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Chapter 667
ER – Chapter 667: Gasi Devil Snake

Due to the injuries to their qi blood source, the duo’s strength declined .

After flying for half a day, they landed on a barren island for a rest .  

It was a small island that spanned over a few thousand miles .

A few thousand miles might be massive for regular people, but for formidable martial artists, it wasn’t considered big .

As compared to the endless ocean, an island that was a few thousand miles in size was simply tiny .

In fact, small islands like this wouldn’t exist for too long in this endless ocean . In just a few years, the huge waves would smash and shatter the island . Or it might be destroyed by some sea beasts .

This barren island might not be around anymore after a few years or a few dozen years .

Li Fuchen wasn’t proficient with arrays but he was proficient with incantations .

He executed the Vajra Protect incantation and covered the island with a layer of golden light barrier . The surface of the light barrier had countless golden writings that were distorted .

Soon enough, the golden light barrier disappeared and it wasn’t possible to see anything strange from the surface .

The duo sat on a mountain peak of the barren island and started to recuperate .

A few days later, they shook their heads helplessly .

The qi blood source was much more difficult to recover than they imagined . Unless they had the Thunder Calamity Herb or the Thunder Calamity Elixir, it was impossible to recover within a short period of time .

Bang Bang Bang…

The Vajra Protect incantation would appear from time to time and it turned out that a few demonic beast kings were attempting to barge into the island .

“Let’s go . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to eliminate these demonic beast kings . On the ocean, each of the demonic beast kings had their own territories and similarly, each of them had a demonic beast ruler above them . If he killed a demonic beast king and provoked a demonic beast ruler, it wouldn’t be worthwhile .

The duo soared into the sky and vanished into the horizon .

The ocean was massive and they couldn’t differentiate their direction .

They might be headed for the Seven Color Continent at first, but they didn’t know if there was any deviation afterwards .

There was a saying, ‘As long as you are walking by the side of the river, your shoes will still be wet’ . As two humans traveling above a vast ocean, it was only a matter of time before they encountered a demonic beast ruler .

On this day, there was a storm that suddenly appeared in the sea region they were in . There were violent thunderbolts that blasted everywhere . It felt as though it was an apocalypse .

“It is a demonic beast ruler!” Yan Qingwu’s expression changed .

The deeper parts of the sea and the coastal waters were different .

In the deeper parts of the sea, the weather would change suddenly . A slight change in the qi field might cause a huge storm . The coastal waters were connected with the continent and due to the suppression from the continent willpower, it was hard for there to be significant change .

This was also why there wasn’t any change in weather when the Void Swallow Octopus appeared in the Eastern Sea .

“Haha, it has been a long time since I ate humans . Your cultivation might not be of the standard, but your taste should be the same as a human emperor . ”

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Within the storm, a sea snake that was several hundred miles long with red and black stripes appeared and spiraled upwards .

Demonic beasts generally prefered their original appearance and if it wasn’t necessary, they wouldn’t transform into their human form .

“It is the Gasi Devil Snake, be careful . The Gasi Devil Snake is a mid-tier demonic beast ruler, its poison is extremely powerful . Even if great emperors are inflicted with the poison, their lives would be in danger . ” Yan Qingwu warned Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen nodded . He didn’t know a lot about sea beasts, but he knew that Yan Qingwu probably knew much more .

There were flashes of sword light and saber light as the duo instantly appeared over 200 miles away .

However, the Gasi Devil Snake was too big and 200 over miles weren’t beyond the coverage of its size . Its tail lashed at Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu, at the same time, there was an abnormal power that suppressed the void .


Li Fuchen didn’t care that he might aggravate his qi blood source . The Hand of Force’s qi power surged and produced an invisible hand to slam at the Gasi Devil Snake’s tail .


There was a crumbling sound . Li Fuchen vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying .

The Gasi Devil Snake was a mid-tier ruler after all and its strength corresponded with high-level emperors . Even Li Fuchen at his prime wouldn’t be a match for the Gasi Devil Snake, let alone the injured state he was in now .

“Black Saber – Twist of Fate . ”

Yan Qingwu acted quickly and slashed on the Gasi Devil Snake’s tail .


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The Gasi Devil Snake’s tail was indestructible, but Yan Qingwu’s saber art was still able to open a huge wound . Fresh blood spurted out and dyed the sea region red .

“Blood Shadow Technique!”

The Gasi Devil Snake shrieked . All the fresh blood that spurted out had rapidly gathered and formed a blood-red Gasi Devil Snake . This Gasi Devil Snake was even more ruthless and its body was emitting a blood-colored halo . When Yan Qingwu’s qi protection and saber intent clashed with the blood-colored halo, it let out a ‘ss’ sound of corrosion .

“Gold-Armored Water God incantation!”


Millions and millions of kilograms of sea water rose up and formed a water giant that was wearing golden armor . The water giant wielded a sharp sword and cleaved the blood-red Gasi Devil Snake .

The Gold-Armored Water God incantation was a mid-class incantation . Li Fuchen’s incantation proficiency was already comparable with the Incantation Martial Emperor, and was already enough to contest with a mid-level emperor . Especially the first attack from the Gold-Armored Water God incantation which could even threaten high-level emperors .

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t expect the Gold-Armored Water God incantation to defeat the Gasi Devil Snake as it was impossible . Therefore, after executing the Gold-Armored Water God incantation, he immediately informed Yan Qingwu to retreat .


The Gasi Devil Snake’s original body ripped the Gold-Armored Water God incantation with a single attack . Beside it, the blood-red Gasi Devil Snake clone had gathered back after getting cleaved and didn’t receive a hint of damage .

Seeing Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu escaping with the shifting techniques, the Gasi Devil Snake let out an enraged yell . That blood-red Gasi Devil Snake immediately exploded and turned into a blood cloud . It was rapidly extending and caught up to Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu immediately .

“Such a powerful poison . ”

Li Fuchen could feel that his sword energy being polluted by the poison, his sword intent was only able to repel it slightly .

The duo didn’t care and continued to execute their shifting techniques .

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Finally, after half a day, the duo broke free from the Gasi Devil Snake’s pursuit .

“A single mid-tier demonic beast ruler already put us in such a miserable state . I wonder how many more mid-tier demonic beast rulers are there . ” This was the first time Li Fuchen felt the ruthlessness and cruelty of the ocean .

Yan Qingwu said, “There are more demonic beast rulers in the ocean than you can imagine . Some people think that the number of demonic beast rulers is at least 100 times more than human emperors . It is fortunate that the number of demonic beast overlords are only 10 times more than the human saints . Furthermore, human saints are too powerful and one of them is enough to contest with multiple foes . Otherwise, the demonic beast race would be the one ruling the Deep Blue Plane, instead of the human race and the demonic beast race living together . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . It was true that the strength of the races were dependent on their overlords and saints . The number of emperors didn’t matter as it would only increase the core strength a little .

“When demonic beasts evolved to the overlord realm, their bloodlines would evolve . When the humans reached the saint realm, their vitality would achieve a significant ascension . It is why they are called saints as the rest of the people are considered mortals . In short, even the weakest saint would be endlessly more powerful than emperors . There is never once a mention of emperors challenging a saint in history . Not even once . ”

Yan Qingwu revealed a fanatical expression .  

In her previous life, she was a great emperor and was extremely close to reaching the saint realm .

However, she was very clear that even though great emperors were only one step away from becoming saints, in order to take the step, it was as hard as ascending to heaven .

Once she could step over, it was the same as a carp leaping into the dragon gate . From then, she could travel to any part of the world as she desired .
(TL note: There is a legend that a carp leaping through the dragon gate would transform into a dragon)

Furthermore, before reaching the saint realm, humans were greatly inferior to demonic beasts . Without exceptional cultivation techniques and martial arts, humans would need to be superior in cultivation levels in order to contest with demonic beasts .

But after reaching the saint realm, the humans would be able to suppress several demonic beasts .

In normal situations, a single saint could contest against several demonic beast overlords .

Of course, it was only in normal situations . There were some demonic beast overlords that had extremely powerful bloodlines and were even slightly superior to human saints .

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