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Chapter 668
ER – Chapter 668: Ancient Star City

“Heaven class high-tier martial arts require a high demand on the true spirit . In normal situations, only true spirits at the Law Phase Realm are able to utilize a heaven class high-tier martial art to the extreme . Otherwise, even if you are able to comprehend heaven class high-tier martial arts, you will only be able to a power that is only a few times stronger than heaven class mid-tier martial arts . ”

Along the way, Yan Qingwu was telling Li Fuchen about the basic knowledge on the martial dao .

“No wonder . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

Yan Qingwu’s saber art was definitely a heaven class high-tier saber art . In Li Fuchen’s opinion, the power of a heaven class high-tier martial art should be five times or even ten times stronger than heaven class mid-tier martial arts . It was very obvious that Yan Qingwu’s saber art didn’t have that kind of power .

“Be it cultivation techniques, martial arts, armors, or weapons, after reaching the heaven class, each tier would have an extremely huge gap . This is also why the strength difference between Law Phase Realm emperors are so drastic . Normally, a Law Phase Realm emperor who cultivated a heaven class low-tier cultivation technique and martial art could only be considered regular emperors . No matter how high their cultivation level is, they will still be at the bottom . Of course, without better cultivation techniques and martial arts, it is hard for them to reach a higher level too . The low levels of Law Phase Realm would be their fate . ”

“Subsequently, it will be the Law Phase Realm emperors who cultivated the heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques and heaven class mid-tier martial arts . This type of emperors are most common and they are several times stronger than the regular emperors that were mentioned earlier . Even if they didn’t have any fated opportunities, as long as they cultivated diligently, they will have the chance to advance to the mid levels of Law Phase Realm . ”

“Afterwards, it would be the peak-class emperors who cultivated heaven class mid-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts . This type of emperors would normally be standing at the pinnacle of Law Phase Realm . It will be hard even for great emperors to kill them . After all, their qi isn’t weaker than great emperors, only their attack methods are a little inferior . If they truly desired to escape, it is still possible . ”

“Finally, the great emperors . In order to become a great emperor, heaven class mid-tier cultivation techniques and heaven class high-tier martial arts are the standard . There will not be any upper limits . You have also seen the Blue Sun Emperor’s power in the Anger Ax Abyss . Regular emperors couldn’t possibly contest . Even through thousands of ten thousand miles, the great emperor could also deal fatal damage to the enemies . ”

“As for half saints, they are already considered outside the Law Phase Realm category . With a transition in bloodlines, they are in a realm that is between the emperors and the saints . They have strength so powerful that it wouldn’t be exaggerating to call them preparatory saints . ”

“I can see that you already comprehended a heaven class mid-tier martial art and even self-created some heaven class mid-tier sword moves . But if you wish to create heaven class high-tier sword moves, it isn’t enough to just rely on perception . You have to roam the world and understand how the laws are operated and feel the qi presence of the great dao of heaven and earth . ”

Yan Qingwu gradually believed that Li Fuchen wasn’t a reincarnator as it was hard to fake a person’s experiences, unless Li Fuchen was intentionally hiding it . Therefore, she didn’t mind telling Li Fuchen the things she knew .

Li Fuchen nodded . The level difference in the Law Phase Realm was ridiculously huge .

The Blue Sun Emperor was in the Anger Ax Abyss back then and he experienced ax dao law pressure that was stronger than what the duo experienced . Apart from using the teleportation board to escape, there weren’t any other methods . Moreover, they didn’t even meet the Blue Sun Emperor in person yet .

As for heaven class high-tier martial arts, Yan Qingwu’s explanation was indeed true .

Li Fuchen who had created heaven class mid-tier sword moves had a faint feeling that it was impossible to create heaven class high-tier martial arts just by perception .

All things in the world were constant . It was impossible for him to create heaven class high-tier martial arts from nothing . In order to create heaven class high-tier martial arts, he would need to use his body’s foundation to exchange for it . Foundation was something that had to be accumulated and required experiences .

On the ocean, the duo aimlessly travel around .

On this day…

“Do you feel anything? It seems like we are enveloped by invisible energy . ” Yan Qingwu frowned .

Li Fuchen said, “It should be an array power . ”

An array was actually an imitation of nature . With guidance, it formed into unique phenomenons .

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The powerful array was like a world by itself .

The duo reckoned that this array that enveloped this sea region was at least a quasi-class 9 array . If it was a class 8 array, the duo would have detected it easily .


There was a tsunami-like sound as a Four-Clawed Blue Whale that was over a hundred miles in size had burst out of water and soared into the sky .

Before this, the duo didn’t even detect the Four-Clawed Blue Whale approaching .

It wasn’t because the Four-Clawed Blue Whale was powerful, it was because the array power had dulled their senses .

The Four-Clawed Blue Whale didn’t attack the duo . Its massive demonic beast body shrunk rapidly and finally transformed into a blue-haired middle-aged man .

“You two are rather lucky . This place is within the Ancient Star City’s domain and killing is forbidden . ”

After speaking, the Four-Clawed Blue Whale flew off with rapid speed and disregarded them .

“Ancient Star City!” Yan Qingwu suddenly thought of something .

“What is Ancient Star City?” Li Fuchen asked .

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Yan Qingwu replied, “In the Deep Blue Plane, there is a massive merchant guild and it is called the Ancient Star Merchant Guild . I heard that the Ancient Star Merchant Guild established many cities on the ocean . These cities are specially meant for trading with the demonic beast race . Of course, it is also to provide a cultivating and resting place for human experts that are traveling . If I didn’t guess it wrongly, this Ancient Star City is a city established by the Ancient Star Merchant Guild . ”

“Are we able to return to a human continent after passing through the Ancient Star City?” Li Fuchen continued to ask .

Yan Qingwu shook her head, “I don’t know about that either . ”


There was a sharp caw that shattered the sea water . From far away, there was a two-headed bird that was dozens of miles in size that flew over . Just like the Four-Clawed Blue Whale, when the two-headed bird entered the domain of the Ancient Star City, it immediately transformed into the human form but with two heads .

“I really want to eat the two of you!” The two-headed bird licked its lips and flew ahead after a flas .

“Let’s go and take a look too . ” Li Fuchen was very curious about the Ancient Star City .

“Alright . ” 

Yan Qingwu had never visited a city in the middle of the ocean too and it was a great opportunity .

The Ancient Star City was established on an island .

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The island wasn’t big and it was around 10,000 miles in perimeter . Without any protection, this island would have been destroyed by waves or sea beasts within a few years .

The Ancient Star City didn’t have any city walls . When looking from afar, the buildings on the island formed an undulating silhouette . There were places where there were more condensed buildings and there were places with lesser buildings . There were also places that were enveloped in mist and it was faintly visible .

No one interrupted them as they landed on the island .

“There are so many demonic beast rulers . ”

The duo could immediately differentiate which were demonic beasts and who were humans .

Of course, there weren’t plenty of humans here . After walking for a segment of the road, there were only one or two humans among a hundred individuals . Furthermore, the humans seemed like the members of the Ancient Star City and were constantly busy .

Apart from the demonic beast kings and rulers, the duo encountered plenty of demon kings and rulers .

The demons were considered the dictators among the same tier .

Even the weakest demon king would have the strength of a human half-emperor .

The weakest demon ruler would have the strength of a peak-class emperor .

Let alone regular Law Phase Realm emperors, even if great emperors encountered demon rulers, they would also be apprehensive and wouldn’t dare to provoke the demon rulers .

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