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Chapter 664
ER – Chapter 664: Ax Spirit

“Does the Emperor Sky Continent have teleportation arrays that are connected to the Saint Spirit Continent or other high-class continents?” Li Fuchen inquired .

Yan Qingwu replied, “If there are teleportation arrays going to high-class continents, do you think these Law Phase Realm emperors would still stay in the Emperor Sky Continent?”

“That is true . ” Li Fuchen let out a speechless smile .

As compared to high-class continents, there were plenty of fated opportunities that weren’t worth mentioning . No one would be so silly to remain in the Emperor Sky Continent .

Yan Qingwu continued saying, “To be honest, the only method to travel to a high-class continent was to cross the ocean . It is impossible to construct a teleportation array between the two places . It isn’t possible for saints to do it too . ”

“Which means to say that you are unable to find your way back to the Saint Spirit Continent?” Li Fuchen said .

Yan Qingwu thought for a moment and nodded, “That’s right . The Deep Blue Plane is too huge and I only know there are nine high-class continents in the Deep Blue Plane . I don’t know of the exact location as I am not in that realm yet . ”

“Be careful . ” 

When Li Fuchen warned Yan Qingwu, he had also dodged to the side .

As for Yan Qingwu, she had also dodged to the side at the same moment .

She was once a great emperor after all and was very sensitive to crisis .


The ax dao law cleaved open the void .

This wasn’t an illusion . The opening was pitch-black inside and it had extreme attraction force . Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu felt that their spirit soul was going to be siphoned inside . They had to rapidly get away from the void crack .

Yan Qingwu said, “This place is too dangerous . We better find a path to exit . ”

Normally, only saints were able to open the void . In this place, even a great emperor would be injured if they got hit by the ax dao law . It was needless to talk about the duo .

With the ability to sense danger, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu traversed through the daunting Land of Shards without mishaps . As time elapsed, there were more ax dao laws that could cleave the void . The two of them stopped talking and were tensed up .

Outside the Land of Shards, within the hazy world, another figure descended .

This figure wasn’t as grand and overbearing like the Blue Sun Emperor . It was indifferent and indistinct, but when the Wind Emperor and the others saw this person, they were all trembling with fear . They quickly cupped their fist and greeted, “Greetings to Soul Emperor . ”

The person was none other than the no . 1 great emperor of the Emperor Sky Continent, the Soul Emperor .

The trio might not be the Soul Emperor’s subordinates, but even if they were given the courage of a hundred men, they wouldn’t dare to disrespect the Soul Emperor .

Even the great emperor, Blue Sun Emperor didn’t dare to be arrogant in front of the Soul Emperor .

The Soul Emperor ignored the trio and with a wave of his hand, a cluster of black insects flew out .

Seeing those black insects, the Wind Emperor and the others shivered .

The black insects were called Soul Insects and they could eat a person’s spirit soul .

They didn’t fear one or two Soul Insects, but if hundreds or thousands of Soul Insects attacked them, they could only wait for death .

At the borders of the Land of Shards, the Blue Sun Emperor was carefully searching for the traces of Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu .

The Blue Sun Emperor turned around and saw a black insect flying past his eyes .

“Soul Insect!” The Blue Sun Emperor’s irises contracted .

In the Emperor Sky Continent, only the Soul Emperor possessed the Soul Insects .

“Soul Emperor, what brought you here?” The Blue Sun Emperor asked the Soul Insect .

He knew that the Soul Insect was equivalent to the clone of the Soul Emperor and could transmit information and images .

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“Blue Sun, what are you looking for here?” The Soul Emperor’s voice came out from the Soul Insect .

The Blue Sun Emperor laughed and said, “What else can I be doing? I am just searching for an opportunity . ”

“How can the Anger Ax Abyss have any opportunity suitable for you? Enough with the idle talk . I want that Floating Sky Mountain kid . If you can help me capture him, I, the Soul Emperor, will owe you a favor . ” The Soul Emperor got right into the point .

“A favor?” The Blue Sun Emperor hesitated and immediately replied, “Alright, deal . ”

The Soul Emperor’s favor wasn’t easy to obtain and once he missed this chance, it would be gone forever .

After reaching an agreement, the two great emperors started to conduct a thorough search for Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu .


The Joint-Heaven Sword was unsheathed and Li Fuchen slashed a small black insect .

“Mm!?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with astonishment .

When the black insect was slashed, it felt as though nothing had happened . It turned into a black qi and gathered again .

“This is a Soul Insect!”

Yan Qingwu was knowledgeable and immediately recognized the Soul Insect .

“Soul Insect?” Li Fuchen had a bad feeling .

In the Emperor Sky Continent, no one else bred the Soul Insects apart from the Soul Emperor .

Yan Qingwu said, “The Soul Insects can only be killed by spiritual awareness attacks . ”

While speaking, Yan Qingwu shot out a black line from her left eye .

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The black line penetrated the Soul Insect and it immediately vanished .

“Blue Sun, I found them . But you are closer to them . ” At the same moment, the Soul Emperor sent a message to the Blue Sun Emperor .

“Alright . ” The Blue Sun Emperor followed the Soul Insect closely .

Inside the ground of the Land of Shards, there was an ax shard that was connected to a handle . A white-haired elder emerged from the ax shard .


When the white-haired elder yelled out, the ax dao law in the Land of Shards started to intensify and it was a hundred times more concentrated than before .

“What is going on?” The Blue Sun Emperor was shocked and quickly dodged the ax dao law attacks .

The ax dao law here was different from the ax dao law on the outside .

The ax dao law on the outside was just an aftermath of an attack . The ax dao law in the Land of Shards had ax intent and it was so concentrated that it felt like an actual attack from a person .


The ax intent was too concentrated and the Blue Sun Emperor couldn’t dodge in time . His arm got sliced by an ax intent and nearly lost his arm .

“The Ax Spirit awakened . ” The Soul Emperor warned the Blue Sun Emperor .

“Ax Spirit?” The Blue Sun Emperor had a change in expression .

The true danger of the Land of Shards was the Ax Spirit . If the Ax Spirit didn’t awaken, the great emperors could venture here as they pleased . But once it awakened, the great emperors would need to leave .

“Hurry up and run . ”

With a strong blast of crisis, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu felt their scalp going numb .

Inside the void, there were streaks of black crack lines that weaved a net and enveloped the duo .

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This was obviously the phenomenon of multiple ax dao law attacks cleaving the void .

With the endurance of the duo, how could they dodge so many ax dao law attacks? 

Just as the net made of cracks was about to envelop the two of them…


The Ax Spirit was astonished and with a wave of its hand, all of the void cracks vanished and didn’t hurt the duo .

Seeing the situation, the duo didn’t bother about the reason and quickly scuttled far away .

The previous encounter might be a coincidence, but afterwards, the duo understood there was a reason that the ax dao law didn’t attack them . When they were escaping, none of the ax dao law got close to them and would even avoid them .

“To actually see the legendary Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit again . It is truly this old one’s honor . ”

The white-haired Ax Spirit’s face looked like it was recalling its memories .

Finally, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had left the Land of Shards without any mishaps .

It was unknown if this was the reward after all the hardships . After leaving the Land of Shards, Li Fuchen discovered a Seven Stars Life-Changing Herb .

“No wonder you are able to reach this state . Your qi fate is truly amazing . ” Yan Qingwu was speechless .

She who was once a great emperor clearly knew that a qi fate of a martial artist was important .

Before the martial artist could break out from this world, the plane’s fate would cover every single person . In order to go against heaven and change fate, it was simply impossible . Even after breaking out from this world, there was an even more massive Universe Heaven . When venturing in the Universe Heaven, universal qi fate was also required .

If a person’s innate talent and perception decided their innate development limits, then the qi fate would decide a person’s acquired development limits 

A person without qi fate would be destined as a floating cloud and might vanish at any moment .

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