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Chapter 665
ER – Chapter 665: Soul Slave

The duo didn’t dare to stay for long and immediately left the Anger Ax Abyss .

On the road, Li Fuchen said to Yan Qingwu, “You and I are both targeted by the Soul Emperor and the Blue Sun Emperor . If you are fine with it, why don’t we head to Floating Sky Mountain together?”

The reputation of the Vacant Mountain Emperor is indeed great, but I am afraid that the Floating Sky Mountain wouldn’t be able to protect us . ” Yan Qingwu said .

“That is true . ” Li Fuchen thought for a moment and felt that Yan Qingwu was right .

If it was only the Blue Sun Emperor targeting them, the Floating Sky Mountain was still able to protect them . Now that there was an additional Soul Emperor, the Floating Sky Mountain couldn’t do anything .

Just the Soul Emperor was already equivalent to two or three great emperors in the Emperor Sky Continent, perhaps even stronger .

Yan Qingwu looked at Li Fuchen, “Do you know why the Deep Blue Plane has its name?”

Li Fuchen pondered and replied, “Is it because most of the Deep Blue Plane consists of the ocean?”

“That’s right . ” Yan Qingwu nodded, “90% of the Deep Blue Plane consists of the ocean . It is best for us to venture into the ocean right now . If we are late, the circumstances might change . You might know too much about the Soul Emperor, but from what I know, one of the great emperors in the Emperor Sky Continent is his soul slave . ”

“That is impossible right?!” Li Fuchen was shocked .

Yan Qingwu said, “You have never been to the Saint Spirit Continent, that’s why you don’t know about the Soul Emperor’s background . The people on the Emperor Sky Continent don’t know of the Soul Emperor’s background either . The Saint Spirit Continent is a place where hundreds of daos strive to be the best . There is one dao called the soul dao and only the people who cultivate the soul dao are able to breed Soul Insects . The breeding of Soul Insects required the use of spirit soul power . The Soul Emperor is definitely a soul dao cultivator . The soul dao cultivators possess an extremely terrifying ability and that is to control soul slaves . There are some soul slaves who didn’t know they had become a soul slave, and that is the most terrifying thing . I reckon that the Soul Emperor treated you as a reincarnator, that’s why he wants to capture you . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t deny or admit . The Soul Emperor probably wanted to capture him because of Li Fuchen’s powerful spirit soul and not because he was suspected to be a reincarnator .

Of course, reincarnators or individuals with powerful spirit souls were probably the Soul Emperor’s targets .

These two types of people had immense potential and if they could become the Soul Emperor’s soul slaves, it would be very beneficial to the Soul Emperor .

“There is no time to lose then . Since the Soul Emperor is so dangerous, let’s venture into the ocean . ” Li Fuchen was a decisive person and immediately decided .

“Alright . ” Yan Qingwu nodded .

In the Anger Ax Abyss, the Soul Emperor and the Blue Sun Emperor escaped from the Land of Shards pathetically .

The Blue Sun Emperor’s qi presence was much weaker .

“Damn it, it just so happens that the Ax Spirit awakened . ” The Blue Sun Emperor was filled with anguish and also lingering fear .

He nearly perished in the Land of Shards . He had painstakingly cultivated to the great emperor’s realm and he had yet to live enough!

“Blue Sun, it seems like you have rather serious injuries?” The Soul Emperor looked at the Blue Sun Emperor .

“What do you mean?” The Blue Sun Emperor was wary .

“I don’t mean anything . I just lack a subordinate . ” The Soul Emperor reached out his right hand and violently grasped the Blue Sun Emperor .

“Soul Emperor, don’t you dare!”

The Blue Sun Emperor burst out with rage and gathered the Blue Sun Law Phase . He then slammed his palm at the Soul Emperor .

There was a ‘bang’ as the Soul Emperor was sent flying by the palm strike, but it was the Blue Sun Emperor that let out a miserable scream .

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He felt as though a piece of his spirit soul was torn off by the Soul Emperor .

From far away, the Soul Emperor’s right hand was pinching a piece of grey spirit soul .

The spirit soul was one of this world’s most mystical things . Unless one was a soul dao cultivator, it was impossible to touch the spirit soul .

“Soul Emperor, what is the meaning of this?” The Blue Sun Emperor was terrified .

The Soul Emperor laughed . “Blue Sun, it should be your honor to be my soul slave . Do you know thatRed Moon is also my soul slave?”

“Soul slave?” The Blue Sun Emperor gulped down his saliva .

He had never heard of the term, ‘soul slave’, but it didn’t sound nice at all . He didn’t wish to become a slave of others .

“To be honest, if you didn’t get injured, I will need to use great effort to make you into my soul slave . You might have been able to escape . ” The Soul Emperor grabbed the grey spirit soul and there was a green pattern started to extend on the grey spirit soul .

This was a soul imprint and if it was embedded into the target’s spirit soul, the target would immediately become a soul slave .

Of course, there were plenty of methods to make others into a soul slave . A soul seed could be planted into the target’s spirit soul silently and secretly .

However, it took too much time and effort, and it wouldn’t be as overbearing and direct as putting a soul imprint .

After putting on the soul imprint, the Soul Emperor loosened his grip and the piece of grey spirit soul became a swallow that was returning to its nest . It returned to the Blue Sun Emperor’s mind and fused together with the main spirit soul .


The Blue Sun Emperor’s eyes were struggling as he wasn’t willing to be consigned to such fate .  

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A short moment later, the Blue Sun Emperor’s eyes turned numb . In just the blink of the eye, the numbness in the eyes vanished .

“Greetings to master . ” The Blue Sun Emperor knelt down on one knee and greeted respectfully .

At this moment, he was only loyal to the Soul Emperor and nothing else .

The Soul Emperor nodded with satisfaction and said, “You may rise . ”

“Thank you master . ” The Blue Sun Emperor stood up .

“Did they leave the Anger Ax Abyss?” The Soul Emperor didn’t bother about the Blue Sun Emperor . Right now . His Soul Insects had been scattered throughout the entire Anger Ax Abyss, but they couldn’t find any traces of Li Fuchen .

“Sky Roam, go and capture him . ” The Soul Emperor used the soul imprint to transmit Li Fuchen’s information to another soul slave .

“Yes, master . ”

In the sea of clouds above the Floating Sky Mountain, a figure activated the teleportation array and vanished .

If Li Fuchen was here, he would certainly recognize the person called Sky Roam . He was the Floating Sky Mountain’s direct line elder, Sky Roam Martial Emperor and was an 8th level emperor .

Snow Moon City, the county city closest to the Anger Ax Abyss .

In the teleportation plaza of the county city, a figure appeared and it was the Sky Roam Martial Emperor .

He released his spiritual awareness and enveloped the entire Snow Moon City while taking control of the Snow Moon City’s arrays .

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As soon as Li Fuchen entered the Snow Moon City, he would immediately be locked on and captured .

A few tens of thousands of miles away from the Snow Moon City…

Li Fuchen suddenly said, “We better not use the teleportation array to teleport . Let’s rush straight to the Eastern Sea!”

If they made use the teleportation arrays, they would be able to traverse across the entire Floating Sky Mountain in an instant . However, Li Fuchen was worried that the Soul Emperor had soul slaves in the upper echelons of the Floating Sky Mountain .

“Your suggestion is rather good . It is highly possible that the Floating Sky Mountain might have the Soul Emperor’s hidden soul slaves . ” Yan Qingwu nodded .

Just like that, the duo didn’t enter the Snow Moon City and flew straight for the Eastern Sea .

After waiting for a long time and Li Fuchen was still nowhere to be seen, the Sky Roam Martial Emperor transmitted a message to the Soul Emperor .

The Soul Emperor’s eyes flashed with cold light . “I have underestimated that child . He is actually so cautious . He is definitely not just a regular prodigy . ”

In his opinion, the strength of Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was definitely great . Apart from that, he felt that Li Fuchen should also be a reincarnator . It didn’t matter which type Li Fuchen was, he would still be useful .

“The Floating Sky Mountain is close to the Eastern Sea . As long as you enter the range of the Eastern Sea, you will still not be able to escape my clutches . ”

The Soul Emperor let out an indifferent smile and was still very nonchalant .

The Emperor Sky Continent was massive . Even though the Floating Sky Mountain was close to the Eastern Sea, it still took the duo a month to arrive at the shores of the Eastern Sea .

After arriving at the Eastern Sea’s shores, Li Fuchen immediately applied the Tortoise Cease incantation and the Invisibility incantation on himself and Yan Qingwu .

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