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Published at 6th of October 2020 09:40:36 AM
Chapter 628
ER – Chapter 628: Instant Shift

“The void keys are about to shatter . ” Zi Yi took out a void key and stated .

“Once the void key shatters, we will be teleported out of the Void Grand Canyon through a void bubble . ” Shangguan Yu said to Li Fuchen .

The void keys had a time limit and before the time was up, it was impossible to shatter the void key no matter what, unless one was proficient in the void dao laws . Once the time limit was up, the void key would shatter by itself .

15 minutes later, everyone’s void keys shattered and they were enveloped by bubbles before diving into the void .

The Void City was bustling with activities .  

Despite the fact that Lü Luo wanted to know more about Li Fuchen, she wanted to digest the things she had obtained in the Void Grand Canyon first . As such, after reaching the Void City, they all parted ways .

In a first-rate inn at Void City, Li Fuchen and Shangguan Yu each resided in a courtyard .

“My attack power is already good enough, but my speed is still slow . For this period of time, I must create with a superior light body technique . ”

The light body technique was also a kind of cultivation technique and the full name was called light body cultivation technique . However, the qi cultivation techniques were cultivating qi, while light body techniques increased the speed .

Back when Li Fuchen progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, the sect bestowed him with a light body technique called the Flash Fire Divine Technique . It was a light body technique that was filled with burst speed .

There were a total of three ranks . The first rank was flash, the second rank was fire, and the third rank was divine .

Li Fuchen was trying to create the fourth rank . To create the fourth rank, he had to determine the core concept of the fourth rank .

The first rank’s core concept was flash and that was to dodge like a flash .

The second rank’s core concept was fire and that was to be like fire .

The third rank’s core concept was divine and that was to have divine form, combining everything .

As for the fourth rank… after spending half a day, Li Fuchen decided the concept to be ‘evade’ . To evade meant to vanish and Li Fuchen’s concept was when he created this rank, his speed would be so fast that it seemed like he vanished .

Three days later, Li Fuchen created the fourth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique .


In the courtyard, there was a flash of a blaze and Li Fuchen’s images were everywhere .

If there was a Law Phase Realm emperor here, the emperor would immediately recognize that this was a top-notch light body fire shifting technique .

The extremity of the fire shifting technique was to achieve instant shift .

Instant shifting wasn’t just uniquely enjoyed by void dao laws . Any of the shifting techniques could achieve instant shift when cultivated to the extremity .

The fire shifting technique was basically borrowing the fire dao laws in the air to instant shift, while the water shifting technique would borrow water dao laws .

However, using the void dao laws to instant shift was the fastest and the most obscure .

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Of course, for the fire shifting technique to achieve instant shift, it wasn’t possible with just the fourth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique . In fact, most of the Law Phase Realm emperors couldn’t achieve instant shift .

The ability to instant shift was the crucial point to become a peak-class emperor .

Even if a Law Phase Realm emperor was weaker, if he could instant shift, the others wouldn’t dare to provoke him .

As for an extremely powerful Law Phase Realm emperor who had yet to reach the level of a great emperor, if he didn’t know how to instant shift, the extent of deterrence wouldn’t be as great as the weaker emperor with the ability to instant shift .

After all, the weaker emperor could just escape if they couldn’t win and unless the enemy had no family or friends, the weaker emperor could just take revenge .

As for the formidable emperor, if his strength wasn’t at the great emperor’s level, others might be able to extinguish him and he wouldn’t be able to escape .

Of course, once a person reached the level of a great emperor, there would be other methods to achieve instant shift . After all, how could one become a great emperor without astounding abilities and perception?

After creating the fourth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique, Li Fuchen’s speed was no longer his shortcoming .

However, Li Fuchen felt it wasn’t enough and he wanted his speed to become his strength and be a part of his trump .

It was obvious what the core concept of the fifth rank would be and Li Fuchen named this rank, instant, which meant instant shift .

If even he couldn’t achieve long distance instant shift, he must at least be able to achieve short distance instant shift .

The fifth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique took Li Fuchen ten days to create it . If Li Fuchen’s spirit soul didn’t evolve to the purple spirit soul, let alone ten days, he might not be able to do it even with 100 days or 1000 days .

The difficulty to create light body techniques wasn’t inferior to qi cultivation techniques and was much harder than creating a sword move .

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Despite the case, Li Fuchen didn’t create a comprehensive fifth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique . He was only able to instant shift for three times a day . If it was more than three times, his body would suffer grave injuries . If he was careless, he might just be incinerated by the fire dao laws .

“The fourth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique is equivalent to a heaven class low-tier light body technique . The fifth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique should be equivalent to a heaven class mid-tier light body technique . ”

Li Fuchen stopped at the fifth rank as he knew that he had already used up all of his light body technique’s foundation .

He was able to create the incomplete fifth rank of the Flash Fire Divine Technique, mainly thanks to his experience in creating the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique .

“It is time to create the 37th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique . ”

Since his light body technique was at the heaven class mid-tier, Li Fuchen naturally had to improve the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique to the heaven class mid-tier too .

The Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique which contained the fire dao laws and the sword dao laws was much harder to improve as compared to creating the Flash Fire Divine Technique .

After spending half a month, Li Fuchen finally succeeded .

The 37th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique had sword energy that was much more extreme and tyrannical . Once the sword energy was shot out, it was like a divine sharp sword that even exploded .

At this moment, Li Fuchen believed that he could contest with high-class combat emperors even if he didn’t rely on the Flash Fire Divine Technique .

It wasn’t the end yet . On the same day, Li Fuchen’s Meteor Fall had also reached the heaven class mid-tier .

When he executed the sword move, the world and everything else went into a stasis . If the enemy wasn’t competent in comprehending the laws, the enemy would be like a dead fish on the chopping board and waiting to be slaughtered .

“The heaven class mid-tier Meteor Fall is so fast that it can affect the time dao laws . The flow of time became slow and it is natural for everything else to be in a stasis . ”

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Meteor Fall and the Absolute Heaven Sword Art had a distinct difference .

Meteor Fall affected the time dao laws, while the Absolute Heaven Sword Art contained the void dao laws .

However, they had similar effects and could put the enemy into a stasis .

Subsequently, Li Fuchen concentrated his energy on the incantation dao .

He still had the Skull Blood Curse on his body . With his current sword intent, he was still unable to eliminate the Skull Blood Curse, therefore, he could only put in more effort on the incantation dao .

“The Blood Curse is a type of curse that feeds off life . As long as life didn’t end, the curse wouldn’t end . ”

The more Li Fuchen studied on the incantation dao, the more he felt that curses were hard to deal with .

Of course, he had other methods of getting rid of the Skull Blood Curse and that was to give up on the current body and possess a new body . With his spirit soul’s capability, the Skull blood Curse wouldn’t be able to transfer at the same time .

But this was a method that Li Fuchen wouldn’t use, at least he wasn’t forced to do so yet .

One month… Two months…

Li Fuchen’s incantation dao was making rapid progress . He had already learned all the incantations that the Incantation Martial Emperor gave to him . It included those mid-class incantations, but it was obvious that he wasn’t at the same level as the Incantation Martial Emperor .

After all, the Incantation Martial Emperor’s cultivation realm was far superior and even if their incantation dao proficiency was the same, the power exhibited by the incantation would be ten times stronger when executed by the Incantation Martial Emperor .

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