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"I don't believe it. See how I break your Crimson Battle Form."

Stomping hard on the ground, his body turned into a sharp arrow, rapidly approaching Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen intended to break Fang Liehai's Golden Bell Canopy, Steel Clothed Shirt, and Iron Dipper Form too. Not backing off at all, he gathered power in his right fist and tore the air as he sent his punch at Fang Liehai.


A deep sound like the rumble of thunder could be heard as the heart palpitated.

Dong, dong, dong…

For the rest of the fight, neither one of them bothered to defend and instead went all out in attacking.

Fang Liehai who was one of the 10 Prodigies, had an exceptional combat ability. Be it his reaction speed or attack speed, all of it were top class. But Li Fuchen's combat ability was more insane, overshadowing Fang Liehai in all aspects.

For every 10 punches Fang Liehai executed, a maximum of 2 would hit Li Fuchen.

But with every 10 punches from Li Fuchen, a minimum of 3 would land on Fang Liehai.

As the fight was delayed, Fang Liehai was starting to feel the disadvantage

Even though he had a great defense, it wasn't at the level where he could ignore attacks.

In normal cases, punches with a 10,000 kg force would be enough to expend his qi.

If he took too many blows, his concentrated qi and blood flow would be scattered for sure.

"Rainstorm World! Hit the target!"

Gathering his breath, Fang Liehai executed one of his peak-tier, yellow class arts, Rainstorm Fist Style.

The multitude of punches were like the falling of a rainstorm, concentrated and endless. Unstoppable, Li Fuchen took 4 punches in an instant.

But with the increase in punches, the power was distributed. Every punch merely had the force of 7 or 8 thousand kg, and it wasn't even enough to push back Li Fuchen

Li Fuchen didn't even think about dodging and instead landed a palm strike on Fang Liehai's chest.

It was a palm strike using the Mountain Splitting Palm.

The Mountain Splitting Palm was merely a mid-tier, yellow class palm style.

But never underestimate the firepower of the Mountain Splitting Palm.

Once the Mountain Splitting Palm was at the trance stage, it wasn't restricted by the original limits of the palm style.

With the strike of his palm, the force resonated and even hurt Fang Liehai's lungs.


Spitting out a mouth of blood, Fang Liehai was overwhelmed with shock.

He desperately pulled away from Li Fuchen and drew his steel sword.

Against anyone else, Fang Liehai would have never used his steel sword. If any error were to occur, he could well kill his opponent.

Cang Lan Sect rules, 'Death to any murderers', not even the prodigies were excluded

But it was different against Li Fuchen, his steel sword would never be able to kill him in a single slash. The most it would do would only wound him.

Li Fuchen wasn't complacent and drew his steel sword too.

Cling clang

As their swords clashed, sparks were flying in all directions

Fang Liehai's sword style was the peak-tier, yellow class, Raging Wave Sword Style.

Fang Liehai had long achieved completion in the Raging Wave Sword Style. His sword moves emulated the raging violent waves, one wave on top of the other. With the sword force rushing forth, it felt unstoppable.

Li Fuchen didn't used his Red Jade Sword Style, neither did he use the Scarlet Fire Sword Style, but instead executed the Shao Shang Sword Style.

The Shao Shang Sword Style was grand and imposing, every sword move had astounding force.

And with the Shao Shang Sword Style at the trance stage, it allowed the Shao Shang Sword Style to be at the next level.

If it was just for firepower, even the Red Jade Sword Style couldn't compete with it. Only the Scarlet Fire Sword Style could match its power.

Accumulating his qi, Li Fuchen sent a mountain splitting cleave at Fang Liehai.

In this hair-raising fight, neither one of them would let the other gain an inch.

Even though Li Fuchen's combat ability was slightly better and his attack speed was faster too.

Fang Liehai wasn't any average individual, that 4 star golden steel bone frame of his gave him several quality advantages.

It wouldn't be that easy for Li Fuchen to defeat his opponent.

"Raging Storm!"

With the fight still being far from ending, Fang Liehai got impatient and executed the strongest move of the Raging Wave Sword Style. All the water elements that existed in the air was gathered and greatly increased the sword's power.

"Clear Breeze First Blade."

Once anyone became impatient, there is bound to be mistakes. Seeing the slightest mistake, Li Fuchen changed his sword stance and executed the final lightning quick sword move of his Clear Breeze Sword Style.

This blade was so quick that Fang Liehai didn't even see it.

Hearing the breeze but the blade was nowhere to be seen.


Fang Liehai felt a numbness in his left shoulder as though he was stung by a poisonous bug.

The Raging Storm sword move ended abruptly.

Fang Liehai lowered his head and saw blood all over the place that came from his left shoulder.

Due to him having the Golden Bell Canopy, Steel Clothed Shirt, and the formidable Iron Dipper Form, the wound closed up quickly.

"Are you trying to tickle me?!"

Fang Liehai roared and once again used the Raging Storm sword move against Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen sighed. The Clear Breeze Sword Style was quick but it lacked power. It was enough to deal with opponents who had low defenses in one strike. But against Fang Liehai, it could only break his skin.

The Shao Shang Sword Style on the other hand had obvious sword trajectories, it could only neutralise Fang Liehai's sword move but was unable to counter and hit his target.

"Since this the case, take this instead!"

Li Fuchen's steel sword was thrusted out in a flash and gained speed along its trajectory, as if entering another dimension.

What came next was as though a meteor falling.

Li Fuchen's sword scrapped past Fang Liehai's sword and found its mark deep in his opponent's right shoulder.


The steel sword slipped from Fang Liehai's right hand and dropped on the rock covered ground.

The ultimate move of the Red Jade Sword Style - Death by Red Jade.

This sword move emphasized on instantly raising the sword force to its limit and then increasing its velocity to penetrate the opponent's physical defense.

"Fang Liehai, you are lucky that I too am a Cang Lan Sect disciple. If you had been my enemy, I would have had you dead."

Carrying the Red Copper ore, Li Fuchen spoke with a cold-blooded tone.

In this precise moment, Fang Liehai still couldn't believe he lost to Li Fuchen.

Losing to a normal bone frame…

The arrogant natured him couldn't accept this result.

It was a known fact that he was one of the outer sect's 10 Prodigies, Shanhai City's once in a century prodigy and the hope of the clan.

"This is impossible!" Fang Liehai stood there motionless.

Giving Fang Liehai a glare, Li Fuchen turned and left, gradually widening the distance.

Only after a moment did Fang Liehai come back to his senses. He looked at the back of Li Fuchen slowly walking further away, he growled, "Li Fuchen, this isn't the end yet. At the outer sect competition, I will defeat you."


Back at the Cang Lan Sect task hall, Li Fuchen brought back the Red Copper ore and was awarded with 114,000 contribution points.

The task elder had seen it all and thus tried not to provoked Li Fuchen.

This man, even though he was only a normal bone frame, would definitely be someone of a higher status than him in the future.

Outer sect elders weren't like inner sect elders, most of them had reached their limits at the Earth Realm.

With 100,000+ contribution points, Li Fuchen felt generous again and spent 90,000 points redeeming 60 dragon tiger pills.

With the days passing. The news of Li Fuchen defeating Fang Liehai didn't get leaked.

In the entire outer sect, only 3 disciples knew of this.

Li Fuchen didn't go around bragging.

Fang Liehai also wouldn't ruin his own reputation.

Cui Tie was Fang Liehai's right hand man and definitely wouldn't go declare this.

Afterall, he too fell to Li Fuchen too.

As such, this fight, became an unnamed fight and would perhaps never be revealed in this life.

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