it was obviously the same for the demonic beasts .

Even if he spent 100 million mid-grade spirit stones to purchase the Dragon Blood Treasure Pearl earlier, he would also be targeted .

‘Do not expose one’s wealth . ’ This was a saying that was very true .

Most of the demonic beast kings’ stalls were selling deep sea artifacts . Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu might not need them right now, but they had ample wealth and didn’t mind purchasing precious items that weren’t available in the human world .

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It was especially the case for Li Fuchen as he had close to 1000 million mid-grade spirit stones . He had plenty of high-grade spirit stones too, therefore, it was nothing for him to purchase some items .

In the outer district, the duo had already gone through most of the major trading halls and there weren’t any artifacts that could replenish the qi blood source .

“It seems like we have to trade with the Ancient Star City . ”

Even if the duo were fools, they knew that the Ancient Star City sold things at an expensive price, after all, they took hold of the monopoly of this place .

As expected…

“Dragon blood Treasure Pearl, 30 million mid-grade spirit stones . ”

“Thunder Calamity Herb, 10 million mid-grade spirit stones . *

“Heaven Dragon Fruit, 30 thousand high-grade spirit stones . ”


In the Ancient Star City’s resource hall, there was a white-haired elderly monarch who introduced .

Without any choice, the duo bought a Thunder Calamity Herb each .

With the Thunder Calamity Herb, the duo had to find a place to rest and go into seclusion .

In the outer district, the inns were separated into four classes, A, B, C, and D .

D class inns provided a place to rest and to go into seclusion . It would cost 100 mid-grade spirit stones a day .

C class inns were covered with a cultivation array and the effects were comparable with the Seven Color Continent . Each day would cost 500 mid-grade spirit stones .

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B class inns were slightly better . The cultivation effects were comparable to the inner parts of the Red Rainbow Sect . It would cost 3000 mid-grade spirit stones for each day .

As for A class inns, the cultivation effects were comparable with the Emperor Sky Continent . A single day would need 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

The cultivation arrays in the Ancient Star City were constructed above the quasi-class 9 arrays, therefore, the effects were extraordinary .

These were just the inns in the outer district .

The inner district also separated the inns into the classes, A, B, C, and D .

The D class inns in the inner district had cultivation effects that were better than the outer district’s A class inns . A single day would require 1 high-grade spirit stone .

C class inns would need 2 high-grade spirit stones a day .

B class inns would need 5 high-grade spirit stones per day .

A class inns would require 20 high-grade spirit stones each day .

The duo had already accumulated transaction values above 100 million mid-grade spirit stones and were qualified to enter the inner district .

However, the duo didn’t wish to waste high-grade spirit stones and had a chosen D class inn in the inner district which would only need 1 high-grade spirit stone a day .

“The cultivation effects are indeed great . It is a pity that the heaven and earth law isn’t as comprehensive as on the Emperor Sky Continent . ” Li Fuchen silently thought after entering the inner district’s D class inn .

Without a comprehensive heaven and earth law, it would be harder to comprehend it . After all, the cultivation of the martil dao wasn’t just to absorb heaven and earth qi .

Of course, Li Fuchen could see that the inn owners in the Ancient Star City were targeting the demonic beast race . The demonic beasts didn’t have to comprehend too many things . They simply had to absorb qi and excavate their bloodlines .

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