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Chapter 635
ER – Chapter 635: Assassins and Emperor

In the wilderness, Li Fuchen was traveling at a speed that wasn’t very fast, but it was comparable with regular monarchs .

Such a mediocre speed wouldn’t exhaust his qi even if he flew for a decade or a century .

At the later realms of the martial dao, even if the martial artist didn’t circulate the cultivation technique, qi would automatically gather . When flying at low speed, the speed of qi depletion and qi replenishment were almost equal and would break even .

In the depths of the wilderness, there was a dense fog…

“Come out . ” Li Fuchen suddenly stopped and said with sharp eyes .

“You are indeed an elite prodigy . I wonder if you are interested in joining our Clan of Darkness?” Inside the fog, seven fuzzy shadows appeared, the leader’s voice was faint as he spoke .

“Clan of Darkness . The Emperor Sky Continent’s no . 1 dark faction?” Li Fuchen heard of this faction .

If the seven top-notch emperor-class factions controlled the Emperor Sky Continent, the Clan of Darkness was controlling the dark side of the Emperor Sky Continent . In terms of prowess, the Clan of Darkness wasn’t inferior to any of the top-notch emperor-class factions .

“That’s right . ” The shadow leader nodded . “If you are willing to join the Clan of Darkness, your future achievement will surely be beyond me . ”

“What if I am not willing?” Li Fuchen asked in return .

“That will be troublesome . You have too many secrets on you and our Clan of Darkness is very interested . ”

At the beginning, they were only requested by the County Protector Lin Tianyang to capture Li Fuchen . However, after understanding Li Fuchen better, they were certain that Li Fuchen definitely had a great secret . One of the elders in the Clan of Darkness had already instructed them to capture Li Fuchen and bring him back to the Clan of Darkness .

“Go ahead then . ” Li Fuchen had his hands behind his back while he said indifferently .

“Form the formation . ”

The shadow leader didn’t waste time and gestured with his hand . Six shadows leaped into the sky behind him and with a flash, the shadow leader blended together with the six shadows .

Subsequently, a giant black scorpion appeared in Li Fuchen’s vision .

Battle formation, Scorpion of Darkness .

The Scorpion of Darkness might only be a seven-men battle formation, but the power of a battle formation wasn’t just determined by the numbers of men, but also the grade of the battle formation .

Battle formations with more numbers would certainly have an extremely high grade, however, battle formations with lesser people might not have a low grade .

On the contrary, battle formations with lesser men had extremely high demand on the members as they were too profound .

Those formations that weren’t profound were normally known as combination arts .

The Scorpion of Darkness was extremely fast, it arrived behind Li Fuchen in a flash, as though it shifted instantly .

“Your strength should be a high-class combat emperor . It is a pity that our seven-men Scorpion of Darkness has a strength that is close to a peak-class combat emperor . ” The shadow leader spoke with confidence .

The seven of them weren’t just regular high-level monarchs . Apart from him, the rest were high-class half-emperors or peak-class half-emperors . While the shadow leader’s strength was a mid-class combat emperor . When enhanced by the Scorpion of Darkness, his strength was already close to a peak-class combat emperor .

“It seems like you people aren’t really clear about my recent situations . ” Li Fuchen said .

If they knew about his most recent situations, they would know that he was able to extinguish 32 individuals including Wang Yuan in a single move . His strength wasn’t just at the level of a high-class combat emperor .

“What?” The shadow leader was in doubt .

But soon enough, the doubtful feeling vanished as the Scorpion of Darkness’s long tail stung at Li Fuchen .

This tail was just an image, but it contained the paralysis law and it was also the battle formation ability of the Scorpion of Darkness, Sting of Darkness .

Li Fuchen didn’t dodge and it seemed like he didn’t even react in time .


The air burst out with dazzling blood-colored sparks . One could obviously see a blood-colored qi power barrier covering Li Fuchen .

The Sting of Darkness couldn’t penetrate the qi power barrier .

“Impossible?!” There were astonished voices that echoed from within the Scorpion of Darkness .

“Too weak…” Li Fuchen shook his head .

The battle formation’s attack power was indeed very powerful, it was probably comparable with Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength .

However, his body refinement strength was even more powerful . Li Fuchen didn’t even have to make a move and could simply rely on the Hand of Blood’s qi power to block the attack with ease .

“There is error in the information, retreat!”

The shadow leader was very decisive and activated the battle formation ability, Darkness Divine Travel . The Scorpion of Darkness appeared far away in an instant and was just about to vanish .

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“Since you are here, why are you leaving in such a hurry?” From far away, Li Fuchen reached out his left hand and grabbed the air .


A bloody giant hand caught up with the Scorpion of Darkness with immeasurable speed before closing .


Blood burst out…

When Li Fuchen’s left hand withdrew, he suddenly felt something wrong . With a flash, he vanished from where he stood .


The ground broke open and even the heaven and earth law was temporarily in disorder .

“Law Phase Realm emperor . ” Not far away, Li Fuchen’s expression turned grave .

“Such speed . It seems like everyone underestimated you . ” It was unknown when an imposing figure appeared from the high altitudes .  

“The Wang Clan is truly giving me high regards and actually sent a Law Phase Realm emperor to chase after me . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t escape, he knew that escaping was useless .

“I am the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor, surrender yourself . I do not wish to waste time . ” The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor might seem calm, but his heart was actually shocked .

When did he ever see such a powerful Primary Sea Realm monarch? In his opinion, Li Fuchen’s combat strength was already at the level of peak-class combat emperor and was able to contest with weaker Law Phase Realm emperors .

Furthermore, Li Fuchen was unlike other peak-class combat emperors who required their divine abilities to reach their strength level .

Li Fuchen only required his regular strength to reach the level of a peak-class combat emperor .

In other words, Li Fuchen’s combat methods and endurance were much more incredible than other peak-class combat emperors .

‘This child definitely has some great secrets . ’ The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor narrowed his eyes while they flickered with burning radiance .

“Do you think that is possible?” Li Fuchen sized up the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor carefully .

The opposition was emitting a layer of faint purple intent and it gave off an extremely dangerous feeling to Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen knew clearly that this purple intent was the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor’s emperor qi .

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The monarch qi had blended the technique intent and qi to a certain extent, while the emperor qi had reached a higher level of fusion . In terms of quality, it was simply poles apart .

A trace of emperor qi was enough to wipe out a regular monarch’s qi . This was definitely not some exaggeration .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor mocked and said, “It seems like you don’t understand Law Phase Realm emperors enough . A peak-class combat emperor can contest with weaker Law Phase Realm emperors, but would never be victorious, and would only be able to exchange a few moves at best . While I am not those weak emperors . ”

While speaking, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor launched out a faint purple qi at Li Fuchen .

The void appeared with ripples and this was the sign of the heaven and earth law being distorted . The ground was cracking open with layers as though there were raging waves .

Just the burst of qi from the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor felt as though it was the apocalypse .

“So powerful!” Li Fuchen had a slight change in expression as he countered with a palm strike .


The giant blood hand clashed with the faint purple qi and caused a shaking sound .

This scene was just like a giant mountain smashing together with the vast sea .

Ultimately, the giant blood hand and the faint purple qi had all dispersed .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was surprised . “Interesting, you are actually able to block my qi . ”

His qi contained the Purple Sunset Technique Intent and it was absolutely tyrannical, as it contained many different kinds of laws . His qi burst was something that even peak-class combat emperors shouldn’t be able to resist, after all, he was a 2nd level emperor .

“Since that is the case, receive my Purple Sunset Divine Palm . ”
(TL note: There is a Purple Sunset Guild and I am not sure if he is related)

When the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor executed his palm strike, layers of purple sunset covered the sky and surged at Li Fuchen .


Li Fuchen pushed the Hand of Blood to the extremity and raised his palm as a blade before cleaving at the purple sunset .

Bang Boom!

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor’s Purple Sunset Palm force was much more resilient than Li Fuchen imagined . His Hand of Blood’s force felt as though he was cleaving into a bundle of cotton . He wasn’t able to exert much force and immediately after, boundless force surged onto Li Fuchen .

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Li Fuchen tasted the blood in his throat while he was sent flying .

“Don’t think about escaping!” The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor’s calm expression suddenly changed and was enraged .  

In his vision, Li Fuchen who was sent flying had transformed into a flaming light before vanishing in a flash . When Li Fuchen reappeared, he was already at the horizon .

This was obviously a fire shifting technique .

Even the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor had yet to comprehend any shifting technique .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor circulated his qi to his limits and there were a spray of purple sunset sparks . The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor turned into a purple light and chased frenziedly .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was a 2nd level emperor and his speed was extraordinary . In the eyes of a regular person, the speed of the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was no different from instant shifting . Of course, only the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor knew that he was purely fast, while Li Fuchen’s movements had the traces of instant shifting .

As the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was getting closer, he decided that he would interrogate Li Fuchen and obtain all the secrets before handing him over to Wang Ke .

While thinking to this point, the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor stirred his qi and activated the emperor intent . The energy in the world gave way to him and offered him assistance .

In the state that was almost instant shift, Li Fuchen felt the world was very blurry . Everything was like a marked scale and coordinates .

Behind him, there was a bundle of purple light that was rapidly approaching . Li Fuchen knew that it was the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor . His opponent was a Law Phase Realm emperor after all and it was impossible for Li Fuchen to be faster .

Just as the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was about to catch up, Li Fuchen took a deep breath and forced himself to enter the state of an empty spirit .

When facing such extreme danger, Li Fuchen hoped that his Flash Fire Divine Technique could break through, otherwise, he would be facing death .

Li Fuchen didn’t know that his spirit soul was blossoming with resplendent purple radiance, and there were countless spots of light flickering in his mind . Countless purple electric currents were scuttling around in his mind and this was a phenomenon of the mind thinking with extreme speed .

Unconsciously, Li Fuchen felt that the world became extremely clear . This clarity wasn’t a comprehensive clarity, but only in a single aspect .

Li Fuchen had arrived in the world of flames and the entire place was filled with fire dao energy .

“Kid, I have caught up . ”

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor was only a few dozen miles behind Li Fuchen, and such a distance wasn’t even considered a distance to Law Phase Realm emperors, as they could close such a gap in a single step .


When the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor finished his statement, Li Fuchen vanished and left behind a bundle of diminishing flame .

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