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6000 kg… 7000… 8000 kg.

60 dragon tiger pills forcefully increased Li Fuchen's physical strength from 5000 to 8000 kg.

It wasn't exaggerating to say that without the usage of his qi and relying only on just his physical strength, it was enough for Li Fuchen to oppress any disciple that was outside of the top 500.

As for average ninth level Qi Realm martial artists, Li Fuchen could simply kill them with a snap of his fingers.

But of course, as Li Fuchen progressed in his cultivation, it was the same for everyone else.

In the Tower of Tribulations, Guan Xue finally overtook Li Fuchen in rank, reaching a stunning rank of 16.

That's right, Guan Xue shot up from rank 98 to rank 16 in just a short period of time.

Arriving at the Cang Lan Sect for nearly a year and a half, and she had already achieved the elite level in all aspects.

Cultivation at the ninth level of the Qi Realm.

The White Wave Technique at the highest ninth rank.

The Seven Star Forged Body at completion, with 3000 kg of physical strength.

At the same time, she redeemed a low-tier, mystic class body refinement technique called the Northwestern Cloud War Body.

As of this juncture, all the outer sect 10 Prodigies had entered the top 20 rank in the Tower of Tribulations. And amongst them, Guan Xue was the youngest at the age of 15.

But of all the 10 Prodigies, the eldest was only at the age of 17, while the rest of them were 16.


With only 2 months left till the outer sect tournament.

The rankings of the Tower of Tribulations had big changes.

Rank 1 still belonged to Yu Wentian, but his time went from 15 ticks to 10 ticks.

Rank 2, Shang Guan Hong, 15 ticks.

Rank 5, Zhao Mingyue, 18 ticks

Rank 8, Gao Changtian, 20 ticks.

Rank 9, Fang Liehai, 20 ticks.

Rank 12, Wu Qingmei, 22 ticks.

Rank 16, Guan Xue, 24 ticks.

Rank 18, Qing Shaoyu, 25 ticks.

As for Li Fuchen, he dropped from rank 60 to 68.

Since his last attempt at the tower, he hadn't come back even once.

He didn't particularly pay attention to the rankings, but it wasn't the same case for others.

"A normal bone frame is still just a normal bone frame, their latent potential would never be able to match a prodigy."

"Prodigies are able to grow at a fast pace, where as normal bone frames can only rely on their perception. And perception is something that isn't quantifiable, hence it is unreliable."

"With 2 months left till the outer sect tournament. I believe Li Fuchen's ranking will continue to decline."

All the outer sect disciples in the region were having heated discussions about this topic.


In the middle of the courtyard.

Li Fuchen was facing a huge monolith the height of a human.

This monolith looked as though it had been around for many years, it's edges were ground smooth. An occasional breeze would rouse up the dust on it.

A few meters away was Zhu Hongxiu, looking while not blinking.

She who had 3 star flame bone frame, finally managed to pass the first stage of the Tower of Tribulations a few months ago and got promoted to a 1st grade outer sect disciple.

It was a coincidence that the courtyard adjacent to Li Fuchen's courtyard was empty, thus she moved in.

Facing the monolith, Li Fuchen punch through the air to hit it. The sharp punch's force had the power to scrap bones, leaving layers of dust on the monolith. Once the wind came by, it scattered all the dust into the sky.

Qi release was something only achievable at the Earth Realm.

Even though those below the Earth Realm couldn't shoot qi out, but producing punch force was a simple task.

Even someone without any martial arts experience could produce some punch force.

But the punch force that the majority produced wasn't enough to injure anyone, at least that was the case for the Qi Realm.

But Li Fuchen's physical strength was too overwhelming, as even his Qi Realm went from the eighth level to the ninth level.

With qi and physical strength working together, his punch force was enough to seriously injure someone.

Don't mention average humans, even low level Qi Realm martial artists would die after being hit by his punch force.

Zhu Hongxiu exclaimed in admiration: "Had they known of your current combat ability, no one would dare to speak of you like that."

Keeping his fist and returning to a standing position, Li Fuchen shook off the dust on his body, "What I am aiming for is the peak of the martial world, not for their flattery or praise. This world is a realistic one, if your fist is hard enough, everything you say turns into truth. If your fist isn't hard enough, everything is like a mirror on the water, fragile and easily broken at any moment. I would rather not spend time pursuing fame or status and spend that time making myself stronger."

His father who was once the Li Clan Patriarch, was dismissed just like that and was even demoted to a branch family.


Because the Li Clan's strongest martial artist was the Li Clan's founder and not his father, Li Tianhan.

If his father, Li Tianhan was the strongest fighter in Li Clan, who would dare oppose him.

Which was why, all talks were useless, only your own ability remains unchanged.

Any other status, titles, and fame, can change at any time.

"It is no wonder why you can reach this state of prowess. In terms of mentality, I have never seen anyone more determined than you."

Zhu Hongxiu had to admit that Li Fuchen gave her a very good impression. She didn't know whether this was considered as liking him.

Obviously, at this current juncture, she couldn't think about relationships. The Zhu Clan needed her to carry the burden.

Li Fuchen asked, "Has Qing Shaoyu been pestering you in the recent months?"

Zhu Hongxiu shook her head, "Nope, but I have a premonition that he will come finding trouble with you soon enough."

Qing Shaoyu and Guan Xue respectively rushed into the top 20 ranks of the Tower of Tribulations. That amount of glamor and recognition could easily make anyone get in over their head.

Not to mention, Li Fuchen was extremely low profile.

So low profile that everyone thought his talents had come to an end.

Li Fuchen laughed, "If he dares to come, I will give him an experience he will never forget."

"Li Fuchen, get your ass out here!"

Li Fuchen just ended his sentence when a thunderous voice could be heard from outside the courtyard.

Who else could it be but Qing Shaoyu?

Outside the courtyard, Qing Shaoyu gave off a cold air and carrying a murderous intent.

Qing Shaoyu could tolerate failing, but never failing in front of his woman.

Li Fuchen humiliated him right in front of Zhu Hongxiu previously. This debt, he had always noted in his heart.

Now, he wanted Li Fuchen to pay it back 10 fold.

"What a coincidence that you have come." Li Fuchen raised a brow.

Zhu Hongxiu frowed, "Li Fuchen, beware now."

Even though she know of Li Fuchen's exceptional combat ability. She didn't know anything about Qing Shaoyu, and this was worrying

"No worries." Li Fuchen headed up and opened the courtyard doors.

As the door opened, Li Fuchen appeared within the eyes of Qing Shaoyu, but soon enough, Zhu Hongxiu appeared too. This made him angered and furious.

He had thought that Zhu Hongxiu and Li Fuchen were together, if not, why would she be at his courtyard during the day?!

"Good, very good, Zhu Hongxiu, you slut. I thought how pure and innocent you were. Ends up, she you just a little slut." Qing Shaoyu clenched his teeth together while speaking.

Hearing what he said, Zhu Hongxiu's face turned ashen, eyes filled with fury.

Li Fuchen spoke coldly, "You better watch your mouth."

"Li Fuchen, today I will let you savour my shoe."

The more he thought, the angrier he got. The woman that he wooed for such a long time, ended up together with someone else. He who always flaunted how great he was with relationships, couldn't wait to kill the both of them.

Qing Shaoyu who raised his voice, unknowingly attracted a whole group of 1st grade outer sect disciples.

"This Li Fuchen sure knows how to create trouble. Like provoking Fang Liehai is not enough, now he even provoked Qing Shaoyu."

"Qing Shaoyu is ranked 18 in the Tower of Tribulations, Li Fuchen is in deep trouble now."

"I don't think it will end with deep trouble. Didn't you hear? It seems like Li Fuchen took away Zhu Hongxiu who Qing Shaoyu had his eyes on"

"Damn, snatching the woman of a prodigy. No wonder Qing Shaoyu is angered. Had it been me, I would have fixed them up for sure."

"This Zhu Hongxiu is weird too. Why would a 3 star extraordinary bone frame like her, decide to get together with Li Fuchen?"

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