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Chapter 632
ER – Chapter 632: Overwhelming


There was a horrific qi current that burst out and everyone felt as though they were in a blazing hell . The heat spread outwards from Li Fuchen and produced an extremely high temperature . Those that had weaker cultivation would feel their vitality and moisture getting vaporized, giving them a shock .

If everyone was feeling the heat, then it was worse for Wang Yuan and his men who were enveloped by the Incineration Sword field .  

When inside the horrifying sword field, apart from Wang Yuan, the rest of the people had half of their vitality and moisture vaporized and were in a severely injured state .

The protection from the battle formation was seemingly nonexistent and couldn’t prevent Li Fuchen’s sword intent from invading .

This was because Li Fuchen was being merciful, otherwise, everyone would have perished apart from Wang Yuan .

The heaven class mid-tier sword move was much stronger than Li Fuchen had imagined it .

Such strength didn’t just come from the raw power, it was from the comprehension of laws .

During the early stages of the martial dao, everyone’s law comprehension wasn’t significant and apart from using the laws and intents to increase strength, they didn’t have other functions .

However, after reaching the later stages of the martial dao, the extent of law comprehension determined a person’s strength .

If Li Fuchen’s cultivation level was higher, but his sword move’s proficiency was lower, then this sword move would only be evenly matched with the Wang Halberd Battle Formation .

However, Li Fuchen’s law comprehension was too high and the opposition’s battle formation couldn’t even defend as the sword intent immediately pervaded inside .

“Heaven class mid-tier sword art?” Mo Wuchou frowned .

Among the Law Phase Realm emperors with the same cultivation levels, those who possessed heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts were the weakest . Those who comprehended heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques and heaven class mid-tier martial arts were slightly stronger . Those comprehended heaven class mid-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts were peak-class emperors . As for the great emperors, they possessed heaven class high-tier martial arts and their strength was no longer logical .

In terms of martial art proficiency, Li Fuchen was already comparable with those slightly stronger Law Phase Realm emperors .

Mo Wuchou couldn’t imagine how Li Fuchen cultivated .

Mo Wuchou had exceptional perception as a monarch, even if a heaven class mid-tier martial art was placed in front of him, he would have a hard time comprehending it to a profound level . It was the fact for an 8-star bone frame .

‘Could he be a 9-star bone frame? Impossible!’ Mo Wuchou immediately denied his thoughts .

It was impossible for the Emperor Sky Continent to appear with 9-star bone frames, only high-class continents could produce 9-star bone frames and this was a general knowledge .

While having a dried up face, Wang Yuan’s expressions had a trace of fear . Earlier on, he felt the danger of death . His vitality and body’s moisture was significantly vaporized in an instant .

“You…” Wang Yuan pointed at Li Fuchen while his body shuddered and he couldn’t even say anything harsh .

Li Fuchen said, “In my eyes, you are as weak as a chicken . If I wish to kill you, I just need a single move . ”

Everyone looked at Mo Wuchou as they wanted to see how he would handle this matter .

Mo Wuchou cleared his throat and said, “Will the two of you go outside of the Void Garden to settle your grievances? This way . ”

While speaking, Mo Wuchou gestured with his right hand .

Seeing the situation, everyone understood that Mo Wuchou didn’t wish to interfere with this matter .

It was very rational . The strength that Li Fuchen exhibited was definitely a high-class combat emperor’s strength, even if Mo Wuchou wanted to interfere, he couldn’t . If he was careless and lost to Li Fuchen, his reputation as the Four Young Masters would be finished .

If they placed themselves in Mo Wuchou’s position, they definitely wouldn’t bother too . After all, this was Wang Yuan’s matter, why did they have to get involved?

Li Fuchen still had to give face to Mo Wuchou . He had already offended Wang Yuan, he didn’t need to offend Mo Wuchou too .

As such, Li Fuchen simply left the Void Garden, while Wu Huan followed along .

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At the street outside of the Void Garden, Wu Huan said, “My master is actually killed by the Clan Heads of Wang Clan and Long Clan . That’s why I wasn’t willing to trade with Wang Yuan . ”

Li Fuchen said, “You need to be careful . Wang Yuan is a person who will definitely take revenge as long as there is a grudge . ”

Wu Huan said, “Same to you . The Wang Clan doesn’t just have the Wang Halberd Battle Formation, they also have the Great Wang Halberd Battle Formation . They even have other stronger battle formations . Once you are surrounded, you will definitely die unless you are a Law Phase Realm emperor . ”

The battle formation was a faction’s foundation and when facing a battle formation, even elite prodigies couldn’t contest with it .

Li Fuchen nodded, “I know . ”

After having experiences in the Red Copper Continent, Li Fuchen knew that the 32-men battle formation wasn’t considered anything in the Wang Clan . An emperor-class faction definitely had battle formations that had over a hundred men .

After having a short conversation, the duo parted ways .

After thinking through, Li Fuchen took out the communication token and transmitted a message to Shangguan Yu .

He felt that it was time to split up . Not wanting to implicate Shangguan Yu was just the secondary reason, wanting to travel alone was the primary reason .

He was already used to traveling the world alone with freedom, furthermore, he was planning to rescue Yuan Long .

The Eastern Guest Town was a rather famous town in the Void City’s region .

In the town’s East Arrival Inn .

“Two stalks of 400-year-old Rootless Flowers should allow my dantian limit to reach the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm . When I go and rescue Senior Yuan Long, my cultivation level cannot be too low . ”

“But before that, I have to eliminate the Skull Blood Curse first . ”

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It was extremely dangerous to rescue someone from the Blood Emperor’s territory . If he went there with the Skull Blood Curse on his body, it was the same as seeking death .

In the guest room, Li Fuchen took a deep breath and released the sword intent to sweep his body .

Everyone’s sword intent was unique as they had the practitioner’s individual mark .

Li Fuchen’s entire body also possessed his individual mark, therefore, the sword intent wouldn’t destroy Li Fuchen’s body . It would only destroy the things that didn’t have Li Fuchen’s mark .

The Skull Blood Curse definitely didn’t have Li Fuchen’s mark .

Of course, as time elapsed, it was hard to say .

In the legends, the highest grade of curse could even curse the bloodline and it didn’t matter how many generations later, as long as the body contained a trace of the same bloodline, it would be cursed .

The sword intent was a type of sword dao law and it smoothly spread across Li Fuchen’s entire body . Even the deepest parts of his body were covered with the sword intent .

The originally formless and invisible Skull Blood Curse was slowly revealed .

It was just like a blood-colored skull and when it was enveloped by the sword intent, it was constantly struggling .


Li Fuchen used the sword intent frenziedly and slowly whittle away the Skull Blood Curse .

The Skull Blood Curse didn’t willingly get extinguished and it attempted to go deeper into Li Fuchen’s mind .

It was a pity that it went in the wrong direction . Li Fuchen’s powerful spirit soul allowed his mind to be particularly strong . The Skull Blood Curse was bounced back as though it had smashed into the wall .

Tss Tss Tss…

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The Skull Blood Curse was getting increasingly weaker and the situation was getting better for Li Fuchen .

When the Skull Blood Curse was only as small as a strand of hair, Li Fuchen’s qi blood instantly reduced while the Skull Blood Curse was invigorated again .

“Aren’t you afraid of being overwhelmed?”

Li Fuchen’s expression remained unchanged as he already predicted this situation .

Bang Bang Bang!

The seemingly invigorated Skull Blood Curse wasn’t as difficult to deal with as before . When attacked by the sword intent, it started to disintegrate from within .

It turned out that Li Fuchen’s qi blood contained his individual mark, when the Skull Blood Curse absorbed his qi blood, it naturally absorbed Li Fuchen’s individual mark too . The sword intent which also contained Li Fuchen’s individual mark, resulting in the Skull Blood Curse being attacked from within and from outside .

Of course, this was because Li Fuchen’s sword intent was too powerful and his incantation dao was already at a profound level . Therefore, he was able to suppress the Skull Blood Curse, otherwise, the Skull Blood Curse wouldn’t even reveal itself .


When the final trace of Skull Blood Curse was vanquished, Li Fuchen felt relaxed as though he got rid of a layer of chains .

In an underground palace that was very far away .

The Blood Emperor opened his eyes . “He actually removed the Skull Blood Curse . ”

The Blood Emperor had a grave expression . When the Skull Blood Curse was suppressed previously, he didn’t give it any extra thought, after all, it wouldn’t be suppressed for an entire lifetime . Moreover, as time passed by, the Skull Blood Curse would only grow stronger .

“You are lucky . ” The Blood Emperor closed his eyes again .

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