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Chapter 663
ER – Chapter 663: Reincarnation


Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu didn’t hesitate before going deeper inside the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss . Their speed was pushed to their limits .

Even if they were fools, they would know that it was a great emperor chasing from behind and it was highly possible that it was the Blue Sun Emperor .

The strength of a great emperor was hard to imagine . It was just like the difference between a combat emperor and a regular monarch . They might be in the same cultivation realm, but the strength difference was drastic .

When the law phase was over 20 million feet, the Blue Sun Emperor experienced a pressure that was several times greater too .

A concentrated ax dao law would constantly cleave and leave wounds on the law phase that were hundreds of miles or even thousands of miles .

Just to maintain the law phase at 20 million feet, the Blue Sun Emperor’s qi consumption was already one thousand or ten thousand times more than normal . With the addition of the cleaving from the ax dao law, the qi consumption was extremely exaggerating . Even the Blue Sun Emperor felt rather taxing now .

“Found them . ” When the blue palm pushed aside the hazy currents, the Blue Sun Emperor saw Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu .

He gathered his qi and reached in to grasp at the duo .

“Black Saber – Twist of Fate!”

Yan Qingwu turned around to slash on the blue palm and it was actually split apart .

While maintaining the law phase at 20 million feet, the Blue Sun Emperor’s strength had already dropped to the mid-level of Law Phase Realm . The law phase might look fearsome, but it was only strong in appearance .

This was something that Yan Qingwu knew clearly as she was also a great emperor in her previous lifetime .

“Heaven class high-tier saber art? No wonder…” The Blue Sun Emperor immediately understood .

He was even more certain that Yan Qingwu wasn’t just simply at the Primary Sea Realm .

He reckoned that Yan Qingwu was a peak-class emperor previously and there was an unknown reason that made her cultivation degrade all the way to the Primary Sea Realm . However, her comprehension of the martial dao was still the same and it was only her cultivation that degraded .

The Blue Sun Emperor was very fast and as he approached the duo, his law phase rapidly shrunk .

10 million feet… 5 million feet .

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

When it shrunk to 5 million feet, the ax dao law wasn’t able to damage the law phase and could only produce sparks .

“Blue Sun – Unbounded Ring!”

The Blue Sun Law Phase’s giant palm pushed forward . It surrounded Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu with scorching ripples . There was a ring of blue flames and it pushed aside the ax dao law, sealing the duo’s escape route .


If they were someplace else, Li Fuchen would have great difficulty trying to rip an opening in the blue flame ring . However, this was the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss and the blue flame ring was already experiencing intense pressure to push aside the ax dao law . When Li Fuchen chopped with the Hand of Force, it instantly produced a gap .

The two escaped from the blue flame ring through the gap .

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Crack Crack!

There were cracks on the Blue Sun Law Phase that rapidly extended .

“The ax dao law is several times stronger now . ” The Blue Sun Emperor frowned .

For his understanding of the Anger Ax Abyss, he was probably in the Land of Shards inside the core area .

The so-called Land of Shards was said to have pieces of ax shards buried deep inside the ground .

These ax shards contained extreme ax dao law and even the Blue Sun Emperor would need to be careful in the Land of Shards . Otherwise, if he got too close to the ax shards, he would be injured by the ax dao law in the ax shads .

Due to a slight hesitation, the Blue Sun Emperor lost track of Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu .

In the Land of Shards, each step was filled with danger . Had it not been for the Anger Ax Herb, the duo wouldn’t even last a single breath of time in this place .

Of course, if the duo’s strength was too weak and their law comprehension was inferior, they wouldn’t be able to survive long enough even with the Anger Ax Herb .

After escaping from the Blue Sun Emperor, the duo finally let out a relaxed breath .

“Do I call you Yan Qingwu or something else?” Li Fuchen asked Yan Qingwu .

Yan Qingwu replied, “Yan Qingwu is I, I am Yan Qingwu . ”

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Turning to the side, her beautiful eyes looked at Li Fuchen and said, “Then should I call you Li Fuchen or something else?”

In her opinion, Li Fuchen should be similar to her and had awakened the previous lifetime’s memory .

Li Fuchen shook his head, “I am different from you . ”

“Is that so?” Yan Qingwu raised her brows and didn’t seem convinced .

Li Fuchen said, “If I didn’t guess wrongly, you must have reincarnated into the East Unicorn Continent . ”

If it was a possession, then the current Yan Qingwu couldn’t be considered Yan Qingwu . Only by reincarnating, she would then be able to possess both identities .

Yan Qingwu said, “Have you heard of the Saint Spirit Continent?”

Li Fuchen shook his head, “Is it a high-class continent?”

“That’s right . ” Yan Qingwu said, “At our side, it is called the Deep Blue Plane . It has a total of nine high-class continents and the Saint Spirit Continent is one of them . In my previous lifetime, I came from the Saint Spirit Continent . ”

“Deep Blue Plane? Nine high-class continents?”

This was the first time someone told Li Fuchen about the situation of the world .

Yan Qingwu continued explaining, “Almost all the saints are gathered in the high-class continents . Moreover, those high-class continents are the only connection to the Universe Heaven . Therefore, there are only a few saints that remain in the Deep Blue Plane . Most of them traveled to Universe Heaven to search for universal opportunities . ”

“Why did you reincarnate to the East Unicorn Continent? Wouldn’t it better to stay on the Saint Spirit Continent?”

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High-class continents had comprehensive heaven and earth law . Reincarnating there was the perfect choice .

Yan Qingwu rolled her eyes at Li Fuchen, “Do you think it is that easy to reincarnate? Do you think there is a choice? In fact, without a secret technique to reincarnate, it would be impossible . Once a person is dead, they would be dead for good . Furthermore, not every reincarnation would be successful . There was a chance that all the memories of the previous lifetime would be wiped out during the process, turning them into a blank state . In short, reincarnation required three steps . The first step was to possess the secret technique, the second step is to avoid getting the memory wiped, and the third step is to awaken the previous lifetime’s memory . None of these three steps can be missing . ”

“I see . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

It was true . Reincarnation was truly a heaven-defying process as it was the same as living another lifetime . Therefore, the plane law would certainly put on restrictions .

“You might also be some influential person in the previous lifetime, but you have yet to awaken your memory . Or it might have been wiped out by the plane law . ” Yan Qingwu said some profound words .

After a reincarnation, even if the memory was lost, there would be some law comprehension that was brought over . The law comprehension might suddenly become clear at a certain moment and would allow a smooth process . It seemed like it was an instant comprehension .

It was unknown how many individuals in this lifetime had reincarnated . In Yan Qingwu’s opinion, the Emperor Sky Continent’s no . 1 great emperor, the Soul Emperor might be a reincarnator .

“That might not be true . ” Li Fuchen let out an indifferent smile .

No one else understood his situation more than himself . Reincarnating was incredible, but as compared to the golden talisman, it wasn’t worth mentioning .

If there was anything worth contesting for between saints, the golden talisman would be one of those things .

In fact, Li Fuchen had a premonition that the golden talisman was a cardinal artifact that was far beyond the saints .

As for the Joint-Heaven Sword and Saint Monument, Li Fuchen felt that they were far inferior to the golden talisman .

The golden talisman gave him a feeling that it was beyond eternal, immortal, and above the great dao .

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