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Using a special kind of rope to tie the Red Copper ore, Li Fuchen carried it and walked out of the mining cave.

Seeing the light again, Li Fuchen couldn't adapt to the light instantly. Only after some time did he regain his bearings and then prepared to leave the Tonglu ore mountain.

"Isn't that Li Fuchen? What kind of ore is he carrying? What a huge size."

On top of a hill was a shadow of a figure standing there.


Just like a civet, the figure very quickly came down the hill and blocked Li Fuchen's path.

"Li Fuchen, show me the ore you are carrying." The young man was around 19 years of age, tall and firm, his pair of arms were thicker than most people's thighs.

Li Fuchen stopped in his tracks, "Who might you be?"

"I am Cui Tie. If you know what's good for you, then you better hand over the ore."

He knew that no matter what ore was underneath the cloth, with this size, it would still be worth quite a bit of contribution points.

'Cui Tie.' Li Fuchen thought for a moment and recalled who Cui Tie was.

Cui Tie, the leader of the 7 experts under Fang Liehai. Ranked 48 in the Tower of Tribulations. There were rumors that he had the same golden steel bone frame like Fang Liehai.

But Fang Liehai had a 4 star golden steel bone frame while Cui Tie had a 3 star golden steel bone frame.

Li Fuchen coldly declared, "You don't have the qualifications. Ask your master to come. Perhaps he would be more suited for combat with me."

"Presumptuous! How would a person like you be worthy of fighting Fang shixiong. I, Cui Tie, am enough to take care of you."

Cui Tie rushed towards Li Fuchen with the force of a bull.


When their fists met each other, Cui Tie took 8 whole steps back and had his fist covered in fresh blood.

Whereas Li Fuchen didn't move an inch.

Cui Tie took in a deep breath, enduring the pain. He felt the bones in his fist being crushed. He was still in disbelief as he lifted his head and looked at Li Fuchen while in a daze.

Li Fuchen was ranked 60 in the Tower of Tribulations while he was ranked 48.

Logically, Li Fuchen should have never been a threat to him.

He who had 3 star golden steel bone frame was naturally suited for body refinement techniques.

Plus, he had already attained completion in both the Steel Clothed Shirt and Golden Bell Canopy.

The Steel Clothed Shirt and Golden Bell Canopy were able to complement each other.

Just cultivating one of them, would only grant you 2000+ kilos of physical strength.

But when the two techniques were cultivated together, it granted a physical strength of 3500 kg.

In addition to that, the combined defense of the two techniques was extremely durable. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say he had copper skin and iron bones. But they were easily broken by a single punch from Li Fuchen.

'Unless he cultivated the Crimson Battle Form?' A thought flashed in Cui Tie's mind.

Among the outer sect disciples, Yu Wentian was the undisputed number 1.

Even if it was Fang Liehai, when facing against Yu Wentian, he had to tone down his arrogance and aggressiveness.

Yu Wentian was the only prodigy amongst the 30 thousand outer sect disciples that cultivated the Crimson Battle Form to completion and had 5000 kg of physical strength.

One year ago, two disciples who ranked top ten in the Tower of Tribulations tried to fight hand in hand against Yu Wentian. But Yu Wentian easily suppressed both of them, Yu Wentian stunned everyone when both of them attacked Yu Wentian, only suffering superficial wounds.

One year has past since, it is said that Yu Wentian picked up the Tiger Crane Ascend Force and broke past the 5000 kg strength limit. But it was unclear how much stronger was he now.

'It must be the Crimson Battle Form, there isn't any other peak-tier, yellow class body refinement technique that can win against my Golden Bell Canopy and Steel Clothed Shirt.'

Cui Tie was madly roaring in his heart.


Putting down the Red Copper ore, Li Fuchen slowly walked towards Cui Tie, "You had your chance to punch, now it's my turn."

Hearing so, Cui Tie didn't fool around and drew his steel sword.

Yes, not a wooden sword but a steel sword.

Against a practitioner of the Crimson Battle Form, if a wooden sword was used, it would only cause light wounds.

"Li Fuchen, a fight between martial artists isn't determined by whose defenses are better!"

With a move of his wrist, a sword move of the Raging Waves Sword Style was executed on Li Fuchen.

"Too slow."

Li Fuchen swayed his body and dodged the sword move with ease, then punch right at Cui Tie's chest.


A mouthful of fresh blood sprayed out. Cui Tie felt as though he broke at least 2 ribs.

How could he have known that Li Fuchen cultivated the Interception Form Dao. Even though his physical strength didn't increase, his speed and reflexes were at the next level.

Turning around, Li Fuchen was ready to lift the Red Copper ore and leave.

"Li Fuchen, are you going to leave after beating up one of my men? Aren't you looking down on me, Fang Liehai?" A voice travelled from within one of the nearby caves.

Soon enough, Fang Liehai appeared from one of the caves.

Originally, Fang Liehai came to Tonglu ore mountain together with Cui Tie but was seperated a few days ago.

"Fang Liehai." Putting down the ore, Li Fuchen's eyes were contained with battle intent.

After speaking to Gao Changtian, he knew he underestimated Fang Liehai in the past

Fang Liehai cultivated the Golden Bell Canopy, Steel Clothed Shirt, and the Iron Dipper Form. His ability was unfathomable.

It is as if he was the advanced version of Cui Tie.

Glancing at Cui Tie, Fang Liehai frowned as he was much more seriously injured than he thought.

"You actually broke past Cui Tie's Golden Bell Canopy and Steel Clothed Shirt. It seems I underestimated you, but it's a pity, no one can help you this time."

Had it not been for Gao Changtian previously, Li Fuchen would have been lying on the bed for at least a few weeks

Li Fuchen: "I, Li Fuchen have never relied on anyone before. Fang Liehai, make your move! I know you have cultivated the Iron Dipper Form, so let me take a look at what stage you are at."

"What? How did you know I cultivated the Iron Dipper Form?"

Fang Liehai's pupils shrink due to surprise.

"It must be from Gao Changtian. But all this matters not, you broke 2 of Cui Tie's ribs, so I will break 4 of yours."

Fang Liehai slowly approached Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen smiled and approached Fang Liehai as well.

Increasing their pace, the two finally clashed.


Sparks flew as their fists collided.

Fang Liehai's fist had traces of a gold and black colour. It no longer looked like flesh but instead like a fist forged of steel. On the outside of the fist was a coat of pale black vigorous qi.

Li Fuchen's fist was smooth and firm looking. It oozed of a scarlet fire intent, it may look like a normal fist but it was already long beyond the human limitations with its skin tough like demonic beast skin. The fist is cloaked with a layer of pale red, fiery qi.

When their fists crashed, there was a powerful qi shockwave, as if a black hole was sucking both of them to the center.

What followed next was an huge earthquake underneath both their feet.

A violent force sent both of them flying.

Fang Liehai spoke with vengeance, "Crimson Battle Form, completion."

His qi was stronger than Li Fuchen, but his fist wasn't harder and neither was his physical strength.

After cultivating the Iron Dipper Form, his body strength was already at 4000+ kg.

"Strong indeed."

Only after exchanging blows did Li Fuchen realize he was still underestimating Fang Liehai.

"He actually went even with Fang shixiong?"

The heavily injured Cui Tie was flabbergasted, he knew Fang Liehai's ability better than anyone.

He could obviously see Fang Liehai giving his best but was still unable to oppress Li Fuchen.

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