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Chapter 666
ER – Chapter 666: Demonic Beast Quasi-Overlord

On the Eastern Sea, there were two formless and invisible figures that were flying above it .

The Tortoise Cease incantation could make the duo’s qi presence faint and hard to detect . Even a great emperor would have difficulty trying to find them with their spiritual awareness . As for the Invisibility incantation, it made the duo vanish from the vision of many lifeforms .

When two incantations were used together, Li Fuchen believed that the Blue Sun Emperor would have a hard time to find them even if he was in the vicinity . However, Li Fuchen didn’t know if the Soul Emperor could find them .

After all, the Soul Emperor seemed to be superior to the Blue Sun Emperor .

“I didn’t think that I would need to leave the Emperor Sky Continent after arriving for a few years . ” Li Fuchen turned back to look at the shores of the Eastern Sea and lamented .

East Unicorn Continent, Seven Color Continent, Emperor Sky Continent… He had already experienced three continents and he felt as though he was destined to wander around .

In fact, if he could remain in the Emperor Sky Continent, it would be the best choice .

He was only able to progress to the Law Phase Realm quickly in this place . After leaving the Emperor Sky Continent, he would probably need a few times more time to reach the Law Phas Realm .

However, the moment Li Fuchen encountered the Soul Emperor at the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, he had a vague feeling that he wouldn’t be able to stay in the Emperor Sky Continent for too long .

The Soul Emperor looked at him with profound eyes and could obviously see that Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was exceptional .

Yan Qingwu said, “With both of our strengths, it isn’t overly dangerous to travel over the oceans . If we can find a high-class continent, we will only need around three years to progress to the Law Phase Realm . ”

“How can it be that easy to find a high-class continent . But since we are already at this point, there isn’t a need to worry so much . ”

Li Fuchen was only lamenting a little . He wasn’t worried about his future at all .

The path of cultivation was one that was filled with obstacles . If a person lived an overly peaceful life, it would only make them stagnant .

Li Fuchen might have the golden talisman, but if he lived an ordinary life, it would already be praiseworthy if he could reach the Battle Spirit Realm now .

Pressure was the source of progress for martial artists .


There was a sudden surge of waves in the ocean and the wave reached up to a thousand meters in height .

“Not good . ”

Li Fuchen let out a deep shout and executed the sword shift to move higher into the skies . Yan Qingwu had also appeared beside him .

Below them, there was a gigantic tentacle that burst out from the water . Each of the suckers on the tentacle was several miles in size . In the center of the suckers, there was a hole and it had tremendous suction force . If the duo didn’t dodge in time, they would have been instantly sucked into the suckers .

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had grave expressions .

It was especially so for Li Fuchen as he felt a sense of danger that was even more horrific than the Soul Emperor .

The Soul Emperor was the pinnacle among the great emperors . If the danger was worse than the Soul Emperor, it was hard to imagine the source of the danger .

“This qi presence, it is a demonic beast overlord!” Yan Qingwu couldn’t help but raise her voice .

She had encountered demonic beast overlords before, therefore, she was very familiar with the characteristics and intensity of the demonic beast overlord’s qi presence .

Be it the humans or demonic beasts, after reaching the saint and the overlord realm, all of the law power they could control would be fused with their bloodlines .

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Therefore, the demonic beast overlords and the saints had dreadful qi presence that contained law power .

“No, this isn’t a demonic beast overlord . It is a demonic beast quasi-overlord . If it is a demonic beast overlord, we wouldn’t have been able to dodge the previous attack . ” Yan Qingwu quickly stated .

The demonic beast overlord had overwhelming power and if it launched a sneak assault, it was impossible for them to dodge . Not even great emperors were able to dodge the attack .

Of course, even if it was a demonic beast quasi-overlord, they still couldn’t contest against it .

Looking down, the duo’s irises contracted .

In their vision, there was a horrific octopus demonic beast that had a head which was around 1000 miles . Every tentacle was around 800 miles in length . The skin was black and mixed with a little gold color . It looked respectable but also filled with tyranny .

“Void Swallow Octopus!” Yan Qingwu immediately recognized the demonic beast quasi-overlord’s identity .

The Void Swallow Octopus’s bloodline limit was the demonic beast overlord’s realm . It might be inferior among the demonic beast overlord, but the demonic beast overlords were already ridiculously powerful . In legends, when a Void Swallow Octopus evolved into the demonic beast overlord, its tentacles would be able to suck anything . All things that were sucked into the suckers would be turned into nothingness and into the Void Swallow Octopus’ power .

“No wonder . ” Li Fuchen was enlightened .

Only demonic beast quasi-overlords were able to see through his Tortoise Cease incantation and Invisibility incantation .

“The two of you are rather good . Become my soul slaves! I will lead you to the pinnacle . ”

On the head of the Void Swallow Octopus, a figure was formed and it was none other than the Soul Emperor .

“This is his soul dao clone, not his real body . ” Yan Qingwu said .

Li Fuchen nodded .

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There were rumors that the Soul Emperor had control of two demonic beast overlords . From the looks of it, the rumors weren’t baseless . The Soul Emperor might not have control of two demonic beast overlords, but he should have control of two demonic beast quasi-overlords .

The strength of demonic beasts was already stronger than humans . Therefore, the strength of a demonic beast quasi-overlord was definitely stronger than the human half-saint .

These quasi-overlords weren’t able to conquer the Emperor Sky Continent due to them being suppressed by the Emperor Sky Continent’s continent willpower .

Under the suppression of the continent willpower, the quasi-overlords’ strength were inferior to the great emperors .

“I originally didn’t wish to take the risk . I have no choice right now . ” Li Fuchen said to Yan Qingwu .

“What risk?” Yan Qingwu had a bad feeling .

“Let’s go . ”

Li Fuchen grabbed Yan Qingwu’s arm with his left hand and took out the teleportation board . The forceful and tyrannical divine flame sword energy poured into the teleportation board . In a split moment, the teleportation board was filled up with energy . Subsequently, there was a burst of light into the sky which carried Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu along .

“Get back here!” The Soul Emperor had a change in expression and commanded the Void Swallow Octopus to sweep at the location where the duo vanished .

Bang Boom!

The void cracked after the Void Swallow Octopus’ tentacle attacked . There was a terrifying suction force that expanded out and pervaded deep into the void .

The Void Swallow Octopus was still too slow . When dealing with a powerful teleportation, let alone being slightly slow, even if the Void Swallow Octopus could act at the same time, it was difficult to stop it .

The Soul Emperor stood on the Void Swallow Octopus’ head with a gloomy expression .

He had miscalculated and didn’t expect Li Fuchen to have the teleportation board .

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The teleportation board was even more precious and rarer than the teleportation talisman . It was already no longer available in the Emperor Sky Continent .

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu appeared above the vast ocean after a sudden void ripple .


The duo vomited a mouthful of blood at the same time while their qi presences were much weaker .

“This is the teleportation board?” Yan Qingwu asked .

“That’s right . ” Li Fuchen had been wanting to try out to see if the teleportation board could teleport him back to the Seven Color Continent or the East Unicorn Continent . But he didn’t dare to try it .

After all, the teleportation power was the spatial power and if anything went wrong, there wouldn’t even be any corpse leftover .

From the looks of it, the teleportation board was indeed able to help him return to the Seven Color Continent or the East Unicorn Continent .

However, because Li Fuchen was carrying an additional person and because the distance was too far away, they could only teleport a portion of the distance . The spatial power had a backlash and caused them to suffer severe injuries .

The injuries had even affected their qi blood source . In the face of the spatial power, there was no difference between internal and external .

“The teleportation board can be fixed on a continent, but your teleportation board is of a low grade . The energy within the energy pool isn’t enough to teleport the two of us . ” Yan Qingwu said .

The teleportation board was extremely rare even in the Saint Spirit Continent . However, with sufficient spirit stones, it was still available for purchase .

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