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Published at 13th of October 2020 12:36:27 PM
Chapter 636
ER – Chapter 636: Blood Toad Mountain

As long as there was fire dao energy, and as long as the Flash Fire Divine Technique Intent could reach that place, Li Fuchen would be able to reach there instantly .

As a result, Li Fuchen’s every instant shift would be able to travel up to 100 miles .

There might be a slight interval, it was still ten times faster than having to travel across personally .

“Instant shift!” The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor had an awful expression .

The highest level of shifting techniques was to achieve instant shift .

Once there was the ability to instant shift, it was an entirely different significance .

At the Law Phase Realm, high-level emperors were far superior to low-level emperors . The former would take just a few moves to defeat the latter, however, if the latter achieved an instant shift, the former wouldn’t be able to deal with the latter . It was even more of the case as the difference between the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor and Li Fuchen wasn’t that great .

To deal with individuals that could instant shift, there were only a few methods .

One of the methods was to trap the opposition with an array that was set up in advance, or to comprehend the laws to an extremely high level and prevent the opposition from using shifting techniques .

Just as Li Fuchen was a few hundred miles away, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor burst out with a yell, “Void Extinguishing Hand!”

When the palm strike was executed, a translucent palm with faint purple intent flew towards Li Fuchen .

The translucent palm was getting bigger as it got closer to Li Fuchen . When it was very close, it was already covering the sky and occupying the entire place .

The most horrifying thing about the palm was that it seemingly contained a trace of void law and had a restricting effect .

For a Law Phase Realm emperor to deal with a Primary Sea Realm monarch with a martial art that contained void dao law, it was as simple as killing a chicken with a blade meant to kill a cow . However, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was doing so .

The Void Extinguishing Hand was a heaven class mid-tier palm art .

With a distance of a few hundred miles, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor couldn’t deal with Li Fuchen by using a heaven class low-tier martial art . It was why the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor had no choice but to use the Wang Clan’s ultimate martial art, the Void Extinguishing Hand .

As the distance was over a few hundred miles, he wasn’t afraid of killing Li Fuchen as it would only severely injure Li Fuchen .

Of course, the precondition was the palm strike hitting Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen was originally going instant shift to the front, but when the Void Extinguishing Hand was approaching, Li Fuchen changed direction .


The ground at the front collapsed and produced a black hole, while the horrific qi presence caused the heaven and earth law to be in disorder . Li Fuchen was certain that if he was in that place, he wouldn’t be able to escape by using his instant shift .

Everytime the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor executed the Void Extinguishing Hand, Li Fuchen would change directions . The distance between the two of them might not have a drastic change, but it was gradually increasing from a few hundred miles to a thousand miles .

With a distance of a thousand miles, the Void Extinguishing Hand didn’t have any power .

Of course, it was only in this case . If Li Fuchen was a regular combat emperor, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor would still be able to kill with a distance of a thousand miles .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor didn’t continue chasing . His spiritual awareness might be able to cover a few tens of thousands of miles, but he couldn’t catch up and his attacks couldn’t hit too . It was just a matter of time before Li Fuchen escaped and after seeing no effects after launching a few spiritual awareness attacks, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor’s face turned dark .

He was feeling regretful . If he knew this would happen, he would have attacked with his full strength at the start . He still had plenty of methods that he didn’t have time to use, like his control of the nature power .

How could he have expected for Li Fuchen to be so difficult to deal with and was able to escape from the hands of him, a 2nd level emperor .

“I hope that your luck can remain so good . ” The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor turned and left .

Ancient Desolate Mountains, the largest mountain range in the Soul Sky Empire and also one of the ten major mountain ranges in the Emperor Sky Continent .

This mountain range was overly dangerous and wasn’t occupied by any factions .

It was said that in the core of the Ancient Desolate Mountains, there were a few demonic beast rulers and demon rulers residing there .

The Ancient Desolate Mountain Range was massive and it stretched over tens of millions of miles .

At the border, Li Fuchen was panting a little .

It exhausted too much qi to use the instant shift and it also exhausted the mind . With his current capability, he wasn’t able to use instant shift over a long period of time .

“Let me go into seclusion for a few days first . ”

Li Fuchen looked around and found a mountain that was suitable to go into seclusion .

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Li Fuchen’s body refinement was far from reaching the bottleneck and it was constantly progressing . He had a premonition that his body refinement would reach the perfection level of Primary Sea Realm in a few days .


A mountain collapsed while a delicate white fox fell onto the ground vigorously while the body was covered in stains of blood .

The white fox wasn’t big and had two tails at the back . One tail was emitting wind dao law while the other tail was emitting ice dao law .

“White Fox Queen, still resisting and becoming my great king’s concubine . It should be your blessings that you have waited for ten lifetimes, why do you seek suffering instead?”

There was a devastating demonic wind as a massive figure appeared in the clouds .

It was a rhino demonic beast and from the intensity of the demonic beast qi, it should be a demonic beast half-ruler .

“Pah! If I, the White Fox Queen has to be your great king’s concubine, I would rather die . ” The white fox spat and said in a delicate tone .

“I don’t dare you let you die, otherwise, my great king will skin me alive . ”

The rhino demonic beast king descended and stood on a mountain top . His body was over a dozen miles in size and the mountain below him, looked just like a pile of dirt .

“Rhino King, I shall die trying to stop you!”

The two tails behind the white fox started to turn and blast a tornado at the Rhino King that contained icicles .

Cling Cling Clang Clang!

The Rhino King’s had rough skin and thick flesh . The tornado was just like a breeze and the icicles didn’t even leave any mark .

“White Fox Queen, I might not be able to kill you, but I can still let you suffer a little . ” The Rhino King then stomped at the mountain below him with ferocity .


The ground surrounding the white fox suddenly swelled up . Thick and sharp rock spikes pierced through the ground and at the white fox .

The white fox used its sharp claws to break the rock spikes, but there were too many and they were all very tough . The rock spikes were emitting earth dao laws .


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The white fox vomited a mouthful of blood when she was sent flying by one of the rock spikes and there were now more bloody marks on her body .

“My apologies, I have been too harsh . ” The Rhino King grinned .

The Rhino King was a peak-tier demonic beast king and it was far superior to the White Fox Queen . If the Rhino King didn’t hold back, the White Fox Queen would have died at least ten times .

“Don’t even think of fleeing!” The Rhino King glared as he saw the white fox turning into a white light and flying far away .

“Law Eclipse Ground!” 

The Rhino King let out a violent roar and its body which was originally over a dozen miles, had expanded to a few hundred miles . It was even bigger than that demonic beast ruler, Black Flood Dragon which was back at the Seven Color Continent .

When its body expanded to a few hundred miles, the Rhino King took just one step to catch up with the white fox . He opened his body and blew out smelly wind to send the white fox tumbling . There was a mountain that was a few thousand meters in height that had its top blown off and revealing the interior .

“Eh, there is someone?” The Rhino King’s voice sounded like thunder .

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and noticed a massive figure in front of him .

This massive figure had eyes that were as big as a lake and the sharp horn on the nose was a few times bigger than the mountains .

“Human monarch, you actually dare come to the Ancient Desolate Mountains . Don’t you know that the Ancient Desolate Mountains are forbidden for humans? So be it, it has been a long time since I ate human monarchs, it is time for me to have a feast . ” The Rhino King’s eyes revealed an insatiable expression .

“Since you disturbed my cultivation, then there is no need to feel pity for your death . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to waste time as he extended his left hand and a giant blood hand enlarged . Finally, it expanded to over a few hundred miles and slammed the Rhino King on the ground .

“My lord, please spare my life . My great king is the Blood Toad King, it will not be beneficial for you to kill me . ”

The Rhino King’s body rapidly expanded, but the blood hand expanded too and was still bigger than the Rhino King .

Li Fuchen was unconcerned as his left hand grasped and crushed the Rhino King into a bloody pulp . The essence blood was transferred to Li Fuchen through the giant blood hand and greatly improved Li Fuchen’s body refinement .

“The Hand of Blood is able to directly absorb the essence blood of everything it kills and strengthens the Hand of Blood’s qi power . No wonder the Hand of God is also known as the Hand of Devil . ”

Li Fuchen could feel that the essence blood absorbed was extremely pure and didn’t have any trace of demonic beast qi or baleful qi . Unlike before when he would always experience a huge residual effect after consuming essence blood .

The white fox at the foot of the mountain was dumbfounded . In her eyes, the Rhino King was definitely a formidable existence and he was ranked at least top ten in the nearby region . He was one of the few experts serving the Blood Toad King, but he was killed by Li Fuchen in a single grasp .

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“This lady thanked the Young Master for the life saving grace . ” The white fox bowed to Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen looked at the white fox’s gesture and smiled . “You may go, I still have to continue cultivating . ”

The white fox left as she still had her race members back at home and she couldn’t allow the Blood Toad King to harm them .

The Rhino King’s essence blood was bountiful and after being purified by the Hand of Blood, it was greatly beneficial to Li Fuchen’s body refinement . In just a few days, Li Fuchen finally reached the perfection level of Primary Sea Realm .

In a split moment, a horrific vitality qi field caused the surrounding qi field to be in disorder . Countless rocks floated in the air and even some of the small mountains were lifted from the ground .

“It is truly a horrific body refinement technique . ”

Li Fuchen looked inside with his spiritual awareness and could see that the Hand of Blood’s qi power was formed by blood hand runes . Each of the blood hand runes was formed by countless tiny blood hands, each blood hand was formed by countless blood spots, and so forth until it made contact with the ultimate body refinement’s mystical secret .

“The Hand of God’s foundation is the Hand of Blood while the Hand of Force is the essence . The later stages are probably a higher level of usage, just like qi and martial arts . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

“Young Master, please save my race members . ”

On this day, the white fox returned and knelt on the ground .

“Why should I save your race members?” Li Fuchen asked .

“This lady is willing to tribute this 1000-year Rootless Flower . ” The white fox handed over a translucent flower with both hands and it was none other than the Rootless Flower .

“Alright, lead the way then . ” Li Fuchen kept the 1000-year Rootless Flower .

A 1000-year Rootless Flower was worth a few million mid-grade spirit stones and it was definitely precious .

Along the way, Li Fuchen found out that the white fox’s race members were all captured by the Blood Toad King and brought to the Blood Toad Mountain .

The Blood Toad King possessed the bloodline of a demonic beast ruler and also traces of the demonic beast overlord’s bloodline . Its strength was truly overbearing .

In just half a day, Li Fuchen and the white fox arrived in the vicinity of the Blood Toad Mountain .

The Blood Toad Mountain was a blood-colored mountain that was 10,000 meters in height . It was emitting a strangely mighty and vast presence which made Li Fuchen feel a chill .

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, this Blood Toad Mountain should be a marvel mountain .

The marvel mountain was something that couldn’t be destroyed .

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