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Chapter 659
ER – Chapter 659: Anger Ax Martial Emperor

Li Fuchen entered the Anger Ax Abyss after forcefully ripping an entrance in the boundary .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

There were berserk qi presences that attacked Li Fuchen but weren’t able to shake Li Fuchen at all .

“Ax dao law!”

Li Fuchen could feel faint ax dao law contained in the berserk qi presences .

The ax dao law had always been known to be tyrannical and berserk . It was very hard to imagine how powerful the ax dao saint must be to cleave and create the Anger Ax Abyss back then .

With Li Fuchen’s strength, there was basically no danger for him to enter the Anger Ax Abyss .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived at the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss .

The core area of the Anger Ax Abyss was a world of whiteness, this world was filled with extremely concentrated ax dao law . Even Li Fuchen was having a hard time standing here, his body would constantly burst with sparks and his qi blood would stir .

In this world of whiteness, Li Fuchen realized there were several heaven class low-tier herbs .

“The ax dao law here is concentrated, if my spiritual awareness goes too far, it will be ripped apart . The vision here is also limited, even a great emperor would have a hard time trying to take all the heaven class herbs here . No wonder, there are groups of Law Phase Realm emperors entering the Anger Ax Abyss . ”

Before arriving here, Li Fuchen saw a mid-level emperor, however, the other party didn’t see him and he was able to avoid a battle .

Time elapsed bit by bit and on this day, Li Fuchen felt that the ax dao law in the area ahead was much thinner .

It was an unbelievable thing as the ax dao law was supposed to be stronger as one went deeper into the core area of the place . At the innermost core, even great emperors would need to back off by three feet .

After 15 minutes, Li Fuchen noticed there was a herb that was thick and wide like an ax .

The Anger Ax Herb, it was the Anger Ax Abyss’ most famous herb .

As the name implied, the Anger Ax Herb contained concentrated ax dao law and if an ax dao martial artist obtained the Anger Ax Herb, his ax dao would progress with divine speed for a long period of time .

Apart from that, the Anger Ax Herb had another effect . It allowed the person who possessed it to enter deeper into the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss .

“Put down the Anger Ax Herb!” There was an imposing figure that flew over and yelled out with anger .

“Who are you?” Li Fuchen kept the Anger Ax Herb and looked at the other party with cold eyes .

“So it is you . I didn’t think that you will actually come to the core area of the Anger Ax Abyss . ” The man had a sturdy and large stature . He was wearing thick and heavy armor while there was a large ax on his back .

The moment Li Fuchen saw the imposing figure’s face, Li Fuchen already knew who he was .

Anger Ax Martial Emperor, a 4th level Law Phase Realm emperor from the Soul Sky Empire and was one of the Soul Emperor’s vassals .

Li Fuchen saw him at the Saint Monument Hidden Domain .

As an ax dao emperor, the Anger Ax Martial Emperor would frequently visit the Anger Ax Abyss to search for the Anger Ax Herbs .

The Anger Ax Martial Emperor let out a chuckle and said, “There were others protecting you in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, but there is no one to protect you here . It just so happens that the Soul Emperor is interested in you . Hand over the Anger Ax Herb and follow me for a trip . I will be able to spare your measly life for now . ”

“It is fine for me to follow you, but defeat me first . ” Li Fuchen was fearless . After comprehending the sword shift, he didn’t have to fear a mid-level emperor .

“What big words . Do you think that if you are invincible in the Primary Sea Realm, it means you can cross moves with me?” The Anger Ax Martial Emperor sneered .

In his opinion, Li Fuchen’s strength should be equivalent to a regular low-level emperor, and would be defeated by some of those slightly stronger low-level emperors, therefore, the result was obvious .

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“Try and I shall know . ”

To be honest, Li Fuchen had yet to truly cross moves with a Law Phase Realm emperor .

The first time was against the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor, but it was a pity that Li Fuchen was too weak back then and had to escape after exchanging a few moves .

The second time was against the demonic beast ruler, Fierce Tiger Ruler, but they didn’t really cross moves either .

The third time was against the Clan of Darkness’ Law Phase Realm emperor, however, Li Fuchen’s strength was significantly stronger and had immediately crushed the other party .

The Anger Ax Martial Emperor was a 4th level emperor and his strength was at least equivalent to the Fierce Tiger Ruler . Li Fuchen believed he would be able to find out more about the attack methods used by Law Phase Realm emperors .

“Receive an ax move from me first . ” The Anger Ax Martial Emperor lifted his large ax and cleaved down .

The entire place felt that it was being cleaved apart . The concentrated ax dao law was completely gathered and had turned into a giant ax image before cleaving at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and counterattacked against the giant ax image .


When the horrific sword dao law and ax dao law clashed, there were sparks that burst out everywhere .

“Such powerful sword intent!” The Anger Ax Martial Emperor’s expression changed .

Li Fuchen’s sword intent was clearly at the heaven class mid-tier .

“Anger Ax Third Form . ”

Earlier on, the Anger Ax Martial Emperor was only casually swinging the ax . This ax move was the third form of the heaven class mid-tier martial art, Anger Ax Nine Forms .

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Clang Clang Clang!

In the air, three giant ax images weaved together and cleaved at Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen brandished the Joint-Heaven Sword and emitted Absolute Heaven Sword Intent, which smashed the three giant ax images into pieces .

“Anger Ax Sixth Form!” The Anger Ax Martial Emperor had another change of expression before he executed the Anger Ax Sixth Form .

Each form of the Anger Ax Nine Forms would increase in damage .  

The first form had power that was equivalent to a regular heaven class mid-tier martial art, while the sixth form was already very powerful among heaven class mid-tier martial arts .

This time, it wasn’t just a giant ax image, it was a stone ax and it was utterly overbearing .

The Anger Ax Martial Emperor was confident that this move could even severely injure an extremely powerful low-level emperor .

“Anger Ax Sixth Form, I see . ”

Li Fuchen’s senses were extremely acute and could easily detect that the stone ax was formed by condensing the ax dao law, and knew that it contained a powerful impact force .

If it was other Law Phase Realm emperors, even if they blocked it, they would be injured by the impact .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen law comprehension was beyond the Anger Ax Martial Emperor . With the compliments of the Sword Heart, Li Fuchen didn’t feel any threat from this ax move .


Li Fuchen’s sword thrust at the stone ax and before the impact force of the stone ax could transfer over, it had been dispersed by the sword qi . Immediately after, the stone ax crumbled .

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“Damn it! Anger Ax Eighth Form!” The Anger Ax Martial Emperor wielded the ax with two hands while his arm muscles bulged out and cleaved .

As the ax was cleaved, the entire place was filled with ax light . Li Fuchen felt as though he arrived in a world of axes . The ax lights were cleaving violently in all directions and angles, there wasn’t any place that didn’t get covered .

The Anger Ax Eighth Form had a name called the Ax Boundary .

Once the enemy was enveloped by the Ax Boundary, they would be cleaved to death by the axes after a period of time .

As for the Anger Ax Ninth Form, not even the Anger Ax Martial Emperor had comprehended it . The Anger Ax Eighth Form was already his most powerful move .

“This is your most powerful move?” 

Li Fuchen wanted to test the limits of the Sky Ring Sword Armor, therefore, he produced a layer of Sky Ring Sword Armor’s sword intent to protect himself .

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

In almost an instant, Li Fuchen was buried in sparks . When each of the ax lights cleaved on the Sky Ring Sword Armor’s sword intent, it would burst out with sparks . When over a hundred and a thousand ax lights cleaved on the sword intent, it produced sparks that were even more dazzling than the sun and the moon .

In the eyes of the Anger Ax Martial Emperor, the place that Li Fuchen was standing had turned into a miniature sun and it was bursting with sparks .

“He should be dead right?!”

The Anger Ax Martial Emperor wasn’t too certain . His move would only stop after the enemy was dead, otherwise, it would be called the Ax Boundary .

“The power is good enough, but the ax dao law is too crude . It is my turn now . ” An indifferent voice transmitted into the Anger Ax Martial Emperor’s ears .

The Anger Ax Martial Emperor looked awful . How was it possible that the Anger Ax Eighth Form couldn’t injure the other party? Even if Li Fuchen had cultivated a heaven class high-tier martial art, it still wouldn’t be the case .

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