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Chapter 649.1
ER – Chapter 649: Unrivaled (Part 1)

The evil dragon blade light was sinister and brutal . It looked just like an evil dragon, but it was actually formed by countless blade lights that were combined . The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor once used this move to eliminate a low-level combat emperor . He was confident it could even severely injure mid-class combat emperors .

It was a pity that he had judged Li Fuchen’s strength wrongly .


Li Fuchen didn’t even need to use his body refinement strength as he brandished his Joint-Heaven Sword to counter the evil dragon blade light .

Bang Boom!

The evil dragon blade light only lasted for a split second before it dissipated .

“What?” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s eyes contracted as he couldn’t believe his eyes .

“Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, at this current moment, you are no longer a match for me . Hand over one of the Saint Monument Shards and I shall let you keep some dignity . ” Li Fuchen stated indifferently .

“In your dreams!” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor turned and escaped .  

Li Fuchen’s speed of progression was too fast and the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor had no choice but to escape . At this moment, he felt extremely dejected .

“Courting death . ”

There was a flash of a scarlet sword thread which split the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s artifact armor . Fresh blood burst into the air as he was instantly inflicted with severe injuries .

“You!” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor glared at Li Fuchen .

Since there was already a feud, Li Fuchen didn’t care if the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor hated him more . With a wave of his hand, Li Fuchen attracted the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s storage bag over and took out one shard which he tossed to the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor . Li Fuchen then kept the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor’s storage bag .

“There will be a day when you will regret . ” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor said each word with anger .

“You will never have the chance . ” Li Fuchen walked away .

“Damn it!” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor smashed his fists on the ground and almost went insane .

Li Fuchen didn’t stay around and wait for the others . There were only a few individuals who had two shards . Even if Li Fuchen defeated them, he wouldn’t be able to obtain a large number of shards, therefore, it was insignificant .

Li Fuchen was extremely fast and took just a split moment to shake them off . There were some who continued the pursuit, but none of them were able to encounter Li Fuchen .

Fifth shard, sixth shard…

After one day, Li Fuchen’s number of Saint Monument Shards had increased to six shards . Apart from the one shard obtained from the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, the rest were found by himself . It was truly a horrifying display of luck .

At the same time, Li Fuchen was utterly famous in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain .

Six Saint Monument Shards wasn’t a small number . In normal situations, only a rare few individuals would have more than five shards during the later phase . Furthermore, most of the shards were snatched from others .

It was just the first day and Li Fuchen had already obtained six shards . It was hard for him not to attract any attention .

“That person is too crafty and his speed is also extremely fast . It isn’t that easy to stop him . ”

“Hmph, let’s see how long he can continue to escape . ”

As everyone was searching for the shards, they gradually formed an encirclement as they wanted to trap Li Fuchen .

After two days, Li Fuchen obtained ten shards . When sensed by others, Li Fuchen was just like a sparkling star .

“I shall wait for another half a day . ” Li Fuchen revealed a smile .

Three days were given to search for the Saint Monument Shards, after three days, everyone would need to return to the Peace Grassland .

After all, the emperors from the seven major factions would also need time to comprehend the mystics of the Saint Monument . Moreover, the Saint Monument Hidden Domain would only be opened for around ten days .

There were already quite a number of people who had returned to the Peace Grassland .

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These were people who were rather lucky as they could all find two shards . As for those who had yet to return, they would have one shard or have yet to find any shard . There were some who had several shards, but it was due to their confidence as they wanted to snatch shards from others .

At this moment, two members of the Floating Sky Mountain had also returned . They were Lu Yunhe and Shen Tang .

Once they obtained two Saint Monument Shards, they immediately rushed back for the Peace Grassland without stopping .

They wanted to thank that individual who had plenty of Saint Monument Shards as that person had attracted most of the attention, otherwise, they might not be able to make it back successfully .

“Come, let’s go and see who is that person . ” Since there was still half a day, Shen Tang proposed .

“Alright . ” Lu Yunhe nodded .

Since they had already handed the Saint Monument Shards to the Floating Sky Mountain’s elder who was in charge with the records, they didn’t need to be afraid of someone snatching it .

There was still half a day and if they were lucky, they might be able to find another Saint Monument Shard .

“It is almost time . ” 

At the two and a half day mark, Li Fuchen now had 12 Saint Monument Shards . Apart from him, the next person with the most shards, had seven shards .

Li Fuchen remained in place and stopped moving .

15 minutes later, over a dozen individuals appeared in Li Fuchen’s vicinity at almost the same time .

“Haha, the shards are mine . ” 

“They are mine!”

Everyone was trying to outdo each other by making the first move .


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A storm gathered and enveloped all of these people .

At the next moment, all of these people were covered with sword wounds and sent flying while vomiting blood .

Heaven class mid-tier sword move, Divine Wind Raging Howl .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Li Fuchen created a powerful suction force and collected over a dozen storage bags .

“Damn it, he is a peak-class combat emperor . ” One of the individuals gritted his teeth and said .

“I think a normal peak-class combat emperor isn’t as formidable as him!” Another individual said while feeling alarmed .

A normal peak-class combat emperor would never be able to deal with over a dozen high-class combat emperors .

“Let’s attack together . ”

There were too many people that targeted Li Fuchen . In just this short period of time, a second group of a few dozen individuals appeared . Li Fuchen’s strength might be out of their expectation, but with the advantage of numbers, they didn’t even put Li Fuchen in their eyes . It was especially the case because they had more than one peak-class combat emperors in their group .

If Li Fuchen was a normal peak-class combat emperor, he wouldn’t be able to counterattack against so many high-class combat emperors .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen wasn’t a normal peak-class combat emperor .

With so many heaven class mid-tier sword moves in his possession, he was basically flawless .

He was top-notch in both offense and defense . As the Sky Ring Sword Armor was revolving around his body, Li Fuchen executed a sword slash in all directions .

Bang Boom!

It felt as though the void had shattered as everyone turned in a figure inside a shattered mirror . All of them felt as if their bodies were going to be ripped apart as blood sprayed out .

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Cling Cling Clang Clang!

As for the attacks from others, when they landed on Li Fuchen’s Sky Ring Sword Armor’s sword intent, there were clear and distinct metallic clashes . They couldn’t break through the sword intent .

“Golden Light Cleave!”

“Dazzling Sunlight Palm!”

“Nine Firmaments Divine Thunder!”

There was an extremely shiny golden light slash, a blazing sun palm strike, and a destructive divine thunderbolt which were blasted at Li Fuchen .

Three peak-class combat emperors had made their moves .

They had the 8-star sharp metal bone frame, 8-star sun bone frame, and 8-star thunderous bone frame .

With three types of peak-class divine abilities, no matter how strong the peak-class combat emperor was, it was impossible to walk away uscathed .

“This person is certainly dead . ”

“Hehe, even a peak-class combat emperor would have to die when facing three types of peak-class divine abilities! I wonder if the upper echelons would blame them . ”

“Blame? How can they blame them? They would only give some warning . After all, it is basically impossible to hold back in such situations . ”

The injured individuals were all rejoicing in Li Fuchen’s misfortune .

Li Fuchen revealed a sneer and brandished the Joint-Heaven Sword as he set up an even tougher Sky Ring Sword Armor’s sword intent around his body .

Boom Boom Boom!

In less than a blink of an eye, the three divine abilities buried Li Fuchen .

Everyone looked over at Li Fuchen’s location . It was covered by the dazzling golden light, the blazing flames, and the devastating thunderbolts . They couldn’t even see Li Fuchen’s figure .

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