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Chapter 634
ER – Chapter 634: Purple Sunset Martial Emperor


The Mayor Song Pan and Deputy Mayor Li Bin were flabbergasted .

They knew clearly about the prowess of the Wang Clan’s Wang Halberd Battle Formation . If it was formed with 32 high-level monarchs, it was probably unrivaled apart from peak-class combat emperors . However, the scene had shocked them utterly . What kind of strength was required to crush the Wang Halberd Battle Formation with such ease .

Li Bin looked at Song Pan while the latter shook his head . “We cannot afford to offend this person too . We will report after he leaves . ”

What a joke . How could they possibly offend someone who could crush the Wang Halberd Battle Formation?

The martial artists near the East Arrival Inn were also shocked, as they had never seen such a horrifying scene . Those were 32 high-level monarchs and they were mighty individuals that these martial artists looked up to, but the high-level monarchs ended up being crushed into a blood mist .

Standing in ruins, Li Fuchen placed his right hand behind his back while he slowly withdrew his left hand .

In just half a month, Li Fuchen had already successfully cultivated the first stage of the Hand of God, Hand of Blood .

The Hand of Blood had power that was comparable to heaven class mid-tier body refinement art, and it was unknown how much more lethal it was when compared with Shangguan Yu’s Five Forms Emperor Fist .

Apart from that, Shangguan Yu had yet to cultivate the Five Forms Emperor Fist to the extremity, but Li Fuchen had already cultivated the Hand of Blood to the extremity, causing a drastic difference .

However, Li Fuchen was the only person that could cultivate the Hand of Blood to the extremity in such a short period of time . If it was anyone else, they would have a hard time trying to cultivate a heaven class low-tier body refinement art to the extremity .

“With the Hand of God, Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter is already useless . ” Li Fuchen let out a turbid breath and said to himself .

The Hand of God was a body refinement art, but it was also considered a body refinement technique . To be accurate, the Hand of God wasn’t classified as either a technique or a martial art, it was more appropriate to describe it as a method to use qi power .

In just half a month, Li Fuchen had transmuted all the dragon elephant power in his body into the Hand of Blood’s qi power . This meant that he could cultivate the Hand of Blood’s qi power to the perfection level of Primary Sea Realm, Law Phase Realm, and even the saint’s realm .

But with his current qi blood source, he wasn’t able to improve his body refinement to the perfection level of the Primary Sea Realm .

This was mainly because the Hand of Blood’s qi power was more tyrannical and violent than the dragon elephant power . It created more burden to the body .

It was fortunate that the Hand of Blood’s qi power had a greater effect in strengthening the qi blood source as compared to the dragon elephant power . After all, the Hand of Blood was three tiers superior to the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter . Li Fuchen reckoned that he didn’t need a long time before he could reach the perfection level of Primary Sea Realm .

“It is truly hard to predict anything . I originally thought that my qi cultivation strength would be leading ahead of my body refinement strength . Right now, my body refinement strength is far superior . ”

The Hand of Blood was too powerful and Li Fuchen was already unable to estimate his own strength .

That Hand of Blood he had executed earlier only used 20% or 30% of his qi power .

After killing Wang Yuan and the 31 high-level monarchs, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to stay any longer . He packed up and quickly departed from Eastern Guest Town .

At the same moment, the Mayor Song Pan transmitted a message to the Wang Clan .

Wang Clan…

“My son!” Wang Yuan’s mother, Liu Yun’s eyes blacked out as she bawled .

Wang Yuan was her only son . His innate potential might not be top three in the Wang Clan, but he still had hopes of reaching the Law Phase Realm after one or two centuries . Most importantly, she and her husband were already high-level monarchs . If they wanted another child, it was unknown how long they would need . Now that Wang Yuan was dead, she felt that all hopes were lost .

“You killed my son and severed my bloodline . I shall kill you even if I have to die!” Wang Yuan’s father, Wang Ke had bloodshot eyes as he gritted his teeth and yelled .

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“We must not allow him to live! My husband, go and request for the Clan Patriarch to make a move!” Liu Yun yelled out in a frenzy .

“Clan Patriarch?” After hearing the title of Clan Patriarch, Wang Ke hesitated .

The Clan Patriarch was a 5th level emperor and to pursue a prodigy who wasn’t even a Law Phase Realm emperor, it was naturally an easy task .

But the Clan Patriarch had important things to do and had to cultivate . Why would he make a move personally just because of Wang Yuan? It was possible if it was the Wang Clan’s no . 1 prodigy that was dead .

“Liu Yun, do not disturb the Clan Patriarch for such matters . But we can seek help from the Clan Elder . ”

The Wang Clan had a total of three Law Phase Realm emperors, the Clan Patriarch and two other Clan Elders .

The older of the two Clan Elders was already more than 1500 years old and the younger one was around 400 years old . Wang Ke was planning to request for the younger Clan Elder for help . It just so happened that the younger Clan Elder had a closer relationship to his lineage .  

Wang Clan’s main area, Purple Sunset Pavilion .

“Will Clan Elder please help uphold justice for my son!” Wang Ke knelt outside of the Purple Sunset Pavilion and yelled out loudly .

The Purple Sunset Pavilion might be called a pavilion, but it was considered a manor .

Outside the Purple Sunset Pavilion, there were two low-level monarchs guarding the place .

“It is Wang Ke, I heard that his son, Wang Yuan has been killed . ”

“Who is so audacious to kill our Wang Clan’s descendants?”

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“I wonder if Clan Elder will help . It has been many years since Clan Elder made a move . ”

Just as the guards were in a discussion, an imposing voice filled with deterrence echoed from within the Purple Sunset Pavilion . “Let him in then!”

Wang Ke stood up and entered the Purple Sunset Pavilion .

After arriving at the main hall, Wang Ke saw one of the Wang Clan Elders, the youngest Law Phase Realm emperor, Purple Sunset Martial Emperor .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor looked like he was only over 30 and was obviously a young man, but his eyes had terrifying purple intent . When Wang Ke saw his eyes, his mind was shook and he quickly lowered his head .

“What happened to Wang Yuan that child?” The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor questioned .

Wang Ke said with grief, “My son has been killed . ”

He then explained all of the details that he knew .

The Purple Sunset Martial Emperor remained in silence for a long time before speaking, “Fine then, it has been a long time since I ventured out . I have once carried Wang Yuan as a child too . I will capture the culprit for you to handle . ”

“Thank you Clan Elder . ” Wang Ke was extremely gratified .

One week passed by quickly . Li Fuchen had already left the Void City’s region .

“I have already reached the extremity of the Hand of Blood, it is time to comprehend the second stage, the Hand of Force . ”
(TL note: I changed Hand of Power to Hand of Force and already edited it in the previous chapter)

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“The Hand of Force contains the purest force law . There might be thousands of force laws, but when going back to the origin, all of them are fundamentally the same, and the Hand of Force used the purest kind of force law . ”
(TL note: I change force dao law to just force law . It is getting a little awkward to put in the ‘dao’ in every law)

In a wilderness, Li Fuchen was traveling while thinking in his mind .

There were thousands of different force laws and the Hand of God contained plenty of force laws .

The first stage, Hand of Blood contained the qi blood law . It allowed the qi blood to burst out with overwhelming lethal power .

The second stage, Hand of Force contained a pure force law .

When at the third to the fifth stages, it contained a higher grade of force attraction law .

As for the law contained in the sixth stage, it was rather profound . It was called the breakdown law and it could break down all living things . It could even break down the void .

It was unknown why Li Fuchen felt that the sixth stage was very similar to the Mortal Calamity .

Perhaps the Nine Calamity Divine Fist was related to the Hand of God . When Li Fuchen had time, he planned to verify the Mortal Calamity with the Hand of God .

As for the most profound seventh stage, it was to return to the origin and back to the Hand of Force, and to promote the Hand of Force to become equal with the great dao .

When the force law reached the extremity, it could influence everything . It was mainly due to the fact that the revolution of this world required the force law as a guide .

Without force, the world wouldn’t even revolve .

One could even say that the force law could penetrate everything and almost all laws had the shadow of the force law .

According to the concept of the creator of the Hand of God, once the seventh stage, Hand of God was cultivated, the practitioner could use the force law to influence one’s own fate and guide one’s destiny .

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